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  1. SUDS FB: What Happens After Rocky Long

    I am more worried about post-Fisher than I will be post-Rocky.
  2. Those are a good idea. Did them for UNC gamedays. A decent alternative/addition to your tailgating. Never heard of any of them either, all locals?
  3. Is my company messed up?

    Think he would go against Thad Castle's rules for sending a good DP?
  4. Season Ticket Sales

    Most schools scan to see if they are real, but report distributed tickets. Some Nevada fans say they don't but there has been enough recent evidence to suggest most here (and nationally) report distributed. EmptySeatsGalore makes a living off of showing the discrepancy between reported and the eyeballs.
  5. Season Ticket Sales

  6. Is my company messed up?

    He didn't view himself as "in business". Point still stands.
  7. Is my company messed up?

    You have to give someone something to throw you under the bus over. What did you do?
  8. Season Ticket Sales

    Especially considering that single game tickets will never not be an option with Qualcomm.
  9. Is my company messed up?

    Don't dox me, bro.
  10. Is my company messed up?

    When the meeting partners are late, you hit on the receptionist. Everyone in business knows this.
  11. I start a new job in a few weeks

  12. Gotdammit, Jorts. It's hard to counter shit when you can bring up the Gators, and how you aren't a Wyo alum. There needs to be a recusal function for discussions like this.
  13. Gym bans Cops and military

    I don't know why, but that reminds me of a Hannibal Burress joke. "I have to ask him questions, because I don't know if he is a war hero, or if he can just do more pushups then me. Excuse me sir........ why are you in full uniform in this Applebee's right now? No war is happening over these chicken strips right now. You look like an asshole.... But thank you for your service."
  14. Who here can stop CSUs offense?

    I don't think CSU will make it to the conference championship game, so I suppose this is a moot subject for SDSU.
  15. I am sure there is a logical explanation for this....
  16. Would you be eligible to immigtrate to US?

    Pretty strict standards, I ain't getting in. Luckily I fell out of a womb in MN. Me and the rest of you drooling knuckledraggers, embrace our American privilege.
  17. Retirement Crisis

    Fortunately, the writing was on the wall for all of these programs, so there will be no shock to the 80's babies and beyond. It must have been nice to be carefree about retirement, but times, well, they are a-changin'....... Not only unsustainable, detrimental. Most governments are bleeding money because of pensions. Many of us blame frivolous spending on governmental ineptitude (which there still most certainly is), but pension payments have been gutting budgets.
  18. Hey, San Diego Fans

    Freson fans are getting beat like a drum in their own troll thread.
  19. Season tickets sold out at CSU.

    I feel like this argument could be solved if you merely went to their website and shopped for a season ticket.
  20. A deduction for you ? Not so fast bub !

    Good for Trump. Dead serious.
  21. MLS sold all licensing rights, including its subsidiaries, to Adidas. All of it. Not just jerseys. Why are we attempting to compare an entire farm's sale to someone else who sold a few acres?
  22. That was fast

  23. Pick 10 Team Gray

    I should not have let you slide on the 24 hour rule, I even had a pic That said, I hope KU can surprise me with a bowl eligible season. Kansas
  24. Pick 10 Team Gray

    @madmartigan You are up.
  25. Pick 10 Team Gray