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  1. I said 14, I think, but I really wanted to get to 18 somehow just so MM could have equaled what Rice did with NBA players.
  2. I've never seen a more schizophrenic MW. SDSU, UNM, Boise, Fresno, CSU...It's really hard to predict how these teams will play on any given night.
  3. Both teams played like garbage. There was plenty of bad basketball to go around and nobody really deserved to win. I bet the Falcons get revenge at Clune so hang in there.
  4. Parents giving a damn is key. My son goes to a public magnet school which is actually one of top elementary schools in the state, public or private. Although the principal has installed a culture of empowerment, I'm convinced that much of the success of the school is because you have to want to go there. Most of the parents of the children that attend this school care enough to seek out a good school and often sacrifice a thing or two to make it happen. The parents just plain give a damn. So you have a school made up of kids who's parents give a damn. It really makes a massive difference.
  5. The next step will be to create a state run media so the good people of the U.S.A. will know the real truth about their dear leader.
  6. Dear, god. That was some whiny lunatic ass shit. Can you imagine how icky this guy and Kelly Ann Conway must really feel in their heart of hearts. I pity them.
  7. That whole game was just one bad beat after another.
  8. Spread was 4...
  9. I believe the only cut repealed was the 2017 one, though. HUD releases these updated called "mortgagee letters" and the Trump one "2017-07" only nullifies "2017-01", which was Obama's.
  10. A large part of what separates the U.S. and other well developed nations from other countries is because we actually have regulations. Regulations and rules play a very significant part in prosperity. I think we have to be careful in not broad stroking all regulations as bad and just as barriers.
  11. Commuting Manning's sentence also serves to de-legitimize Julian Assange as he said he would allow his extradition if she was let go, but then Assange said...uh, I meant something else technically, and now he appears less trustworthy.
  12. The premiums were reduced in January 2017. I'm not sure there was time for the reduction to have a significant effect on the market. In any case, what it would do is make FHA loans more competitive with conventional loans as the FHA loan payment with insurance is now closer to the conventional loan payment without insurance, not to mention you need less cash for an FHA down payment. I'd bet somebody didn't like this added competitiveness and they persuaded Trump to squash it. But, to your point, you are right in that the "ability to pay" is one of the creators of value, so more money for everybody generally means higher prices however a market would have to be truly dominated by FHA financing to see an uptick in sales prices because of this reduction in insurance premiums.
  13. That's not what is happening, though. The insurance premiums are still in place. Obama admin said we have enough in the FHA emergency fund (law mandates 2% and there is 2.32% in the pot now) so let's lower the insurance premiums for our FHA borrowers at this time. That would basically give most FHA borrowers an additional $40-$50 bucks a month they could spend in the economy. Kind of like a little tax break. Trump didn't like that for some reason.
  14. I imagine they expect significantly increased revenue by way of tickets, concessions, rent, etc. in that scenario and those monies would pay for the upgrades. Just a guess, though.
  15. AF can slice and dice UNLV with cuts tomorrow if they don't communicate on D, and that's been a known issue for this Rebel team. Poyser is the only one who really understands what to expect tomorrow. Rebs are in the danger zone.
  16. He could give one hell of a speech. His tenure was dignified. The Halloweens at the white house were pretty cool.
  17. That house is rad. The interior is beautiful.
  18. They've had a long time to figure all that out. It is the oldest profession!
  19. I think I may have not expressed my sentiment to you clearly. The glory days of UNLV hoops is exactly what I was talking about! We weren't a "college" team. We were a national phenomenon renegade $ gucci row fireworks Tupac in a big bad ass arena. UNLV needs to Vegas as much as possible, not try to be Norman, Stillwater, Madison, Fort Collins or Laramie. That's what I mean. We will never be those places where the university is the focal point of the town. And we don't have the alumni base of UCLA or USC to thrive like that in an urban environment like they can. The mission statement of UNLV culture should just be one word...Rebel. My favorite thing about Sanchez is that he gets this.
  20. Okay, let's just say, for the sake of argument, that the left is a little more dramatic about the incoming president than the right was when Obama was elected. Maybe it's because Donald gawdam Trump, a professional megalomaniac, is going to be the president, and to put it mildly, he brings a bit of baggage with him. I can't even think about someone comparable on the left that we could imagine causing so much controversy. Somebody help me out. Maybe like an ex-swedish prime minister or something.
  21. I'm not so sure anymore. With the right approach, it may be UNLV's best bet. UNLV will never be a rah rah college town type of school and have the athletic programs to match. I just don't believe an on campus stadium with some extra dorms is going to change things anymore. But what UNLV can do is be the best damn commuter, semi-pro, large-ish city university west of the mississippi. Las Vegas has always been the outsider and where things are done differently. I think the more UNLV follows that mold, the better.
  22. Here's where you lose me on Trump>Bernie. I wanted Bernie and I would rather have Ron Paul, the opposite of Bernie, as president than Donald Trump.
  23. It's been going on for 30 years.
  24. She talks about both the rich and the poor being better off, even though the gap has widened. Rising tide lifts all boats sort of thing. But what we have right now are increasing incomes for the wealthy and falling incomes for the middle and lower classes. The rising tide seems to be a little more selective in recent times. I await the right honorable gentleman's response. Harumpf, hmmm, yes, yes...harumpf.
  25. And we all know that the Republican congress would have just rubber stamped everything and it would all be so. Bernie's a negotiator. He starts out asking a lot in order to hopefully get something. He's done that his entire career. His presidential run is his greatest example of this. The art of the deal, my friend.