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  1. Duh, right?
  2. I like this kid. I think he could be pretty dang good. Great nose for the game. Nice get.
  3. Bought my first Golden Knight hat today. Really looking forward to the season starting.
  4. He's always butt hurt. Graney and him are besties and I can see why. Both debbie downers.
  5. Just keep your mouth shut. They'll ban you if you interrupt the circle jerk.
  6. Rebel bros before golden knights hoes forever.
  7. I heard you all last year and agree. He's the perfect 6th man on a really good team.
  8. 5 stars go on any and every board. This is the MW and its a big deal.
  9. There are some seriously butt-hurt grown ass man babies on twitter right now putting our boy down for his choice. Sad... Very happy for Marvin and me too. Hopefully this dominoes into some of the others committing, but McCoy, Jordan Johnson, Duane and Mooring should be pretty darn competitive. Now get that Hardy kid!
  10. It does look like it stole the tail lights off the new civic.
  11. And he's a hard worker! He's johnny on the spot with the sweat mop. Takes his job seriously. He's going places, that kid.
  12. You have good taste, my friend. All of those are home runs.