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  1. Trump literally has indicated he wants to change the libel laws to go after people in the press he doesn't like. He said this on the campaign trail to thunderous applause. This first press conference has done little to convince me that winning the election has made him any more sane. He has openly referred to specific outlets that have run negative stories about him as "fake news" and refused to take questions from them. Not much we can do about it now, but I wish more people could have seen the writing on the wall before this buffoon was elected. The "wait and see" approach you seem to be self-righteously championing will become less and less tenable as time goes on and is actually harmful to resisting the bullshit that is likely coming on the horizon. All indications are that he and his administration have very little interest in freedom of the press, and any idiot could see that. How that could or will manifest itself remains to be seen, but as of right now Trump has a loaded gun to your head. "I'll protest when it happens" is like saying "I'll move when he pulls the trigger". Good luck with that. If that makes me an "alarmist" so be it.
  2. The show's concept was awesome. But I +++++ing hated Janeway and her stupid +++++ing decisions. At least by the end she was finally willing to go rogue and didn't give a +++++
  3. No, here's the full thing to my knowledge
  4. Spicer said that the government will hold the media accountable. Uh, isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Disturbing
  5. This thread is making me want to watch DS9 now. Its the only major Star Trek series I haven't watched in full. Or at all, actually.
  6. FWIW, he also talked about how he's been on TIME magazine more than Tom Brady, and how yuggee his crowds were at the inauguration.
  7. Some highlights Most ominously
  8. I have Wyocuck to do that for me. He even buys little YRF Jr. plane tickets. First class!
  9. #rentfree #stalker #yourchildisntyours #cuck
  10. Pretty sure he's a mute I'm surprised Ivanka's not with all of those repressed memories No daddy I don't want to sleep in your bed tonight
  11. #rentfree
  12. #cucktears #rentfree #loser #sad
  13. Hopefully the protesters break into the parade route and attack the innocent high school kids playing tuba. I want bloodshed!
  14. The Tabernacle choir did you boys proud today But how did you feel about the rabbi? That must've been conflicting for the deplorables
  15. Now praying that the gods strike DC with a meteor. Wish me luck