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  1. Saw that too but he did say rockets not flashes
  2. Wait he already picked Ohio Bobcats. Next
  3. Wtf started already and I have first pick? Inconceivable. Gimme a minute or three haven't even thought about this yet.
  4. Ins
  5. and my apologies to tba and everyone for going ape-shit and letting stress, here and irl, override my brain
  6. Heh I was fully prepared to have been bamboozled by hatter. Thanks for the game mug and good try 4.
  7. what the hell vote 4unlv nightfall
  8. Ok lets do some overthinking . . . So 4 and Wyo are Cylons concocting a master plan to make 4 look legit without proving it so with the night kill it will be 2:2 and wolves win. Wyo says my claim is still a claim after it was proven, but takes 4's unproven claim at face value based on no counter-claim (which could be explained if the real Tigh is already dead - would the cylons know that or would they have to risk a guess?). 4 says the ratio would be less if we voted her and she dukes the lynch, but if we were to lynch a villager with a guess it would be 2:2 (game over) or 3:1. If she is Tigh and dukes her own lynch we'd be 3:2 or 4:1 and if there are two cylons still then it would be game over after the night kill. If she's a cylon, of course, the ratio would then be either game over or 3:1. I'm really tired - finals week - and don't have the energy to go back and parse every post but atm I don't see any reason we would not test 4's claim aside from the chance that there are two cylons left and a no lynch/no protection could mean game over after night actions. Even with that, though, still like the surety of testing her claim over the risk of lynching another villager and hoping there is only 1 cylon. Seems to me that if there are two cylons we're pretty much screwed. Random guess lynch could easily get a villager, ensuring a wolf win. Lynch 4 and she dukes the lynch and it's a wolf win. So basically, we can guess and hope we get lucky or its game over with 2 cylons still in the game. If there is just the one (seems more likely but maybe Mug went heavy on the wolves) then it's a clear cut case of voting for 4 to prove her claim. @Mad_Hatter thoughts?
  9. So you're saying don't test 4's claim and take a wild guess instead? Starting to think there are two cylons left.
  10. so I take it zombie starbuck does not have spoilers then? Given the "hints" (if they're hints) she was giving I was thinking she had spoilers and was just posting hints from the mod
  11. right was just breaking that scenario down in a post - seems to be the way to go so if you're legit we don't lynch another villager going into night actions
  12. ok what are these shananigans - so confused. Why is undead starbuck arguing for wyo? I thought she was just a deliverer of cute starbuck lines. And now 4 is locked into a self-vote?
  13. Oh tigh can duke too well then . . . Implications being no protect if it pans out