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  1. I love that you used that gif! Ticker says it all!
  2. Makes the current iteration of Aztec football pretty nice.
  3. FBSSchedule shows only two games for AAC v P5, not four. But I won't argue that they don't have a slightly better lineup, especially the amount of games. It will be interesting to see what happens when we fill our guarantees this year. I will guess we go to NOLA bowl, but after that....
  4. If you are gonna just tear down the stadium, can SDSU scrap it for parts first? Never saw an issue with SB but the location. But that location is crappy.
  5. VandalPride, obviously.
  6. He played basketball, but Certainly on par with CSU, Air Force, and leaps and bounds better than SJSU. Nowhere near the quality of the upper echelon arenas in the MWC though.
  7. Oddly enough, my cousin played at Angelo State. Would have been nice to have him come to SD while I was there.
  8. No reason to edit. AAC is the MW of the east, and vice versa. We know it, they know it. We all know it. Neither of us will be making P5 dough or have P5 success. Big 12 will come down to G5 level as soon as OU and UT leave for greener pastures, and KU lands in likely the Big Ten. The rest will cobble together some Big 12 lite (well, liter than they already are). MWC and AAC won't leapfrog them, and Big 12 will be in the purgatory in between.
  9. Well, there we go. A fellow G5 guy with great interest in the MWC. Of course, it makes too much sense in hindsight.
  10. Thank you for clarifying you are an aac fan. Now I know why you love you some MWC! Best of luck for your merry little band of G5's out east. We will try to represent for us fellow little guys out west.
  11. Well we certainly thank you for your interest in Mountain West athletics. It is a touching tribute, a roast of love, if you will.
  12. Insert a Brazzers symbol in camo pattern.
  13. Have a title update. And
  14. FF is sure triggered this morning
  15. Thanks for the updates throughout the season @wolfpack1