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  1. Aren't you the dumbass that called a UNLV conference championship last year then promised to ban yourself if they didn't win it? Your stupid ass is still here. I'm done listening to your predictions.
  2. What's next, Mike? Moms basement theories?
  3. Fresno won 5-4. We nearly blew the lead in the 9th inning AGAIN. Lucky to get out of this one. Starting pitching was good all weekend...bullpen, not so much.
  4. Here they come...crawling out of their graves. Mike, you should know better than anyone else that 1 or 2 bad seasons don't define a program. Failing to produce one stinking winning season in football, basketball, or baseball since being invited defines you. Run down facilities and broken promises of improvements define you. A complete inability to create a fan base and gain some respect in your community define you. SJSU is an embarrassment athletically and now academically to its community. The people of San Jose and the members of this conference deserve better.
  5. Because I care about the image and the future of this conference. Craig needs to correct his mistake and kick them out.
  6. We can't even give them shit. They all tucked their tails and ran like cowards. Just for reference, the SJSU homer board for the SDSU game where all 15 Spartan fans "stormed the court", there were over 100 posts about the game and multiple threads started. So much chest pounding about beating SDSU. The Boise game thread yesterday had an incredible 5 posts. They're just shitty fans...no other way to put it. And because of that fact, Woj will take the first job offered to him...it doesn't even have to be P5. SJSU will simply be a garbage program forever.
  7. We sure are looking like crap for supposedly having a good squad this year. Hopefully we don't turn into SDSU of last year.
  8. I wouldn't call Brown a scrub. Far from polished, but he ain't no scrub.
  9. LMAO. Even the small things make losers happy.
  10. Tedford is the best recruiter, but that was a nice foot soldier. Fck 'em and fuk Kal
  11. Lol. What happened to all your fellow Spartan fans from 3 weeks ago? They were starting several threads and spamming the site like crazy for a few days. Did they died?
  12. You guys suck. There's always next year. Lol.
  13. BRoncos win by 30
  14. Dogs in the bottom of 17th inning. 2 on 2 outs. Finish this damn game.
  15. 7-4 now. Ouch. Dogs still tied in the 13th inning. UNLV beats #12 Fullerton 6-1