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  1. this is what i pictured, but i like the man bun. the kid can play, he can wear his hair however he wants, lol. Rams!
  2. one more...
  3. many props to mccoy, he actually took a big risk by coming here after our worst season in program history. this commitment will help pave the way for future top recruits. MM needed this one, others will follow.
  4. lol, even zeigler is butt hurt..
  5. stay tuned! Joe Arrigo‏ @joearrigo 16m16 minutes ago Replying to @Jay_saucy1 @JeffWaddilove Well, we can't give it away...we would NEVER do that to a recruit, it's THEIR MOMENT, not ours. But stay locked into Jeff, he's the BB guru
  6. i was seriously just thinking the same thing, and thinking i need to go to their board to watch them sweat a little, lol.
  7. Mike Grimala‏ @MikeGrimala Under the radar MVP in McCoy recruitment? Jordan Johnson. McCoy camp wanted a legit point guard to feed the big man and Johnson is that guy
  8. good for him, and great for us! in his 'final 2017 recruiting article' he says hardy and juiston are also coming here, along with his 'mystery shooting guy'. i hope it happens.
  9. waddilove is saying that all four are coming here, mccoy, juiston, hardy, and the mystery shooter guy who he calls an 'assassin shooting the ball', so i'm not sure if that is rafus. he also said it is not a guess or an opinion regarding mccoy to unlv, but oregon is basically saying the same thing. this guy is going to lose some cred if all these guys go elsewhere. he did say mj walker is out.
  10. they were talking about him on the radio yesterday on my way home, a little bit of a 'payback' to tcu for fisher.
  11. my son used to live right next to the downtown campus, he enjoyed the scenery.
  12. he's the one i feel the least confident about, i don't really think he comes here, but i would love to be wrong.
  13. i didn't know who he was until i saw his dad's posts..i just knew he could shoot 3s, from the corner, the elbow, and the top of the key, and i had a great time watching him. sometimes more fun than the games, lol. i hope we get some of these players we're hoping for.