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  1. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Top 10 US States with the most gun violence   

    That anyone can make any conclusions about gun violence from an article like this says more about the reader than the subject. I for one would support registering all weapons but multiple studies including the most referenced study from Harvard (hardly a right wing institution) show no change in gun deaths with strict regulation of firearms. The article points out potential reasons for deaths which are likely much more significant including lack of access to trauma centers. The number one state (Alaska)shows that suicides were much more prevalent than homicides. Again, political divisions in this country are caused by intellectual laziness on both sides and it's very frustrating. This is a good example.
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  2. NMpackalum added a post in a topic I'm sure The Koch Brothers were behind this somehow   

    It's a disaster, this is actually my hometown. I fished the Animas a few days before. Durango and Farmington only have a few weeks of water in their reservoirs. This is going to cost hundreds of millions in economic losses between tourism, agriculture. Just like the IRS, no one will be held accountable.
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  3. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Cecil the Lion - What are your thoughts?   

    Probably shouldn't be hunting endangered big cats in general but the outrage is ridiculous. 3x more coverage on Cecil than on the Planned Parenthood brokerage of fetal parts on the major networks. I get it, we like animals better than fetus'.
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  4. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Hilary has more trouble   

    I was watching Carly Fiorina on the news today criticizing Hilary. Did Clinton really say that her server was secure because she has secret service guarding the server? Telling if true.
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  5. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Hilary has more trouble   

    If people who actually pay attention to politics more than 2 weeks before an election still consider her trustworthy enough to be president, with the volume of borderline ethical items that has popped up over the decades, then no congressional hearing is going to change their minds. I just hope this populist left turn that she is taking is just pandering to the masses and she'll return to a little left of center. If not, the Dems might as well run Elizabeth Warren who has less baggage.
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  6. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Hilary has more trouble   

    Do you know of any other SOS or other government official have their own private email server? And if they do, would they be able to unilaterally determine which emails were personal and which ones they thought were government business. As it was, her aides didn't do a good job of hiding and deleting emails if the first 40 had 4 classified emails.
    Interesting to note, several sources claim that it was Valerie Jarrett that leaked the private email story to the press.
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  7. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Hilary has more trouble   

    To the original premise that Hilary is in trouble again: Who knows since Obama has the ultimate say on whether to prosecute according to judge Napolitano on Fox business this morning. The emails are public so you can read them but of the 40 reviewed, 4 were clearly classified as they reported air force positions and Ambassador Stevens' locations in Libya. Clinton's team forced the NY Times correction on their premature "criminal" investigations to referred to FBI to evaluate if there was going to be a criminal investigation. Petraus had to plea to less. Only 30,000 more emails to review of the first dump of emails. If Obama is not going to prosecute, then why bother with the hearings.
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  8. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Pretty disgusting   

    Your professor would have been fired at my school. Our anatomy professor repeatedly lectured us on appropriate behavior around cadavers since he arranged the donations of many of them. 
    I'm generally pro choice but as someone who occasionally performs these procedures on fetal demises, it's a disgusting procedure and these days you can almost always achieve the same result medically. I can't imagine the mentality of people who do this for a living. Really, if you were too lazy to get an abortion before 20 weeks then what's another 3-4 months.  Some desperate couple will pay you $40k for the baby.
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  9. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Introduce Yourself Thread   

    I lived in McNamara Hall at Umass for a year.
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  10. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Jobs in the US   

    I don't quite get you guys. This is like a mutual admiration society sometimes. I fall into the lower end of the 1% ($387k+) and pay an effective tax rate of 40+ percent. The capital gains tax at this level is 28% which is the 6th highest in the world. I get no deductions for dependents or anything else. I have 12 employess where my insurance has gone up 40% since the ACA was implemented for a higher deductible plan and the employer mandate hasn't even hit yet. I work 60+ hrs per week in a high liability field. My practice provides hundreds of thousands in uncompensated care. Yeah, the 1 percenters are the real problem. I don't complain about my income and actually would pay more if there wasn't so much waste in government. Just don't go on with how we don't pay our fair share.
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  11. NMpackalum added a post in a topic Jobs in the US   

    Wait..what ..there was an income tax cut. You're using the growth rate of 2 states as evidence that income tax cuts 3 presidential terms ago hasn't been successful. You do realize that statistically, the largest percentage expansion of growth in recent history was after Clinton decreased the capital gains tax.
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  12. NMpackalum added a post in a topic GOP might have a problem - A Trump problem !!   

    OK, eliminate the drug crimes if it makes you feel better. 12 percent of murders and 20 percent of kidnappings/hostage taking, unless you want to chalk it up to drug trade crimes too. Then you've got to eliminate US citizens who are convicted of drug trade crimes and then percentages go up again. The stats presented have no assumptions about how or who gets hurt by gun laws. The Right might argue what you claim but the Left ignores that gun control laws have little effect on gun crime reduction based on majority of studies (Harvard Journal of Law 2007).
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  13. NMpackalum added a post in a topic GOP might have a problem - A Trump problem !!   

    This says a lot. You know Breitbart. Denigrate anybody or source that doesn't align with your view of the world whether true or not. Honest debate requires ability to change your mind when presented with new information otherwise why bother.
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  14. NMpackalum added a post in a topic GOP might have a problem - A Trump problem !!   

    Back to the original topic; US sentencing board reported last week that illegal immigrants make up 3 percent of the US population and make up 37 percent of sentenced convicts. Trump may be more right than many choose to believe.  Though he still is a clown.
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  15. NMpackalum added a post in a topic GOP might have a problem - A Trump problem !!   

    If you listen to Dennis Kucinich (about as lefty as you can get), she single handedly toppled Khaddafi in Libya. He and several Pentagon higher ups had alternate negotiations with Khaddafi's son to exchange info about falsehoods about genocide pushed by Clinton. That's an accomplishment right there. War mongering over suspect info is ok if you're a democrat, at least according to the press. It still must be Bush's fault.
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