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  1. Every time you post you make my and everyone else's point.
  2. ..........what exactly are you trying to prove? That Nevada has no division or CCG wins in football? Why would you be so excited to point that out?
  3. Yeah you're a Nevada fan. Have you guys won anything in football that I forgot or something? You think I don't know who the Sharta fans on here are? Please.
  4. Lol, we'll win another division and/or MWCCG before you guys do. And sooner than later. Plus, we've actually done it? Have you guys?
  5. Let's be honest here. Sharta is predicted to win 2-4 games this year, which will make five consecutive losing seasons since joining the MWC. There's no reason to believe that they ever will, and now they've essentially "given up" with this development. When you know for sure you can't make money on a P5 home game because your fans don't give a shit, you're done.
  6. Did this thread turn into GoState and Convert coming out of the closet?
  7. I read he threw for 2600+ yds 30 TDs and ran for 800+ yds and 14 TDs.
  8. I mean, if this doesn't scream "We can't keep up" I don't know what does.
  9. Another commit. QB Steven Comstock (Covina, CA)
  10. Signs that Sharta might be waving the white flag to the FBS? Giving up P5 home games because not enough will show up and they'll lose money. LMAO!! #ShartaFCSBound
  11. Quepos is the place to be in CR.
  12. How much does Fales make at Applebee's?