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  1. Right now I think UNLV would be favored to win it this year.
  2. MGM Grand Garden Arena is open. Move it there. Then we can also get pac-12 tix, walk across the street and watch a compelling game or two if needed.
  3. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I'm shocked. Really looking forward to see what this really was a referendum on. Was it Trumpism, sexism, extreme social conservatism?
  4. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Jones at 90% chance now.
  5. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Man, NYT saying Jones has a 76% chance of winning right now.
  6. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    He is in Jefferson. Madison, a little.
  7. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Moore pulling away.
  8. Roy Moore

    If Jones wins...well maybe it's a sign of what's to come on the national scene, but if Moore wins...well, it is Alabama. I guess I'm trying to say don't get too worked up if Moore wins. It's kind of expected. He's replacing Jeff Sessions not a Kennedy.
  9. Roy Moore

  10. Roy Moore

    Wait for the silence.
  11. Why spend money on going to the moon (been there done that many times) when that $ could be directed at Mars fun?
  12. Analog Still Rules

    Without getting too philosophical and technical, I think it all depends on the genre/sound your going for. Digital does some things "better" but analog still wins in other areas.
  13. Mountain West Basketball Week 5: 12/4 -12/10

    Greg Anthony, too. Augmon was a 4 year guy, though.
  14. Roy Moore

    Roy Moore's best quality..."you can't prove he's a rapist, not even statutorial because 1970's Alabama."
  15. Roy Moore

    I've typed and re-typed a bunch of stuff in response to what's been said by the defenders of Roy Moore here, but what's the point. Take away the young girl stuff and there's still been more than enough out of Moore's own mouth to convict him of being a massive shit stain. I'm not sure you can reason with anyone who can't see that. Our differences are just too far and wide.
  16. Contracts: CAL's Wyking Jones vs. Nevada's Muss

    That cannot be underestimated. There's a few exceptions, but for the most part every G5 program is starting the race from behind.
  17. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Underwood said their game plan was to make Jordy finish, even if he ended up with 30 points.
  18. SCOTUS update on Masterpiece Cakeship case

    Businesses shouldn't have to do whatever the customer or individual desires but they should not be able to refuse service based on your sex, race, religion sexual orientation, etc in my opinion. You don't have to make "gay" cakes if you don't offer that service, but you still have to make the cakes you offer to others.
  19. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Yes. Especially the strategy of drawing fouls. Rebels played "Judo" basketball by using their opponents momentum and techniques against them.
  20. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Yep. There was definitely more of us than them but there was a butt-load of orange. The mix felt like a MWC tournament game in the Mack against a team that has fans that travel well. Like Wyo maybe. Not a signature win by any means but a solid win in which there was adversity and they got the job done in "winning time". I think we are going to absolutely wreck the bottom 6 or so teams in the MW as it just won't be fair at all with McCoy (and Juiston) on the floor but the big games will be close as Johnson size can reduce his effectiveness against certain personnel. But McCoy is legitimately one of the top college players in the nation so far. It is what it is.
  21. Cal at SDSU

    Maybe big as in player size?