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  1. Big Bob Kustra

    With Kustra, I could see it! Honest to God, I would love to see him be MWC commish. He would have us be a true P6, or it might be P5 because some how he caused the B12 to lose their "power" status and have it be taken on by the MWC.
  2. Big Bob Kustra

    Hell, I hate Kustra as much as any other non-Boise fan, but I would love to see him replace Hair. With Kustra, the MWC would get things done!
  3. utah state at air force

    We seem to do a lot of wilting with Matt Wells as our head coach. Yet, not only are Aggie fans happy with 6-6, but most (on usufans.com) seem to think Wells deserves a contract EXTENSION!
  4. Why is Montana not in the MWC??

    Montana prefers playing a Big Sky Conference schedule than a Mountain West Conference schedule.
  5. Rivalry Weeks in the Mountain West!

    That rifle will probably reside in Laramie as long as Matt Wells is the HC of Utah State.
  6. Rivalry Weeks in the Mountain West!

    There is a pretty cool trophy for the winner of the USU/WYO game.
  7. Rivalry Weeks in the Mountain West!

    BYU fans and teams sure act like we are rivals whenever they beat us, but they insist there is no rivalry. They always seem to rush the field or court at the end of the game when they beat us, but it means nothing to them.
  8. Sorry Idaho...

    I'm sure the UNM folks weren't impressed with his stewardship of UI football in particular, and athletics in general.
  9. Not as much fun because Utah State is back to sucking.
  10. I think Snyder, as a Kansas State homer is worried about KSU's future. If it is true that Kansas has a shot at the B1G, and OU, and Okie Light have a possible $EC or P12 landing place. Texas will be fine and probably bring Texas Tech with them who does that leave? Kansas State Iowa State Baylor TCU West Virginia That won't keep you P5 status. They are not going to pull anyone from the P12, B1G, $EC, or ACC, to think other wise is a pipe dream. Snyder's KSU will be another, G5 school, as are MWC schools.
  11. Confidence, your (our) team is coached by Matt Wells. And, uh, Boise State isn't coached by Matt Wells...
  12. YBU really, it's time to come back home.

    Every young 20 something (especially us males) has done stupid things. Give him reasonable consequences and let him move on with his life and college playing career, even at BYU if that is what he chooses. Cut the kid some slack.
  13. That is pretty much my take as well, even being as much of a Utah State fan as I am.
  14. She might not be smart, but she might be awesome in bed.