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  1. Is that their meeting room? Looks like a manufactured home or something
  2. Nevada will likely stomp us this year. It would be nice to be recruiting at their level, but it still hard to fire a guy who won MW coach of the year, lead us to our first MW title, has 102-62 record, has the best record in school history through 5 years, and won 20 games in 4 of his first 5 years.
  3. I wanted Graham gone. Hutch while he hasn't panned out was a top 100 recruit 4 star and is decent. Paris as you said is good. Hobbs had offers from Oklahoma, Creighton, Baylor, Texas AM, Houston, Wake Forest.
  4. Everytime I've ever expected any team besides Boise or SDSU to win they have failed. Therefore you are all pitiful. The whole conference is crap
  5. Also hard to put pressure on when UW only throws screens 2 seconds after the snap.
  6. Our db's are smaller but size doesn't seem to affect them. Fans of opposing teams always think they can throw on Deayon because he is short but he is a lock down regardless of size of the wr. Potentially 3 all MW guys in the secondary.