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  1. Sjsu will be around as long as our commissioner is around. Positive changes for this conference is only wishful thinking, during the time Nevada has been in this conference I have not seen 1 positive change
  2. What do your rotations look like and who are your impact players ? For Nevada we are 9 deep ,but a very solid 9 deep!! We are full of JRs and seniors Projected starters JR 6"4 Pg Lindsey Drew. Finished first in assists per game in the MWC and top 10 in blocks. Drew is the glue that holds this team up , a very good defender and possibly the tallest pg in the MWC. Drew is the son of the Cleveland Cavaliers assistant head coach and his brother plays for the Miami Heat. JR6"7 Sg Caleb Martin. Voted by MWC media projected new comer of the year and could have a legit shot at MWC player of the year. Transfer from NC state JR 6"7 Sf Cody Martin. Twin of Caleb. Very talented should have a big year Transfer NC state JR 6"8 Pf Jordan Caroline Absolute beast SR 6"7 C Elijah Foster (averaged 13pts and 7rebounds 60%shooting prior to suspension last year) or Saint John's transfer Darrien Williams 6"8 SR Bench So 6"7 Josh Hall . Most expect to have a break out year. He was a 4 star freshman last year and should flashes of being a future 1st team MWC player. SR 6"7 Kendall Stephens: Should be our 3 point specialist. Transfer from Purdue SR 6"4 Hallice Cooke. Not sure what to expect from him, I know he is a great 3 pt shooter , but unsure of what he brings to the tablw
  3. I think this would make the most sense giving the starters more offense with hall starting over Cody, but musselman has made it clear the twins will be locked in as starters at the wings
  4. Cody we be a starter regardless if Caleb plays or not both the twins are locked in at the wings
  5. UNLV Scarlet/Gray Showcase

    I was there you guys are in for a long season the talent level has not been this bad in awhile
  6. Is visiting Nevada this weekend. Looks like the Jones hire is paying off, he would be one of the best recruits Nevada has ever landed if we can pull this off https://247sports.com/Player/Greg-Williams-91813
  7. Jay Norvell has never...

    Dissaointed also appears to be Norvells favorite word
  8. Jay Norvell has never...

    I think me made a horrible hire dude seems lost as a coach
  9. Assistant Basketball Coaches Being Arrested

    The same school our recent commit KJ Hymes goes to ... yikes
  10. The fire Jay Norvell thread

    Bohls first year at Wyoming there were awful
  11. "Yeah we're pretty inbred with Nevada " ?
  12. Does Wyoming have a QB controversy?

    Sounds like the Number 1 overall pick of the Candian Football league
  13. Hey Nevada you should of never fired me

    We should take all your profit mug buy Norvell out and plug you in ... I'm calling Knuth tommorow