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  1. Too bad Stunner isn’t here anymore.
  2. You mean like a paved parking lot instead of dirt?
  3. Yeah, when you've been exposed as the Co-Village Idiot, and you keep coming back with Batman and Robin references after your program is on the brink of extinction........it ceases to be challenging or funny anymore.
  4. Doesn't matter. In either scenario, Sharta sucks ballz and is headed to FCS or dropping football altogether. Have fun!!!
  5. Can you show us more of that football "knowledge" of yours? Retreadford...........LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!
  6. Is there a Sharta fan out there that can tell us if Brennen is still giving off a lot of "energy"? This year's Sharta football team looks more and more impressive each week. Something is definitely working there.
  7. Long may they reign

    And? Can you show me any post where I’ve said we’d win even one more game? Lets not get carried away here LOL
  8. Long may they reign

    Not surprising such dumbass posts would come from posters such as Conturd and Butch Crixus.
  9. Battle for the Oil Can

    Good job!! Your (Outside) WRs coach is taking Sharta to the top....of the pile. #VrromVroom
  10. Battle for the Oil Can

    Tell us all again that "Retreadford" was a bad hire. You're so knowledgeable about football. You dunce.
  11. Welfare check...

    IIRC, he’s a Border Patrol Agent. I remember Blues clues posting his pic in his uniform. That’s when Blues got annihilated with the infamous “Santa” pic. Lol!!
  12. Battle for the Oil Can

    Hokit was good in high school but he was also a great wrestler. Wrestlers always make for tough football players. Lorenzo Neal case in point.
  13. Battle for the Oil Can

    I told you to start contacting Sharta’s president fool.