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  1. UNLV vs UCLA - Maui wowie!

    We'd like to give Isaac Hamilton to any MWC school that would have him. Free of charge
  2. UNLV vs UCLA - Maui wowie!

    What does that have to do with anything? He probably would have gone lottery right out of high school
  3. UNLV vs UCLA - Maui wowie!

    Zimmerman is quite the talent. I dont blame him for not coming to play for Alford, but staying with Dave Rice? Bad choice all around. Funny to think that this is Alford's biggest OOC win since he's been at UCLA
  4. Aztecs on TJ Leaf's list of 8 schools

    UCLA landed him as expected
  5. Aztecs on TJ Leaf's list of 8 schools

    Unless the bagman shows up :)
  6. The bad: They couldn’t shoot and couldn’t rebound. Fisher said they missed their first 11 attempts behind the 3-point arc (he didn’t provide the final totals) and allowed UCLA to rebound nearly half its misses. And after injuries limited the playing time of Bryce Alford and Tony Parker, Bruins freshman guard Aaron Holliday torched what last season was statistically the nation’s third-best defense. “Holiday was sensational,” Fisher said. “He was by far the best player on the floor.” “We ran them off the floor early, but we had no results,” Fisher said. “I mean, we should have been 10 or 15 ahead in the first 15 minutes and instead we were down two or four. We couldn’t make a basket. We had great looks – not good looks, great looks. Every 3 was wide open.”
  7. it's unfortunate that college football will not be able to watch Myles Jack ever again. He'll probably test for like five positions at the combine
  8. BYU @ UCLA

    That game must have been a shot to the nuts for BYU fans   Glad ucla won. Felt like we should haVe been up by more. BYU dominated ToP by more than doube, no production from our QB other than three picks, having our mike backer tossed after missing the hit, I felt good.   BYU did try to start stuff on the kneel down play, but I figure we were talking crap to them anyways. The byu fans were loud, probably 10k in the stadium 
  9. Favorite college qbs I have watched.

    You were in middle school during the Bush years?  And telling me about Wooden?!?   lol
  10. SDSU basketball under investigation by NCAA

    You and your tricky 1997 style burns
  11. SDSU basketball under investigation by NCAA

    not a good person,great person
  12. SDSU basketball under investigation by NCAA

    Im generally not a rah-rah type of fan
  13. SDSU basketball under investigation by NCAA

    You might, we are picked like 4th or 5th. The team is built pretty poorly right now. With Jalen Hands committing, it's UCLA's first true PG commit since Jerime Anderson in 2008 and he was a bust
  14. SDSU basketball under investigation by NCAA

    Your tears are so salty Oh ya, link or gtfo. I mean, since it's so common knowledge