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  1. Good game Falcons
  2. Oliver in foul trouble? Statline just looks like he hasn't played as much as usual
  3. Didn't see a thread yet. Anyone got a stream for the game? Was gonna go to Lawlor but got stuck at work.
  4. Reminds me of Nevada football in 2012 I think. Good leads blown late in the 4th quarter all year. Started with LA Tech to end the previous year, then USF, SDSU, and capped it off with blown 21 point leads to Arizona in the New Mexico bowl. It just got ridiculous
  5. Thankfully Hall starts practicing again Tuesday
  6. Good game Pokes, tough place to get a road win
  7. Hard fall there
  8. Good to see Fenner back in the action
  9. Playing a little sloppy
  10. So stoked he's only a sophomore
  11. Most points by any Lobo opponent at The Pit I think I read too?
  14. WOW I can't believe he made that!
  15. Definitely, good game Lobos. I do like seeing the team not quit even in a game that got so out of hand. Carter teams would've been in the locker room mentally a long time ago.