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  1. Yep. Claiming they are the better duo isn't outrageous. Hell, at this point, they have probably performed better. I just found an argument using only performance against SDSU to be weird. Use all information at hand, man. Oh, you forgot to list blocks
  2. Nice sample size. I'd give Clavell the edge over Marshall at this point but based off of more than three freaking games.
  3. They get Four per game (not half) with only three carrying over to the second half
  4. It'd be great if the RPI completely went away. I find it funny how most, if not all, analysts mention Top wins based solely on RPI when other metrics will be used by the committee. Only BPI (47th) and KPI (38th) give Nevada a ranking in the at-large range. I have no idea if KPI is even being used. Without the kenpom and Sagarin ratings moving into the top 55 (at worst), Nevada's at large chances will be extremely slim. Though, still better than Lloyd's chances of getting with Mary Swanson. Perspective
  5. I see no reason why the addiction of Rice wouldn't have a positive effect on the offense. He knows basketball quite well. A lack of basketball knowledge is not why he stumbled as a head coach. The addition of Marshall and Caroline plus the developed shooting of Oliver and Fenner, especially has been huge for the offense. Team has taken a few steps back defensively compared to last year.
  6. "Instead of coaching his team or paying any attention to the game" Lol. It's not like he did it the whole game. He wanted the crowd to get loud so he took a moment to try to pump them up. Does it every home game, or at least a large majority of them.
  7. Dream scenario: 12 seed in Sacramento
  8. As good of a shot as anyone else? That's probably a stretch.
  9. McEwen is pretty damn good.
  10. This
  11. Not very bold, but I think the top three will be some permutation of FSU, NEV, UNM. Unless Nevada finishes in first, in which case, FSU will finish 4th so the Bulldogs can continue their season long trolling of the Wolf Pack with a matchup in the semifinals
  12. I wouldn't say it was impossible with the schedule alone. A record with only 3 or 4 losses would have gotten an at large, IMO. That was just incredibly unlikely for a team of Nevada's quality.
  13. The frame showing when the time lapse is paused with roughly 2 seconds left seems to be pretty close to the gigapixal you linked. The white spots on the left of the time lapse correspond to where the white spots are on the right side of the gigapixel (zooming is necessary). There is a whole lotta white at the back of the gigapixel photo.
  14. Ahh. I'm not so quick on the uptake. Flew right over my head.
  15. Sure. Problem is, I find the RPI to be a terrible metric so I am disinclined to reference it. I foresee it having a much lower priority in the selection process going forward with preference given to KenPom, Sagarin, and BPI.