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  1. We certainly are for farmers as well as ranchers and mines on public land.
  2. '63 Falcon
  3. While the oil wealth lasted, Chavez was able to buy off the majority of the electorate with subsidies. That and a legacy of severe class stratification enabled the government to stay in power by virtue of intensely loyal support it received from the lower classes. Now that the wealth has dried up the government is in trouble and taking increasingly desperate measures to hold on to power. The forming of armed militias by the government points to a pretty dire situation.
  4. A populist dictator.
  5. Where exactly are conservatives being beaten?
  6. Much ado about very little.
  7. Pretty much two incidents at Berkeley as far as I've read. Hardly a nationwide phenomenon. And in the most recent incident the fascists were in the majority and won the street fight. But you're right I don't watch much news.
  8. You would have to explain, to me at least, what they are.
  9. Yeah if The Road puts you in a funk the his Blood Meridian (which some consider the greatest novel by a living American - I agree) would give you PTSD.
  10. I think it will be a lot sooner than that. I definitely think it will happen this year.
  11. Scum to be sure, but not much of a Muslim: "Muhammad hid out in a ravine after the motel shooting and practiced voodoo rituals. He told investigators that he was Muslim, but that he prays to seven different gods and hasn't been to a mosque in 25 years. On Tuesday, he headed to a store called The Brass Unicorn to buy some chrystals. But it was closed so he popped into a Starbucks where he learned he was wanted in the killing of the guard." At that pointed he decided to take as many white men as possible with him.
  12. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  13. These Tarantula Hawks are pretty common in the chaparral in SoCal. Fortunately they aren't ornery like a lot of wasps. They pretty much stick to hunting tarantulas. But they are scary big.
  14. Give it up. Genetic drift has precluded that.
  15. If I was truly going to embrace a victim it would be you. It's your fate to go through through life with that tiny flashlight bulb perched on your shoulders.