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  1. If you're a fisherman, you need to make a side trip to the Rio Grande by Creede for the salmonfly, green drake hatch. Second or third week in June. Epic if you time it right. Animas and Piedra have some class 5 water as well.
  2. Prices are ridiculously low. Cheaper than Mexico. $2000 bucks with hotel to BA from Durango. I also looked at Greece which you can go for $1200 or less.
  3. Good to know, thx. Will look into an excursion.
  4. Thanks, unfortunately, I'm not young enough to hit the discos and take advantage of the casual sex. Taking the daughter on a bonding trip before she heads off to college. I'd really like to hit the rivers for fishing but Patagonia is a little far away for a week trip.
  5. Good thing I'm not a hispanic muslim from Somalia or I probably couldn't get back in. But if I was, I wouldn't be able to drink or see women without their burkhas so no real reason to go to Argentina.
  6. Any helpful hints from you world travelers. Any must do, sees, eats?
  7. NC State has Dennis Smith possibly the number 2 pick in the draft so he'd be better I would think. Nevertheless, the Martin twins look very solid.Reading the NC State board, it seems they were well liked by the fans.
  8. You guys are so predictable. Initially meant to be somewhat tongue in cheek, any comment about riot reflexively results in "Fox watching, AR carrying, Koch brothers loving" comment. I know that progressives possess the moral high ground where it's ok to censor speech and be intolerant to the ignorant intolerables. I know there really was no violence at Berkeley and no inauguration damage in Washington or NY. There were no arrests nor tear gas used in Albuquerque or Portland. The video of the NYU professor screaming at the Police to beat up conservative speaker at a campus Republicans event must have been fabricated by Breitbart. Intellectually I know that the Russians somehow influenced millions of people to vote for Trump and stole the election from the most qualified person ever. I stand defeated so carry on. I only wished that I had voted for that certifiable (by who I wonder) incompetent(after 1 month) orange neo nazi who's against changes in Social Security, Medicare, for massive infrastructure investment, prolonged maternity leave and probably pro choice.
  9. How long will the anti Trump rage last? You can't be angry all the time. There were plenty of anti Obama people but not so angry. Screaming, burning pillaging. I didn't vote for Trump but I'm certainly much more sympathetic to him now than I was before.
  10. Can you imagine how nasty the rivalry would be if Musselman went to UNLV. Much worse than the Red Defection of Horton.
  11. It is but it's a football school like the SEC with the exception of Kentucky. Petersen's success hides their basketball woes. They are happy with recruiting wins so Romar has a long leash. It's remarkable how little is written in the local papers about Husky basketball.
  12. You guys are no fun. Even at our worst, I always looked forward to the UNLV game even when there was no hope. I'm beginning to think that UNLV fans have nothing else going for them. Nevada fans on the other hand, have much more school pride and identity that transcends the state of basketball at our school. God help UNLV if the Raiders move to town.
  13. Agree, best interest as in 8 years with less than 2 percent GDP growth, lower per capita income since 2007, non existent wage growth, non existent savings interest due to the Fed support of economy. I can't believe the democrats lost practically everywhere outside of the Coasts.
  14. Nah, 12-15 win. Muss will send in the walkons to get their moment in the sun and rest the starters.
  15. You have to repeal and replace if you want to change the flaws in the ACA. I really don't understand why this is such a beacon for the left. This group of laws and regulations are so insidious and intermingled that you can't just fix it around the edges. You have elements of the law that encompass the jurisdiction of the FTC for antitrust and actually relaxes anticompetitive behavior for insurance companies in establishing ACOs and exchange entities. Not to mention the DOJ relative to fraud and abuse regulations as well as the FDA in it's restrictions on importation of drugs. There are deep seated fundamental flaws and assumptions that have to be corrected that without repeal, you just double the paperwork without addressing the problem. Incorporate what you like about the ACA such as keeping kids to 26 if you want but what a monstrosity the ACA would become if not. Listen to Paul Ryan for a minute about repeal and replace and it makes a lot of sense.