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  1. Hang in there man, best wishes.
  2. Exactly. Align with the strongest G5, not one of the weakest. People would tune in to watch SDSU/Houston, Boise/USF, CSU/Memphis.
  3. He'll bulk up once he gets FBS meal plan and weight program, but damn that's a skinny guy.
  4. Yea Rolo is hitting Southern California really hard.
  5. This is some nerd shit I'd expect from SJSU.
  6. We still draw more fans than you.
  7. I really don't care to find the post, but we were talking about the 2 OL that flipped to SDSU and another guy who flipped to a MWC school.
  8. When 3* commits flipped from UNR, you claimed the staff let them go. That's highly unlikely in the MWC..
  9. What are your expected outcomes of this meeting? Think FSI budges on the 32k?
  10. Is there a link to the story or any insight as to what's going on?