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  1. UNLV

    Throwback helmet to be used for first game to commemorate 50th year. I like the Rebels. https://mobile.twitter.com/LasVegasSun/status/900079004211757056/photo/1
  2. UNLV recruiting

    Yep. To UNLV.
  3. Week 0 TV

    no, there is a separate sports package that you can buy, regardless of whatever other package you have. i think you can buy it with even the cheapest package, i think i am somewhere in the middle. you might have to call them to get it, it won't show up on their tiers that you see online. but it's only sports, for $12 and change...try that.
  4. from @MWCwire Eli Boettger‏ @boettger_eli Reports are showing that all-Mountain West San Jose State forward Brandon Clarke has been granted permission to speak to other schools. Mountain West Wire‏ @MWCwire Potentially massive story developing here. Clarke is a legitimate MWC POY candidate. Probably just should have given Woj that raise..
  5. UNLV

    of course.. who says there's no marketing. the guy hit all 5 tv stations this morning.
  6. Week 0 TV

    that sports package is $12 and includes root, altitude, and every other sports station except the pac 12., you'll definitely spend more than that at the bar, lol. just sayin.
  7. yeah, maybe give him 20 minutes? he changed a lot in your program last year, he's bringing in guys more suited to play the way he wants to. i think he's going to do well.
  8. Just one more example... What would you guys up north do without us, lol. https://www.reviewjournal.com/news/education/plan-to-distribute-marijuana-tax-money-rankles-ccsd-official/
  9. i personally would have put sdsu second over fresno, but that's just me. i think there will be a different energy for the aztecs this year, which is what they were lacking last year.
  10. Root/AT&T Sports TV Broadcasts

    InsideTheRebels @InsideTheRebels 11 MWC games will be telecast during the 17' season on AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain. @unlvfootball is on vs Air Force, Fresno St & Nevada
  11. OT: Journey north for the eclipse…

    I saw a patient last week whose friend lives in Jackson.. she rented her house out for $12,000. For 1 night. At least that's what she said, lol.
  12. OT: Journey north for the eclipse…

    So, it rains like 3 days a year here in Vegas.. I saw one when I was a kid anyway..
  13. MWCBoard - Guess the Score Week 0

    well, no south alabama this year, so there's that.
  14. UNLV recruiting

    good for him. smart kid. http://www.recruitingnewsguru.com/2018-california-3-star-qb-griffin-oconnor-talks-yale-verbal-commitment/ Interest started pouring in for the Huntington Beach area product from college programs across the country from the likes of Nebraska, Washington State, Utah, San Jose State, Indiana, Hawaii, and Boston College. On June 28, UNLV landed the prize quarterback putting a cornerstone talent in the 2018 class to build around. But, Yale continued to pursue O’Connor. On Aug. 14, O’Connor decommitted from UNLV reevaluating his options with offers from Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Sacramento State, Indiana State, and Yale. Five days later, the Bulldogs shocked many with O’Connor’s commitment. “Yes. I went to a camp there a while back. I have a friend that plays there, Garrett White (sophomore receiver from Edison). His father was our old head coach. They kept telling me to go check it out. I went there and met all the coaches for a camp. I did well at their camp. While I was there, we went on tours of the campus and the facilities and they showed me what the school has to offer.” After talking with the coaches and after they showed me all the opportunities I would have going to Yale. Seeing the growth outside of football, the networking, and new opportunities – I’m going 40 to 50 years down the line instead of the next five.”