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  1. ditto
  2. wtf are you talking about - you're going to school me on the need for scientific research? And that's going to refute the fact that drumpf talked about his dick on tv and that his budget is a huge +++++ you to average americans? Do tell. Should be interesting to see what your worked up fingers can fabricate. Will it change the fact that the con-artist in chief doesn't have a clue? Trump's budget is pretty straight forward and common-sense is the victim. So, you're on board the trump sheep train - good luck with that.
  3. this is a joke right? keystone pipeline - pointless wall at taxpayer expense - cut services and bigly increase defense - gut public schools funding and give public money to private schools and failure charters - favor insurance companies and banks over consumers - gut scientific research (it's all a hoax anyway right?) - +++++ the arts - cut after school programs - cut meals for children and the elderly - fire prosecutors that investigate anything related to trump - ban muslims - ban the free press - tweet bastshitcrazy shit about "wires" being "tapped," (The Brits did it too!), break promises, compare dick size on national television . . . I mean really do I have to go on . . .
  4. succinctly put - I was going to go into an extended example by example parse of the not-so-subtleties but you summed it up. You can call Obama a monkey all you want, but don't get all butt hurt when somebody calls you out as racist because you knowingly use a racist stereotype but say you meant he was a dumbass. So sick of the anti-pc crowd whining about the whining about their right to be offensive dicks. Not to mention the observable fact of who is the bigger dumbass in this debate. You may disagree with Obama's politics but there's no contest between his and our tweeter in chief's intelligence.
  5. stupid argument - people did that with Obama because he is black. Nobody is doing it to Drumpf because he's white, but because he's a dumbass. whiners
  6. hah my thoughts exactly - I don't have time but I'd do it anyway
  7. lol yeah get your bands fired up for the next round, good luck clones Another thing some of us sometimes do here: Werewolf Games at MWCBoard
  8. Beer four. Let's go now it's time
  9. Was reading the ISU scout forum the other day and they were predicting halftime and final. Was gonna post this there but cyclonefanatics never gave my account permission to post (got the first part right at least): 1st Half Tornadoes 42 Wolf Pack 27 Final Ioway 77 Wolf Pack 81
  10. All part of the plan. It's the two halves Jeckyl and Hyde strategy Muss has employed.
  11. Drink!
  12. One beer in. Need some altitude talk for shots ;p
  13. I've a feeling it will be a rough first half. Then some adjustment magic later (hopefully). Tornado fans predict a close match most of the way with an isu run late for a breezy win.
  14. Star Wars theme