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  1. Playing 2 weeks in a row..

    The conference need to figure out scheduling so that only divisional teams play each other during the last two weeks of the season. No one wants to see back to back games like this.
  2. Boise vs CSU

    I hope you feel dirty for rooting for CSU so hard.
  3. Boise vs CSU

    Yes, but it doesn't count once you say they are going to lose. I was guilty of it too.
  4. Boise vs CSU

    Liar, no one called it!
  5. Boise vs CSU

    I feel bad for you guys. That has to phucking hurt.
  6. Boise vs CSU

    Wow! I can't believe this! After the way BSU started, I was thinking there was no way they'd win this game. Unfreaking real.
  7. Boise vs CSU

    This game reminds me of the 2007 Nevada vs BSU game that was 69-67.
  8. Boise vs CSU

    Why the hell even put Cozart in if you are going to run it every time? They know what's coming, so freaking stupid!
  9. Boise vs CSU

    They thought they had it in the bag. Looks just like a BSU home game.
  10. Boise vs CSU

    Yes, but Boise is a State college.
  11. Boise vs CSU

    I would actually trade him straight across for our OC.
  12. Boise vs CSU

    Why call a timeout? Bobo is real genius.
  13. Boise vs CSU

    lol, at CSU running a screen right there.
  14. Boise vs CSU

    Especially if you play prevent D.
  15. Boise vs CSU

    Best post of the night.