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  1. 6-11 is at 4 I think. 7-10 is at 1:30, 8-9 is at 11, I checked a couple of weeks ago to arrange my schedule, and remember thinking last place is at 4 on Wednesday.
  2. i wonder how many people would show up at the wednesday play in game to see a #6 aztec team play the #11 rebel team. just so frickin weird..
  3. you may have, but i have been a little distracted this last week and might have missed it. i just saw the article in sports illustrated and thought sebasour be interested.
  4. i don't care if the MW tournament gets moved. but it's not like unlv is a threat playing on it's own court, and hasn't been for years. the last time we played in the final we actually finished near the top of the conference. Nothing to worry about here for the next few years. just sayin.
  5. not arguing that a bit, i just think there will be a few surprises here and there with coaches who might want to move from where they are.
  6. sounds like thamel thinks there will be...interesting article. http://www.si.com/college-basketball/2017/02/23/nc-state-indiana-coaching-carousel?xid=socialflow_twitter_si
  7. went through that same thing with my son, so she knows i know what i'm talking about. she's doing better already.
  8. i had been over there almost continually, and figured i would wander up to the game for a bit, while they got some rest. 7 minutes in i got a call from my daughter, they were taking her back to the hospital, and i had her insurance card in my purse from when i had picked up prescriptions. so she saved me from watching that disaster. the baby will be ok, it was just too early for her to go home, not quite stable enough, so she'll be there a few days. she's a tiny little thing, i don't know where she gets that from.
  9. it would be nice if they could get that win, i just think they're mentally destroyed. i missed most of yesterday's game, i had to leave early, so i can't speak for that one, but at least through most of the games they have played hard. sounds like they might have quit yesterday, or at least not put out as much effort. we'll see what happens wednesday. i think there will be more than a few new faces next year (again), hopefully there is an upgrade in the talent level as well.
  10. no. we're done. on to next year.
  11. wait, was sarah there? again? look for black walls at the upcoming WCC tournament.
  12. They have actually done that at one or two games this year. There were just way too many upstairs to do that today.
  13. Tell us about it.
  14. Although there weren't 14000 there, this was actually a good crowd today, at least while I was there in the first half. And the students showed up.. the problem is those with premium seats are the ones not showing up.