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  1. I know, terrible.
  2. Look at your offensive line. They're blocking like receivers. Terrible. It's too bad Pat Hill turned you guys down...at least your running game would have been crisp.
  3. Use this thread for your next idea. I'll edit the topic with what you wish.
  4. I thought Former Frog was banned from starting threads, @mugtang?
  5. Dead duck balls, high line play, bad routes, and slow players. Pretty obvious SJSU is going to be terrible this year. #tooyoungtocoach #promotingoutsidecoaches
  6. Orange chicken Fried rice tacos were supposedly a hit.
  7. NO need to introduce your sister. We've all been introduced, Skippy.
  8. There's a gofundme for Boise wrestling now. I remember our efforts when we dropped wrestling. Bake sales, car washes, and all kinds of crap. T-shirts were worn around campus calling our AD and school Pres cowards.
  9. The hardest Jack has ever partied was when he had two cups of decaf before watching a rated PG movie.
  10. Do several years just merge together when you're super old? Serious question
  11. Crazy Bartko. Focusing his time, money and effort on improving ourselves rather than daydreaming. Who does that? Fool.
  12. 2 more championships than you guys since we joined. But, but, but... you guys thought the B12 wanted you guys. Lolololol
  13. Remember when you guys thought you had a shot at the Big 12? LMAOOOOOOO
  14. If you haven't done te same with Sunner then it doesn't really help.
  15. Someone's magic panties are in a bunch.
  16. We just added wrestling. You guys suck.
  17. This thread should be merged to the massive Former Frogs views on the MWC thread
  18. Exactly. Why not you guys, right? Too many nonbelievers.
  19. 1. Youre old aF 2 that song fcking sucks
  20. @spartanswin1 + @creeper86
  21. @Hugh Jiddump AKA Huge Dump
  22. I remember being optimistic about DeRuyter moving us to the 3-4. Good times.