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  1. These back-to-back Fresno vs Boise games

    Although there was a game between last year, both games were in Wyo, which was lame. At least it's likely they'll be in different cities for this one.
  2. Boise St up to #23 in CFP poll

    Wondering how much a Fresno win would help SDSU's chances of being ranked.
  3. Penny not a Doak Walker Finalist

    I'm so glad you're not 1-11 again, it's nice to see Fresno fans around again.
  4. MWCBoard Guess the Score - Week 13

    Swing for the fences with your picks. Mine have been pretty conservative all season. I don't use Vegas spreads though.
  5. UNM @ SDSU

    Senior Day. First true Aztecs day homegame in a while. Finally, I feel like the MWC got something scheduled right. Penny's last home game. The whole team and coaching staff is pissed he didn't selected as a finalist for any post-season award, so expect them to come out hot. Anyone bringing some hatch chili out?
  6. MWCBoard Guess the Score - Week 13

    @mugtang is this the final week were doing this?
  7. Feeding 70% of the country's meth maybe. To anyone outside of the valley, Fresno is known as the armpit of America. But hey, at least you got this MWC championship game to hang your hat on.
  8. I don't disagree. Have you been here? We're probably 50% transplants/military, and there's too much else to do every day than just sports. I'm glad you're not 1-11 anymore though, your town desperately needs something to be proud of.
  9. Playing in Qualcomm won't last forever, but you being stuck in Fresno will.
  10. If Fresno/Boise split the next 2, he could set up a rubber match in the New Mexico bowl.
  11. It's a tradeoff. Overall, yes, it hurts Recruiting playing in an "empty" giant stadium with poor atmosphere. However, recruits have said they like playing in an NFL stadium too. Long term, the NFL/NHL will really hurt UNLV.
  12. SDSU '18

    https://t.co/TNX8Yycrqt Local LB from powerhouse program St. Augustine. Offers from the 3 service academies and coaches rave about his leadership and work ethic. Not going to blow you away athletically, but a smart guy and the kind of guy you want playing MLB. Just got offer on Friday. Super stoked, our LB depth is going to be super solid in the future.
  13. Who are the top 2 RBs in MWC history?
  14. You're the only UNLV fan who gets it.