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  1. Didn't watch so I can't QUITE give it an honest opinion, but it has EVERYTHING to do with this SDSU team. Closing out games is what we do- or DID.
  2. Sorry, I was too busy delousing your wife.
  3. 4-11 in the last 15 says otherwise
  4. @mugtang lock this one too. gives him another opportunity to pop off on NDSU
  5. Then we'd DEFINITELY want UND. NDSU doesn't even play. Sioux (F the Fighting Hawks) have 8 NCs and are defending champs
  6. We all get one when you pitch NDSU
  7. its your mom, not the weather, that keeps me indoors. (gonna be a man in motion, all i need is a pair of wheels)
  8. San SaJuck State is a turd, and UnLOLv is a turd with nuts. I wouldn't be too worried.
  9. Big Whoop. So we're 23-5 otherwise then since 2006. Quite frankly I don't remember 2013. I bet it UnLOLv fan was puffing out that chest at a win in Viejas. Making my point, you keep rising to the fly. UnLOLv is right. 3-11? Last place for the Weebles? 2 tournament wins in 25 years? Yeah, yer something else alright.
  10. welcome to 2017.
  11. NOW you're thinking about UnLOLv basketball! (and maybe your wife too)
  12. PUH-leeze. You should go 4-0
  13. you get them both at home
  14. Naming rights for the stadium yet? "New Belgium Stadium"?
  15. lemme add to this thread. Here's a shot of @Nevada Convert's mom from the weekend. hope it helps