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  1. NASA Announcement Dec. 14 1pm EST

    Once you have enough exoplanets of a certain characteristic set, then you can pump all the rest of your data through a neural net and the total error is measured -- it's a twist on linear regression. The software identifies the most likely candidates to fit criteria and massively speeds up the entire process. There's more data than there is time to review it, so this is a shortcut.
  2. Roy Moore

    i live an insulated life.
  3. Roy Moore

    Because a man who most definitely might be a pedophile will be in a position to use his power to do even worse. We're not trying to send him to jail or do him harm. We just don't think he should be a senator.
  4. Roy Moore

    I stand corrected.
  5. Roy Moore

  6. Roy Moore

    I don't admit I'm doing so for entirely political reasons. I vote for republicans when I feel like they're good candidates and have done so in state, local, and presidential elections several times in the last 5 years. I voted Romney in 2012 and several Republican candidates for local Virginia positions. I'm morally opposed to gay marriage for crying out loud. I don't hate Republicans. I just think they've gone certifiably nuts with gun rights, taxes on the rich, governmental infrastructure spending and support, foreign diplomacy, and race relations. I think the 2nd amendment is here to stay but that much more gun control is needed and will be effective, that taxes aren't theft and supply side economics don't work, the internet/roads/utilities/education are public goods and need emotional and financial support from the state, that peace is better than war, and that Black Lives most definitely Matter. That doesn't make my disgust with Roy Moore political at all. I find that in the preponderance of evidence and my own bias toward believing accusers that Roy Moore is most likely guilty of what he's accused of. Namely: - He did something inappropriate with a 14 year old girl against her will. I don't believe her account is 100% accurate, but the situation that he found himself in is inappropriate and plain wrong. - He had sexual interest in younger girls and with their parents' permissions, dated them with varying degrees of physical intimacy - He signed Beverly Nelson's yearbook and left a statement to her beauty which on its own wouldn't mean much but in the face of other evidences means something more nefarious. Please note I am not saying this evidence would hold water in a court of law. I'm not a lawyer nor juror and he's not on trial. What we're evaluating is his fitness for office. Of all the things he's said and done, I find the the young girl thing the most unsettling and offensive.
  7. Roy Moore

    I think we missed the first line that says "willingly at least" it's oblique, but whatever.
  8. Roy Moore

    do you know what 'misogyny' means?
  9. Roy Moore

    i seriously don't know. if i try to see where they're coming from, i can appreciate how if you're already predisposed to disbelieve this sort of thing that the timing can appear to be contrived. and reacting as though we're trying to convict Roy Moore and sentence him rather than declare him unfit to run for office might also be part of the animus for their reactions. but i'm fascinated and unsettled by the whole "get a brain morans" tinge to their reasoning. both wonder boy above and wyoming coog are adamant that *WE* are the duped ones. that we are the fools, the stupid, the lacking intellect, the deceived. as though our regular posting histories and abilities to plumb a topic and engage in civil reasoning isn't evidence of our ability to think critically, but even more evidence of our idiocy. when someone has demonstrated solid reasoning and thinking to me and they arrive at a very different conclusion i virtually always re-evaluate my own approach and either change it or discover a reasonable position that while i may not agree with it, it's still tenable. i haven't seen that sort of demonstration from those who on this thread have attempted to discredit Beverly Nelson... not in the slightest... i just can't see a tenable position. creating room in your mind to believe that a 14-16 year old girl 'wanted it,' essentially -- she initiating the request to sign the yearbook, she boasting of it, she having nefarious purposes for it? that's MORE believable than a late 20s man having a hard-on for younger girls? i'm astounded anyone legitimately thinks this.
  10. Roy Moore

    this is so wrong. between the odds of it being the predatory older man and the predatory younger girl, you take the former.
  11. LoFasZz Needs Your Prayers

    that's hilarious and very sad.
  12. Roy Moore

    that's not a lie. the point is he wrote a creepy message. she didn't retract that.
  13. Roy Moore

    "it was video edited. he just fcked a blow up doll and they edited over the rest."
  14. Roy Moore

    where? where did she admit that she lied? where did she say "I, Beverly Nelson am speaking and say he wrote every single solitary word you see here." and then later on say "That was untrue." It's not there. She didn't do it. Her lawyer did.