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  1. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    The dragon will be spewing something blue not sure exactly what though it its ice or just blue fire. Did see complaints from different people about the speed of how things are happening but when you are only doing 7 episodes this season and I believe 6 for next season you kind of have to move things along quickly. And there will be sex in the next episode. Hackers still threatening to release the episode as well
  2. Fresno St releases B-Ball Schedule

    Are you talking about past histories for that? Because from last year's NCAA and NIT they only have three on their schedule for this year.
  3. CBS Sports Bracketology

    No they don't. You have Group A, Group B and Group C in basketball. Group A can pretty much finish .500 and still have a shot at an at-large. Group B needs a good non-conference and not crap themselves in conference to even get into the conversation. Group C has just about no chance of getting an at-large unless a lot of things go correctly and even then probably won't get into the conversation. If you aren't in Group A you have a razor thin margin of error to even be considered for an at-large from a committee that is looking for a reason to keep a team in Group B or C out. You have a good showing in OOC but fall in conference eliminated. Good showing in OOC but one bad loss to a 200 RPI team, eliminated. Pretty much for 95% of the conferences in college basketball it is win the conference tournament and nothing else will get them to the NCAA Tournament.
  4. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    hmm not the one I read
  5. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    Actually it was HBO who leaked the episode. In Europe and Norway HBO put the episode on their in demand service there before taking it off. HBO didn't know how it happened but admitted it happened and it was them and not hackers who leaked the episode. I downloaded it yesterday for my brother who is a big fan and him and his friend watched it three times yesterday.
  6. A Surprisingly Popular Sport in the 1920's to the 1940's

    Rowing is still popular expecially on the east coast and some higher end universities. Get to see it on Pac-12 network sometimes and they do draw huge crowds.
  7. CBS Sports Bracketology

    has San Diego St winning the MWC Tournament and earning 11 seed https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/too-early-for-bracketology-dont-be-ridiculous-and-enjoy-end-of-july-madness/
  8. Fresno St releases B-Ball Schedule

    Not leaving California for most of their OOC this year I think will help them in the pocket book as well.
  9. 10-30-17 vs. Pacific Union (exhibition) 11-3 vs. UC-Merced (exhibition) 11-10-17 UC-Santa Cruz 11-13-17 Northridge 11-17-17 @ Arkansas 11-21 vs. Evansville 11-22 vs. George Mason or L. Tech 11-26 Montana St 12-2 @ Long Beach St 12-5 CSU Bakersfield 12-9 @ Cal Poly 12-13 Arkansas Pine Bluff 12-16 Oregon 12-18 CSU Monterey Bay 12-27 Nevada 12-30 Air Force 1-3 @ Utah St 1-6 @ Colorado St 1-10 Boise St 1-13 New Mexico 1-17 @ San Diego St 1-20 @ Air Force 1-24 UNLV 1-27 Utah St 1-31 @ Nevada 2-3 @ Wyoming 2-7 San Diego St 2-14 @ San Jose st 2-17 Colorado St 2-21 @ UNLV 2-24 Wyoming 3-3 @ New Mexico
  10. OT Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot Suspended 6 Games

    From my understanding everything that he has done this offseason where taken into consideration by the committee who recommanded the punishment to Goodell. Plus I guess some actions that Elliott also took when being questioned about everything. Everyone is harping on the domestic case but this encompasses much more than that one incident.
  11. Bowl projections!

    I think the actual language of the bowls is Las Vegas Bowl gets the first pick, Potato Bowl gets second pick and then on and such. I don't think they have a guarantee in there that the MWC Championship Game winner gets the Las Vegas Bowl however it usually works that way. However could be wrong about that language. Also I think they will make a deal with Boise going to an outside bowl if they don't get the Las Vegas Bowl bid
  12. OT Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot Suspended 6 Games

    This is over one incident, the suspension includes all the incidents that Elliott has been involved with this offseason. The bar fight, the domestic incident, two other incidents involving him and his girlfriend. This isn't over just one incident which the Cowboys believe it involves the series of incidents that Elliott has been involved with which violates the personal conduct policy of the NFL. Elliott has 10 days to file his appeal at which time the appeal will be heard 3 days after that. Cowboys knew he was going to get suspended and were preparing for it. The thing that got Jones panties in a bunch is it was more than the Cowboys thought it was going to be.
  13. UNLV at Idaho - must win for both programs

    I would think the battle for the cannon would be enough incentive however i also see what you mean winner could go to a bowl would add more on it. However I don't see either team having that many wins when the game comes about in November. However compared to the other teams in the West, UNLV is the mystery team pretty much. SDSU should win the west and with most of the other teams rebuilding could this be the year to make noise before the other teams come up? And who knows in the long run the game in Idaho could decide that situation for UNLV. Right now I think Idaho is the better team but the better team doesn't always win in the games, which is why you play the games
  14. USA Today: 2017 FBS Projections

    I also just noticed they have Utah St going 5-7 this year......don't see that happening either.