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  1. You like the way your D matches up with oregons athletes, or do you expect a shoot out?
  2. Well the defense shut the offense down in spring game, so did defense improve or offense take a step back?
  3. Opening up the passing game a little next season?
  4. He's got to replace some WRs too right?
  5. Any highlights? How'd Allen look?
  6. equally as odd, but quality work
  8. Didn't notice that, maybe it's got all the MWC teams going across the bottom?
  9. This isn't the WAC. Current format is working fine.
  10. Ouch. Very productive freshman. Yea, probably P5 bound.
  11. You have to actually be IN the CCG to host it.
  13. I know Sam Boyd isn't ideal, but I'd much rather play in our own off Campus stadium than a giant NFL one again. We did OK in attendance with chargers terrible fan base, wait til Raiders crush UNLV fan base. Idk why you guys are so excited about this....
  14. Rubios has the best fish tacos on earth. owner is SDSU alum but that's not why I love them.