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  1. You get a couple 2* croots in 1 day and you're all of a sudden the kinda of the west.
  2. How about 1 FBS win first, bud.
  3. Pillow fight on and off the field. First to 3 wins this year gets bragging rights all offseason.
  4. Since I'm basically the last man on earth to not watch this show, is there a way to catch up without HBO?
  5. Yea underway beards still normally OK. Wouldn't mind that buoy tender life though, heard its great.
  6. Chiefs smoking a cigar on the deck, dudes with long hair. Man, wish it was still the old guard.
  7. Yup, much needed talent and stability at that position.
  8. Wish we were playing WYO this year, would be fun game again.
  9. teamfog

    Maryland & Mississippi St. Will add pics later. @retrofade is back up
  10. we landed Boises new JC puntsr who just enrolled this spring and is transferring.
  11. Fresno is our homecoming game too.
  12. More money spent on other things to do in Vegas besides UNLV football.
  13. So he does this EVERY game?
  14. I'm pissed we don't play them this year. Was looking forward to his racist uncle live tweeting games again.
  15. Possible? Yes likely? No