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  1. @tspoke [email protected] [email protected] Rob [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Bauer [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]? [email protected]_Hatter [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Rum [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] @timmae [email protected] @Billy B. Ace @CrimsonFox @KJ_32 @UNM2TIMES
  2. Lol I just had to google it and I see both ;p but the best explanation I found was it's gotta be frak since that makes it a four letter word. so fraking in
  3. Well mug might not make it a "conversion" game I don't know, just seems natural considering the theme. Curious - do people enjoy conversion games? More or less than regular games with two traditional factions? I don't know.
  4. @mugtang's gonna run Battlestar Galactica looks like. Probably take a week break then another space conversion type game? Not sure exactly what BSG will look like but I know mug's working on it. Hopefully we can get enough players.
  5. Thanks for the game. Hit me up for next.
  6. Another day, you think, and another lunch, err lynch fiasco. During deliberations things get heated and before you know it everyone is pulling out weapons. In the end Hatter is lunch. Mad_Hatter, Marco, has died. The Crew of The Rocinante Wins! Roles tspoke: James Holden mugtang: Alex Kamal CV147: Joe Miller/Proto-Miller WYO1016: Fred Johnson 4UNLV: Bobbie Draper TheBigAwesome: Julie Mao/Proto-Julie AZdogFan/Warbow: Clarissa Mao/Hybrid Mad_Hatter: Marco SalinasSpartan: OPA Operative Billy B. Ace: Original Hybrid
  7. FInal Lynch Tally 4 Mad_Hatter (mugtang, 4UNLV, tspoke) 1 mugtang (Mad_Hatter) .5 tspoke (TBA)
  8. DUSK
  9. Lynch Tally 6:00pm 3 Mad_Hatter (mugtang, 4UNLV, tspoke) 1 mugtang (Mad_Hatter)
  10. no - well yes I guess - lol I forgot that little descriptive I threw in for flavor (gotta stop doing that) but from the faction reveal you know Az was hybrid so I guess its moot, but yeah when you tried to retrieve Salinas' body it melted into proto-goo and you all went ewwwwww and shoveled it out the airlock.
  11. space suits only work within 5 minutes of a lynch not night
  12. It was a noisy night but you face an eerily quiet morning. You find Salinas floating still in a corridor, stuck to some handles protruding from the wall with a large tear in his uniform sleeve, revealing the split earth symbol of the OPA, and AZdogFan gently spinning in place. SalinasSpartan, OPA, has died. AZdogFan, the Hybrid, has died. Day 5 has begun - votr-ing open - deadline 8pm
  13. It’s Salinas’ turn to face the big empty. Just to be sure, ya know. Out Salinas goes and on you go about your business. Yet again, though, an alarm goes off. You go to investigate and see Salinas as he moves down the corridor and settles into his crash couch, ready to . . . well, crash . . . for the "night." Night Actions by 9:00pm Final Lynch Tally 5 SalinasSpartan (AZdogFan, 4UNLV, tspoke, Mad_Hatter, mugtang) 1 AZdogFan (SalinasSpartan) 1 tspoke (TheBigAwesome)