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  1. At least Dickinson is a better shooter and defender than Paris. Not as smooth with the ball and doesn't have as much ability to drive. But he was pretty solid late in the season for a true frosh.
  2. Guy on bcountry said we will have better news this evening. Hopefully he knows something nobody else does
  3. If Hutch stayed in the draft we would be utterly atrocious. Jessup, Hobbs, and Dickinson will all be good but not carry the team good yet. We have a transfer who is a slightly more athletic version of Duncan. Same size and weight, can shoot the 3, and started most of his career in the A10. Can shoot off the dribble which Duncan couldn't so I think he will be an upgrade over Duncan. The whole season now depends on Hutch's decision
  4. Paris transferring. Just dropped us to mid pack, if Hutch doesn't come out of draft we will get curb stomped by SJSU.
  5. Pumped for this get been following for a few weeks since UNLV is my 2nd team. My AZ buddy was pretty butt hurt which makes me happy.
  6. Yeah we basically return everyone minus two of our slowest most unathletic players. We should be quite a bit better just based on experience and should be really good for the next few years. For a good portion of the later season we were running with 3-4 freshman and or sophs on the court at the same time.
  7. Really? They seemed slow, bad d, and can't shoot. Difference was there are guys at the Bsu rec center that are 10 times better than our team from deep. I mean I last played high school ball in 2001 and would light Jessup up from deep in a shooting contest. It's not that hard
  8. Don't like Nevada. Guy is a tool
  9. Phone dude on isu needs decked. Such a tool
  10. Nevada currently looks like some random 16 seed you have never heard of getting ran out of building
  11. His shirt is on so ya
  12. Stop shooting 3s 2nd warning
  13. Stop shooting 3s
  14. The good news for us Boise fans is that we made our run late with 3 true freshmen, a soph, and a junior on the floor. Seniors scored 4 pts total
  15. Plus losing Duncan is a benefit