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  1. The plagarism became a story before the Trump campaign tripped on their own dicks and commented on it.
  2. No way was Patrick going to sabotage someone in his own party either but throwing him under the bus. Permission or not, he didn't cite the words from Patrick. This whole thing is silly
  3. Kinda. You are not allowed to play a 13th game if you are on probation so the game would have been cancelled. But it would have cost Hawaii some serious cash to lose that game so they petitioned the NCAA to allow it to be played. The NCAA showed pity on Hawaii and so the game was actually played
  4. Now is the time to get UCLA to do a 1-1. We went to Houston and Rice I believe. No reason why UCLA should give a return game, unless UCLA does it as a recruiting ploy for kids to go home. Our AD is fairly weak though
  5. Lori Zimmerman is an idiot
  6. We'd like to give Isaac Hamilton to any MWC school that would have him. Free of charge
  7. What does that have to do with anything? He probably would have gone lottery right out of high school
  8. Zimmerman is quite the talent. I dont blame him for not coming to play for Alford, but staying with Dave Rice? Bad choice all around. Funny to think that this is Alford's biggest OOC win since he's been at UCLA
  9. Nope. Steam had a application based version of it on sale.
  10. It was very weird when tspoke claimed he protected the exact same two targets I did. I dont think Timmae revealed a BG protect so it was pure luck.
  11. Cranky and nesting!
  12. Eh, I'm assuming they both
  13. EFEX is dead tho, right?
  14. On a side note, is there a way to change the posting time to the actual time, instead of how long ago?