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  1. Didn't see any gear at the airport today, but I did see a dude in a "Josh Allen is my boyfriend" t-shirt giving handjobs in the men's room for change. Something about "needing a ticket to the Fiesta Bowl" Pretty sure it was @LaradiseCowboy. He was a wimpy looking turd
  2. 1) You move SDSU to the Big West, and it automatically is on equal footing with the MWC. We bring along a Boise or UNLV? It becomes better. 2) It most certainly does. Look, people are tired of seeinh USUCKU on the schedule, and then the Aztecs running CHOO CHOO train on them. Same goes for over half this conference. Replacing San Suck State with a P5 and then beating them. Yes please. Better competition. More interest. More fans. More money. Give me byu's schedule in a heartbeat.
  3. We'll get what we want. 40k stadium and about 35-40 acres for campus expansion (the $$$ is there). If there was ANY vision in this city, they'd give us the entire site to develope. It's what they did for UCSD in the 50's, and look how that turned out, The economic impact on the region would double (some 10-11 billion) annually. Nothing even comes close. I expect our leadership (lets hope) to have their plan by end of July when the vote for special elections is up. Listen to this guy. He's kind of a SD big whig http://www.mighty1090.com/episode/malin-burnham-community-before-self/
  4. As am I. There's only a couple of schools that I'd be okay with moving forward. Colorado State is one
  5. At WORST it's s lateral step, and depending on who joins, a better step. Independent football, or AAC/Big 12 football membership in ANY capacity is exponentially better
  6. She must get what she wants.
  7. Hey little fella! They give you the booster chair at the local Weinerschnitzel this weekend? https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4a2_1375335948
  8. I think CSU is a school SDSU could (and would) work well with moving forward. You guys just need to do your own thinking without WHYome, Air Force, and New Mexico. You've outgrown them. Our situation is same with San Suck and Fresno
  9. Yep. Look for SDSU to walk out first
  10. Typed by someone who knows he's stuck and has ZERO chance at ANY betterment. So he'll hope and pray for the detriment of others that do. WHYome truly has the most to lose and it shows in his post. Others CAN (and will) do something.
  11. It's official. GoState is retarded.
  12. and we'll be gone. this is a non-starter. SDSU is NOT happy with out TV situation OR Boise's deal. Lots of rumblings about the MWC starting to get loud on the airwaves. Keeping the Aztecs happy may be what it takes to keep this conference together
  13. oh look, my homo stalker is quoting me again. I page worth of notifications to follow