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  1. If you assume gender you are sent to the camps in Canada True story I read it on the 'Bart
  2. #Wheresthewall is going to be trending in a couple years
  3. And Lenin for the lefties on the board
  4. teamdevilcomminist

    I'm here tag me when I pick
  5. Shocking
  6. Can't wait til the yuuuuge wall is completed. Please post updates here of its progress. Bigly!
  7. Cutting essential state services is probably not the way to go Cuts if they occur need to be made at the federal level, and carefully
  8. "Second amendment solutions" "taking his country back"
  9. I know you're probably being facetious, but for the Wyoming yokels who may not know, gang members and drug dealers don't vote
  10. #notmycoastie
  11. I don't identify with a "side" I appreciate liberals and socialists' social outlook on the disenfranchised and oppressed I appreciate conservatives' genuine conviction in their beliefs and a refusal to back down from them I appreciate libertarians' ideals of what a utopian future could be with less government, I think it's a laudable goal
  12. ITT Tech commercials were too irresistible
  13. Wut