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  1. You can argue all day long that the private sector can run things better than the government but seriously, should incarcerating people and taking their freedom away be motivated by profit? Hell no! This isn't the same as outsourcing tech development or a construction project. This is a responsibility the state must bear.
  2. I love this video so much because the "Satanist" is obviously trolling yet the Christians are freaking about and are sincerely worried about getting hexed and are actively trying to counteract the voodoo. Warning: The video starts loud.
  3. I know a real Wiccan family. They're just weirdos. No Satan. Just fruitbags.
  4. Right? In past seasons Aztecs vs. Rebels in the tournament meant WAR. This year..."alright, let's just get this over with."
  5. Absolutely! You're buying though.
  6. We've always finished the regular season near the top anytime we've been in the tournament final, except of course that one time. Oh, but that was when the tournament was in Denver. My bad.
  7. To your points, we likely will never be able to do it all perfectly, but being closer to that goal is better than being further away from it. Of course humankind lives at the expense of other organisms, but that doesn't mean we can't reduce that expense, and less suffering is better than more suffering. This idea, to some however, appears to be of lesser value than being able to call someone a hypocrite, though.
  8. I can't even anymore. Time to go.
  9. Liberal arts education will be phased out as part of the plan.
  10. All this who's in talk is worthless without the who's out talk. A certain set of metrics do not get you in. How you compare to others does.
  11. I agree that we are animals, but do you not think the mere ability to question and act against our instincts should hold humanity to a higher standard?
  12. Right and wrong is a lot more complicated for a human than it is for a lion, though.
  13. I see most of your comments on this thread have been very civil but I took the "half of them were Duke fans" jab as a bit of smack talk so I responded in kind. Also, you've referred to me as an ass-pipe? and you called Roscoe's Dad "bro". Just saying the road you're on may not be as high as you think.
  14. A testament to Las Vegas and UNLV. Good luck getting 9,000 Duke fans to Reno.
  15. It's been a few years, but I know there were a few the Anthony Bennett year and maybe one or two after that. We had 19k+ at T-Mobile for Duke this year, though.
  16. You're a lot older, that's true, but somehow you're still little brother. You know it in your heart of hearts.
  17. How come your Ali isn't centered like mine?
  18. yes sir!
  19. It's better than being a little big man. Lolzzzlolozzlozlzoozolzoozzzz
  20. I am home and getting drunkerer and drunkerer.
  21. I bet a ton are libertarians.
  22. You fudgepack fans are hilarious baggin on UNLV attendance in our worst season ever. You guys are having your best season in 10-15 years and yet the only game you get 'lil Lawlor with the crooked seats filled up is against US, where you wear fancy unis and get Michael Buffer to do the lineup intros. Hope you are enjoying beating up on big brother when he's in a wheelchair.
  23. Okay. Let's juts say I'm not worried about it and neither should you be. Their influence and numbers are nominal.