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  1. Would that make him the highest paid coach in the conference?
  2. rumor

    Maybe the talent he got was half the problem to many one an dones
  3. rumor

    How Fing mad would Rebel fans be if Rice takes over an runs this conference
  4. Every go check Yanni Hufnagels Twitter he took down his back round picture of him an Musselman an took off his Twitter feed that he is a coach for Nevada... That's a bad sign
  5. Goodbye Musselman. I cracked the code. Muss just started following Olivier Sarr one of the best international prospects who has narrowed his list to 4 schools ...... Cal is one of the schools that made the cut for Sarr
  6. He would be a nice replacement for Marcus Marshall
  7. Yeah he's gone , I have no doubt. The job itself is something Nevada can not compete with.
  8. Can graduate transfers transfer in conference?
  9. If those are the final 4 candidates Musselman should get the job hands down
  10. http://www.rgj.com/story/sports/college/nevada/2017/03/20/report-coach-musselman-interview-cal/99417364/
  11. I'm sold on Pasternak if Muss goes , honestly Washington was the biggest threat ... LSU an Cal after those we may be in the clear
  12. That would be great that would just leave Indiana
  13. Do you MWCboard bro
  14. If Muss is back next year I expect he will become the highest paid MWC coach by a good margin