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  1. UNLV recruiting

    that must get expensive
  2. UNLV recruiting

    As one of the "original CDR haters" I'm gonna say BestinWest came on board faster than most. And holy crap PH, crave attention much?
  3. Wooooooooo

    Sorry, but you couldn't be any further off the mark on this one. It's incredibly positive exposure for any program regardless of what a #1 pick's pro career turns out to be. They don't end up taking away his money b/c he was a bust lol. And what kinda terrible smack talk are you engaging in when you say "haha your school produced a number one overall pick, made him a multi millionaire, gained incredible national exposure, but he sure sucked as a pro tho!"
  4. Fire Dave Rice

    Right up there with Al Bundy's 4 td performance for Polk High.
  5. Fire Dave Rice

    I have multiple facebook posts saying the same thing, but there all from grads like myself with no credibility that I know of..
  6. Fire Dave Rice

    That writing style isn't even close to R18, but it does in fact closely resemble RR's style. It's a shame when you guys try to lump R18 with plebs like RR and LACASEY when he is clearly multiple tiers above both of them.
  7. Fire Dave Rice

    Coming from a guy who spent his first couple posts on this board praising R18 for his brilliance(me), let me say welcome and gratz on your first post. Unfortunately though, you seem to be all out of hot and fresh cakes.
  8. Fire Dave Rice

    It pains me to do so, but I agree with ph
  9. Fire Dave Rice

    i thought for sure he was wrong about FCS wins not counting.. I heard from a couple people who cashed on that season win total over bet.
  10. Fire Dave Rice

    Considering our season win total was 2.5 and we won 3 games, the season by definition was a success.
  11. Hollywood! its brucejones!!!

  12. Fire Dave Rice

    Sources lol!!! Seems legit.