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  1. Don't forget Cal State San Berdoo.
  2. No more escapes for Shorty. Drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman extradited from Mexico to US - BBC News https://apple.news/Adr25oRwCR7WiyV5pa2BLQA
  3. Sure. I don't have a problem with it. But I can't see how someone here in violation of federal immigration law has standing to sue in federal court.
  4. We no doubt disagree on the core issue, but I agree with you that his standing in a federal court is a head scratcher.
  5. "Strategy" on a message board. lol.
  6. Given that for the last 8 years the admitted overarching strategy of the GOP Congressional leadership was to oppose anything proposed by Obama simply because he proposed it, I can't see how you could expect anything different. After what we've seen from Trump, do really expect precedent and decorum to matter anymore?
  7. What I was responding to from the OP: "then half of the few remaining house democrats are boycotting the inauguration because Trump is the devil. The inauguration is about America and the peaceful transfer of power, not Trump per se."
  8. Badfinger was great. It was their song "Baby Blue" that closed out Breaking Bad. A bit of trivia: they were the only band other than the Beatles to have their records released by Apple Records.
  9. You're brothers?
  10. I think the MLS owner's commitment will be a little more definite than that. The MLS will put up most of the stadium $$. San Diego is a good soccer town.
  11. The fact that you, someone who boasts about not reading links people post, would write the above is beyond ironic. It's comical.
  12. There was an interim period in the 60's when they played at 35k-seat Balboa Stadium downtown, the same (now demolished) location used by the AFL Chargers until what was first called San Diego Stadium opened.
  13. And...