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  1. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

  2. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I tend to agree with this. Blue collar whites are lost to the GOP. The Dems should just focus on turning out their base and swaying college-educated and suburban whites. If they do that demographics make them unbeatable in national elections. Pandering to Joe Bob in West Virginia who hates “them spoiled kneeling negras” is a waste of time.
  3. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I kind of see your point here. Should we be expending a lot of energy om the disencfranchised? Hell yes we should, it’s a moral imperative. But does doing the right thing (standing up for black and gay people) always win elections in this country? Hell no. So a medium needs to be found where you’re still helping correct injustice while at the same time you’re not losing White America (and thus elections).
  4. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I’m pleasantly surprised.
  5. Ok. Time to give Trump a thank you. We going back to the moon!

    This is awesome. Space exploration is worth the investment.
  6. Interesting article on Antifa

    Eh, if the KPD were more violent and successful in their clashes against the Nazi Party maybe Hitler doesn’t come to power, but it’s unlikely. Fact is, the Nazis were just far better organized and more numerous street thugs A big reason the Nazis were able to gain momentum was the cowardice of more mainstream conservative parties like the Catholic Centre Party.
  7. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    There weren’t many questionable ones. They were hacking.
  8. Police Shooting of Daniel Shaver

    Seems there was no way the poor guy was surviving that encounter no matter what he did, with all the conflicting and complicated instructions under extreme duress
  9. Police Shooting of Daniel Shaver

    Any truth to the rumor he had “You’re fcked” inscribed on the rifle he shot him with? By the way he was talking to him the Cop was obviously trying to live out some power fantasy
  10. 19 Accusers and the GOP Zombie Bots Still Don't Care

    That cuck would love if Donald grabbed his wife by the pussy and moved on her like a bitch
  11. LaVar Ball - overseas

    Well, this is probably the best move for LiAngelo since he’s not a high major athlete and has too much baggage to play any D1 ball LaMelo on the other hand may be hurt by this long term since he is a legit Top 30 prospect in his class
  12. Is This Weird?

    There’s a difference between advertising and propaganda passed as real journalism unfortunately for reno not even Joseph Goebbels could make them seem like an attractive location
  13. Sounds like what the city of Reno was trying to do.
  14. Roy Moore just went BEYOND full retard

    That cuck would welcome it.
  15. Finally. A president who is bold enough to say

    No. Once they’re old enough you could probably teach your kids about indigenous peoples and what happened to them