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  1. This one's for Tapeworm

    Fighting will continue. Jihadis will continue to come forth.
  2. Libs.....hahahaha

    I don't believe it's even a real story. I couldn't find any links.
  3. GW Bush Scolds Trump in Speech

    I don't think one can judge the magnitude of tragedies simply by the casualty totals.
  4. Libs.....hahahaha

    Fake news.
  5. Seems as if the boner goes both ways.
  6. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    Either that or there will be no more GOP Congressmen from CA, NY, NJ, etc.
  7. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    Mine will be more than ten times that here as the state income tax rate is 11% iirc and property tax is about 1.2% of assessed value annually.
  8. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    I agree with much of what you say despite coming at it from a different perspective. The perpetually overlooked factor in immigration is that changing demographics in Mexico mean that it is bound to decline and will never reach former levels. Hence the stupidity of the wall. Tax reform as currently defined would absolutely suck for me because, if the eliminate state income tax and property tax as deductions, my AGI would increase by at least $20k. I doubt Nacho Duce is too worried about my vote though. Of course we disagree on Gorsuch.
  9. Support the troops & their grieving widows

    6. Jackmormon gets called out for being partisan by closet Trump apologists.
  10. Support the troops & their grieving widows

    This morning he says the check's in the mail.
  11. Spanish Speakers

    What did you ask her to do to you? Not making a peepee tape are you?
  12. Support the troops & their grieving widows

    Why would any of our enemies do anything to remove him from office? Might as well let him pick fights with all enemies at once while antagonizing our allies. He is a complete and utter buffoon.
  13. The vegas shooting gets weirder..

    Jesus Campos previously worked for Hillary.
  14. Farmer vs Radical Far Left Nutjob Extremists

    Oh I wasn't implying there aren't trespass laws. I just know from hiking over there that there are a lot of instances where prescriptive easements exist for walking across private land in situations that wouldn't fly over here. I forget the name of the Act that codifies it but it grants passage for hiking on a lot of private estates. I agree about their intent to film a fox hunt. I think they're primarily animal rights types (although no doubt lefties as well).
  15. Farmer vs Radical Far Left Nutjob Extremists

    Yeah and the way British right of access laws work they may not even have been trespassing. I suspect Farmer John was making bank from letting upper class twits hunt with their hounds on his land and didn't want it publicized by anti-hunting activists.