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  1. Retards gonna retard
  2. Hawaii making a bowl is the definition of too many bowls. It's like yball even the fat kid plays half the game
  3. Seems like you could find 30k in the metro that like football
  4. How does New Mexico have a shitty fan base? You have no pro team, nmsu is basically a Jc, what are you people doing??
  5. Mountain west..where you can lose to Idaho and then be excited about going bowling the next week
  6. With surprisingly few Aggie fans. I usually see more
  7. Most of fcs is likely better than the mw
  8. Bet the 3021 Hawaii fans are amped right now
  9. Because south Alabama is in the belt. Belt>mw
  10. The s@it I took before coming to tailgate>csu
  11. Being a Nevada fan shouldn't you be able to read my drunk messages?
  12. No such thing as over reacting to losing to the 5th best team in a state
  13. Conferences below the sun belt can't afford radio broadcast beyond 85 miles from home cities
  14. Neva da fan quotes are always tough. But if you grab the crack pipe out of the hilton trash can me take a couple hits you shall understand
  15. No we suck too we were dragged down by your trash below sun belt level