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  1. Has the AAC really separated themselves from the other G5 conferences? Hard to make that claim when they didn't even have the best G5 team last year.
  2. Playing for second is a whole lot better for fan morale and business then playing for 8th place in the playoff race every year. Which I think is what just happened now that Hayward is gone. Almost reminds you of the G5 teams in football. As soon as they get good their head coach bolts for a better gig. Kind of hard to continually compete each year when that happens.
  3. Let's be honest though. This was a huge blow to the Jazz. They just went from competing in the West and an annual playoff team to a team that will struggle to make the playoffs. This one hurts because this was the best team Utah had in a more than a decade and their leading scoring bolts. Especially after all the time Utah spent to develop him, I can see why Jazz fans are pissed about this. Finding guys like Karl Malone or John Stockton who are willing to play in Utah their entire career may never happen again.
  4. I flew cross country two months after 9-11, it wasn't that bad.
  5. I think people in the media and both sides of the isle need to tone things down. When places like CNN and their pundits keep putting out articles and reports calling people guilty of treason, before there is proof and claiming we are witnessing a tyrannical government, is not helping the cause. All it does is incite people who might be inclined to commit violent acts. Everyone just needs to chill the phuck out! Both sides have ratcheted up the rhetoric and it isn't helpful for our country at all.
  6. No doubt @mugtang is because any other sports forum you'd have been banned you after your Whore House/40 year old virgin thread. That's still the weirdest thing ever I've ever read on here.
  7. That's because the football off season is a bitch. And I don't like college basketball enough to post much about it. I'm sure you'll see more of me once the season starts. However, you can still find me on the non-sports board from time to time.
  8. I was willing to give the guy a chance as a Republican hoping he would be able to get some meaningful legislation passed by working with Congress. Unfortunately his big mouth is going to end up derailing his Presidency. If he doesn't stop using Twitter, the next 4 years is going to be a huge joke. I know the Dems want him to fail, but what is going on isn't good for anyone.
  9. The Democratic party won't admit this, but Hillary Clinton is the exactly the same type of person. She just happens to have a filter over her mouth. I just hope to hell both parties next cycle put forth some good candidates and that Donald Trump decides not to run again, but I have my doubts. I think our Country nominated two Narcissists is because it's a reflections of our society in general, but that is just my opinion.
  10. His ego is so big you are probably right. If it doesn't then the next 4 years will be one blunder after another. Maybe his family needs to have an intervention, because it seems they are the only ones he listens to.
  11. Well sarcasm can be a little hard to pick up on when you don't know the poster well. Let alone in 5 written words.
  12. Seriously? What did he say that wasn't true?
  13. I'm sure our resident Dems on here will love hearing this from a Fox News host, but Neil Cavuto is a 100% right.
  14. Looks like ISIS is claiming responsibility.
  15. Who knows what the reason for this could have been. The Sunni's and the Shiite's have been fighting for thousand plus years. They could have been ISIS fighters trying to get revenge for Iran's involvement in the Syrian/Iraq war.