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  1. 2017-18 MWC writers hoops predictions

    Boise won a share of the regular season title that year with San Diego State however Boise didn't win the tournament. The last two years I have thought Boise would actually do better than they did but just seems something is missing from the team.
  2. Opening Lines for Week 9

    I agree that is a lot. I don't know, probably stay away from that game there just seems to be something funky with it
  3. Opening Lines for Week 9

    With how Air Force games have been going, that probably isn't a bad idea. They have started slow last few games but came up fast. I would probaby consider taking SDSU because after two straight losses i think they will want to take it out on someone.
  4. Opening Lines for Week 9

    So I went to another website where it shows Fresno St favored by 18 points. I believe this is the more accurate line
  5. Opening Lines for Week 9

    That is what I am thinking, someone had to make a mistake there.
  6. 2017-18 MWC writers hoops predictions

    What I do see funny is how year after year Fresno St is picked in the middle of the pack and usually does better than that. I think they have a legimate shot at the title. If Boise can get over that hump they could challenge but they have to get over that hump. SDSU kind of a mystery to see how they do this year under new leadership. If they can continue like they did at the end of last year, I think they win the MWC
  7. Opening Lines for Week 9

    Wyoming 2 over New Mexico (looks like has increased to 3) BYU 14 over San Jose St Colorado St 13 over Air Force Boise St 8 over Utah St UNLV 11.5 over Fresno St (I am wondering if they put the wrong line on the wrong team) ? San Diego St 10 over Hawaii
  8. Opening Lines for Week 8

    Did win money on the Nevada game, almost put money on Fresno oh well
  9. Opening Lines for Week 8

    Here they are two Friday Games this week: Air Force 5.5 over Nevada Colorado st 7 over New Mexico Boise St 14.5 over Wyoming UNLV 2.5 over Utah St San Diego St 11 over Fresno St
  10. Opening Lines for Week 6

    SDSU started a little slow in the game
  11. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    Looks like he was with a prostitute possibly in the days leading up to last weekend/ Also went on several cruises in the last few years. Police are now digging into his medical history to see if there is anything there and they are also going to start putting up billboards across the city asking anyone for any information on the subject to help them with their investigation.
  12. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    I would say it would be like ten red flags and a black one to
  13. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    He is a weird conspiracy theory guy who is ultra conservative. Sometimes I watch some of his clips on You Tube and just laugh my ass off, usually good for a bit of a laugh
  14. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    That is the point I am trying to make. He and his girlfriend also took several cruises as well so his life wasn't just gambling.
  15. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    Oh wow forgot about that movie.