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  1. Lol the offseason is definitely in full swing
  2. Wasn't that a later year? Cause I know the year Boise made the at large, UNLV lost to Cal in the first round and CSU beat an 8/9 seed.
  3. UConn will be in Reno next year for a game
  4. And Muss coming back was the most important part Glad I got to watch this guy these last couple of years, and I wish him the best in the NBA, he was a big part in getting Lawlor rocking again
  5. raiders to vegas

    I thought 55 was already gonna be in LA? Thought I read that at least This is pretty awesome though. Ill always be a Niners fan still too, but I've never been too into the NFL so this gives me a real reason to. A damn fun raiders team right now to watch as well. Grew up always hearing about how we'd never get the NFL to come near us in vegas
  6. Taller than our non regulation FG posts
  7. fuk you guys #WinForVin
  8. Yeah? Did that game prove you right like usual?
  9. Man, I forgot how much these hurt Good game ISU
  10. Pumped, let's go PACK
  11. USC coming back
  12. Spread seems a little big IMO
  13. Lots of NIT upsets tonight
  14. Dave Rice Lol I'm travelling with the band staff. Pfister hotel is pretty cool. Need to find some good food around here Also its fuking cold