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  1. Al "Grab'er" Franken Joins the Sexual Assault List

    Well, you can add my brother in law’s ex roommate to the list John Draper aka Captain Crunch. Apparently he was a big deal in the hacking community back in the day. Met him a few times, definitely a strange guy. https://www.buzzfeed.com/kevincollier/hacker-hero-is-said-to-have-used-cyber-conferences-to?utm_term=.berLD6qWkX#.vseyGLBA0x
  2. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    He was asked to leave. That being said, I think it was bullshit how the athletic department handled the entire situation. So if you are looking for someone to defend them, I am not the one. The AD is off to a terrible start and seems in over her head, just like the football HC she hired.
  3. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    Definitely no comparison between this team and the 2010 one. In 2010 we closed with a few close losses; this team had its high point in the first quarter of the first game. Embarrassing how these “coaches” let this team just quit like this.
  4. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    The football program is embarrassing, no doubt about that. But the BB coach definitely did not walk away.
  5. Why Isn't San Jose State in the Central Coast Section?

    Yea, if they play at the Pit Salinas would probably win.
  6. Nevada is up 38-7 at Half (Edit 52-7 now)

    Long Beach should bring back football and replace SJSU.
  7. San Jose @ Nevada

    Can we just put this football program out of its misery already?
  8. Wisconsin may lower the drinking age to 19

    Why stop there? Because 16 is the better age.... pretty simple.
  9. Wisconsin may lower the drinking age to 19

    They should combine kindergarten with first grade, have kids start school at age 4 instead of 5, and make 16 the adult age for everything.
  10. OT: World Series!!

    Just got in to LA, Dodger gear everywhere it’s beautiful!
  11. Week 9 Rank 'Em

    Boise St. SDSU Wyoming Fresno Air Force CSU New Mexico USU UNLV Hawaii UNR
  12. OT: World Series!!

    Joc Pederson obviously likes this post.
  13. When did the SEC expand to 16 teams?
  14. OT: World Series!!

    1 down, 3 to go!
  15. American maybe is P6? Dominating rankings for P5

    From a purely financial standpoint the AAC and MWC would probably be best off by just breaking the conference apart and forming new smaller conferences with 8-9 members. Play a full round-robin schedule and instead of playing a CCG have those to conference champs play each other for a bid to the access bowl.