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  1. Why is byu so hated on here?

    They ball punch people, don't drink, don't drink caffeine, don't do drugs. All the boring things
  2. Wow, this seems pretty messed up USU

    I think its funny mainly because I hate Collete and his annoying although bangable wife that screams non stop during games
  3. Subtle upgrades to Taco Bell Arena

    The biggest difference is the sound. You can actually hear what is being said now, and the music sounds 1000 times better.  Those are kind of bad angles on the boards too they look nicer from the stands.
  4. $1000

    Buddy is a big AZ fan so I know quite a bit about them from him.  I think we can stay in that 10 range but were going to need to shoot well from outside.  He said AZ isn't playing well as a team and we can disrupt them.  But the inability of our offense to score at times is worrisome.  Although that was with Hutch and Webb on the bench all game vs Montana.
  5. Guys, I have decided to...

    I live close to the Dennys near the airport. Its where i hang out with some of my buddies from my grad class.
  6. Guys, I have decided to...

    I graduated from Bsu and don't drive truck but I'm probably the only one.  I didn't learn a lot from that interweb 101 class so I took some post college courses to learn how to use Google.
  7. SJSU >>>> Boise

    How do you meat someone?  Is that like rubbing your junk on them during the game?
  8. SJSU >>>> Boise

    SJSU also didn't have a 36-12 free throw advantage.  Shoot 24 more free throws and you will win 90% of the time.  I'd say we should drive more, but we drove all game they just refused to call a shooting foul on MT.
  9. Boise fans

    I like Friday games and would prefer them late as it gives me more tailgate time after work.  Saturday I would like a bit earlier or day games at times but it doesn't really bother me. Mainly would prefer it to increase attendance as a lot with kids stay home. I also don't have kids and am not old
  10. San Diego St @ Penn st

  11. Bark Board In Full Meltdown Mode

    I've been banned a few times for ridiculously weak things. Broncocountry is the ultimate mormon politically correct board. Was surprised I didnt get a warning on Saturday
  12. Boise St @BYU

    Also hard to put pressure on when UW only throws screens 2 seconds after the snap.
  13. Boise St @BYU

    Our db's are smaller but size doesn't seem to affect them. Fans of opposing teams always think they can throw on Deayon because he is short but he is a lock down regardless of size of the wr. Potentially 3 all MW guys in the secondary.
  14. Lunardi has given up on the MWC

    Looking at Drmics twitter I'd agree but not going to take his whining on twitter as he won't be healthy. I'll wait until the season starts. Plus Ash on bcountry knows more than any of us and he said Drmic will be fine per Drmic.
  15. Lunardi has given up on the MWC

    We return everybody minus Marks but add Drmic which basically cancels out.  Hutch should be improved with another off season, Tigo was coming on late and JC's usually make a big jump 2nd year. Plus we add a shooter in Jackson who is the all time 3 pt leader at Boston College. Would be highly surprised if were down.