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  1. NMpackalum added a post in a topic NEW MEXCIO AT NEVADA   

    Lobo fans talking football smack...next thing you know, we'll have a socialist or reality tv guy in the White House.
    Though I tend to agree there will be some large holes for Jordan all day long.
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  2. NMpackalum added a post in a topic We refer to them as R3N0   

    I am a graduate of The University of Nevada School of Medicine and I think I have a doctorate. But those degrees likely don't go on either schools tally since it is supposed to represent the State. This southern jealousy shouldn't have any merit since I did rotations in Vegas during Med School. Now that we are going to spend a few million for a few classrooms down south (since the clinical programs already exist), I suppose those 300 or so doctorates will go into the Nevada or UNR tally. 
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  3. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Lets Talk a Little MWC Basketball!   

    How good is the Findlay Prep coach? Sanchez seems to be doing alright.
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  4. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Tony Sanchez ................   

    Eye of the beholder I guess. I've been doing the campus tours with my daughter. Obviously biased but Nevada/UNR holds its own with any I have visited. Stanford and Duke based on their opulence and consistent architecture stand out. Location like Malibu is obviously is a trump card. But the intimate campus setting and the successful blending of new and old buildings makes our campus surprisingly beautiful. Lets face it, most colleges campus' are oasis in their communities. I've even heard nice things about some buildings at UNLV. Been to Harvard, Tufts, UVa, UNC, BU, Columbia, William and Mary, Oregon, Washington, UT, Notre Dame, A&M, U of A, UCSD, CSU, Wyo, UNM, CU in the last couple of years and have seen nothing that really wowed me compared to Nevada. Stadiums on the other hand, that's a different story.
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  5. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Aborted baby in Planned Parenthood video...   

    Believe what you want but I am an Ob/Gyn and provide lots of uncompensated care yet Planned Parenthood receives nearly 40% more than a private practice doc for the same visit. If the feds would compensate private docs at the same rate as community health clinics, there would be no need for these clinics and provide much more access for uninsured than the ACA will ever provide. Despite the propaganda, STD screening and pap screening are the mainstays of PP procedures (outside of abortion services) and then they refer to outside docs to complete the treatment often compensated less than their visit with PP, not to mention the liability falls upon us. 
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  6. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Polian Hot Seat Poll   

    He gets at least another year before the seat gets hot. He's been well behaved since he was sanctioned. Now next year with a senior quarterback, experienced line, stud back and receivers in Butler and Henderson/Gipson as well as talent all over the defense; he should be in hot water if Nevada doesn't win the West. There should only be 1 game (Notre Dame) that we won't be favored in or at least playing at home. I've never been a koolaid drinker with Polian but he's done a lot of nice things off the field for the program.
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  7. NMpackalum added a post in a topic How are you doing compared to the rest?   

    I think that article does state that it only takes 34k after taxes to be in the top 1 percent in the world. The median salary in the US is 26k so we aren't doing as well as blues says but I think your math is off as well. Maybe the article is inaccurate as well because it also says that top 1 percent is at 500k where the IRS says it was 409k last year. As someone said, 1st world problems.
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  8. NMpackalum added a post in a topic GOP Debate Round 2   

    Why is the criticism over Fiorina's comments about an edited tape? Is it not true that it happens? What production video on CNN, MSN or Fox isn't edited? No one is claiming that those things don't happen, just that an anti abortion group edited a video with excerpts from several sources. The critics are deflecting, arguing about the package not the substance.  I deal with Planned Parenthood daily and I don't think that the organization should be defunded but the abortion services and preventative care funding should be separate. There are plenty of donors for the abortion services. Community Health clinics like Planned Parenthood are reimbursed at a much higher rate than private docs that provide more comprehensive services that they refer to. You actually wouldn't need community health clinics if you paid private docs what you (feds) paid Planned Parenthood.
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  9. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Dr Ben Carson Tied with Trump in Iowa   

    Hell. I'm a doctor and  I think he's brilliant and the epitome of the American dream. He has great ideas and insight on health care that none of the other politicians do. And I still wouldn't vote for him. Practicing physicians aren't equipped to deal with the back door gladhanding, lying, cheating and deal making that government requires. I've spent enough time at the State legislature to know that he doesn't have the political experience to make anything happen as a novice. It's a far cry from being the director of Pediatric Neurosurgery and sitting on Boards to running a multi trillion dollar bureaucracy. He would be a great health care consultant. Run for Senate or Governor or even CEO of a major corporation and then I would consider him. I'll take Fiorina/Rubio for now.
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  10. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Top 10 US States with the most gun violence   

    That anyone can make any conclusions about gun violence from an article like this says more about the reader than the subject. I for one would support registering all weapons but multiple studies including the most referenced study from Harvard (hardly a right wing institution) show no change in gun deaths with strict regulation of firearms. The article points out potential reasons for deaths which are likely much more significant including lack of access to trauma centers. The number one state (Alaska)shows that suicides were much more prevalent than homicides. Again, political divisions in this country are caused by intellectual laziness on both sides and it's very frustrating. This is a good example.
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  11. NMpackalum added a post in a topic I'm sure The Koch Brothers were behind this somehow   

    It's a disaster, this is actually my hometown. I fished the Animas a few days before. Durango and Farmington only have a few weeks of water in their reservoirs. This is going to cost hundreds of millions in economic losses between tourism, agriculture. Just like the IRS, no one will be held accountable.
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  12. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Cecil the Lion - What are your thoughts?   

    Probably shouldn't be hunting endangered big cats in general but the outrage is ridiculous. 3x more coverage on Cecil than on the Planned Parenthood brokerage of fetal parts on the major networks. I get it, we like animals better than fetus'.
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  13. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Hilary has more trouble   

    I was watching Carly Fiorina on the news today criticizing Hilary. Did Clinton really say that her server was secure because she has secret service guarding the server? Telling if true.
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  14. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Hilary has more trouble   

    If people who actually pay attention to politics more than 2 weeks before an election still consider her trustworthy enough to be president, with the volume of borderline ethical items that has popped up over the decades, then no congressional hearing is going to change their minds. I just hope this populist left turn that she is taking is just pandering to the masses and she'll return to a little left of center. If not, the Dems might as well run Elizabeth Warren who has less baggage.
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  15. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Hilary has more trouble   

    Do you know of any other SOS or other government official have their own private email server? And if they do, would they be able to unilaterally determine which emails were personal and which ones they thought were government business. As it was, her aides didn't do a good job of hiding and deleting emails if the first 40 had 4 classified emails.
    Interesting to note, several sources claim that it was Valerie Jarrett that leaked the private email story to the press.
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