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  1. Hipster.
  2. You are as good as the info you had before you stepped in. That would include the wars and Gitmo. You have to walk back something if you get better intel. He listened to his staff, and you have issue with that? The wheels of Arab Spring were set in motion long before SOFA and before Obama so that region was fricked already. You want someone to barrel through a campaign promise when he finds out its a bad idea? That's silly. He never promised harmony and the end of racial tension so you can remove that as well. It's left to healthcare, which I don't believe we are disagreeing on. But, he got the major forces out of Iraq (it was going to go to hell no matter when we left anyways). Promise kept. Major forces out of Afghanistan. Way longer than expected. Promise not really kept. Reformation of healthcare. Promise kept. Environmental policy. Promise kept. Whether you choose to like them, there you go. I don't agree with them all, but you can't say he didn't keep at least one.
  3. I mean, he could have had Putin's belly button bouncing between his eyes like our current man does.
  4. Was he supposed to magically make everyone friends, and end wars in regions that have essentially always been in conflict? I say he failed at what I believe to be a good idea in getting healthcare to the masses, and found him to actually be smart and listen to the experts which resulted in keeping troops on the ground over there for as long as reasonably possible (especially after the boondoggled SOFA in Iraq) and keep Gitmo open. You essentially had expectations of him not listening to staff, and doing a social paradigm shift never even coming close to have been achieved. Your hopes in Trump need to be exponentially lower. The big policy failure is ACA, and even that is being accepted in parts for the exact tenets he campaigned on.
  5. Where can I buy the magic wand, and have we delivered that to Trump to MAGA yet?
  6. You know how when people break up with their girlfriends, they start to only remember the good times. Yeah, that's what this is.
  7. Do you want her back? I have heard rumors that certain folks are scared of following that.
  8. Still melting, even with Trump in office?
  9. He at least tried to put together a healthcare plan that was more than emergency only. Pushed it way too fast and too much muck was pushed into it by all parties. Enacted policy to help Veterans into the workforce. Put up with a lot of hate, much of which had little to do with his policies, with about as much patience as possible. Sweet jumpshot. Needs to work on throwing a baseball though. Called Kanye a jackass while president. Would frick you up with the military. Was not afraid to change his opinions on immediately pulling people out of the wars and closing Gitmo once he had actual information. Would actually call out inner-city crime, right in those communities.
  10. Pictures are creepy as frick, but I don't think it's going to that extreme. At least, I really hope it doesn't. I would know we reach true Idiocracy mode if that were the case.
  11. When you are right, you are right.
  12. I thank myself everyday for not getting caught up with a mistake.
  13. We have been telling Boise basketball to do that. Should be listening to us............
  14. Wrong team. We go with "we are behind the camera" Everyone uses the before kickoff.
  15. So scared of rain? I'll allow it.