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  1. That was going to happen anyway. Though, maybe his interviewing with Cal upped it even more.
  2. I never considered he/she could have been talking about football. I guess I, too, have repressed football memories to the darkest depths of my brain. The ridiculously long game times coupled with the recent bland play (CSPAN of football) have led to me generally trying to get to my seat at kickoff (plus or minus 1 to 2 minutes). So I would be unaware of the Law of the Jungle even if they played it.
  3. Used to? I swear I heard The Law of the Jungle at home games this year.
  4. Then why'd they interview him twice?
  5. rumor

    That "Rice is the favorite tweet" just seems like nonsense. Whose favorite? I highly doubt Knuth has determined a favorite when he has probably been spending the majority of his time writing, offering, and negotiating a new contract for Musselman. My guess is this person and others "hear" Rice is the favorite because he made a great impression on fans/boosters at a Timeout luncheon. Some of some fans express how they'd like Rice to be Muss' replacement and, BOOM, sources say Rice is the AD's favorite for the job.
  6. So three 12s win today? I like it.
  7. If the new coach had a "middle of the pack" team in their second year, it would still be an improvement from where it was prior to Muss. He inherited a bottom third team. The year prior to Muss' hire, the team was ranked 271st in KenPom. This year's UNLV team, which was assembled in the summer, is rated 248th. Think about that. I think a solid hire, say a triple or stand-up double, instead of a home run hire would still be capable of keeping the team from falling that far. Or at least I hope so. There is still cause for concern because of the large number of new players a new coach could possibly need to bring in.
  8. If Muss leaves, do you think Doug Stewart would be interested and, if so, considered?
  9. Man, I thought we were talking about Drew next season. Reasonable to think Iowa St might take that approach to guarding Drew. He's a smart player. He could still figure out ways to make plays. I think the Pack will approach 80 against ISU. Problem is, ISU might approach 90.
  10. Eh. He also had more rebounds and assists than field goal attempts. His field goal percentages are good enough. Maybe just by simply shooting more next season his scoring will get a nice bump.
  11. In an interview with their coach someone asked if he had any connections with MWC coaches for scouting. It made me wonder. Should coaches hold out on their friends for the benefit of the conference? I imagine coaches talk regardless. I'm not saying they shouldn't. I'd just never thought about it before. Also, I'm not sure why I quoted your post. I guess I just wanted force my way into the convo.
  12. Run as much clock off is possible and hope to score on a couple of shots. Feels that way at least.
  13. Nah. Fresno can win a game off of free throws and fast break points alone and the bonus is right around the corner.
  14. Tip time is extra BS considering the 3 pm tip time on Saturday.
  15. Boise must have really "grown" since I was there last.