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  1. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    Nbc sports chimes in:   NBC Sports ‏@NBCSports  8m8 minutes ago WATCH: Boise State robbed of insane, buzzer-beating win on incorrect timing by officials 
  2. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    National media chimes in   Sean Farnham ‏@SeanFarnham  6m6 minutes ago Stunned that the officials made the call tonight at the end of @BroncoSportsMBB game tonight...basket should have counted BSU won the game.
  3. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    Case in point proving the +++++ Csu fans post was legitimate
  4. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    Andy Glockner ‏@AndyGlockner  4m4 minutes ago Just for kicks, I stopwatched the Webb shot three times, and got 0.62, 0.66 and 0.68 seconds from catch to approximate release
  5. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    Csu players told Drmic they know they lost.  Apparently smarter than local MW board Csu fan
  6. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    Assuming the refs will be reviewed, there has to be a suspension
  7. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    OMG Jackson. Best shooter wide open. Had a chance to right the utter shit
  8. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    It's not really. I'm just pissed. I'd be pissed if I was a Csu with how much bs that was
  9. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    Game should legit be reviewed by the MW. +++++ you all CSU fans
  10. blu burros @ CSU Rams

    +++++ Colorado st. Absolute utter bullshit. Worst homer job I've actually seen in my life. You can't feel good about that as a Csu. +++++ you Csu
  11. Leon Rice on the hot seat?

    Good point on being able to have a legitimate discussion on here without the broncocountry blue and orange tinted fan boys crying with any negativity.  I think Rice is a better coach than you are giving him credit for, and is good for our budget.  But that said he does need to play Austin, Haney, and Hutch. I don't care if they screw up 10 times leave them in. They can't do much worse than Drmic's typical 1-9 from three and Duncans 1-7 with 3 travels.  Hopefully we get Jack White who claims to be down to us and Duke. Which would be odd, but either way his tape is legit. Hope we get him.  We should still have another 3-4 schollies as I'm not sure what happened with Trents.
  12. In live action I thought wow they didn't call that. In replay he basically pushed the ball into a dudes arm. Looked clean
  13. Boise State Announces Hiring...

    Avalos is a great recruiter from everything I've heard and college football is like 90% recruiting so he will do well.
  14. UNLV needs to rep the MWC in the dance

    We are up to 38 in RPI today. Our bad loss Montana is looking better (1st place 5-0 Big Sky, 6 straight wins), the other 3 losses were to top 20 teams.
  15. First big conference showdown: SDSU @ BSU

    Yes. We have a vote prior to Nevada. Will pick up a few more based off that and beat SDSU a few more. He said close, not in. 3 of our 4 losses are against top 15 teams.