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  1. North/South politics aside, the Med School was truly a state school. I spent several rotations in Vegas. Personally, I think you guys put too much prestige on the first 2 years of med school location. What's the economic impact of a couple of hundred students and a dozen faculty? You could easily replicate that by throwing money at a bio engineering program at UNLV. If you truly want to provide more doctors in the community, you need to spend your new found billions in the residency programs in the South or at least get some of that Raider's stadium lodging tax.
  2. Congrats. But the staff you're taking was already in Vegas.
  3. I agree that it's a good move for the NFL, more skeptical on the subsidy side.
  4. I hope you're right just for tax payer's sake, though I don't see any more political rallies drawing more than 25k and only with Trump or Sanders every 4 years. The average draw for MLS is 21k and occasionally the Sounders get 40k. The Big Bowls aren't letting you into the rotation and the other Bowls are dwindling in attendance. Then you are talking about not losing what you already have which really isn't a gain. The Pro Bowl is likely to go to the city that hosts each Super Bowl so you might get that every 6 or 7 years. I don't want to be a downer but I don't really see much upside for already the top adult tourist destination. What happens to Sam Boyd?
  5. It would be great if you guys get extra events there but what events do you plan to get that requires a 60k plus stadium that you don't already get with all the venues in Vegas? An occasional Super Bowl maybe. Maybe an NCAA tournament gig. I'm looking at the schedule for ATT Stadium which you compare to and I didn't see any that require that big of a venue. Vegas already has a ton of large venues. What events aren't you already getting?
  6. Since the Raiders look for new digs every 11-12 years, how long are the tax payers on the hook for? It seems like there are $800+ million in required infrastructure improvements outside of the room tax. That's a lot for 8 games a season especially if the Raiders are back to Oakland in 10 years
  7. Interesting wiki leaked emails between Podesta and CNBC and debate moderator/ host John Harwood. No conflict of interest there.
  8. On paper he looks good. Good enough to get $1.5 million guaranteed from Fresno. You guys must be rich.
  9. I'm surprised that Trump didn't bring up the Wiki leaked Podesta/Clinton email calling Muslims, Blacks and Roma as professional never do wells. Or did he. I couldn't stomach watching it after a half hour.
  10. He was a outstanding D coordinator at Nevada, AF and Texas A&M. I would take him at Nevada again. Some people like Norm Chow are great coordinators but crappy head coaches. He'll find a job again.
  11. I used this as an example of everyone can produce supportive documents not as a counter to the document young rebel produced. As I said, the Politifact article probably means nothing other than you can nuance facts to support whatever you want. I just shake my head that Young Rebels facts are better than other peoples facts.
  12. You know nothing about me and my friends. It seems easy for you to call people racists and demagogues when you don't agree. You have a right to your opinion and supporting data just like others do. That's the difference between you and your friends and me. I respect the fact that others have reasonable opinions without resorting to name calling and accusations. I'm no Trump supporter but here's a small Politifact for you.http://www.politifact.com/texas/statements/2016/sep/02/sean-hannity/sean-hannity-says-illegal-immigrants-account-75-pe/ Whereas I don't think this says everything about immigration statistics or that they even mean anything, you have to consider that your supporting study likely underestimates unreported crimes against the immigrants themselves for obvious reasons. I don't know what you do for a living, but you can use the same statistics support opposite sides of the debate. People on the other side didn't suddenly get stupid or racist or ignorant. The reasoning skills that allowed them to be doctors , lawyers, professionals didn't suddenly abandon them. Quit being so condescending. Also brush up on your reading comprehension. I stated that based on their socioeconomic class, (not ethnicity or legal status) immigrants are more prone to criminality. Statistically they have a per capita median income of $36k, in the poverty level which statistically has double the amount of crimes compared to higher socioeconomic classes. Many of Trumps supporters are probably bigots. I suppose Clinton's supporters are all intelligent, morally pure humanitarians.
  13. You have heard of E verify right. There's no catch release on the employer side. Makes a lot of sense. Unfettered immigration but they can't get legal jobs
  14. You wrote that Trump appeals to people who think that Mexicans not illegal aliens are more prone to criminality and that they are racist. That's a broad generalized statement. In different times they would have been Chinese, Italian or Irish. From a socioeconomic perspective it is likely that the immigrant class is likely prone to more criminal activity until they are integrated into society. There probably are some who fall into your vision of an immigration racist but I would venture to say those people are happy to be dealing with Mexicans than immigrant Syrians, Iraqis and Afghanis, the vast majority who have no interest in integrating into western society. With respect to mass deportation, I would venture to say the majority feel about that the same way about it as the wall. Nice slogan but a waste of time and resources. I do think it makes sense to tax out of country wire transfers that Trump has proposed. If you make money in the US, some of it should stay here. You have to start somewhere, we can't afford to keep paying for services and have a security infrastructure that plays catch and release. Why bother with borders at all then. What do they say, "good fences make good neighbors " figuratively of course.
  15. People like you don't get it at all. My parents are naturalized citizens so call me a racist if it makes you feel better. It's about rule of law. It took my parents nearly a decade to go through the naturalization process. When you enter the country illegally, by definition, you're committing a crime. If you have laws, enforce them. If you don't want to enforce them, change the law and make it open borders, I don't care. For the record, I take care of many illegal immigrants and find most of them hard working and grateful people, actually much more grateful for their care than most citizen indigent patients. Politics seems to actually get in the way of obvious solutions such as a guest worker program. We need unskilled labor as well as engineers. Obviously we need border security to keep criminals and terrorists out. In the immortal words of Dennis Miller, we welcome everyone, just sign the guestbook.