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  1. MWC Attendance figures

    Aztec fans turn out for Boise. The tailgates are a little harder, the crowd a little bigger. It's a lot easier inviting friends when you don't have to explain that, yes, UNLV and SJSU actually DO have football teams and play D1.
  2. MWC Attendance figures

    After decades of suffering with crappy Aztec, charger and padre teams, its great to be excited and happy to talk about sports in SD.
  3. BSU's GoFundMe page to fill the stands

    That's ridiculous. Tickets for Stanford game started at $35 ( I get them for friends for $8 from the Navy base, so I usually have big groups). For my wife and I, season tix holders: tailgate, parking, game tix, concessions, maybe $100 total. Great value for a great team to watch, despite the shitty venue.
  4. MWC Attendance figures

    Couldn't have asked for a better time for the chargers to leave. Back to back buzzworthy players, back to back top 25 teams, no questions about coach leaving or off season problems. Hope we keep this momentum going and really grow the fan base.
  5. MWC Attendance figures

    Yes, like everyone else. We announced tickets sold/distributed. First 2 games this year, over 42k each, have been actual butts in seats.
  6. MWC Attendance figures

    Both Aztec attendances were legit. Lots more eyes on our attendance, because of the Soccer City clowns and the Chargers gone.
  7. MWC Attendance figures

    A win at AFA should carry a decent crowd over vs NIU. Guessing 34-36k for that one. If we're still undefeated for Boise, I expect 46k+.
  8. Aztecs win MWC OPOW and DPOW

    Penny now has 4 player of the week honors through 3 games
  9. Week 4 Opening Lines....

    Pretty fair line on SDSU/AFA game. What's the O/U, 20? Going to be a loooow scoring game.