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  1. The guy is literally making the argument that more SJSU grads being hired by the tech industry than Berkeley means that they're a better university than Berkeley. He's an idiot. It's a waste of time arguing with him. I don't blame him. I'd also be pissed off if a newer school from a so-called undesirable location passed us up after a hundred years of being ahead. Although, his anger would be better suited directed at his schools administration.
  2. Predictions are out. Fresno predicted for the 3-peat
  3. Yet, US News thinks Fresno State is a better overall university. But, keep typing away. It'd be a more productive use of your time if you sent it to US News. I'm sure they'd be very interested in adding number of Apple hires to their university rankings. The irony in this is all is that you're mimicking your administration in the last few decades to perfection. "Nothing to see here...we're doing just perfect over here" as your university and athletic department crumble.
  4. Idiot. Complete idiot.
  5. Josh Allen is going to make a great extra for the Dallas Buyers Club sequel.
  6. Lol. You talk about a lack of facts then make a giant homer assumption that SJSU would be ranked higher than Fresno if reclassified. 100% false. Fresno was tied in the regional category with SJSU 2 years ago before making the jump to national university. Fresno State has made huge academic strides in the last decade while SJSU has remained, well, stagnant. It's just what SJSU does. Academically and athletically. Stagnant as you watch every institution pass you and lap you.
  7. There is no doubt we will. If not in 2017, then in the near future. Hiring the best coaching staff in the conference will pay off. We entered as the rightful Kings and will return.
  8. SJSU is an embarrassment to everyone remotely associated with it. The MWC and even the entire CSU system
  9. Pretty sure the car wash idea was also brought up. Mickey Mouse athletic program
  10. I would demand it if I were you. But honestly, you'd probably have better luck asking a random homeless man for some money.
  11. Someone should look into this. Sounds like the NEZ project is officially dead.
  12. How do you give an opinion on other people's ability to troll when you post garbage like this?
  13. SJSU EMBARRASSED this conference. Per usual.
  14. I knew it's been a really, really long time since BYU was relevant, but I didn't know it was before the invention of color photography. Crazy.
  15. Guess it doesn't take much to trigger you.
  16. I demand a recount.
  17. BREAKING: Ronald McDonald's #1 assistant announced
  18. Stunners retarded fck boy repeating his phrases like he's clever. Cute.
  19. You try way too hard. I guess someone in your family had to because your sister just fcking lays there.
  20. I haven't seen someone this sour about losing since Hillary Clinton. You'd think he be used to it after doing it for decades.
  21. Fcking soft ass cupcake
  22. Another knee-jerk response. I'm done.
  23. Totally misread me on that one. Doesn't nerve or bother me one bit. It was more of a surprise. I figured you to be the type to connect a few brain cells before pounding keys. I was wrong. My mistake.
  24. Your dumbest post of the year. Season tickets are already up from last year and there's no way we win 1 game this year. Last year was the very rock bottom.