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  1. The top half of the NCAA is the top 175 teams. You're saying the MWC didn't have any of that quality? Holy hyperbole.
  2. Well they had to please their largest group of season ticket holders.
  3. $190k (per RGJ)
  4. That effin snake!
  5. Middle Tennessee State beat Michigan State.
  6. It is quite uncommon. It's happened like three times
  7. I actually think it's a difficult problem to solve. Some games players just foul a lot. Some games refs are inconsistent or call it too tight. Do refs need to be allowed to use more discretion? Or do fouls need to be more clearly defined? Is there a good ole boys club which prevents some of the better officials from doing the big games?
  8. Increasing to 6 and resetting the bonus at ten minutes (or go to quarters) seem like no brainers. They are a couple of safety nets to help preserve some flow when the refs call it tight and/or players foul too much.
  9. I understand, and don't think giving them a "winnable" game is wrong. I just think (assume) they'd rather play a blue blood no matter how slim their chances of victory.
  10. They would not get both. The loser of the play in game would not get a shot at a 1 seed. I think those teams would be ok with reducing their chances of a tourney win to damn near zero in exchange for a guaranteed shot at a Kansas level team.
  11. But would the teams that get 16 seeds rather get a winnable game or a guaranteed shot at the big boys? I'd be ok with guaranteeing all auto-bids a place in the round of 64.
  12. raiders to vegas

    I'm not disputing this, but is it known that's why they didn't want it to pass? Couldn't they have just not wanted to use tax money to fund a stadium? I didn't follow much so I truly don't know.
  13. I agree with this. I may have just misinterpreted what the debate was. If the larger point is "The Mountain West needs to get it together and do it soon", I also agree.
  14. it depends on what the argument is. If the MW and WCC are having a hypothetical contest to "earn or woo" Gonzaga, then it isn't stupid as you'd want to look at what group of teams would be more attractive. Otherwise, yes, it is stupid.
  15. Why no Sagarin or KenPom? Probably harder to find. Gonzaga has also won more games in two years than the rest of the WCC has in five. I need to catch up here. Is the debate about which conference is better or which conference's strength would be more attractive to Gonzaga? They are two different things.