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  1. Denver is an okay fit in the BW with their academic standing and Olympic sports, highlighted by a Final Four in men's soccer and NCAA Tournament in volleyball this school year. While it's not a perfect match, it would work. Supposedly Denver is okay with travel subsidies. Adding baseball and softball, not so much. I like Denver. They might do both if the WCC ever offered them membership.
  2. The WAC's next addition is anyone's guess, but Mid-Major Madness hinted it could be targeting UCSD.
  3. NMSU's attendance would shoot up if they were here. They are a western school at their core.
  4. I think Grand Canyon would have to leave the WAC to entice Denver to return.
  5. You say it in jest, but that could very well happen.
  6. Cal Baptist will join the WAC on July 1, 2018 and start their transition to Division 1. They will be the ninth member of that conference. https://calbaptist.edu/news/cbu_to_move_to_western_athletic_conference http://wacsports.com/news/2017/1/12/NEWS_0112173725.aspx
  7. Nice. We host Tulane in baseball this year, played @ SMU for basketball and two years ago, UConn for men's soccer. A mini AAC tour of sorts
  8. It would be nice for Memphis to play us western schools once in a while.
  9. The assistant coach did the same thing last year. "He's a grown-ass man!"
  10. The family ties between you two schools is something else. Mano believes that in the early 80s UCSB stole Archibald's predecessor, Jerry Pimm, from the Utes and that is why we have never played them. Another story for another thread.
  11. I wanna play Utah. It's time to let go of the past, Mano. I promise you that we won't steal your coach this time - unless you give him away
  12. I recommend Snoopy. He can build you a case in no time.
  13. The last few years Utah has scheduled H&H with Boise. SDSU and Wichita State. It can be done. For the Wyoming's, Air Force's and SJSU's of the world, perhaps 2-for-1's might entice some of these power schools to visit your humble abode?
  14. In the meantime, the Chargers will be secondary tenants at the StubHub Center and their schedule built around the Galaxy's. http://www.latimes.com/sports/soccer/la-sp-galaxy-chargers-stubhub-center-20170112-story.html
  15. Having to play in an MLS stadium for a couple years, that's a new low even for Dean-O