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  1. Yes. It's in the west side of the stadium and for football only. There are two weight rooms and training rooms adjacent to Moby that the other sports program will utilize.
  2. Seriously? How many times do me and other ram fans have to explain this?????
  3. I really think Boise and CSU's facilities are 1A and 1B. (Not talking stadiums just football facilities). I got a tour of the stadium in late March and there are several areas (not quote finished yet at that time) that weren't shown in the video that i really want to see. One of which is the hall of champions which is a massive Atrium in the middle of the stadium that accesses pretty much everything from that point. Also coaches offices, team meeting rooms and so on.
  4. Just ask wyvaninan. He knows all the gay sex positions.
  5. When's the first circle Jerk at the Jerkoff Center with all of your engineering friends and HS math teachers? Did wyvanvian teach you all the positions?
  6. I think that he definitely will be. I expect Detrich Clark to really step up as well. One of the True's might help out. Been hearing good things about EJ Scott.
  7. You sure that's not San Jose?
  8. He may be the best WR I've ever seen at CSU and I've been going to games since 1985.