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  1. Vegas over under Win totals - Mountain

    Bovada set Wyoming's total at 8: https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/2017-college-football-win-totals-for-all-130-fbs-teams-released-by-las-vegas/ Edit: I don't think @Bruininthebay actually wanted a link. I'm just going to shut up and 'idiot' myself.
  2. Pick 10 Team Black

    @Headbutt , I believe @kalua pig traded me Temple in exchange for South Carolina. @kalua pig, can you confirm you approve of this trade? Or reject, if that is the case.
  3. Pick 10 Team Black

    Alright. If you are serious, I will give you South Carolina for Temple.
  4. Yer mom still stands for something. She gives all members equal shares.
  5. Pick 10 Team Black

    Seriously? If so, how long do I have to accept, decline, or counter?
  6. Pick 10 Team Black

    Buffalo sorry for the long wait @Headbutt
  7. Pick 10 Team Black

    Rice @jdgaucho
  8. Nevada's statement of emergency

    If you live outside a certain distance (20 miles, I think) from a dispensery, it is legal to grow yourself.
  9. Pick 10 Team Black

    SMU @Headbutt
  10. Pick 10 Team Black

    South carolina @jdgaucho tick tock
  11. Pick 10 Team Black

    Kentucky @Headbutt your move
  12. Pick 10 Team Black

    arkansas state @jdgaucho 's turn
  13. Socialized Medicine Wait Times (Canada)

    Maybe because he is normal risk. Comparing a wait time for a preventative test to that of diagnostic tests for symptomatic patients seems a little ridiculous.
  14. Pick 10 Team Black

    Oregon @Headbutt is next
  15. Paquaio vs Horn fight thread

    I don't think him being an "actual" boxer means much. In comparison to Atlas' opinion. Maybe if he was a judge it would.