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  1. BYU is a de facto member of this conference for football why not talk about them? Half the topics on the board are about BYU (almost never started by BYU fans), and kicking out SJSU (never going to happen, unless they commit some kind of major violation). The BYU fans are some of the most interesting posters on this board.
  2. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    Hell, I think he has thought more about improving the MWC than Hair ever has.
  3. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    I like it! Warbow, for MWC commish!
  4. How to make the Conference better

    I don't want the Dakota schools, I would rather have Texas schools than them.
  5. How to make the Conference better

    I agree, with all the cord cutting going on and people are becoming more able to watch whatever teams they want, wherever they are a league like the MWC should focus on regional rivalries. I am more interested in seeing Utah State play Montana, than UTSA.
  6. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    I think he might have been. I believe he is an OSU alum.
  7. Where's the Boise State/BYU game thread?

    Question, if a player say Critchlow comes in the game he burns his redshirt at that point, correct? He can dress for the game, but if he does not play he still has his redshirt, right?
  8. BYU has very little talent.....

    Maybe you are right. I am surprised he even replies to Stanford Aggie. I don't think I would.
  9. House votes to curb asset seizures

    Hopefully they can get rid of asset forfeiture, IMO this law encourages unethical activity by law enforcement to get things from people.
  10. BYU has very little talent.....

    I love how when Jack Bauer tries to sound tough he calls people, "Guy"...LOL!!! He is one of the better BYU posters though and usually has something interesting to say.
  11. Serious question. Do you think Idaho would be a better add for the MWC than Montana, or even Montana State? If so, why?
  12. Biggest MWC blow-out loss this week?

    You clearly have more faith in USU kickers than I do. If we could have made a chip shot field goal the last time we played at Wisconsin, we (USU) would have won.
  13. Montana and Montana State, but they won't come.
  14. SJSU is an Embarrassment

    Maybe I can win the next Powerball and start throwing some money around. LOL!
  15. SJSU is an Embarrassment

    True, it really doesn't appear like they are taking the steps to make turning around happen.