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  1. Aztecs fans post here

  2. Stanford at San Diego State

    They look amazing compared to that stupid football helmet they used to paint in the middle of the field for their games.
  3. Stanford at San Diego State

    @mugtang will you merge this thread with the other one.
  4. Does Reno win a game this year?

    As long as SJSU and UNLV are in their division they always have a chance of winning at least one game.
  5. Stanford at San Diego State

    I will admit SDSU field looks a hell of a lot nicer now that they are not sharing their field with the chargers.
  6. Idaho State at Nevada

    This has to be worse than Howard. ISU is terrible by FCS standards.
  7. Idaho State at Nevada

    Let us know what happens, because Watch Stadium is garbage.
  8. Idaho State at Nevada

    Well I just lost the feed and can't get it to come back up.
  9. Idaho State at Nevada

    If BSU has taught us anything, this game isn't over yet.
  10. Idaho State at Nevada

    Wow! This is more then just a Freshman QB. That ISU WR just smoked Nevada's D.
  11. Idaho State at Nevada

    Like I said, they haven't been good since then.
  12. Idaho State at Nevada

    Not playing good against FBS teams is one thing, but damn it's Idaho State. I live 50 miles from Idaho State and I can tell you they haven't been good since the 1980's. Everyone here just laughs when you talk about ISU football.
  13. Idaho State at Nevada

    I feel bad for you guys. This is Fresno State type of program collapse going on.
  14. Idaho State at Nevada

    This would be worse then UNLV losing to Howard. ISU is awful, by FCS standards.
  15. Idaho State at Nevada

    I just looked at the college football score board and saw Idaho State beating Nevada 23 - 7. What the hell is going on at Nevada? Idaho State is one of the worst teams in Big Sky. No reason for this. Has Nevada just given up on football or what?