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  1. He probably has bad memories of being roasted there by Obama a few years ago. Seriously though, it's hard to imagine it coming off in the current climate in DC. It would be a poop show.
  2. I don't need to hear it. I've been watching it all year. Rush the court for a win over a team that's 8-8 in conference?
  3. Holding a team to 31.5% shooting and still losing is not a good effort.
  4. I don't deny some idiots burnt a limo, turned over trash cans, and broke windows in DC on Inauguration Day. I've seen worse on college campuses celebrating National Championships. I do deny that the demonstrations, large and small, since then have been anything but peaceful.
  5. 230 anarchist wingnuts arrested at the Inauguration Day disturbances. Millions of people have been demonstrating peacefully since then. Of course they have to stay peaceful if they want to get paid.
  6. Rioting... lol.
  7. One difference between Breitbart and the traditional media is that Breitbart was allowed in.
  8. Looks like Kelly's backing away from the non-citizen confrontation for the moment. From today's L.A. Times: "For his part, Videgaray emphasized that it was a “legal impossibility” for Mexico to accept “unilateral” decisions imposed by another government. That was an apparent reference to a Trump administration proposal that Central Americans in the U.S. illegally who are detained along the southern border should be sent to Mexico — even though they are not Mexican citizens. On Thursday, Kelly appeared to go back on that plan, saying in Guatemala that his agency would return deportees "to their home country as quickly as possible." We'll have to see what Tweetoh thinks... ...well, "thinks" is probably the wrong word...
  9. It's the same model In-N-Out Burger uses in the fast food world.
  10. Are you implying that they're not telling the truth about the AZ Senate Passing the bill?
  11. How would you physically return them without Mexican cooperation?
  12. It's not a boat or plane that can be denied entry. These are people that have already walked across the border. Their return will require Mexican cooperation. I don't think they will.
  13. We're talking people that walked.