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  1. Nice pickup. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/19742149/vance-jackson-transfers-uconn-huskies-new-mexico-lobos
  2. NBA is garbage...
  3. I guess UNM will surprise yet again...
  4. UNM, UNLV, and SDSU will be back soon enough to reclaim this conference.
  5. Weir is 1-0 against P5 teams. Already better than Noodles.
  6. We don't have him yet.
  7. I like Weir but I'm not sure how this is going to pan out...
  8. Fisher was a good coach. I hope Dutcher works out and it doesn't turn into a Craig Neal situation.
  9. Good. Too risky. Right now it's between FGCU's Joe Dooley and an unknown candidate that hasn't been named yet. Hopefully it's Steve Forbes.
  10. If true, I'm not excited at all. I'll support him, but this could be a horrible hire. Would much rather have gone with a safer option. Someone with college coaching experience (Dooley, Forbes, Cross). Too risky.
  11. Smokescreen... I bet Krebs is going to hire someone who isn't on the "radar."
  12. Craig Neal to UNR?
  13. Mark Fox is kinda intriguing. Pack fans, tell me more about him. Did he inherit a good program? Did he recruit well?
  14. Steve Lavin or Mark "The Gottfather" Godfried