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  1. Mick Mulvaney should be the press secretary. Those are entertaining press conferences.
  2. Agreed. If there isn't a more obvious example of media bias than this I don't know what that would be.
  3. I know. Decreased rate of increases constitutes budget cuts in Washington. I wish I could budget like that.
  4. I think he fondled him with his other hand.
  5. The media is also reporting huge cuts to Medicaid but the budget for Medicaid will be 150 million higher in 10 years. I'm no math genius but that doesn't seem like a cut to me.
  6. Yes CU has been see CU forever. I did my residency there and couldn't understand it then. But the Big 8 thing makes sense.
  7. They must have the dumb Asians since their test scores aren't all that. (It's OK I'm Asian).
  8. When I went to school you had to qualify to get into an AP class. Now, half the class it seems take AP classes.. My daughter just graduated with a 4.5 and had a couple of Bs. I can't figure that one out. Unfortunately the competitive colleges look at the difficulty of your course load and forces everyone to take those classes with the subsequent grade inflation. It's like an arms race.
  9. Those are better numbers than anyone in the MWC. Is it a situation where the quality of the student carries the school? I've heard that about BYU.
  10. I don't doubt this at all. I'm a Kasich or Bush guy but man, watching CNN and reading WaPo or NYT report anonymous sources over and over reflexively I want to give Trump the benefit of the doubt even knowing he's reponsible for 75% of his own problems.
  11. Good point, between that comment and Obama's sarcasm at Romney's anti-Russian position, I'd imagine it wouldn't take much digging to find evidence of "collusion "between the Russians and Obama. Good thing Hillary isn't the president. The press would have a field day about all the Russian donations to the Foundation. Oh wait.
  12. I don't know why the media types are pushing so hard. Trump is the best thing to happen for them to slow down the eventual death of print media and CNN. I would milk this for as long as possible.
  13. Trump is an idiot and he's his own worse enemy but what crime is being alleged? Obstruction? shouldn't Comey have reported it to the DOJ if he thought it was obstruction? He probably filed this along with Obama telling everyone that Hillary did nothing wrong while under investigation and not a smidgeon of evidence of IRS wrongdoing with 401C3 determination while it was being investigated. The last week has seen anonymous claims by the NYT and Wapo refuted by Assistant AG Rosenstein and acting FBI director McCabe. I'll wait for this to be fleshed out before calling for impeachment. There is a reason newspaper articles with anonymous sources and partial transcripts are inadmissable in courts. Is there anyone who has said that it's illegal for Trump to tell anything he wants to anyone he wants ? It may be stupid but McMaster's explanation seemed reasonable to me. Call me an apologist if you want but there seems to be a lot of histrionics from the press. First it's a constitutional crisis then something is unprecedented in American history and now his telling the Russians about laptop bombs on airliners is the" most serious charge ever made against a president". I can think of a few more serious ones. After a while, when everything is a crisis then nothing is a crisis. Count me among those who have crisis fatigue. Maybe Pence can get something done. The Trump era is giving me a headache.
  14. The only way that happens if a large corporate entity comes in and takes over UMC and clinics like Banner Health did with U of A. Even then, Banner took over their $146 million in debt instead of making a $100 million purchase like UNLV is anticipating. It might be a long wait for Vegas unless one of the casino billionaires wants to leave a legacy. I doubt their shareholders would like it much though.
  15. I'm sure we're just trying to be LGBT compliant and access a new fan base.