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  1. Effin Florida, man. We heard the craziest news stories on morning radio during visits to Florida when I was a kid.
  2. I agree. With 7 teams, it is easy to overwork pitches. To your last point, the tourney is in New Mexico so there may still be some high scoring games.
  3. This. In the less popular sports, it seems fans will boast about the ones their team wins and diminish or ignore the ones they lose. With regards to the Governor's Series, I gave it a, "Right on. Go Pack." I also suspect any time time Nevada wins there will be a good chance the tie breaker will come into play. The large gap in tennis and golf may never be bridged.
  4. I believe they have played 5 times and Air Force won 3 of those.
  5. Well ya. There is much more time for experiences when one doesn't sleep.
  6. I can put 5 teams on that list: BSU, CSU, FSU, NEV, SDSU. Which seems right for the preseason of a back to back one bid league. Out of the others, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them ended up in 3rd but would be at anything higher than that. I imagine, when the odds come out, I will think Fresno has the best value.
  7. I imagine he is using two different definitions of choke. For baseball it probably has to do with Friday's game which the Pack won on a walk. For volleyball, maybe he thinks they choked because it was at home and UNLV finished higher in the standings. Either way, they are ridiculous notions. The teams lost. Nevada victories in the series could be few and far between, though. The almost automatic 12 point hole from tennis and golf is difficult to overcome.
  8. Lol at choke. They lost.
  9. I expect Fresno to be good. Hopefully for the entire season and not just at the end like recent seasons.
  10. Whichever team wins the regular season will be challenged. There arent many seasons where there was one team that finished multiple games ahead of the rest of the conference. I imagine Nevada will be picked to win. I'd pick them to win (I'm not completely objective. That's the team I root for). They could actually be better than they were this year (54th in KenPom) if they defend like Muss' first team. The offense won't be as potent, but the potential to be a good defensive team is there. Are they the clear favorite? I don't know. While I understand the distinction, it easily becomes an argument over semantics. I think a team can clearly be better than the rest and still only win the conference by one game, but games need to be played to decide that. Without any games having been played and significant roster turnover, it isn't wise to say Nevada will be head and shoulders above the rest (whatever that means). SDSU still has plenty of talent. BSU has one the best players in the league and has usually been a top half team under Rice. We just witnessed why you can't dismiss Eustachy teams. UNM may have substantially upgraded at head coach. My non-Nevada pick to win is Fresno. Taylor and Williams are a solid duo.
  11. You don't have to meet an online acquaintance in public first. Go straight to their house, if you want. Just don't be surprised when you wind up in a basement bound and gagged; defenseless against The Gimp and his desires.
  12. Well, if only one person is going to pay, I vote for this guy:
  13. The top half of the NCAA is the top 175 teams. You're saying the MWC didn't have any of that quality? Holy hyperbole.
  14. Well they had to please their largest group of season ticket holders.