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  1. Non-MWC game thread week 8

  2. So literally all positives for one, and all negatives for another? For near exact concepts? This is why it is hard to take you at face value. Now, discuss the negatives for the first, and the positives for the second.
  3. Battle for the Oil Can

    Good mornin, Aztecs Win one for Ables!
  4. Wyo @ Boise State

    Very true. Their secondary has been their weak spot. Your OLine needs to give Allen just enough time and good things can happen routinely. A la the UVA game.
  5. SDSU Fans- mini helmet?

    Are you ready to send me your personal info? And I don't do helmet bets. I will do beer bets, but we need to meet for that. @retrofade, where you at?
  6. Wyo @ Boise State

    Eh, they were just the better team that day, and they capitalized on our deficencies and mistakes. If Wyo can play mistake-free football, you already would have a leg up on SDSU, by comparison. And Allen is more mobile, so he can make a bigger impact on the game.
  7. What he means to say is that it goes with the Cal State signed-off campus master plan. There has not been an appropriations meeting. But this fits exactly for what Cal State has given its agreeance on, in terms of SDSU expansion. And it will likely be mostly CSU-backed bonds, not 100% taxpayer money, to fund the construction. And no, I do not know the income streams tied to the payback. It is early in the game, and I am an outsider.
  8. Wyo @ Boise State

    God Allen is but one man. Boise atone's for last Year's wyo game. But they will look and play worse than what they showed in SD.
  9. Support the troops & their grieving widows

    That is for certain.
  10. SDSU Fans- mini helmet?

    Giving out addresses for anonymous board members to know and send things. Smart.
  11. Did you just build lies for SDSU, so you could "expose" them?
  12. MWC BB - Full conference schedule?

    Don't schedule Southern Utah then. In the current scheduling concept, the good teams miss a bad team. It is all but assured a good team is getting at least one anchor moving to 20.
  13. MWC BB - Full conference schedule?

    Getting rid of two cupcakes = adding two MWC cupcakes. No conference outside of Big Ten and ACC should even think about 20.
  14. I'd believe you can make a model that, like you say, is not finalized, but is essentially at the structural 90%. That could build materials cost, space requirement, and build time assumptions. Plus, you need something to show a town that needs to buy in.
  15. Support the troops & their grieving widows

    I thought it seemed like the logical conclusion. He isnt phoning people to say anything that ridiculous. That said, he should just sign the heartfelt letter one of his staffers draft up. He clearly has a communication issue.
  16. The Nazis are coming to UF

    If they only treated him like one of those sign-holding holy rollers, this would be a non-issue. $500k for security is hilariously pathetic
  17. Battle for the Oil Can

    We will do our part to ensure it isn't colocated with the majestic screwdriver trophy.
  18. Battle for the Oil Can

    Good to see Fresno doing well. Should be a great rivalry game.
  19. Coaches poll is out...

    Wat. It was a bad loss, but not that bad.
  20. Congrats Boise State

    Well, they play each other.... But USF has played no one. I will root for UCF.
  21. Best QB in the MW?

    I never had, but what is funnier is watching you bump a months old thread for some odd reason.
  22. Best QB in the MW?

    You bumped a thread for this argument?
  23. Are Jehovah's Witness NFL Players Required to Stand?

    I think the point is valid, regardless of your diminishing post. The POTUS shouldn't be saying some of the things he has and any other POTUS would have caught justified hell for it.
  24. BSU @ SDSU Live game thread

    Congrats to BSU. They had great play in the trenches, and they didn't make the mistakes. We may be doing this again.
  25. Oh, I didn't know what your post was about. I am around, just busy ramblin around, mostly.