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  1. SDSU Fans- mini helmet?

    like I said, no mini helmets with the calendar yet. OP refers to new helmet in his post...
  2. SJS gonna get Temple'd, just a matter of time or barring an absolute miracle in their athletic department.
  3. SDSU Fans- mini helmet?

    There aren’t mini helmets for the calendar look yet.
  4. Isn't White a defensive coach? Also, WR recruiting falls on the previous WR coach(Hunkie on year 2 or 3?) and the offense we run, sort of hard to convince top level receivers when they know they'll get like 3 targets a game max.
  5. IMO, these sort of comments should be brought up when non power conference coaches and ADs get air time. Collusion to control college athletics is ruining what made them so good and more people need to know and be aware of the active attempt to turn amateur college leagues into semi-pro leagues.
  6. College Football Rankings

    I expected to fall out of the top 25, but I would really love voters to thoroughly explain UW's ranking. If Boise doesn't lose to UVA we should both be ranked right now IMO.
  7. Penny says that about every game. Even when we play dregs. He's a really good kid, always respectful.
  8. Not if Rypien can locate his passes in the seam and sideline deep and you guys can run the ball decent. That's the formula...that and don't turn it over because we tend to score off t/o's.
  9. You can pick it up from here right? Or do you have memory problems?
  10. I actually think next week's game may be better attended than many realize, Bulldogs travel and now you guys have something to play for once again.
  11. Exactly, my only point is that it's not a favorable match up for Boise, but even that is a bridge too far.
  12. You left off (24) SDSU. NIU has faced (24, 69, 76, 79 ranked rushing o's). Boise has faced (71, 12(NM), 125, 105, 120) Avg rush rank of NIU opponents = 62.75 Avg rush rank of BSU opponents = 86.6 A 20+ team/ranking gap in average rushing opponent is significant. good try!
  13. NIU has the highest rated rush defense we've faced, higher than Boise. NIU has faced more skilled running teams than Boise up to this point in the season, all while maintaining a higher rated rush D...see where this is headed? Add on top our propensity to gain extra possessions with t/o's and signs point to Boise needing a perfect game to win Saturday. I'm not saying you guys aren't good or can't win, just that the match up isn't favorable.
  14. You're mistake is generalizing. Focus on our rushing attack v NIU rushing D.... Hint, you've only faced 1 top 50 rushing offense and it wasn't out of the pro-set...