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  1. Trump isn't in command of the facts enough to refute Hillary's creative assertions many of which are easy to refute. Any of the Republicans he beat would be more effective in debating her. That being said, he beat all his competitors so what do we all know.
  2. I'll watch just to see which one of the media outlets I most agree with. It'll get huge ratings just for the reality TV effect and see who falls apart first.
  3. I was up in Durango this weekend sporting my Nevada gear. I lived in Denver for 4 years of my residency and maybe saw 10 pieces of CSU gear, 3 on my father in law. Any CSU gear in Durango was probably seen on the guys on the corner holding up the will work for weed signs and playing ukeleles.
  4. It's only because of the easy access to recreational bud that has us looking north.
  5. I agree with skier, in New Mexico, you have the Rio Grande Valley (Santa Fe and ABQ) and then the rest of the state. That works politically, economically and culturally. The Northeast part of the state aspires to be part of Colorado and the Southeast, part of Texas. The rural oil and gas producing counties pay for the others to live the lefty environmentally conscientious superior lifestyle.
  6. So do all white people have to pay reparations or just slave owners or is it guilt by association because you know, most of those pilgrims had slaves. What about Asians and Hispanics, especially the light skinned ones. You know they aspire to be white. Let's not stop there, the Natives have a pretty good case for getting paid. I'm sure POTUS has some accountants that can figure out an interest rate that will save us a lot of money like they did for Iran. Sarcasm in case you can't figure it out without emojis. Oh bye the way, I can't be racist because I'm not white. not directed at you, just commiserating with you
  7. The thrust of the article reports that critics of the administration including Republican lawmakers are accusing the DHS of withholding a report completed in November 2015 that they commissioned for political reasons. The article doesn't say that they are or aren't withholding it. Why do you need a copy of the DHS document to report that there are accusations? It's the same as reporting that Democrats are accusing Republicans of conducting a witch hunt on Hilary Clinton for Benghazi. Do you need a fact checked and verified source for that or just a quote from Elijah Cummings.
  8. Did you even read the original article. What's not factual about reporting that critics are accusing the administration of holding back a report. Fox also reported that the 2006 report was not released as well in countering that criticism. Seems balanced to me. It's just like the NY Times reporting that critics accuse Trump of being a birther.
  9. That's great news but generally these gains occur at the end of a recovery so if it goes to form, this is as good as it gets for the next few years. This is the only administration without at least a period of 3% year over year growth. First 2 quarters of this year at 1%. It would seem that with all the supporters repeating how this was the worse recession ever, how come we can't get 3% growth from the depths of that recession. It's taken the longest period of free money from the Fed in history to keep growth at that putrid rate.
  10. Not to mention her basket of deplorables comment about Trump supporters.
  11. I had it when I was 20 and I felt pretty crappy. I didn't want to go to school much less campaigning across the country. Pneumonia in elderly is pretty serious and I would think she would have been vaccinated for the common causes. It is true that Mycoplasma (walking) is less serious than other pathogens.
  12. I'm as anti hillary as anyone but what's the big deal. A nearly 70 year old woman that's been campaigning heavily for more than a year is allowed to have a few days of feeling poorly. I'm much younger but can imagine the process taking a huge physical toll on me. I don't think it's pneumonia though because you're way sicker than that until you get antibiotics or anti virals. Anyway, the way her aides handled it was and is poor but this is much ado about nothing.
  13. With the congressional hearings today, it seems cash transfers of any type is illegal. Which it should be considering cash is untraceable. Who knows how much they really paid.
  14. So was transfer of cash. And didn't they lift sanctions prior to this transfer with the Nuke deal?
  15. This subject really doesn't move the dial for anyone. This is just another example of the most transparent administration in history being the most manipulative administration in history. $1.7 billion in multidenominational, multinational currency on secret flights. Really? The Swiss are our intermediaries for both financial and diplomatic relations for decades. The fact that POTUS can come out and say that they couldn't do a wire transfer is laughable. People are so polar now that it doesn't matter. Why even report it.