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  1. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    The Bannon wing is blaming him, but they hate him anyway.
  2. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    This bodes well for 2018. Imagine if the Dems had an actual program.
  3. Marshall Faulk Suspended

    You're high.
  4. Roy Moore

    It won't really bother me. He'll be a tremendous problem for the Grand Old Pedophiles.
  5. Roy Moore

    He summed up my thoughts on the matter early on: "...we're a bunch of hairless monkeys on a rock in the middle of nowhere spinning around a ball of energy that is going to swallow us someday." Although I must say that at the rate we're going I don't think we'll last to the big swallow.
  6. On the post game they said Cal made one of their last 11 shots and still won.
  7. Aztec loss to Cal mainly. It was horrid. UNR's weren't really bad.
  8. NASA Announcement Dec. 14 1pm EST

    You need to watch more sci-fi movies from the 50s and 60s. Takes the fear away.
  9. Al "Grab'er" Franken Joins the Sexual Assault List

    I agree with you but I do think there will be a large number of itemizing California Republicans that will be in for a rude awakening when they realize their federal taxable income has increased by 9.5 percent once their state tax is no longer deductible.
  10. Al "Grab'er" Franken Joins the Sexual Assault List

    Come on, we've been through this thing with Obama before. I objected right along with you at the time, and I pointed out that Trump killed his daughter in an attack shortly after he took office.
  11. That's a week old Mr. Sock. Several bad losses since.
  12. Roy Moore

    But Moore's the one running for Senator.
  13. Roy Moore

    Lol. You're a sexist douche. Criticism of your boy Roy seems to have touched a nerve with you. You really should talk to someone.
  14. Roy Moore

    I didn't accuse you of rape. I implied that given your hostility towards young women you may have forced yourself on ones that "wanted it." As far as I'm concerned you're the one who needs to own up.
  15. Roy Moore

    Nah. Misogynistic demented asshole will suffice.