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  1. We sure are looking like crap for supposedly having a good squad this year. Hopefully we don't turn into SDSU of last year.
  2. I wouldn't call Brown a scrub. Far from polished, but he ain't no scrub.
  3. LMAO. Even the small things make losers happy.
  4. Tedford is the best recruiter, but that was a nice foot soldier. Fck 'em and fuk Kal
  5. Lol. What happened to all your fellow Spartan fans from 3 weeks ago? They were starting several threads and spamming the site like crazy for a few days. Did they died?
  6. You guys suck. There's always next year. Lol.
  7. BRoncos win by 30
  8. Dogs in the bottom of 17th inning. 2 on 2 outs. Finish this damn game.
  9. 7-4 now. Ouch. Dogs still tied in the 13th inning. UNLV beats #12 Fullerton 6-1
  10. UNLV leading #12 CSU Fullerton 6-1 in the 9th. Would be a big win for them.
  11. FcKing shit. Blown save. Tied 3-3. No outs, 2 on for UC Riverside. Garbage garbage garbage Bottom le of the 9th
  12. Well, the bullpen comes in and walks a bunch of people. Jesus, we're going to have a record amount of walks for a season by the halfway point of the season at this pace. Dogs up 3-2 now in the 8th.
  13. Ricky Tyler Thomas is having a hell of a game. We're at the bottom of the 7th and he has 15k's. 1 hit is the only blemish that might even be overturned later. Dogs up 3-0. I have a feeling Fresno is rarely going to be losing on Friday night.
  14. Dogs up 2-0 vs UCR bottom of the 3rd
  15. Nice. Might as well do it with the women since none of your men can.
  16. The SJSU homer board has a few people posting that they'll go to the tournament for the first time ever. Maybe they should upgrade to a bigger arena. Sparta is invading Vegas.
  17. I see I've upset you. Maybe you shouldn't drink too many Budweisers next time. They make you emotional. You'll be older next year...chin up.
  18. Sorry, I couldn't figure it out because I'm young. It's a valid excuse for sucking at things. #creeperexcuses
  19. I just checked their Twitter. They basically lost all the students responding or interacting with them. Sad
  20. Please. Lol. Proceed with your apathy.
  21. It's not. It was more of an achievement when we used to beat you back then too. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be preseason champs next year too.
  22. Remember when we broke your California teams streak? You guys used to love holding those "We own California" signs to irk UCLA, Cal, and Stanford. Good times.
  23. Oh, nice to see you. Great game today, champ. I know...I know. "Young team". LMAO
  24. Bryson Williams just keeps getting better.
  25. ANYONe have a link to a feed? UNM fans we're kind enough to deliver last game.