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  1. Wazzu Blowin it

    Holy F*ck. That flip...
  2. Do I have a right to be angry?

    FWIW Ph, even though I fn crushed it when I was your age, if I wasn't married in the here and now I would prly pursue a monastic life (or drunkenly meandering deserted beaches in the S. Pacific... poTAYto, poTAWto) . My mantra of "people suck" used just to apply to herd mentality, with the noted exception that on an individual level, there was often plenty of goodness to be found in most. However, as social media has resulted in - to put it mildly - an uptick in narcissism (much like Mt. Everest represents an 'uptick' in elevation ASL) and a major paradigm shift in our communication modalities, I find people to suck on an individual level far more than they used to. IMO we've really jumped the shark as a species, with punctuated equilibrium having been supplanted by (what I assume is a cyclical) devolution. Cheers!
  3. Do I have a right to be angry?

    That was your bad. She stood you up - you should have let it go then. She pitied you when you reached back out - for someone with heart, it can be hard not to throw that sad puppy a bone.
  4. Impact of climate change on commercial aviation

    Far better Presidents than the current one, btw.
  5. An apology to Col. Kurtz

    That Amarone cask finish Arran sounds intriguing and is cheap enough to try on spec, but I can't find it at the standard locales... The Kilchorman Machir Bay is around though.
  6. OT: Is this real

    But then he married Steffi Graf. The Lord giveth points, and the Lord taketh away...
  7. An apology to Col. Kurtz

    If you read the label closely, each box is handmade by Geppetto, and it's distilled by imported Leprechaun children, infused with the tears of Gypsy orphans with AIDS.
  8. An apology to Col. Kurtz

    That's why I start with a beer, but pour my scotch at the same time.
  9. An apology to Col. Kurtz

    Speaking of Costco... I don't think I could ever enjoy a $3K scotch enough to justify the cost, unless remorse tastes really fn good...
  10. An apology to Col. Kurtz

    Best advice I ever picked up - and I swear by it - is to let my scotch breathe a minute for every year it has been aged. I think this has the same effect by letting just enough alcohol evaporate to let the profile shine through.
  11. An apology to Col. Kurtz

    I'm yet to find a single instance where I enjoy scotch more with a couple drops of water... Idk if it's yet another 'evolution' of the palate I'm yet to experience, or if it's simply a matter of personal preference. $100 for the Lagavulin is insane (assuming we're talking about the 16 yo). $68 at Costco, and that's after a $8 increase about 6 months ago... Can you order online? Below is my local Bevmo's selection - figure there's almost always a $10 coupon in circulation:
  12. Alcohol and Cigar Thread

    I must have a min. of 14-15 different cigars in numbers, about half of which are Connecticuts, the other half split between Indonesian/Sumatra, Cameroons, Habanos, and several varieties of maduros... I find there is always an ideal pairing between drink (not necessarily scotch, but any drink, incl. coffee, green tea, etc.) and stick, and conversely, there are pairings that are nothing short of discordant to the palate. As an example of the latter, Indonesian wrappers (e.g., R&J 1875) pair horribly with Irish cream, and the campfire-like Kentucky fire-cured sticks make war with Islays, the smokey characteristic of one essentially canceling out the same in the other. With regards to the Balvenie 14 yo CC, it seems too delicate to pair with a stronger cigar - I'm thinking it deserves something in the mild-medium spectrum to let it shine... but as I don't want to waste neither stick nor sip, I'm hoping to benefit from someone else's experience.
  13. Alcohol and Cigar Thread

    Any good cigar pairing suggestions for the Caribbean Cask? Re: the 21 yo Portwood, I've also been awaiting a similar money-bump excuse/justification to pick up a bottle.
  14. Post something thoughtful thread

    I'll post possibly the best piece of advice I could give anybody. Spent some time in the early 00's in the company of a wise old man who lived in the jungles of Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu, who has since passed on. I formed a bond with the old man, enough so that when I needed to get my wife out of B'lore in '02, I took her to his place. He was old, and wise, and was an excellent tracker. And he was connected - I was more impressed by the fact Veerappan knew him than I was that he knew Veerappan. We would talk over drinks and an open fire at night. The last night I ever spent in his company, I asked him, out of partially drunken reverence, "Uncle, tell me just one secret for happiness in life." He looked at me like he wanted to throw a rock at my head. "My God, dear boy... it's simple. Just. Be. Happy." I chewed on that shit for years - the simplicity of the statement matched by its profundity. Several years later, the epiphany hit me... Happiness is a choice. We can't control what heinous f*ckery comes our way - well, most of it at least - but we certainly can control how we respond to it. Even during those times you find yourself a statue in a world full of pigeons, being able to recognize and find strength in the beauty around you is a skill as important as any in life.