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  1. MM was talking about this to jon sandler in the post game. he DID tell them to foul, apparently that's always his MO, but he says "he (i'm not going to name names, but you'll see it on the replay) just ran up the court with him, got screened, there should have been a switch anyway, but they were supposed to foul in the back court. he wouldn't say who it was (poyser) but that they'd be talking..
  2. oh, and i guess mooring learned his lesson about stupid fouls, he didn't have any tonight, unless he got one late in the second OT. good effort off the bench from clyburn and baxter. hopefully with hitting a late 3, maybe tyrell green's confidence will come back. i don't know if it was visible on TV, but when he hit that mooring was really talking him up on the court. i thought dembele looked a little out of his element tonight with all those guards swarming around, lol.
  3. at the beginning of the season i predicted 12 wins for unlv. 2 more to go, anything on top of that is bonus.
  4. you're kidding, right? tell me you've been in a cave since last april and don't have a clue what's happened here since then. and fwiw, if you had watched a unlv game early in the season, you would see how much MM has coached these kids up. i'll take him over rice any day.
  5. i don't think they cared, lol.
  6. I had been wondering that too. But I also thought that MM did a pretty good job in preparing them for that, those back door lanes just weren't always there.
  7. We also played man to man. MM threw a lot of different looks at them.
  8. You know better than to do that, lol
  9. The Rebs scared me at the end of that second OT with 5 or 6 misses at the line. I was worried that was going to be the game. Just get it to JoJo..
  10. We better make the FTs that we're going to get
  11. Haha, big cheer here when they announced score in Reno during TO
  12. So is this a thing now? We going to play a bunch of OTs every time we play AFA?
  13. Dang!! 2nd OT
  14. Lolol!!! I wonder what philopovich is saying about the rebels 'heart' now...
  15. Score please?