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  1. Data for 2008 isn't generally available until 2 years later. I used 2008 data because it was readily available on a factcheck.org. 60-64 is the last age group stratified by that study as the majority of people over that group is on Medicare. So if you want to take the 2010 data used in a debate in 2012 then multiply the annual premium by 10 percent a year if you want and comes pretty darn close to the $6000 subsidy that Ryan was advocating. These are actuarial data that he was using, he didn't pull that out of his arse. It likely would have been much less of a premium with the pricing power of a federal program with millions of people. I was involved in negotiating a state medicaid/Medicare product at that time so I had knowledge of the actuarial cost of coverage and it was right in that ball park. Medicaid in NM is based off of 95% of medicare RBRVS and we were at around $6800 annual premium for a non managed beneficiary and $6000 for a managed beneficiary. As I recall, the Ryan plan also was not mandatory for people over 55 and was to be phased in for those younger than 55. Bottom line is exactly the OP's point, that opponents demonize the opposition arguments by exaggerating talking points like throwing granny off the cliff.
  2. 65 traditionally but if you have a disability you can qualify at any age. Usually in those cases you qualify for medicaid as well.
  3. According to fact check, the average single policy for 60-64 year old was $5090 in 2008. As someone who bought health insurance for my employees, I can confirm this.
  4. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    Those are the ones I use too, because of the hooks when i work out. They were free with a Mac purchase for my kid. They don’t sound any better than the $20 dollar knockoff on Amazon that I bought but they sync much better. I think that’s where the technology has improved and where Apple is superior to other companies. Integration of their ecosystem. The EarPods automatically sync connect play and charge without having to go through a bunch of menus. Snapchat is the most irritating app of all. All the kids want to keep their streaks alive.
  5. How so? Because he offered an option to give vouchers for Medicare beneficiaries to purchase commercial insurance instead of using the Medicare system? When I am eligible for Medicare, I would gladly jump off that cliff. He doesn’t have to push me.
  6. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    I agree with you about the convenience. I've purchased about 800 dollars worth of higher end bluetooth speakers from HK and Marshall and I keep going back to some old Polk bookshelf speakers hooked up to a Griffin twenty bluetooth amp. I keep buying high dollar wireless headphones too hoping they sound as good as the wired version which of course they don't. I do have to say those new Apple earpods sound much better than those Beats versions which don't sound any better than any other $20 set. I guess I keep hoping that convenient technology finally catches up with quality.
  7. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    Apple fanboys are funny too. Though, the company has outperformed and out executed their competitors because of these fanboys and girls, so as an investor it's all good
  8. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    I don't use Macs but I do have ipads, phones. I'm as cheap as they come but I'll preorder an iphone X at 1000 because outside of underwear, what else do you have on your person more than your phone. I doubt they will have an issue selling all the Xs they can make. I don't care for the Sonos speakers so I'm actually interested in a home pod for a speaker. I rarely use Siri and don't care about home automation for now so I don't need a home assistant, just a quality speaker. I still find the wired speakers much better but I like the integration with my other products so I'm hoping the Home Pod sounds good.
  9. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    You anti apple fanboys are funny. There are doom and gloom articles about Tim Cook and Apple before every major launch. All they've done is garnered 104% of all smartphone profits worldwide (I don't understand how you get over 100% unless everyone sells at a loss) last year, the largest percentage in history. Apple Services makes more than Netflix and Amazon combined. I've made 230% on my investment in the last 6 years. I'll take Tim Cook any day of the week.
  10. Probably the father of one of our 4 star transfers.
  11. The War on the Media

    The MSN poll today asks if you agree with Trump to pull health care subsidies for the poor. That's a pretty big whopper from the mainstream media. Considering he eliminated subsidies for insurance companies that were scheduled to be eliminated through the ACA anyway. Premium support for ACA is not affected nor is the medicaid expansion which has actually increased (38% over 10 years) rather than being cut (just the rate of increase is less, which in DC is a cut). I don't think the mainstream media has any problems damaging their own credibility.
  12. How to make the Conference better

    Nevada may be joining those schools. I forgot about AF. They likely get pulled in with P5 schools with the other service academies but might get in before Nevada.
  13. How to make the Conference better

    I don't see how any of these scenarios make the MWC any stronger. Just face it, we're limited by geography. Before I see any other school added, I see contraction if the P5 schools split from the NCAA and form their own division. Then I see no advantage in a 12 team conference to dilute the minimal funds. Large population schools with strong revenue sports would coalesce. SDSU, UNLV, UNM, BSU, Fresno, BYU, CSU and hopefully Nevada.
  14. Reading comprehension must rate low for all those STEM majors moving for the Superior lifestyle.
  15. Cannabis - Cocaine - Alcohol - Violence Study

    I just read the abstract but the study addresses only psychiatric patients so you are right that you can't make any determination on non psychiatric users.