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  1. Minus Bsu, sdsu, and Air Force the big sky is better. They could prob be a bottom feeder and battle it out with Idaho state
  2. Sdsu and bsu should break off and join the sun belt to get out of this shit hole
  3. Unlv should just drop football
  4. Hard to pick who is more pitiful. Easily 5 teams in conference worse than top 50 of fcs. Unlv, Fresno, csu, sjsu, Wyoming are all essentially mid level fcs schools
  5. Wyoming, Hawaii, csu, and sjsu. Bring whoever they can't be worse
  6. Too bad we can't already count csu for the big 12 they are a major drag on the conference. Pure trash school
  7. Mw is easily either worst in country or neck and neck
  8. I'm sure Colorado would be for it since it would give them one conference win every year. And the MW would be for it so they could get rid of a team that embarrasses the entire league every time their on TV. So win win
  9. Been on bcountry since Delphi board days but it is a pretty annoying board since it's so politically correct and you can't say what you want without a ban. It's also way slower than it used to be. That's why I like this board I can say ridiculous innaporoprite things and nobody cares
  10. Boise sdsu air force sjsu wyoming Unlv csu fresno new mexico nevada hawaii
  11. The entrance to Pokey is like driving into some filthy smoke stacked factory. Depressing place. Would much rather join a gang in Caldwell started by someone that moved here from Fresno or kill self than live in Utah or Utah West (Eastern Idaho)
  12. Nobody would voluntarily go to Eastern Idaho. No reason for us to go there.
  13. ISU goal must be finding two team they can actually beat
  14. She already did. She banged you. Dad
  15. Its the MW I'm sure somehow 2 of 3 will lose