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  1. Wisconsin @Headbutt
  2. Some trades are more silent than others.
  3. Pfft. Not happening. Idaho state is bad for the Big Sky. Nevada may be bad but let's not get carried away here.
  4. Josh Allen level beat down right there by @HoosierRebel
  5. Ok. In your opinion, what has changed from 2004 to now that has lowered the peak to a first round exit? Also, wouldnt recent events suggest UNLV's peak to be lower? Ya know, since we are only talking about now.
  6. Yes, but the number of appearances on Shaqtin' a fool is a great indicator of intelligence.
  7. Can a team's peak (first round) be lower than what it has achieved in the past (Sweet 16)? Get the facts in your disses correct, damnit.
  8. Group stage results predictions: Day 1: Russia over New Zealand, Portugal draws Mexico, Germany over Australia, Chile over Cameroon Day 2: Russia draws Portugal, Mexico over New Zealand, Cameroon draws Australia, Germany over Chile Day 3: Mexico over Russia, Portugal over New Zealand, Germany over Cameroon, Chile over Australia Group standings predictions Group A Mexico 2-1-0 7 points Portugal 1-2-0 5 points Russia 1-1-1 4 points New Zealand 0-0-3 0 points Group B Germany 3-0-0 9 points Chile 2-0-1 6 points Cameroon 0-1-2 1 point Australia 0-1-2 1 point Semifinal result predictions Chile over Mexico Germany over Portugal 3rd place match prediction Portugal over Mexico Confederations cup final prediction Chile over Germany
  9. Count me in
  10. Wade had only won one championship prior to Lebron joining (2006).
  11. The kid's older brother mentioned in the articles, Jake Lacaden, is not the Nevada player that was lost in the drowning incident in Lake Tahoe. The player who drowned was named Mark Ma. I have no idea if there is any family relation between Ma and Lacaden. I believe Jake had to stop playing football due to injuries.
  12. Hell, why isn't Allen in the starting lineup tonight? That concludes my very poor attempt at a Josh Allen joke.
  13. I'll play. I'll do terribly, but it sounds fun.
  14. Effin Florida, man. We heard the craziest news stories on morning radio during visits to Florida when I was a kid.