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  1. Mueller Asks for Trump's Deutsche Bank Records

    Geez lighten up. Do you go around in your real life calling people effing idiots. I didn’t read that statute carefully. The same statute also states that the prosecutor is prohibited from revealing the name of the subject of the subpoena as well. I guess that doesn’t happen either. I couldn’t care less if Trump gets impeached or not but don’t you find it odd that the Handlesblatt newspaper breaks this story instead of The NY Times or the Washington Post or any other media outlet in the jurisdiction where the subpoena would be served? Did the process server fly to Germany to serve the subpoena instead of going to the NY branch of Deutsche Bank where presumably Trump did his money laundering? One would think that those other organizations would have better access to anonymous sources. And if the subpoenas were served earlier in the Fall, wouldn’t it make sense that Trumps legal team would try to get ahead of this. Quite possibly they don’t have as good of anonymous sources as a German newspaper. Maybe I’m too much of a contrarian and should just accept the media as always truthful. I would look like less of an idiot.
  2. Mueller Asks for Trump's Deutsche Bank Records

    What's the code have to do with the White House saying the bank denies getting a subpoena? I would think that there isn't much to gain from lying about whether they got a subpoena from the Independent Counsel's Office. It will be in their final report whether they did or didn't.
  3. Senior Bowl

    Corbett's wife is Madison Morrell from Plano Texas, a Pack women's volleyballer according to the RGJ.
  4. Mueller Asks for Trump's Deutsche Bank Records

    According to Trumps lawyers and Huckabee, they confirmed with Deutsche bank and they denied it.
  5. Mueller Asks for Trump's Deutsche Bank Records

    Except Deutsche Bank denies any subpoena or request. Another wishburger?
  6. Surprised.....

    He testified that it was four days before the shooting. It's hard for me to believe that a service weapon would be in a condition that it would discharge that easily.
  7. Surprised.....

    From the limited stuff I saw the night of the verdict, it seems the assistant DA pushed for 1st degree murder charges when involuntary manslaughter would have been easier to prove considering no motive and the assailant did not know the victim. Surprisingly, no gun charge conviction either. The jury must have believed his "found gun under park bench and it went off when he unwrapped it" story. I guess the stolen BLM officer's gun might have discharged accidentally. The Feds have their chance at him now.
  8. New Mexico State

    NMSUs QB would be a top 3 QB in the MW. I'm happy for them too. I'm not sure there's a more disadvantaged FBS program in the country.
  9. Las Vegas Restaurant Suggestions

    Carne Vino at the Palazzo is a splurge worthy meatfest. I haven't been anywhere else comparable yet. It didn't hurt that I won $500 at blackjack waiting for the table.
  10. Northern Nevada Schools

    You're probably right. I'll rephrase... unclever trolling.
  11. Northern Nevada Schools

    This thread isn't even good trolling. When a Southern coach comes out and says that he agrees with the Northern schools as do all of his colleagues and you provide several articles about Southern principals and ADs wanting to to the same or kick out Gorman for the last decade and Las Vegans are still trying to shame Northern schools, I'm thinking how does this topic get 7 pages. I thought HS sports was about complementing academics in an ethical, competitive and safe fashion (paraphrased from NIAA). I'm starting to think UNLV fans are starting to subconciously adopt Gorman as their football team.
  12. Democrats don't even want to talk about Tax Bill

    I'm ok with that philosophically also. It would have major effects on the housing industry as far as employment and decrease donations to non profits like womens and childrens shelters though.
  13. Democrats don't even want to talk about Tax Bill

    I agree with you. Philosophically for me, you pay taxes on your income once, you shouldn't have to pay 40% on it again when you die. I already pay an effective rate of 40% not including all my business taxes. Hopefully I can get to the over 5 million mark some day when I retire but I couldn't care less if Jeff Bezos keeps every dollar of his 100 Billion. It's not a zero sum economy. He's done more to improve the lives of millions of people than any politician ever will. As has been mentioned, the estate tax has negligible effect on the overall budget. It's class warfare again. All these tax arguments are stupid. Start with the revenue you want, work backwards and exempt the first 55K, have 2 tiers at whatever is politically expedient and you would have a top rate of less than 30 percent and have a little left over for debt reduction and health care catastrophic insurance. Keep charitable and a limited mortgage deduction and exclude everything else. Done. Obviously not going to happen.
  14. Illinois State at Nevada

    Fayne was good. He was owning Caroline with his jump hooks. Luckily they started doubling him when the other ISU players got cold. I read that Muss recruited him too. Imagine him in this lineup.
  15. If you do let go of Sanchez, do the basketball thing and hire the NMSU coach. He's done wonders at a much harder place than UNLV. Cruces also has no football culture and low expectations. He had to clean up a big mess with scholarships and makes over a hundred K less than Sanchez. As Nevada fan, I hope Sanchez stays a while.