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  1. He was obviously thinking Big West > American, at least for baseball. Reply back when one AAC team reaches the College World Series.
  2. UNLV recruiting

    We're out. Hamilton narrowed his list down to UNLV, Colorado, Ohio State, Nevada, ASU and Utah. https://mobile.twitter.com/bham_10/status/899802440119181314
  3. You tried to drink her skinny but she's still about 215
  4. OT: Larry Legend

    We also had Kevin McHale clothesline Kurt Rambis in the '84 Finals and didn't get rejected.
  5. Wagner transfer Corey Henson commits to Nevada

    Exactly. With over 350 D1 schools I bet you can find at least one player every year who transferred out of a power conference to a mid or low major. Good for Corey Henson and good for Nevada. I hope it works well for both parties. I think the OP whiffed here in an obvious trolling attempt. 0.5/10
  6. Tulane deprived the BW of $4 million worth of Boise travel subs and extra tournament credits. At least our baseball coach came to his senses. After the 2016 CWS he flew to New Orleans supposedly to interview for the Tulane job, and immediately turned around to go home without interviewing.
  7. Thompson at 19 years - Stability and Success

    http://blogs.mercurynews.com/collegesports/2012/03/26/fbs-realignment-m-day-becomes-a-day-for-the-mwc-c-usa-and-what-that-would-mean-for-the-wac-and-sun-belt/ According to sources: * The NCAA told the MWC and C-USA that it would award the merged league only one AQ berth to postseason events. So instead of two 8-10 team leagues and two AQs, there would be one 16+ team league with only one AQ. It also turns out that, because one conference would have legally dissolve itself in order to join the other — or they’d both have to dissolve to form a newly-named league — the NCAA Tournament revenue would be returned to the schools that earned it. Memphis, for example, would keep its money from March Madness, instead of that cash going to C-USA.
  8. Thompson at 19 years - Stability and Success

    IIRC, the merged conference would have only one guaranteed auto bid.
  9. CBS Sports Bracketology

    Anyone with a strong non-conference showing has a chance.
  10. CBS Sports Bracketology

    two bids can happen cuz
  11. Idaho tried to move up back in the 70s and the PCAA/Big West was ready to accept them. I think the SBOE blocked them?
  12. Olympic sports also usually means baseball, volleyball, men's and women's soccer, etc.
  13. This isn't about hoops but since you went there... Top ten rankings or not, the Mountain West has been a one bid, one-and-done league the last two years while the Big West has earned more tournament credits. That's the bottom line. I think in 2015 and 2016 the Big West was ranked between 13-17 by Sagarin. 2017 was a fluke.
  14. Frog, every conference has their ups and downs. I'd be more worried about holding onto Cincy or UConn than proclaiming American superiority over anyone. One of those schools leave and you're in a world of hurt.
  15. i'll rephrase that to be 100% clear. most "p6" teams in warm weather have baseball. SMU is not one of them and it's a shame.