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  1. I actually agree with you, I was being facetious about the settled science aspect of climate change considering all the consensus is based on observational studies that can't be reproduced even on computer modeling. But that's a topic for another day.
  2. That would be like saying Climate change researchers profit from pushing their narrative so their results should be suspect.
  3. http://www.businessinsider.com/alan-dershowitz-thinks-free-speech-is-in-danger-on-college-campuses-2015-11 I suppose Alan Dershowitz is a Fox manipulator as well. Last I checked he was a liberal Harvard Law professor.
  4. When Michael Bloomberg gets bood for denouncing safe spaces at U of Michigan commencement, there does seem to be a deficit of civility and manners on college campuses these days.
  5. MWC Power-5 Ranking Order

    We're just a couple of sugar daddies and plastic surgery away from Real Housewives of the PAC16
  6. This is a nice response to those free exchangers
  7. Vacation Property

    I've had 2 vacation homes and 1 piece of property that I was going to build on. You answered your own question. The day you sell it will be the second happiest day. Lost 100k on the ski condo that we never went to and can't sell the other mountain fishing property that I never go to. I have 2 timeshares I never go to. I have a place in Phoenix that I bought 3 years ago that I occasionally go to but rent on VRBO that pays about half the carrying costs over a couple of months rental during spring training which I'll keep. I don't take much time off so I guess I'm past buying property. Too many good deals on renting other peoples time shares these days.
  8. Starshot, first interstellar spacecraft nearly here.

    I'm on the Stephen Hawking school of thought about the risks of exposing ourselves to alien discovery. Indigenous peoples don't usually come out ahead when exposed to superior technology from an alien race.
  9. The Panama Papers

    Canada imposed a 5% VAT and dropped a hidden 13.5% manufacturing tax similar to what Ted Cruz is advocating that by most accounts has been effective and transparent for revenue and growth.
  10. Angriest fan base in the MWC?

    They're still mad at UT.
  11. Menzies to UNLV

    I think the former WACkians plus UNM have way more respect for Menzies than the leftover MWC schools who don't have any respect for "lower tier" conferences. We've actually played NMSU on a regular basis. They aren't an easy out. 5 NCAAs and a NIt in 8 years is pretty good to me. Averaging 24 wins a season is pretty good, several of those years having to play Nevada and USU in their prime.
  12. $900k isn't a big time job. There is no big time job in the MW.
  13. Menzies over Beard

    Menzies has done a great job with dog poo down in Cruces. He's been able to recruit well to a vagabond school with tenuous conference ties. He's a huge upgrade over Rice and a longer track record than Beard showing loyalty to a place where many would leave for an assistantsjob at a P5 school. His players always seemed to play with an edge. Given UNLV's resources, he will make Vegas a contender again. A million dollars and a better coach isn't a bad situation to be in after you ride out the next couple of years. As Nevada fan, I hope you hire Augmon.
  14. UNLV coaching search

    Why isn't Rahe from Weber St not a candidate? Maybe not flashy enough for Vegas but all he does is win. Why not Justin Hutson if you go the assistant route? He knows the problems of the program and got out.
  15. Hey you guys don't have it so bad. At the U of Oklahoma, they consider white people listening to Rihanna as micro aggression and culturally insensitive.