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  1. Just a fecking choke of a 9th for SDSU.
  2. Ugh, SDSU gives up a one run homer to the buttchuggers in the top of the 9th. Down 5-4, still T9
  3. Aloof to the students in the audience, extremely pretentious when students would shake his hand and thank him for coming out and was appearing to revel in being condescending during Q&A. Pretty disappointed in his vibe. Perhaps he had an off-day, but left a bad impression.
  4. No, i have been to one of his guest lectures. He is an asshole. Being an asshole doesn't change the fact you may be good at something. It just means you're an asshole.
  5. Leave every night during the workweek. It's what they do in TJ to get to SD, and what New Jersey folks have to do to with Manhattan.
  6. The 16's in the play ins are typically conference tourney winners. But we aren't going to get those. Those are for the absolute bottom of the barrel, and we may suck, but we don't SWAC or MEAC suck.
  7. Nope. They gone too.
  8. UCLA has the best shot. Zona won't go past S16. Oregon could reach FF, but UCLA seems to have the better balance to face an assortment of teams.
  9. So we can get rid of the Montreal and Toronto Canadians, and those liver-ravaged vodka hounds from the east bloc? Sahweet. MAGA
  10. Have we decided to export the Canucks and Euros that are here illegaly as well? What will our efforts be in the north and northeast?
  11. Waste of time, waste of money. Sounds like good ol' swamping taking place!
  12. "You use strippers to recruit to your program!" "You suck!"
  13. I don't know how we would recoup enough to cover the cost of that. And I don't know why a country would pay us for holding random people who left their country.
  14. Hopefully it is just a pendulum swing.