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  1. 8-0, 10-2 I would be just fine with that! Throw out the records vs. wyo. We are their superbowl. It's their everything game and it's in Laramie. As always AF and boise will be tough but I think we finally have something this year.
  2. Stadium Pics

  3. Rank Em

    Interesting. To me the key to stopping the option is good speed and awareness from the Safety or LB. If the DE loses contain (and he will lose contain on some plays) the outside LB has got the cover the Pitch man in a 3-4 in most cases. in a 3-3-5 the extra S or Nickel will spy both the QB and Pitchman with LB help. I see Rocky sticking with that most of the game as McVey and Worthman are pretty quick. If the DE kicks ass and keeps contain you have already won half the battle.
  4. Rank Em

    I think this is unlikely. Long has beaten AF in every meeting back to 2012. He has the AF option figured out and SDSU has the speed to defend it even if they aren't always in position. I also think this is the most talented Aztec team in a long time. It will be a great game but I see SDSU pulling out a 24-17 type of win with Penny getting big yards on the undersized and inexperienced AF defense.
  5. Josh Allen Sausage Thread

    Valid point. That and a new DC is also a factor. Like I said I knew it would hurt them to lose those guys just didn't expect the utter destruction I saw last night.
  6. Rank Em

    1. SDSU 2. CSU/Boise 3. AF
  7. Josh Allen Sausage Thread

    I knew Brian Hill and their three top WR's leaving would hurt them but I didn't think they would just completely fall apart like this.
  8. Long may they reign

    SDSU is the premier football program in this conference. pretty easy to see that. I would love a CSU/SDSU champ game this year. Would be a great game I think.
  9. Arizona State vs San Diego State game thread

    Nice win Aztecs!
  10. Arizona State vs San Diego State game thread

    While I respect your opinion. You cannot speak for every official, field judge, side judge, referee, umpire etc. That PAC crew prevented us from scoring. The calls were terrible and should have been picked up by the referee. Especially when points were being taken off the board repeatedly. That said i really hope the Tecs win Saturday despite the officials. if it's the same ass holes that called our game then God be with you!
  11. CSU fans

    Which is why CSU fan is so pissed. If those call aren't made you could easily be looking at a 17-14, 17-17 type of game. You have two horrible calls and one marginal call. Leave the damn flag in your pocket and let the kids play. That douchbag field judge wanted the game to be about him apparently.
  12. CSU fans

    That game was the worst officiated game I've seen in the history of time. Just awful. The only thing even close is the BYU employee running the replay booth against SDSU a few years ago.
  13. Threw 5 picks at Nebraska with a better team than he has now. expect a repeat.
  14. One Final Pic from CSU's Stadium Opener

    Bigger crowd than you'll ever have in Laramie. ..And that pic was taken in the 4th quarter numbnuts.
  15. MWC Student Sections

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Must be BSUTop25. When Boise starts to lose a lot of games all these fine folks will be gone like a fart in the wind.