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  1. http://www.rgj.com/story/news/2017/08/17/breaking-trump-planning-reno-visit-talk-veterans-group/578652001/ In an unrelated note I will be passing through as well. It will be a very bigly day for the biggest little city.
  2. Is it time to lop three heads

    That's savage AF.
  3. Front Range happy hour?

    Is there a back or rear range, since there is a front range?
  4. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    My favorite sandwich is fritos, tuna and pickles. No mayo. Butter on the bread and a little pepper in the tuna. It really works.
  5. Political discussions on other forums

    That's one of the best things about the MW conference in general. Lot's of little distinct micro-cultures and interesting diversity.
  6. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    No apology necessary. Bans should be rare. I support your decision but we can all self-regulate our experience on this or almost any forum. Just stop engaging with these guys and put them on ignore. It's really easy. They're not here for any actual meaningful discussion anyways.
  7. Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

    More commie talk.
  8. UNLV

    The Graney and Clay Baker show is so bad, though. Pritch was the best mid-day guy they've had in a long time. Too bad...
  9. UNLV

    Silver and gold.
  10. We're Sexy & We Know It

    Rhode Island at #3?
  11. Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

    those are commie units.
  12. The Grand Jury says.........

    Somebody told me of a way to get around this. You just pretend that you are really going to live in the new house but instead you change your mind. It works!
  13. I didn't get it at first. I was like...maybe "trash panda"?
  14. Charlottesville: Race and Terror

    He must be one of those "fine people" that Trump was talking about.
  15. Charlottesville: Race and Terror

    Yes, fighting these guys in the mud on their own level doesn't help. Unrest like this is generally caused by people who feel something is being taken from them or there is some sort of unfairness leveled against them. That is a big reason why Trump won the election and why this stuff is going on now. People with a sense of economic security and opportunity generally aren't going to do this type of thing. The world and the USA are changing too fast to not have unrest. It's freaking people out.
  16. The tears of a clown

    Oh, stop. Just because this guy identified as Libertarian does not mean Libs are white supremacists. C'mon, people.
  17. Over on Rebel-net somebody claims to have given Dwayne Morgan a ride (Uber). Here's a tid-bit of their conversation... "I asked him who he thought was a better coach between Rice and Menzies and he went on a hilarious damn tangent about rice. Paraphrasing here, but he said "you know how coaches get the clipboard on the sideline and draw plays? Coach rice would get the clipboard and write shit like 'play defense' and 'rebound'" lmaoooo I was dying for the rest of the car ride..." Read more at... https://unlv.forums.rivals.com/threads/morgan-will-he-play-this-year.24881/page-2
  18. @Reno

  19. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    Why can't men have delicious drinks? It's downright sexist.
  20. Charlottesville: Race and Terror

    Why do you guys even engage Maynard? I don't get it? He's always just doing his schtick.
  21. The tears of a clown

    Dude needs acceptance so bad. Deep down he wants to be saved from all this stuff. You can feel it. A loved child does not grow up to be like this.
  22. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    Yes, I did understand that. I meant I don't know what happened in the episode, haha.