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  1. well, it should be. top 10 fails of this board.
  2. Like your wife's looks. Rev up that Idaho-Idaho State rivalry
  3. chest puffed out, egg on the face, then backpedaling embarrassing. yes
  4. THATS a guarantee
  5. more predeictions from YOU? I figure you'd learn your lesson after your completely embarrassing byu to the Big XII guaranteed laugher.
  6. I sent your mom home son of a skank. they wouldn't let her on the bus because of her smell, so she'll be arriving by pack mule.
  7. I can answer that. Because most of what you freaks do, and believe, is whack
  8. LOL #softpatch
  9. nothing ironic about it. SDSU HAS options. WHYome doesn't. And you know its true. Sorry.
  10. LOL #softpatch
  11. Pac TWELVE expansion, not Pac TEN. I'll be sure to dance on your grave though- or at least piss
  12. Its kinda "a stay of execution"
  13. true. but not before we witness a Pac 12 expansion.
  14. Trick question? The answer is Both