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  1. The article states that 1 out of 20 searches the NSA performed was information gathered illegally. Essentially they were collecting phone communications and internet communications, such as emails, Facebook postings and even forums like this were possibly collected illegally. However, we already knew this because of Edward Snowden. Read a little bit about the 5 eyes and 14 eyes countries. Its a little eye opening if you have never heard of it before.
  2. That's why it's wrong to stereotype any group of people. Those college kids were referring to black people in general. Had they specified black people living in rural areas, then it would make more sense to go interview people living in Alabama.
  3. I think every state should give ID's to every adult citizen for free if they are not already doing so. States like Texas started giving ID cards to legal citizens after they passed their voter ID laws.
  4. I live in Idaho now, my experiences come from living in Indiana and Kentucky. Do a google search for Louisville Kentucky, West End. Lived and spent time there. I know it's hard to believe but not everyone has spent time living in the suburbs their whole life. Without an ID, you can't drive, you can't get a job, you can't buy cigarettes, you can't buy alcohol, you can't open a bank account, it's going to be hard to find an apartment. Actual homeless people and illegal immigrants are probably the majority of adults in this country who don't own an ID. Now if someone is trying to stop someone from getting an ID, that would be the real crime. You may have found court cases that shot down certain voter ID laws, but most studies have found that voter ID laws have little to no effect on voter turnout. Just because it isn't required in your state, doesn't mean its suppresses votes. That is what you hear from the far left. 33 states have enacted laws that require some form of ID to vote. Including liberal states like Hawaii, Michigan, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Delaware. If it suppresses votes, then why wouldn't those liberal States change the laws. They would have enough votes to do so at anytime. Countries like Canada, Greece, France, Belgium, and Spain all require ID in order to vote. I'm sure those countries did it to suppress the minority vote as well. The idea that voter ID laws are there to suppress the minority vote is a lie that has been feed to people like you to scare you into voting along party lines.
  5. You are supposed to say carpet bomb the terrorist not the middle east. That I can get on board with.
  6. I'm not sure of the exact case you are referring to and without study the case I couldn't tell you if look like discrimination or not. However, just because a judge or a court rules on something doesn't make it right or wrong. Our court system is far from perfect and far too political. Also I have spent time (not just a few times) in very poor neighborhoods that had very few white people living there. I don't recall anyone complaining about this topic. As an adult you can't even function with out an ID. If you don't have ID you have bigger problems you are dealing with then not being able to vote. Not sure who all these people are, that don't have one?
  7. Not if you are a liberal, you should not discriminate against anyone for any reason. The same people who do not want people to have to show their ID while voting also want open boarders.
  8. I've never met a black adult that did not have an ID. There are some illegal immigrants out there that I'm sure would have a hard time getting one.
  9. I never said it was simple, just said there are obvious things that lead the increased cost. I defined the something like you asked. Just because something is hard doesn't mean you don't try and fix it.
  10. He's just upset that BYU lost East Idaho because of BSU dominance. Everyone makes mistakes in life. I've actually been a BSU fan for longer now, than BYU. Some times as a child you don't know any better and then you grow up and realize there is so much more out there.
  11. The overall cost of things. Prescriptions cost too much compared to other countries. Hospitals should no be allowed to charge $8 for two Tylenols. There are a lot of things like that, if changed would help a great deal. It would probably cause your premiums to go way down.
  12. And this is another example of why I could never join the democratic party. I like keeping and spending the money I earned by going to work. However, our health care system is messed up and something should be done, but it's clear single payer is not the answer, unless you hate the money you earn each week.
  13. I was thinking more along these lines.
  14. With that schedule Fresno State goes 6-6 at best. Most likely they'll be looking at 4-8 after the season is over unless Tedford ends up being some kind of miracle worker.
  15. I would not be sad at all to see Mike Pence running the show if Trump ends up getting impeached over this. I don't pretend to be lawyer and I'm not sure if the memo says what some claim, but if it does then Trump is in deep shit. Trump is a phucking disaster. It's mind boggling how he was able to run a multi billion dollar company? I guess coming from a place where you make all the rules and no one ever dares cross you then I can see how Trump could be stupid enough to ask Comey to stop investigating. If none of this ends up being true, either way Trump has to get his shit together because this is getting embarrassing.