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  1. teamfog

    Eastern Michigan. No pic. If you can find one, post it. @AztecSU.
  2. That math doesn't seem to work out if 190 was the record. Phenomenal job, regardless.
  3. I could not care less about a MWC vs AAC bowl game. They are their thing, we are ours. I want good matchups, so I am MWC vs everyone. MWC had good years, CUSA had good years, AAC had good years. Supremacy has proven to be a come-and-go thing.
  4. teamfog

  5. I don't know..........he brought this one up, not SDSU fans.
  6. Probably right. You may just have to push OSU aside and CSU-Michigan can stake its proper place in the annals of CFB.
  7. When CSU decides to check the "Yes, No, Maybe" box for the Big Ten, it will shoot up to the top, and will replace Ohio State-Michigan as The Game.
  8. If you want an ouch moment, Memphis fans list Louisville, Ole Miss, and Tennessee as their top three rivals, overwhelmingly. They got 3 points in reciprocation. Total.
  9. Highly rated at Mizzou. That and Poopswastika Art History.
  10. I have to wonder what degrees these folks think are getting offered nowadays? Liberal chemistry? Snowflake finance? Safe space engineering?
  11. Which ever one can fit at least SJSU's attendance numbers. Lots to choose from in San Diego.
  12. Also complain that the abundance of beautiful women in the student section make it hard to follow the game, and forces you to frivolously waste money on tickets for Florida football.
  13. I was laughing my ass of reading his melt.
  14. If Minnesota could ever get their shit together, I am sure they would love another Heartland rivalry. Bits o' Broken Chair was amusing, but it was no more than a gimmick.
  15. Reading the collection method, the college football fan surveys were compiled in 2013. So, the gap may have certainly grown.