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  1. Another Convert lie. Check Mug's post, Moron. @RogueStout @happycamper
  2. The third leading receiver in school history and MWC freshman of the year, SJSU WR Tyler Winston, has left the team. He's one of approximately 10 players gone. 7 of those players were 2016 signees.
  3. Lol. Okay. Sit at home and play with yourself, then.
  4. YOu think of yourself way too highly. Especially since you've failed to even make the NIT the last 2 years.
  5. Caveman Convert trying to lie his way out of his stupidity
  6. The best part of this plan is kicking out SJSU. Instant upgrade to the conference.
  7. You're my sock too and I answer you, Anthony. -Anthony
  8. We'll win a national championship this year. Too many non-believers around here.
  9. Convert is a special kind of stupid. Or, as Mug kindly puts it, "misunderstood".
  10. Currently up at half vs 3 seed Baylor. How can anyone make the argument that they're not a better addition than SJSU? They both have historically garbage football teams, but at least NMSU brings in an infinitely better basketball program. And god knows we need the boost right now. @#1Stunner has made the argument before. He's right.
  11. Speaking of crazies.... Then you lost 5 in a row and went one and done!!
  12. I wish that was my sock. That dude is good.
  13. Your sister hits my bong like a champ. Milky.
  14. The CBI helped us gain the confidence to win the MWC Tournament the following year. I truly believe that. Win the damn thing.
  15. Yeah, it was also tough to watch your guys not run out and defend at all. Duncan was straight fire at the end of the second half. Too bad he's so streaky. I still think Illinois is a pretty good team. Their starting rotation had really good balance.
  16. No one cares, you fcking twat.
  17. Well, the first half was fun to watch. I would put money on Illinois winning the whole thing.
  18. Duncan is so damn good. You guys are really going to miss him.
  20. No need for blow ups. Your sis prefers the warmth of my dick.
  21. He's talking about Winston and company leaving. They were just left off the roster. News hasn't picked it up yet. There isn't much coverage for SJSU.
  22. The only thing getting under my skin is your sister's chin under my ball sack.
  23. Stunner is desperately trying REALLY hard to make this thread gain some traction. LMAO. If you guys ever want to trigger Stunner just bring up the Memphis brawl and nut grabbing Mormons.
  24. Dude. Stop trying to grab my dick.