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  1. Stop typing "y'all". You're not from the south. Makes you look stupid. Which, I admit, isn't hard to do.
  2. I hate it when my least doesn't get extended. Same thing happens when I'm with Nevada Convert's mom. The Magnum P.I. mustache is kind of a turnoff
  3. Only guarantee round these parts is your wife, a donkey, and 50 pesos
  4. We've dumped a ton into our athletic facilities the past decade. Weve already got funds raised/bookmarked and lose
  5. Well you either misunderstood, or he wasn't clear. $125 million in San Diego gets you Reno's dump. If we want something along the lines of Colorado State- & who wouldn't- t'll be way north of $200 million. I'm thinking $125 FROM SDSU and another $125 from MLS
  6. I honestly think Ute fans to a fan, could give a rip about ybu- other than to laugh their collective asses off at their predicament. Burn of the century. Thank you Utah! As for all MWC schools that schedule ybu, you should be ashamed- ESPECIALLY Boise.
  7. I'm not so sure, I can't get your wife's stank off me. Its worse than "Sex Panther". She smells like Bigfoot's dick- indeed.
  8. There is NO way we get a stadium built in San Diego for $125 million. Stop with that narrative. $200 million is pushing it. I'd imagine that Hirshman meant that we have $125 million to contribute to a partnership
  9. You're looking to be disappointed is more like it. WHYome goes back to normal next year- 5th place.
  10. certainly acting like one. Lemme guess, voted for Trump?
  11. You spend enough time on here to know what is going on in Mission Valley.
  12. I swear, this is an example of what I'm talking about- a message board simpleton. How many times has this been hashed and re-hashed?
  13. Nah. I've got my name tattooed on my balls, so when I rest them on your wife's chin she doesn't get confused.
  14. We'll need those two years while we build our stadium.