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  1. Incompetence

    Where do I tell homeowners to ****off? Many advocates of flat tax have 2 brackets(I suppose not technically a flat tax I guess, Rubio for instance) Not every economist agrees with you that flat tax would be terrible. Many of the plans have a income exclusion to protect the lower wage earners, which isn't all that much different since only the top 53% pay income taxes. I didn't exclude mortgage deductions or charitable contributions in my post. You're making many assumptions about my responses. Are you reading them? Austerity measures in Europe weren't similar from country to country as if the economies of Greece (tourism) and Ireland(banking, real estate bubble) and the root causes of their financial collapse were similar. What empiric data do you have to compare between heterogeneous components of the Eurozone much less between Southern Europe and the US. Call it handwavian if you want. Yes, the US is special because it has a much more complex economic base. And by the way, where did I ever write about austerity before you mention it. Finally, we have dueling charts from different sources. Believe whichever one you choose. Yours is no better than mine and vice versa.
  2. Incompetence

    I'm not sure if your response was in reference to my post since I only mentioned capital gains tax and corporate taxes as good first steps. If we think that we want a revenue neutral system, a flat tax of 10 and 25% would accomplish that if deductions are limited to charity and mortgage interest. Push the top rate to 30%, it would still be better than the present. You mention austerity measures as if our economy resembled Greece, Iceland or Portugal. I highly doubt those countries austerity measures would be reasonable test cases. As far as Bush tax cut, the CBO concludes that driver of deficit was the increased spending in years 2009-11. If only the tax cuts were in place and projections were accurate, we would still have a surplus under Bush tax cuts.http://economics21.org/commentary/how-did-federal-surpluses-become-huge-deficits. 
  3. interesting read on global warming skeptics

    Read the articles, they don't.
  4. interesting read on global warming skeptics

    I know you will believe what you want but that statement that the studies not in support of AGW contradict each other is as disingenuous as there is. The vast majority of those studies aren't designed to prove anything. They are observational studies that are meant to establish factors that influenced the climate. Saying that those studies are supportive of AGW is not appropriate since the same data base has very few that conclude that the evidence shows significant man made influence. That would be the same as AGW skeptics saying that the same data proves that there is no man made influence on climate change. The studies aren't designed for those conclusions.
  5. interesting read on global warming skeptics

    You are right. It's all political opinion and the author chooses to cherry pick his data as well. The 97 percent number is based on a meta-analysis of nearly 12,000 climate change articles where there are 51 studies that conclude that there is significant human causation. The same data on the meta-analysis also supports the conclusion that 99 percent of studies show no human influence on climate change. Pick your your position and supporting data even if it's the same.
  6. Incompetence

    I'm not running for president so I haven't formulated a plan B but as a first step, there is historical precedent from both democrats and republicans that decreasing tax rates in an appropriate fashion does result in significant growth. It wasn't until Clinton dropped the capital gains tax rates that the economy boomed. Not saying that it was the sole reason but from a timing perspective, it was interesting. I think the vast majority of politicians agree that having one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world makes it difficult to expand efficiently as well as the inability to repatriate the more than $2 trillion over seas and acquiring foreign subsidiaries continues to be a tax strategy for large corporations. Many of the GOP proposals have very solid basis and Kasich has had good results with regards to his fiscal track record in Ohio. But if we can't admit that the economy sucks for all the resources we've dumped into it, we'll never dig out of this hole.
  7. Incompetence

    One difference is nearly 10 trillion and a decade of printing cheap money to prime the economy to get where we were in 2006.
  8. Incompetence

    All I know is with the regulatory stuff for Obamacare and my other business ventures, we can't find qualified bookkeepers accountants etc... The IRS and CMS reporting is so specific that there is a whole industry for compliance that adds tons costs and headaches since the fines are so onerous. From ACA mandated Medicare fraud abuse, HIPPA, cultural sensitivity training and monthly OIG reporting, I'm seriously thinking of not taking Medicare and Medicaid as are most private docs I know. The Industry is fertile ground for innovative accounting and legal services.
  9. Incompetence

