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  1. Or enough time to see if the MLS deadline is legit or not.
  2. Caught end of loose cannons segment. Better speaker than JD, but nice to finally have a second voice.
  3. Labor Unions oppose Special election and now Past SDSU Alumni Presidents join in their support:
  4. I don't see Wyo breaking past #4 though. No G5 will. A matchup vs #1 Alabama, OSU, USC, etc would be tough.
  5. Wait, we forgot to add AFA football to the competition:
  6. Would be interesting to break down those numbers pre and post Rocky's hire. He's got the MWC dialed in well right now.
  7. Pretty accurate on SDSUs side.
  8. Following up on Robinette, he actually started 2 games as a true freshman OLB at Oregon St last year ( 5 tackles vs CAl, got hurt vs Utah and ended season). He will RS this season and have 3 years left w/ possibility to get medical RS for last year down the line. seems like a good/lucky get. He just wanted to be closer to family.
  9. Aztecs add former 3* OLB/DE transfer from Oregon St. 6'8" project guy that we really liked, but chose P5 over SDSU. Glad he's back, could be a unique player if he finds his niche.
  10. JFC, get your shit together West division. How any school in CA is ranked below +++++ing Idaho is embarrassing.
  11. City isclosing Qualcomm after 2018 season (mayor faulconer using it as tool to pressure SDSU into deal. It was originally scheduled to close after 2020). Padres have said SDSU can play at Petco for 2019 season. Soccer City, SDSU stadium, or whatever it is, will be built by 2019.
  12. petty lame, but he'll make a couple hundred bucks so why not