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  1. Mountain West Basketball Week 6: December 11th - 17th

    but i do know a little about basketball, lol.
  2. Mountain West Basketball Week 6: December 11th - 17th

    OT...you should never doubt me again, lol.
  3. UNLV recruiting

    Yes, and just so I’m clear, I’m not sure he’s worth the added attention, my point earlier was that I was glad to see that Menzies isn’t worried about any skeletons in UNLV’s closet, lol.
  4. UNLV recruiting

    Somewhere along the way I remember hearing that they determined that he didn’t have a clue that his parents were shopping him out, but I have no idea how much truth there is to that.
  5. Mountain West Basketball Week 6: December 11th - 17th

    Don’t let their record fool you, they are better than they seem. Wyo should beat them, but they are scrappy and will not go away easily.
  6. Mountain West Basketball Week 6: December 11th - 17th

    Wyoming needs to be a bit worried about Eastern Washington, as well.
  7. Brian Bowen - UNLV a possible landing spot

    i mentioned in the recruiting thread, that whatever school he goes to will be super clean, because of the scrutiny that he might cause. so i kind of feel good about it, lol.
  8. UNLV recruiting

    i guarantee you that whatever school he ends up at will be the cleanest program ever, lol, and it looks like menzies is confident enough to bring him on. Jeffrey Waddilove‏ @JeffWaddilove 1h1 hour ago Who wants a recruiting scoop? Matt F‏ @TheHat503 29m29 minutes ago Replying to @JeffWaddilove Really? Is it worth it with the Rebs "reputation," to take on this type of drama? Jeffrey Waddilove‏ @JeffWaddilove 27m27 minutes ago Yes. I trust Menzies implicitly. and according to one guy on that thread bowen apparently started following our rebs..
  9. Boise State recruiting 2018

    Jason Jewell‏ @jason247scout Centennial RB ZiDane Thomas tells me he has opened up his recruitment. No longer committed to Boise.
  10. partly. he also needs to learn when to not put the ball on the floor. in the last game part of his frustration was the guards not getting it to him when he WAS open. like adam hill said, mccoy gets it back to them, often, and they get better shots. mooring especially needs to figure that out. i think hardy already has, we're going to like him in the coming years, that alley oop he threw to juice couldn't have been better.
  11. bennett was an absolute beast, until about early february when he got hurt, i remember feeling so lucky to be able to watch him every game. as good as mccoy is, he isn't quite there, but there is still time for him though. AB had the disadvantage of dave rice, so he got no development during the year he was here. none. mccoy has several good coaches to work with him, and he improves almost every game, and is figuring out how to get around the double teams. it's only a matter of time.
  12. the mid major poll will have no bearing on selection sunday. just sayin. yeah, it was the AAC and Big east along with the MW that were not included as mid majors.
  13. Big Ballers on the move...

    that's actually why Lavar was in China when his kid got caught shoplifting, it was already in the works. it's also another reason (besides the obvious) as to why they had to tell him to shut up when he was going to spout off over there for his show. the thing i wonder about all this is i wonder if he actually ever asked his kids what they wanted to do in regard to signing with an agent, or going to school. lithuania as a teenager. ok. apparently lavar didn't learn anything in china.