    I'll jump in: Labor force participation is the lowest since the mid 70s, there has been a loss of 2 million hi paying jobs (accounting, legal) and gain of nearly 2 million service sector and restaurant jobs. Median income has decreased 6 percent from 2007. Median wealth of blacks have decreased 33 percent since 2010, 14 percent among hispanics. Housing recovery is definitely regional, it's been in the dumps in my neck of the woods for the last 3-4 years since it's a nat gas dominated economy. All at the cost of nearly 10 trillion and nearly 10 years since the Fed rate has increased. If the economy was as good as claimed, they would have raised rates long ago. Considering the low cost of gas and other commodities, consumer spending is flat at best. GDP growth decreased last month. I guess it's a half full or half empty perspective for partisans.
  10. Think Everyone Was Angry About The Paris Attacks?

    Erdogan has really taken Turkey towards a fundamentalist Muslim direction. Many ties with Muslim Brotherhood. Not a surprising response to killing infidels.
  11. 15 States say no to Syrian Refugees

    Maybe...the 18 Democratic governors out there are thanking their stars that the GOP governors are making a stand so they don't have to and raise the ire of the party which supports their re election campaigns. You demonize the GOP every chance you get when maybe there really is a safety concern. Massachussetts has a Republican Governor for a reason. It wouldn't surprise me if he didn't receive more than a few calls from his Democratic constituents so soon after the Boston Marathon Bombings. As they say..once bitten... It certainly gives one pause regarding the process that we could let 50 thousand (Hilary wants 65k refugees) able bodied men into the country with no sponsors like regular legal immigrants and have no system to track them after they are admitted. It wouldn't be a stretch to think 50 or a hundred of them would be jihadis.
  12. 15 States say no to Syrian Refugees

    I'm wondering how much of this is a politically driven issue. For the cost of bringing in 10k refugees, you could resettle 10 times as many in accepting Arab countries like Jordan. Meanwhile there are 7 million refugees in Sudan under constant threat from genocide and starvation without any assistance from governmental agencies. There is a lot of suffering in the world. where do we start? 10k Syrian refugees seems more like a feel good "see how caring Americans are" gesture. The Syrian refugees have options to migrate. Sudanese, not so much. If 70 percent of the refugees truly are fighting age men, it make sense to house them close by to their home country and facilitate a way to allow them to regain their country.
  13. We can agree to disagree but there's a lot of value judgement when you speak of good person or good citizen. Good citizens by definition implies people who pay taxes and are supportive of the general condition of the State. The vast majority of people are good citizens and fewer maybe good people. Again we may have a differences in liberal arts. If you include all the studies outside of vocational training as liberal arts ( essentially every accredited university in the country), then I could be supportive of your argument. These days, I tend to think of liberal arts as those outside the STEM subjects, maybe my mistake. To your earlier point about European and Asian educated students not being able to problem solve, the Street.com came out with their ratings for "smartest" countries which had basic problem solving skills aside from rote memorization and the US isn't even in the top 20. Do a large number of kids learn to critically think in college, probably but I would say they better concentrate on getting out of their remedial English and math classes. (60% per the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education). Soon you won't be able to get a job at McDonalds if you can't make change. There is a robot ready to take your place. On a side note, we better make some immigration policy changes so we can keep all those foreigners taking advantage of our superior universities.
  14. Challenge to greenhouse gases and global warming

    http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303480304579578462813553136 Whether you trust WSJ or not, my point is not to argue whether Global warming/Climate change is real or not. Just that Science should be convincing enough without insulting reasonable people who are just as qualified to have an opinion on the data as those who have political power. And yes I can figure out the difference between climatologist and meteorologists. I have an advanced degree and I have published peer reviewed articles.
  15. I agree with points 1 and 2 but you've insulted the vast majority of people who don't have the priviledge of attending any college much less a liberal arts school who I think are good citizens. I subscribe to the theory that the vast majority of what makes a person you learn in Kindergarten if not grade school. I would probably bet that I would not particularly care for the gal in that interview at any age or educational environment.