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  1. This is a fact check subject that was shown to be wrong. He said 15 dollars an hour was too high for some areas.
  2. With a clown like Trump as an opponent, you would think that the Dems wouldn't have to stretch the truth so much. Fact check was not kind to the democrats last night. That's the part of both parties that I despise so much. Tell the truth and run on your merits. On the other hand, it must work for the people too lazy to research stuff.
  3. Great thread. Lee's a ping pong god but I'd put my money on Gregor Clegane, the zombie version.
  4. You have to hand it to the Clinton's. They know how to make money without getting their hands dirty. 31 million donation plus speaking fees to their foundation with a phone call to Kazakhstan. Russians should love Hillary, they control a significant amount of uranium production in the US now. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/24/us/cash-flowed-to-clinton-foundation-as-russians-pressed-for-control-of-uranium-company.html?_r=0
  5. You're probably right. Like other industries, mergers, acquisitions and downsizing gives the opportunity for the administrators to get rid of employees that they normally can't fire, especially in government and academics. Maybe it factored into why their was little effort to fight the transition.
  6. Both cities have robust growth rates (13% to 19% in 2016) but for the purposes of this topic, Reno has a significantly higher rate of college grads, professional and doctorate degreed population compared to Vegas. Reno is at or exceeds national averages even when considering the tourism/gaming industry is the major economic driver. Vegas has twice the national average in food service. This even considering that UNLV has nearly 50 percent more students and faculty including the majority of physicians in the residencies. Osteopathic med school, dental and law schools as well. The average median home price is significantly higher in Reno and inventory is very low. Says something about demand. And Tesla isn't even open yet. Anyway, Vegas does do some things very well but Reno has finally diversified itself to some degree that separates it from the tourism driven economy and that many professionals and families find more desirable.
  7. The way I read it, the Vegas based faculty are transitioning from UNR Med to UNLV Med. They are already there. Despite what our southern brothers would like to believe, most people prefer Reno to Vegas to live. Vegas to play no doubt.
  8. This is pretty straight forward. The onus is on the one being "abused". If he reports it as hostile workplace environment and the supervisor doesn't at least investigate, he has grounds for a suit. They will ask you for corroboration and document the offense. She will be put on an action plan and potentially be fired if this recurs or retaliation occurs. It doesn't matter if he's been an employee for 3 days or 3 years or if she is an immediate supervisor. I doubt that this is first time offense. Whether or not she gets fired is another issue but he could find a lawyer pretty easily that would take this case. Anyone who is an employer (including me) these days are fearful of situations like this.
  9. Grand Lake is great if you want to take in a nice lake view. I find it kind of old school tourist though like Estes Park. You have a pretty long drive if you're flying into Denver. Many nicer places in Colorado. I'd head to Durango in the Southwest. Fly right in to town. Base there and go drive to Telluride, Ouray. Mesa Verde National Park, not that far from Moab, Lake Powell, Santa Fe. 2nd highest restaurants per capita behind San Francisco. Way better fishing with San Juan and Animas rivers or Navajo Lake if you prefer lakes. Golf in the area is great. You can get into the Native American art stuff if you like it. You can get all the weed you want if you're into that. Just my opinion
  10. I listened to a brief excerpt of an interview of him and he expressed the same thoughts that the results were counterintuitive and completely unexpected. He admitted he had a preconceived expectation for the results.
  11. I suspect this will get little traction in the media since this study doesn't support the current Police on Black narrative with respect to shootings. Or is the author an Uncle Tom like all the Black folk on Fox or any other African Americans that don't kneel to the Black Lives Matter agenda. His data on the Houston Police was interesting as well. Hopefully his study will investigate causation on why and what circumstances that Blacks get man handled more frequently.
  12. No matter what you think about Newt Gingrich, he was one of the most effective congressmen working across the aisle with a powerful Democrat president getting welfare reform done as well as dropping capital gains taxes which was as responsible for increased GDP growth as anything else done in the Clinton administration. And he also was a career politician with no real world experience.
  13. Just like Dennis Miller says. I'm all for immigration, I just want them to sign the guestbook.
  14. You can read Wikipedia or go through the congressional record. You're entitled to your opinion and in general, I would agree that congressmen should have real world experience but that would eliminate the majority of public officials. It is very difficult to get successful people to run for office due to the scrutiny, unless you are publicity hound and financially independent.
  15. I disagree with you. Paul Ryan is one of the few Reps in Congress that has provided any common sense plans from Health Care reform to tax policy that is based on evidence and not pseudo data. As far as criticisms about not supporting Trump, I would hope more reps would represent their constituents rather than party while considering the broad picture as I think he is doing.