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  1. Does this site really make you money Mug? Serious question
  2. This will be coach Musselmans best team yet and I just don't see a team that will challenge us
  3. Isn't someone considered a favorite because the opinion is they are clearly better?
  4. I find it funny that Nevada is not the favorites,but every preseason publication will have Nevada winning it all , I have already seen Nevada mentioned as a preseason top 25 team with out oliver
  5. Hobbs is averaged 4 pts a game last year and now he is going to average 15-20 pts a game???
  6. It's preseason I wont ruin all the other teams optimism.
  7. Who's going to finish ahead of us if were not the clear number 1??
  8. Yes there is were king until someone knocks us off
  9. But we also return 4 starters, and Muss said this is his best transfer group to date were 9 deep should be a potential top squad
  10. Oliver was always gone Nevada should be the clear number 1 next year
  11. I don't care honestly I see Caroline winning it that's my opinion any dude who can drop 47 points in a conference game while grabing double digit rebounds as a sophomore has a shot
  12. NBC has a published article where they predict Caroline winning player of the year
  13. I'd go Caroline Clarke Hutch
  14. Is Menzies gunna break out his famous full court press this year?