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  1. SJSU's Brandon Clarke Transferring?

    Just shut up and be the bytch that you and your school are LOL!!!!!!!!
  2. SJSU's Brandon Clarke Transferring?

    The ONLY two good things all of Sharta athletics had going was Woj and Clarke. Now they're both gone. Good job Sharta!!
  3. I'd predict Deshon Taylor 1st Team over Hopkins for the Dogs IMO.
  4. Can't Spell Vandals Without Anal

    Not the first Idaho wardrobe miscue....
  5. Can't Spell Vandals Without Anal

    There is all sorts of wrong in that design? Did a 10 year old design it?
  6. I'm stepping out

    Huge Dump is very sensitive.
  7. True, just ask the CC. He'll give you all the info.
  8. I'm stepping out

    Translation: ...with a nutsack for a neck. #LOLOLOLOLOL!!
  9. This butch doesn't even have the balls (or maybe she does) to forgo the ignore button. You go girl....err crixus. LOL!!!
  10. You like talking about anal sex a little too much.
  11. I'm stepping out

    There is no punchline/payoff from our perspective. However, the payoff/punchline for Huge Dump is that giggles to himself while he stuffs his face with Big Macs.
  12. Fare thee well mwcboard

    LOL!! I know I did my job. Two pathetic losers desperate to save face. #ItsTooLate