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  1. fuk you guys #WinForVin
  2. Yeah? Did that game prove you right like usual?
  3. Man, I forgot how much these hurt Good game ISU
  4. Pumped, let's go PACK
  5. USC coming back
  6. Spread seems a little big IMO
  7. Lots of NIT upsets tonight
  8. Dave Rice Lol I'm travelling with the band staff. Pfister hotel is pretty cool. Need to find some good food around here Also its fuking cold
  9. On the plane with the team, about to leave Reno. Never been anywhere midwest so Milwaukee should be interesting
  10. Yeah I would've loved to get a shot at St Marys later, not the first game in the season with a bunch of new players
  11. Especially when you consider not making a sweet 16 is no guarantee of him staying, rather we go as far as he can take us
  12. I'm really excited to see how Hall develops, even in just the last view games he's shown some big strides
  13. Yeah most of them seem to be looking right past Purdue too lol
  14. Then they'll look at the second half vs Fresno where we shot 80%
  15. Yeah that situation against Cal was BS