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  1. This is correct. I was at USU's stadium in 2015. I was not impressed at all. Little to no fan amenities and only one bathroom that I could find. Very small and cramped. I do applaud USU for the renovations but in all honesty our old Hughes Stadium was superior to the current USU digs and when people see our finished new stadium they will be blown away at the awesomeness of it. Got a tour about a month ago and it is F-ing amazing.
  2. Incorrect. I don't think they are much better off. "making it work" is a better claim. They have dwindling attendance, crappier bowl games, their recruiting has suffered, no shot at NY6 games and nothing to play for. Is that worth a couple million in TV money and a few extra P5 opponents? Don't think so.
  3. As soon as you acknowledge that BYU suffers from severe penis envy and that you are no better off being independent I'll answer your question.
  4. Hey, it's the look at me BYU fan. Go buy some milkshakes with that extra million or so your making and leave us all alone. no one is buying what you are selling. NO ONE.
  5. I'm glad your happy in your little corner of the CFB world.
  6. The point is your no better off Jack. Knee jerk reactions usually end up that way.
  7. Oh yes. Your huge financial take! It's a windfall haha! The MW is garbage but your no better off Jack. Time to come back from fantasy land.
  8. We won it 3 times you had won it 4 when you left. So...
  9. And going indy has worked out so well for you! haha! You guys sold your souls for a few extra bucks. Laughable.
  10. Nah, It was huge case of penis Envy. plain and simple.
  11. Quit justifying your move to go Independent. it was a bad move and everyone knows it.
  12. Michael Gallup. The best WR the nation has never heard of!!
  13. This thread is awesome. Rarely do I read an entire thread but this one has delivered. I don't know why people feel the need to pile on Dre for wanting to leave this conference. If he wants to get out so what!! I want out too for god sakes. This conference is a steaming pile of shit run by an inept idiot with a bunch of craptastic teams.