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  1. Yeah highlight videos have a tendency to make you look good lol. He does seem pretty solid.
  2. You're probably right.
  3. So did you go to Chef Paul's?
  4. Man, 4.4 points and 4.4 rebounds a game. Sounds like a difference maker.
  5. I can confirm the Chef Paul's recommendation by D4M. Don't be scared by the neighborhood it's in. You can stuff your face with some of the best fried chicken you'll ever have. I'm sure you're enjoying sitting in one of the best softball facilities in the country. Let's compare side by side... LMAO!!
  6. Several high schools up and down the state have better attendance than Sharta. In light of that, and with minimal financial support from alums, I don't know how they financially survive.
  7. So Huge, are you coming to Margie Wright Field this weekend?
  8. You and your Gay Area mentality. Do you think about anything else other than Gay stuff?
  9. You're right. "Baseball sucks!" and "Baseball=Women's tennis" are the sort of "coherent thoughts" and "enjoyable and engaging discourse" I just can't match.
  10. Keep your Gay Area ideas to yourself. Your "buddy" could've used your help. He's upset.