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  1. I guess everyone should just be experts in all matters like you and Blue.
  2. Joe, it's not about chasing dragons. It's about being given an extremely addictive drug by a +++++ing trusted medical professional and then having that drug destroy your life. My father hasn't a had a drop to drink in 20 years but +++++ him because he got addicted to prescribed amount of oxycodone after a hernia operation and it's spiraled him into a life of crippling depression and uselessness. My father has never sought out the drug illegally. It's not so simple and to act like its fair or reasonable to put this all on personal responsibility is really uninformed and unexperienced.
  3. Mormons are a big part of the town's foundations.
  4. Most impressive. I think that finally pushed me over the top to fully embrace the Raiders. Thrilled to know he'll be living in my city soon. Lord knows we need more people like that around here.
  5. I have a "copy" of the tape as well....from a Ten box set. I think it's the version with Ed's vocals on top, though.
  6. Oh, yeah! Well Vegas is the next Central Valley cuz we got the Raiderzzzzz.
  7. "Dollar Short" was the working title of the Pearl Jam song "Alive" before Eddie Vedder gave it lyrics, right @Nevada Convert?
  8. That effing football game last year...
  9. Laughlin at 122 tomorrow. Makes the Vegas forecast of 116 sound pretty doable. Hottest I ever felt was walking across an asphalt, hotel parking lot at about 3 pm in Laughlin in July. Nope. Do not recommend.
  10. Great vid. Jr. is no slouch but Sr. could touch the roof!
  11. Grammar lessons.
  12. Does every thread have to devolve into something concerning PH?
  13. This is a great example of how you have to really vet statistics you might come across. Lets's take Colorado and Wyoming. The homicide rate in CO is about 100% higher than in Wyo. Sounds like people must be dying right and left in CO however we're talking 4 people out of 100k versus 2. Your odds of being a victim of a homicide are so slim in either state and the difference between the two is literally miniscule and insignificant. Yet people will argue that one place is safe to live and the other is not because somebody will make a chart ranking the states literally between 0.0000139 and 0.0001274.
  14. tl;dr