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  1. Saw this result last night and mind was blown. I knew UNLV was bad this year but haven't followed close enough to expect this. Been a UNLV fan for long time as I was a massive LJ fan as a kid. So UNLV has always been my 2nd team. Embarrassing the vandals would probably handle the rebs this year.
  2. So in the official standings does this count as Nevada or ref win? Are refs in first? And what is the tie breaker? Lol at 34-16
  3. No they don't.
  4. Too late for them to go to big 10? Really need to clean out the pitiful programs
  5. It would be cool just because they would fail and I'd like watching them have more years of misery
  6. Pulled it out after attempting the record for stupid shot attempts
  7. I never go as I think the bowl is pitiful. But now tempted just to cheer against vandals. Any csu fans wanna donate shirts if I get a csu cheering section going? I've got 3 vandal haters in so far
  8. Probably should end this mvc mw thing since we just embarrass ourselves
  9. Fresno game is one of most pitiful things I've ever seen. 1 on Fresno is 2nd most pitiful
  10. The greatest thing Wyoming could ever hope to achieve playing another multi loss team for a crap bowl that nobody cares about and they still can't fill it
  11. Sorry mtn west we decided to crap pants and turn ball over every 2 possessions
  12. Wow tie it have chance to lead and have two of most pitiful plays I've seen. Typical
  13. Wacker has only been getting like a minute or two lately. Mind blown he was a coaches kid and played Texas big school and was highly rated. Simply stuff like a 3 ft baby hook is typically an airball
  14. It's over Paris is pitiful
  15. Reid has one job 3s. If he can't hit wide open then go to bench