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  1. That's what I was thinking. But once those guys got up near the side of the hull they were toast. It seems at that point in the video that the small boat just started to drift into the wake of the ship (likely because the pirates were dead/incapacitated). Still seems to me you'd want to engage them further away with a larger round.
  2. They actually stopped for a few years. Apparently it's started up again recently.
  3. Certainly the old M-16 that it's based on, and that I was issued, could fire automatic (although the latter wasn't very accurate). My understanding is (undoubtedly someone on here will know) that the standard-issue M-4 today fires either semi-automatic or three-round bursts.
  4. I would say that's what most people refer to as an assault rifle. It's semi-automatic. It fires one round at a time as fast as you squeeze the trigger. What's heard in the video are several of these firing rapidly at the same time. A machine gun fires continuously at a much higher rate. The standard light machine gun used by US forces nowadays fires more than 10 rounds per second.
  5. Yeah but it seemed like everyone had M-4s. I would think they would want larger calibres with longer barrels. I would think you would want to engage the Pirates as far out as you effectively could to try to keep them out of RPG range if possible.
  6. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Once you decide to go armed, and set up those sandbagged firing positions, you'd think you'd employ longer weapons. Oh well, it certainly worked.
  7. Definitely Americans heard talking.
  8. I'm sure it's Alzheimer's. I'm going through a really difficult time with this right now trying to get my Father to stop driving. He's 85 and very stubborn and won't be persuaded. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to send a form in to the DMV to force a written and a driving test.
  9. Was the ship actually flagged American? Don't think many of those exist anymore. Those pirates sure picked on the wrong ship.
  10. Sure we will. What should we call this program. Hmmm, Fast and Furious is taken... maybe Slow and Sluggish?
  11. Make it stop.
  12. Here's the original paper he wrote on the effects of cats on isolated canyons where coyotes are no longer present. It got me interested in the subject while I was working at the City Planning Department. https://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/handle/2027.42/74761/j.1523-1739.1988.tb00337.x.pdf?sequence=1 Here's a later article. http://www.umanitoba.ca/institutes/natural_resources/pdf/CrooksSoule1999Nature.pdf His research doesn't focus so much on the number of birds killed per cat as much as the decline in avian species diversity once cats become the apex predator.
  13. Lol. So I guess Dr. Soule is a cat hater. I'll take the results of peer-reviewed research by a long-time faculty member of one of the nation's better science universities over your anecdotes.
  14. You're fooling yourself. Cats make a big dent in bird numbers and diversity.