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  1. Long may they reign

    It's all about the O-line. Any halfback will look good with a good O-line. I remember we always had an "awesome" halfback when Long was coach at UNM (Dontrell Moore was actually awesome). Like I said it's all about the O-line.
  2. David Moa arrested

    Chase Hatada should be arrested for that targeting hit on QB Lamar Jordan.
  3. New Mexico at Boise State

    Changed the game nonetheless. Congrats on the win. Not too impressed with you guys though. Bad game or what?
  4. New Mexico at Boise State

    Our third string quarterback is useless. I don't blame him though. Man this would be an interesting game if that Boise player didn't do that dirty hit on Jordan.
  5. New Mexico at Boise State

    Dirty hit.
  6. New Mexico at Boise State

    Anyone have a stream?
  7. This story is now one of the main headlines on espn.com. Players felt "awkward" around Davie. Give me a break. NMFishbowl loves to stir the pot. This is probably nothing, but now Davie and UNM get some bad press.
  8. I heard Davie is one scary dude. The players fear him, no joke. I don't know about the allegations though. Maybe former disgruntled players?
  9. New Mexico State @ New Mexico 09/09/2017

    UNM will go 3-9 or 4-8. I think this is a rebuilding year for us. I think you guys are pretty decent, maybe a a NM bowl in the future? That would be nice for you guys. You guys definitely got a good one with Jans. I root for the Aggies whenever we don't play. That loss hurt though, but good luck. Til next time.
  10. New Mexico State @ New Mexico 09/09/2017

    Wanna keep bringing up records? 70-33-5. That's all. A little anomaly of time doesn't make you guys world beaters. UNM has a better athletic program. Period. The odds of NMSU getting into a G5 conference is the same as UNM getting into P5 conference. UNM has more $$$, better academics, and better athletics. That's all I'm gonna say. Good luck the rest of the season and see you guys on the hard court. I'm gonna love it when Weir wins down in Cruces.
  11. New Mexico State @ New Mexico 09/09/2017

    Bob Davie is 4-2 against NMSU with two fluke losses. I bet you guys loooved Locksley (the worst NCAA football coach ever) My point is that UNM owns the state and NMSU will never join the MWC because ABQ is the market and that's all Lobos my friends. It's about TV market and $$$. Congrats on your victory though.
  12. New Mexico State @ New Mexico 09/09/2017

    Haha NMSU taking a safer approach? We played the three worst quarters of football I've seen since Locksley days. We were losing 30-5 at the start of the 4th quarter. Like I said, congrats to you guys for actually showing up, but we really beat ourselves (4 Turnovers, holding penalty on KR touchdown, etc...) I root for you guys whenever you don't play us, but UNM is the state's program, and the superior program. That won't change. Enjoy the win though.
  13. New Mexico State @ New Mexico 09/09/2017

    UNM played like complete trash the first three quarters. Credit to NMSU for actually showing up, but we had them completely rattled at the end. Shame los Lobos decided to play too late. Props to NMSU, but they are still a poor sports program (yes we aren't very good either). Heck, we just took their bball coach from them and pretty much doubled his salary. NMSU should never join the MWC. Congrats yesterday though Aggie fans. You guys took it to los Lobos.
  14. New Mexico State @ New Mexico 09/09/2017

    The Lobos started playing football too late. Three quarters of utter garbage football. Our offense better figure things out quick. It's gonna be a loooong season. Go Lobos!