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  1. Tell us about your basketball team

    Thanks god somebody had their grandpa's flip phone to catch these highlights with. Seriously, though. This kid looks better than McCoy on tape.
  2. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    You got a link for one of those Reddit streams, by chance?
  3. This one's for Tapeworm

  4. Air Force vs Nevada

    Of course not. Bet the over.
  5. Air Force vs Nevada

    Will Pack be able to stop UNLV from running?
  6. Death to Mobile Websites!!!

    Unfortunately, I'm sure they make the mobile site crappy on purpose so you download their app.
  7. OT: World Series!!

    He must.
  8. OT: World Series!!

    C'mon Yankees. I don't really like them Yankees but c'mon...Astros in the WS is very disappointing compared to a LA vs NY showdown.
  9. Preseason Basketball Predictions

    Last, of course. But I'm not saying anything about UNLV bball being disrespected or underrated so why you mad at me? I'd say UNLV bball deserves a pre-season ranking of 6-9 or so until they prove otherwise.
  10. Preseason Basketball Predictions

    You finished last and you got a new coach. You should have been picked to finish last this year. You are exceeding reasonable expectations right now.
  11. 2017-18 MWC writers hoops predictions

    Dutcher and Menzies like Fresno.
  12. Preseason Basketball Predictions

    Brian Dutcher and Marvin Menzies both said Fresno could be #1.
  13. THIS JUST IN ...........

    We are enemies.
  14. The vegas shooting gets weirder..

    So what exactly are they covering up and what's the motive to do so?
  15. THIS JUST IN ...........

    Can we please stop calling them VGK? Just say "Knights", please.
  16. The vegas shooting gets weirder..

    I guess it is possible but I would think that mic would have certainly had a compressor/limiter on it. That helps it only pick up what is loud and right in front of it rather than other things on stage like the guitar amps, drums, etc., and in my estimation the mic wouldn't have picked up gun shots from so far away. In any case, like Android said, fog of war. Probably all kinds of echoes, etc. For all the conspiracy people out there you have to give me a believable motive for all these agencies to want to limit the story to a single shooter before I consider any of these alternate ideas. Shit was crazy and people in those types of situations are probably not the most reliable of witnesses. That's the most likely and simple explanation for just about everything.
  17. THIS JUST IN ...........

    Go Knights go!
  18. So is he going to the booth because he can see the game better or because he's tired of Sanchez dressing him down in front of everybody?
  19. ouch ... Celtics Hayward snaps ankle

    Damn...first game, too.
  20. The vegas shooting gets weirder..

    So we have a guy emptying god knows how many rounds from the 32nd story of a hotel, killing 58 and injuring 546 and there's a significant amount of people that jump to the conclusion that it was a "deepstate" false flag event about illegal aliens or gun control...and they conclude this not because there is evidence of this but because we don't have a clear picture of all the facts. And these people have money and jobs and otherwise participate in our politics and economy. I just can't even anymore.
  21. I'm not sure every parent that's made this terrible mistake is stupid. It's hard to imagine doing this, myself, but some of these parents claim they were frustrated, distracted or their minds were just on something else they forgot a sleeping child. People make honest mistakes and sometimes those mistakes can be deadly.
  22. Week 7 in GIFs

    Fresno to UNM
  23. Week 7 in GIFs

    Boise to SDSU