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  1. LAX F you guys.
  2. Anyone know how David Fales is doing?
  3. I didn't know Dre was even in the NFL.
  4. SJSU has the best basketball/football facility. And by best i mean worst....even by FCS standards.
  5. Jacks magic undies are always so bunched up that I'm beginning to think that is their natural state. He's lucky his ass cheeks are so god damn tight that they still don't manage to tickle his little quivering poop hole.
  6. Corrections: SJSU barely won the first game with a ton of help from the refs, then got their asses fcking destroyed in Fresno for the finale between the two teams. Embarrassing? Firing your coach then going out and making a budget hire that wouldn't even make a splash as an FCS hire. Embarrassing? Being ranked 122 in preseason magazines. The worst in the MWC Embarrassing? Being broke and hopeless in FBS football Embarrassing? Being predicted to lose to an FCS school. Kick out SJSU
  7. Since their false promise to improve facilities to the MWC... they've.... Built a few coaching offices by using state money in an academic building. Smart...Fresno did the same thing. Broke ground on an aquatics center using state money....Fresno did the same a few years ago. Tore down the homes of several of their olympic squads because some super rich dude wanted a place to play golf. Only phase one of the project was paid for. The clubhouse and everything else is never going to get built. Meanwhile, the rest of the squads are scrambling to raise a few thousand dollars to grow some grass and rent some HS bleachers to call a home.
  8. Embarrassing. Sum up SJSU this year, 2017 Got destroyed by Fresno in men's basketball Their bball player got arrested for beating and robbing someone Their football player got stabbed while out in San Jose Still haven't broke ground on the NEZ project or even a home for baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, and more Kick out SJSU.
  9. #122 #worstintheMWC #kickoutsjsu
  10. It's great to be SJSU's Daddy.
  11. #sjsu #worstintheMWC #kickoutsjsu
  12. #sjsu #worstintheconference #kickoutsjsu
  13. #122 #sjsu #worstinthemwc
  14. I forgot there was even NBA still on.
  15. Same kid who had bones in his face broken by a teammate at SJSU has now been stabbed in San Jose. Worst luck. Wish him a full recovery. https://www.google.com/amp/www.mercurynews.com/2017/05/21/san-jose-state-football-player-stabbed-in-downtown-altercation/amp/
  16. More on the great city of San Jose... "Come play for us and end your career with more loses than wins, broken face bones via a skateboard from your teammate, and a bonus stabbing!" https://www.google.com/amp/www.mercurynews.com/2017/05/21/san-jose-state-football-player-stabbed-in-downtown-altercation/amp/
  17. San Jose State Near area. Right outside Spartan Stadium.
  18. Old.
  19. I don't know how old this is, but I just saw it on espn and got a laugh out of it. https://instagram.com/p/BU-XGZEBdgr/
  20. He plays outside only.
  21. Just checked. Still zero
  22. I've had 6 beers and I'm still not buzzed. THe women are also still stupid beat. This place sucks.
  23. Woah. Making up narratives about my actions now? You're losing it, Stunner. I really thought you were a good troll at first. Paper tiger.
  24. Wow. Going back to 2015. So much effort. Ruffled