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  1. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Don't forget about pushing a child that was an instant away from being hit by a speeding car, he instead was hit and shattered his leg. We did figure out that he was hitting the purple drank pretty hard in those days.
  2. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    That reminds me, time to send the annual seasons greetings card to the mental asylum in Utah.
  3. Boise State vs Illinois State Thread

    ISU is heating up .
  4. Boise State vs Illinois State Thread

    We are proven, we want Duke!
  5. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Well, I'll be damned!
  6. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Is there some sort of force field that's keeping us from taking shots inside 3 territory?
  7. Kustra just quit

    Now, Des - getting divorced requires being married first.
  8. Kustra just quit

    You will be missed, Krusty Bob - now that Idaho is moving down his work is done here. "Nasty and Inebriated," never forget!
  9. Kustra just quit

    Robert Blagojevich, another fine Illinois politician.
  10. WE WANT YOU, AF!!!

    Could we have Alabama State instead?
  11. Boise vs CSU

    What a great game, drank way more bourbon than usual.
  12. Is Your Bowl Game A Second Place Trophy?

    Everything is going to Krusty Bob's plan... Idaho drops down to Big Sky and then Krusty Bob extends an olive branch, a one and done in Boise for a free team dinner voucher at Sizzler. BSU beats Idaho 76 - 0 and then Vandals vow to never return to Albertson's Stadium.
  13. Nevada @ Boise State

  14. Nevada @ Boise State

    Channeling my inner mall cop for a game prediction. Nevada has never seen such a glorious cannon as Rypien's arm, this game will be uglier than a painter's radio. BSU 76 - UNR 3
  15. Nevada @ Boise State

    Forgive me for ruining your "rivalry" week.