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  1. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: Nevada wins first MWC title   

    Out of curiosity, how many sports does the MW sponsor that all teams participate in? I know Boise and Wyo don't play baseball and Nevada doesn't have some sports. That list would be interesting.
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  2. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: Best restaurant you've ever eaten at?   

    CarneVino at the Palazzo. Best steak I've had, though the 9month aged ribeye was too much. Restaurants are one of the few things that Vegas has over us Northerners though Reno is starting to make up some ground.
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  3. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: Way too early poll numbers   

    Good catch, I guess the book is about both Bill and Hillary. As I said before, I'll take Clinton over Obama and Warren. Unlike UNLV2001, or JackMormon, I don't discount news organizations as non credible just because I disagree with their editorial board. NYTimes will be all over this story at the time of the Clinton World Initiative next month.
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  4. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: Way too early poll numbers   

    All but 2 of these speeches that were referenced were by her while secretary. I do agree that this won't sway her ardent supporters.
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  5. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: Way too early poll numbers   

    Take it for what it's worth but the NY Times and Fox have secured exclusive interviews after the book is out and preliminary reviews by NYTimes have reported that it is well researched.
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  6. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: Way too early poll numbers   

    I'm surprised or actually not surprised that no one has mentioned Peter Schweitzers book "Clinton Cash" which supposedly documents the foreign donations to the Clinton foundation. I can't imagine that even the most pro Hilary supporter wouldn't scratch their heads a little when the book comes out next month when it documents the multiple $500K speaking engagements for foreign governments while Secretary of State as well as other crony capitalist maneuvers that are usually what progressives rail against. Anyway, I'd rather Hilary than Warren. I don't think we would ever recover economically from another term like the last 8 years. At least she is pragmatic.
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  7. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: UNLV Foundation is purchasing land   

    It definitely makes sense for the training programs to be near the hospitals, but the med school should be where you are going to put the research labs, affiliate programs like physiology, anatomy, biochem labs etc...which I would presume be on the main campus. I always enjoyed being near the main campus in Reno as I felt more a part of the school. When I was in Vegas doing rotations, I missed the academic atmosphere of being at a University. Well, I guess you put the facility where it will be cheaper.
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  8. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: UNLV Foundation is purchasing land   

    That was my thought also. Does the UNLV foundation regularly contribute to the athletic department? Even though I disagree with the need for a new med school in Vegas (you do need the residency programs), Vegas could do it right by investing 50 million in attracting biotech/pharmaceutical research infrastructure. I think UNLV only has 10 million budgeted for the first stage of the med school. The ROI would be significantly higher than a $200 million plus stadium for 6 home games and maybe a few more events that the casinos allow you to have. Unless it's more important to be near the campus for the yearly beating from the hicks up north.
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  9. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: Weekend in Las Cruces....   

    Both In and Out and 5 guys are far superior to Blakes. I'll even take a baconator over a lotaburger. But I agree about their breakfast burrito though. There is usually a 45 minute wait most days. I'm usually a green chili guy but their red chili is worth waiting for. As for Si Senor, the carne adovado over scrambled eggs is comfort food at its best.
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  10. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: Time to abandon California....   

    This is a timely topic, I just watched two water expert/economists on Fox business this morning regarding new water restrictions. If you navigate past the special interests in Sacramento, the urban water problems have solutions. According to them, more than 80 percent of California water rights are held by agricultural/ranching interests. They suggests that the municipalities purchase water rights from these entities and pay to upgrade their irrigation infrastructure as many of these a so antiquated and wasteful which will in turn increase available water rights to purchase. According to them, a low single digit decrease in agricultural usage would increase available water to cities by 50%. Mandatory water restrictions will only decrease revenues to utilities which will then increase rates across the board when increasing the cost per usage would be more effective and less regressive for the average consumer.
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  11. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: Practice?????   

    and people wonder why Boise fans are held in such high esteem. If you don't like the comment, roll your eyes and move along. Generally, if you don't have anything substantive to add, most people don't need to read your stuff, unless you are trolling then get better material.
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  12. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: Practice?????   

    I'm pretty sure he said meeting with the team in his presser. I had the same thought but I'm sure there are compliance officers keeping him out of trouble. I Was pretty impressed with him by the way. Chris Murray was right about the Xs and Os comparison with Dave Rice. In the 30 seconds he spoke about the differences between the college and pro games, I felt like we are going to have a strategic advantage over most programs. As far as recruiting, I think he will do well. The way he spoke about family and relationships, I was ready to sign up my 12 year old twins to play for him.
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  13. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: justin hutson   

    I used to sneak into the Old Gym in the middle of the night to play when I was a kid in the Johnny High/ Fly Gray/ Edgar Jones days. I do agree that we need a practice facility and I'm sure they can do something nice with Lombardi so that's checked off the list. Nevada hasn't scrimped on their facilities in the last few years so I'm sure we won't be too far behind in the facilities arms race going forward.
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  14. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: justin hutson   

    I've been to the Pit and Thomas and Mack and for that matter, Mchale, Notre Dame, ASU's arena. Lawlor is fine. Maybe a new practice facility with cushy lounge chairs and LED TVs might sway a recruit but I can't say the difference between any of those venues will make a difference to an 18 year old kid.
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  15. NMpackalum added a post in a topic: 2016 Republican Presidential Primary Campaign thread   

    I'll support the flip side. I'll support the economically conservative socially libertarian candidate.
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