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  1. Nevada vs CSU

    Yeah he should've had that easily, oh well
  2. Nevada vs CSU

    I miss Zuzo..
  3. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    +++++ing crazy. Glad my dad wasn't working tonight
  4. Idaho State at Nevada

    Stupid stream died and didn't even see the TD Oh well, nothing more to see here
  5. Idaho State at Nevada

    Looked like he was down, Idk
  6. Idaho State at Nevada

    Think Nevada might fair better against an Andy Dalton led Bengals
  7. Idaho State at Nevada

    This basketball pre-season stuff is weird
  8. Toledo at Nevada

    Can't catch a break jesus..
  9. Toledo at Nevada

  10. Toledo at Nevada

    Gotta capitalize now
  11. BREAKING: Aaron Judge Wins Home Run Derby

    I was hoping Bellinger would win, but damn hard to be upset watching Judge hit those 500ft+ dongs. Love it
  12. Sanchez sure did a good job of letting hotdog polian kick his ass right before getting fired tho
  13. Musselman becomes highest paid MWC coach

    Context is important though. Took over a 9-win team. Program was a mess after far too many years of Carter. Lawlor's attendance got pretty rough. The jury is still out on ceiling of course, but I think it's a risk we had to take IMO.