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  1. Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says

    That's what many of the most oft quoted and covered "scientists" do. From Climate change to medical issues to economics, these opinions are sought out by the press that also share the same ideology. From 99 percent of climate scientist believe in anthropogenic climate change to the economic stimulus of 2008/TARP saving us from economic armageddon, they have a conclusion and massage the data to support their conclusion. Most times, the data can be used to support the complete opposite position. Haven't we all come to the realization that any prediction by the feds about cost savings in any department is a fantasy. The VA and IHS should be examples of cost effectiveness since many of their benficiaries go elsewhere for their care and they have the ability to refuse care, yet they consistently are significantly in the red. Believe it at your own risk.
  2. Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says

    http://www.usnews.com/opinion/economic-intelligence/2015/09/16/bernie-sanders-18-trillion-spending-plan-shows-democrats-irresponsibility Here's some dueling opinion from worthless rags.
  3. For the Reb fans who are complaining about NCAA scrutiny with Rick Pitino, would you not hire Jerry Tarkanian again? Seems like a slam dunk to me.
  4. Raise the minimum wage and tax the 1%

    What tax loopholes, all I get are mortgage tax deductions. I can't even claim my children anymore. Easy rhetoric, way to play to the masses. In many states, public benefits exceed $15 per hour. How much should minimum be?
  5. It was a study on incidence of positive screens and what substances done without identifying patient markers. That study is over. The pediatricians want to know as well to help with treatment. The feds mandate counseling for drug abuse so we do it on all new Ob patients though they can decline. We also do it on high risk patients or those who have fetal monitoring abnormalities. You don't think we should? It's better than poking the sick babies after they are born I think.
  6. This was done on new patients coming into the hospital to labor and delivery over a one year period. I can't say if this is the prevalence in the local population but it is obviously still illegal in NM and I would assume that the incidence would be much higher across the border in Durango. Again, determining the prevalence in the general population is difficult to assess with an illegal substance. We have positive drug screens. I'm in a 1 hospital town, that's why I mentioned the rate in a posh private hospital. I don't think too many people quit during their pregnancy. Like someone said previously, There is an impression especially among the young that weed is no big deal. I guess compared to cocaine and meth, it might not be.
  7. We do it with their initial presentation. We have about a 5-10 percent meth rate too. When I was in my residency back in the cocaine era, I worked at a fancy private hospital and there was a 17 percent positive cocaine rate as well. 
  8. There is plenty of research in my field showing increased irritability, aggression and intellectual deficits with marijuana use in pregnancy. I do agree that alcohol likely is worse but don't think that THC is harmless. It's much easier to do a prospective blinded study on a legal substance like alcohol than an illegal substance. For what it's worth, 20 percent of pregnant women in my hospital are positive for MJ.
  9. Nevada @ Utah State

    That is uncool. St Mary's could at least pay him Grad Assistant stipend to offset his pay from Nevada.
  10. Nevada @ Utah State

    I have no dog in this fight but does he sit on the bench during the game? If he helps out in practice a little, I don't have a problem with it. If he travels with the team and recruits, then that is ethically challenged only because he could be making true efforts at getting a new job. Even people on unemployment have to make an effort to find a job. I agree with taking that extra Carter cash to augment Muss' salary.
  11. You could have partaken in some recreational bud a week ago and still could test positive. Sure you could get levels but it's a malpractice lawyers dream. It's like the DUI argument. How do you prove they aren't regular users and off their game. Doctors are no different than anyone else. As far as the comparison with alcohol goes, I generally agree with you except the part where MJ is safer. Plenty of docs lose their licenses due to substance abuse, just another avenue I guess. For my part, I'd prefer a surgeon who's smart enough not to be using. As far as figuring out how to beat a test, the surgeon that needs to figure out how to pass a drug test would terrify me.
  12. I am one, I don't agree with you.
  13. For those that haven't seen a difference in their towns, It's pretty noticeable in Durango. Many more homeless in town and tent cities in the National forests here for the weed. Interestingly enough, many are from Texas. Even the Houston Chronicle sent a reporter up there. Granted it's a small town, but it's pretty tough to find reliable workers that will show up on the job. I'm all for medical marijuana, I'm concerned about productivity of our youth going forward. As for other issues outside of driving, there has to be concerns about it's use such as health care. Do we care if a surgeon or ICU nurse has a positive test?
  14. Hillary Emails - Too Damaging to Release

    The fact that the classified emails on her server were cut and pasted from the government NIPRNet system to a non classified server is an illegal act and criminal. Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan are being investigated as the culprits for reformatting the documents. Pretty cut and dried for most people that a crime was committed. Whether she is indicted or whether one or all of her aides will fall on their sword is the only question. Then again, they could all be pardoned by the outgoing president.
  15. Don't mess with Planned Parenthood!

    You did read the article didn't you? Indicted for purchasing human organs...from Planned Parenthood. Tampering government records. If that exonerates Planned Parenthood from describing the process of preservation and sale of organs then so be it. Personally, much ado about nothing. Good aggressive action by PP after originally apologizing for the comments by those on the video. Bravo legal and marketing team.