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  1. It's San Diego, somehow, some way, empty seats will abound.
  2. Don't want to be just another team to lose to a team that lost to SOUTH ALABAMA? Pretty much the rest of the conference has felt it, come on, join the club!
  3. Can we not muck this one up, fellas?
  4. Well, at least the fans aren't bored. 18-10
  5. Single Shot Homer, SDSU up 18-9
  6. Nice DP.
  7. Could have used these runs a few days ago, but if we can hold the dogs off, that would be the best way to start this off.
  8. Because those Mercedes drivers are going to switch to Ford?
  9. I know a few who don't. They don't drive, and never leave their area and everyone knows them. I suppose they just don't need/want them. In both rural and urban areas.
  10. I know, it's like how everyone but bus fans think Bronco Stadium is a shitty one.
  11. USU fans could get a sigh of relief that they wouldn't have to get dismantled by SDSU football anymore, so I suppose we can understand your giddiness.
  12. Oh sure, Ludacris can do it, and everyone loves it, but as soon as Trump does it, we have a problem!
  13. I read that yesterday. So dang Florida.