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  1. **UPDATED 5/31** Team Overall Record Conference Record New Mexico 30-27-1 19-9-1 Regular Season Champ San Diego State 41-9-0 20-10-0 Tournament Champ Fresno State 35-25-0 18-12-0 Nevada 19-36-0 13-16-0 Air Force 27-26-0 12-17-0 San Jose State 19-35-1 10-18-1 UNLV 20-36-0 10-20-0 Next Week's Games Opponent Time Media #4 Seed San Diego State Friday, June 02, 2017 # 1 Seed Long Beach State 8 pm PT ESPN2 Saturday, June 03, 2017 TBD Either 1 pm or 7 pm PT ESPN3 Sunday, June 04, 2017 TBD (if qualifying) Either 1 pm or 7 pm PT ESPN3 Monday, June 05, 2017 TBD (if qualifying) 8 pm PT ESPN3
  2. Don't +++++ with LSU in Omaha. 13-1 probably cursed OSU.
  3. All SEC affair. @Joe from WY congrats to your Gators.
  4. Hess is only a freshman?
  5. Home run LSU. 3-1
  6. Still talking about the Kwan play. Muting....
  7. 4 consecutive dirtballs gave OSU that 1
  8. If any game was booked prior to a day that slips me, but in 2017, then those are exempted from travel ban. Fresno's beating is still a go.
  9. Well, we announce distributed, not BITS. That's what they are going for.
  10. teamfog

    I updated the last two picks to add photos.
  11. Tall guys next to you are putting their knees in your space. Or the tall guy in front of you is going to stand all game.
  12. I am "Stunned" by this awesome idea. Just waiting on the #1 picture.
  13. He probably remembers all the times SDSU fans have booed him. Aztecs fuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkkkkkkkeeeedddddddddddddddddd.
  14. Only Oliver on a couple mock boards that I have seen, all late 2nd. UCLA's and dooks number of draftees highlight what could have been for them. dook never got it together, and UCLA ran into a UK team out for revenge, but still has to be rough to have all that talent and little to show for it.
  15. I remember I used to be able to work dock install/removal, landscaping, and any other non-dangerous blue collar job during the summer months in high school. A lot of states are trying to eliminate job experience like that for kids. After graduating high school, likely only a fraction of kids know or appreciate what the construction and blue-collar industries offer. They have been mindfricked into taking every AP class under the sun to get to college, and service jobs like waitstaff and retail for customer service experience. So the ones with the aptitude to be awesome electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and refer folks are pigeon holed into universities and service jobs. What else do they know? Yes, a broad brush, I know.
  16. I'm tall. Absolutely despise bleacher backs. It takes a couple inches from the aisle.
  17. LOL at Cousins getting that much.
  18. Minnesota has the cash to do that. But for a G5, putting chairbacks in the upper deck is cost-prohibitive (honestly, what would the return factor be?) and rarely, if ever, done. To CSU's defense, they did in fact chairback nearly the endzone to endzone of the home side. The other side in the lower bowl is the student section, no reason to give them chairs. I don't see the problem, in the end.
  19. Bleachers in a college football stadium? By and large, don't see a problem. A few seats in the baller section and sell the temp seats to those who want them. Students are straight bleacher, stand your asses up.
  20. Sort of like everyone but OSU it seems
  21. They looked great yesterday. Solid pitching, solid fielding.
  22. teamfog

    It's a snake draft where you select teams you think will have the best overall record at the end of the year. You should take in account schedule difficulty, not having your teams playing each other a lot, and all that line making jazzamatazz.
  23. I wanted to look at your banners and found this shot of an impressively packed volleyball game. But why are you hanging football banners in a basketball gym?