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  1. BSU's GoFundMe page to fill the stands

    I am sure you thought this was a slight at SDSU, but you essentially slighted your school's price gouging tactics and poor indication of its understanding of basic economics. With those two factors, I suggest you try those fireworks. Everyone loves fireworks.
  2. MWC Attendance figures

  3. MWC Attendance figures

    I think a few Bolt fans have been on the fence still. The two P12 wins may have their attention. If we can get out of CSprings with a W, we may seem them at the BUY game. Hopefully it'll be 35k for that if we are undefeated. And I mean in the stands. The students showed what a difference they can make, and hope most will come back.
  4. Nazi gets knocked the f out

    And in a two-bird scenario, the puncher needs to face consequences to learn arbitrarily bringing violence has them.
  5. Nazi gets knocked the f out

    Black guy was exercising his free speech.
  6. SDSU

    Yep. Lot of games left, including what may be our toughest remaining on Saturday. Hoping the party is over, and they are back on the grind.
  7. I'll take Chapman over Golden Boy any day

    I agree with your opening sentence. It is why it's near unanimous in Aztecland that he is a game manager. And he is doing great in his role. The responsibilities between Chap and Allen are vastly different. But the supporting talent indeed dictates the success for both.
  8. Congrats San Diego St

    It wouldn't even be a question. I would be there in a heartbeat. LV Bowl or better and I will be going.
  9. Congrats San Diego St

    It feels nice to actually help the MWC in football. We admittedly have been zeo help with our OOC in my time cheering for the Red n black.
  10. I'll take Chapman over Golden Boy any day

    Josh shouldn't have been hanging around Johnny Eightball. Not even God Allen is immune to Hurricane Manziel.
  11. Long may they reign

    You care, and that is what is important.
  12. Long may they reign

    The vocal minority.
  13. Aztecs fans post here

    Sounds like you could use a beer.
  14. Aztecs fans post here

    Only a handful of teams have done "much", so I will take the positives as they come.
  15. Aztecs fans post here

    Thank you, much appreciated. Best of luck in the Big Sky. Finally get to play your rivals instead of random teams in the southeast. Not a bad consolation for your fans.