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  1. Are the Noodles cooked

    Hopefully. The conference could use NM and UNLVbeing relevant again
  2. Boise State @ New Mexico

    It helps with typical nm sports, cougar vs elk sex , illegal vs border portal sex, illegal vs random drunk sex
  3. Boise State @ New Mexico

    The cum was thick. Noodles wasthirsty. Papa needs his thick noodles
  4. Boise State @ New Mexico

    Flop +++++ u
  5. Boise State @ New Mexico

    Brown sloppier than a 12 man gay orgy
  6. Boise State @ New Mexico

    Last 3 by nm sloppier than elton johns butthole
  7. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    There were a ton of bad calls and it wouldn't have even gotten to the point of the no call hack on the final play if they didn't call the utterly atrocious palming call on Mikey when we were up 3 with the ball and a full shot clock
  8. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    Nbc sports chimes in: NBC Sports‏@NBCSports8m8 minutes ago WATCH: Boise State robbed of insane, buzzer-beating win on incorrect timing by officials
  9. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    National media chimes in Sean Farnham‏@SeanFarnham6m6 minutes ago Stunned that the officials made the call tonight at the end of @BroncoSportsMBB game tonight...basket should have counted BSU won the game.
  10. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    Case in point proving the +++++ Csu fans post was legitimate
  11. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    Andy Glockner‏@AndyGlockner4m4 minutes ago Just for kicks, I stopwatched the Webb shot three times, and got 0.62, 0.66 and 0.68 seconds from catch to approximate release
  12. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    Csu players told Drmic they know they lost. Apparently smarter than local MW board Csu fan
  13. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    Assuming the refs will be reviewed, there has to be a suspension
  14. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    OMG Jackson. Best shooter wide open. Had a chance to right the utter shit
  15. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    It's not really. I'm just pissed. I'd be pissed if I was a Csu with how much bs that was