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  1. Statue of Catholic Saint vandalized.

    Serra moving to sainthood has rubbed some people the wrong way for a long time.
  2. Steve Bannon is out

    Trump and the Alt Right can't govern on their own. The GOPers they go after are the ones needed to govern. Trump and some fraction of the House ain't enough. And if Trump goes that route I think it sets the stage for being completely crushed in the midterm elections.
  3. Steve Bannon is out

    I think the point is that if Bannon goes after the mainstream GOP, where does Trump go? And if he stays with the alt right, can he govern?
  4. Steve Bannon is out

    I think this creates a very unpleasant dilemna for Trump. NPR said Bannon already today met with the Breitbart editorial board. Once they start firing salvoes at McConnell, Ryan, Kushner, etc., what does Nacho Duce do? The 34% of the electorate that still supports him are presumably the segment of the population that is most receptive to the Bannon message. Does Faux defend the sane Republicans from Bannon? Hard choices for the Orange one ahead. In any event, I can't see anything at all happening in Congress now.
  5. Steve Bannon is out

    Yeap. For good this time. Good riddance.
  6. The last 4 weeks of STUPID

    Jeez, how do they expect SNL to plan next season's shows?
  7. Is it time to lop three heads

    I thought there was a case (I just looked it up Smith v. Gould, 1706) that banned it in-country but see now it was narrow and ambiguous. The Union Jack definitely wasn't used by the Army or ships, and definitely not in Scotland, until after the Union. The Scots were still using the other flag that ultimately shows up in the Union Jack, the cross of St. Andrew (which is echoed in another flag we've seen of late).
  8. Enough of this Trump shit....

    Now a white guy... https://sports.yahoo.com/chris-long-anthem-protest-support-time-people-look-like-step-123338919.html
  9. Political discussions on other forums

    The Aztec Mesa OT Board is dominated by one very conservative guy (I suspect he posts occasionally here in a much more subdued way) and a couple of his winged monkeys. Lots of climate change denial as I recall. There's really no point in trying to have a real discussion. It's kind of surprising, as SD's really not that conservative anymore. I haven't really looked at it in the Trump era, but I expect it's still a dumpster fire.
  10. Is it time to lop three heads

    You've got your facts wrong (surprise). It wasn't the Union Jack, it was the Cross of St. George. The Act of Union joining England and Scotland did not occur until 1707, by which time slavery was already abolished in England. Slavery was eliminated in all of the British Empire 40 years before our Civil War.
  11. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    lol. I'm sure they're delighted at your declaration of spiritual kinship. Whatever else you are, you are a bigoted, mean-spirited asshole who brings absolutely nothing positive to this space.
  12. Steve Bannon is out

    Yeah just got done reading what's available. Sounds like that, as I expected, he met with Kelly and agreed to resign.
  13. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    He's a racist too. And a homophobe, which I suspect is deep down self-hatred.
  14. Steve Bannon is out

  15. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Man, I was just starting to feel a little optimistic with the above...