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  1. Offensive Statues

    Doesn't SJSU have a racist black power statue on campus?
  2. NFL Teams As Vehicles

    I didn't know lesbians watched football. Interesting
  3. Nevada Baskteball is off to Costa Rica

    It'd be a lot cooler if they were off to Costa Rica with a fresh pair of PG1's
  4. why do some fresno state fans hate sjsu so much?

    You're considered the worst team in the conference by most preseason magazines. You're far from "back". Fresno just had a rough stretch to get down to the levels of San Jose south campus dumps. And unlike San Jose, Fresno has the resources to make a quick bounce back. In a couple years we'll look back at this losing stretch as an anomaly for Fresno rather than the standard which San Jose has set for several decades.
  5. NFL Teams As Vehicles

    Well, that was lame.
  6. why do some fresno state fans hate sjsu so much?

    Why? Are you gay or in the Tech industry?
  7. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    Didn't you guys read the leaked scripts? Wild that Daenerys Targaryen dies next episode.
  8. A Surprisingly Popular Sport in the 1920's to the 1940's

    I hear riding Converts slutty grandma was also a popular sports in the 40's.
  9. UNR with the L

  10. Fresno State Basketball

    New kicks. Don't scuff them, guys
  11. Fresno State Basketball

    Imma cop these for sure.
  12. Nevada Convert- All-American Idiot

    Convert is medically mentally ill and his sister is whore. Leave the dude alone.
  13. Fresno St releases B-Ball Schedule

    Going to shit all over SJSU. Per usual
  14. why do some fresno state fans hate sjsu so much?

    I only care about SJSU because they bring down the value of this conference. They have the worst football team in the conference (according to Steele and other experts) and by far the worst team in basketball. They devalue our brand and should have never been invited to this conference if it weren't for a completely incompetent commissioner. SJSU doesn't belong. It's obvious and it's a simple fix. Kick out SJSU.
  15. Considering Going to USF @ SJSU

    Mug, the area around the stadium is a shit hole. The stadium is a shit hole, and the Spartan football team is shit...worse in the conference according to experts. Bring a rain coat and pooper scooper. Shit everywhere.
  16. SJSU

    And then UCLA quickly surpassed you because of your garbage administration. Seems to be your reputation across the country. Even Fresno has surpassed SJSU academically despite a nearly 100 year head start as a university. Sad.
  17. SJSU

  18. Is Bill Belichick a Wyoming Fan???

    I remember Fresno fans wetting themselves when Bill would mention us back when we had 3 starters on the Pats. He's a cheater. Fck that dude.

    Insert, look at all the fcks I give meme*
  20. MWCBoard Census - 2017

    SDSU votes should count as half because San Diego residents are cheap.
  21. Nah. But, it can also be used to describe your basic sister.
  22. Oregon State Transfer QB McMaryion Selects Fresno State

    He hasn't. But I guess that's his plan going forward. Air raid.
  23. Oregon State Transfer QB McMaryion Selects Fresno State

    Agreed. Way more work than he's putting into his recruiting of high school kids. Does he have his first verbal yet? Not to worry....Brennan is SO YOUNG AND ENERGETIC!!! The verbals will come pouring in soon.
  24. Oregon State Transfer QB McMaryion Selects Fresno State

    Have you been on the insider board? Apparently Brennan's messages to Marcus have leaked.