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  1. Lack of notable wins is the difference. It sucks the way the schedule turned out, but it is what it is. Let's win the MW tournament and not leave it in the hands of the committee
  2. Lol a little early there bud
  3. Oliver and Fenner with 3 fouls each
  4. That's a CBI Championship banner you mean!!
  5. Nevada up 45-30 at the half
  6. Yeah didn't look like a foul to me, but I'm sitting pretty far up so dunno Edit: yeah no foul
  7. My dad got some free tickets from his station so going to the game. Maybe we'll see more of Ramsey today? Weird how little he's played recently
  8. Lol that's not how proof works
  9. 6 years of David Carter, that's why. He wasn't even a great coach in his 3 years we were still the WAC by those standards. He only finished 1st in 2012 propped up by Olek Czyz, Dario Hunt, and Burton. Nevada has been solid under Johnson, Fox, and now Musselman, but Carter is much better as an assistant coach, like Noodles
  10. I voted Reno because I would attend the tourney of course if it was there, but the tourney should stay in Vegas IMO
  11. Yeah I had a game freeze up on me several times. Was stuck in the 9th too well after the game actually finished
  12. Crazy fun game. Never felt safe til it was over. Good game Broncos
  13. Man duncan raining 3's
  14. Basket counted
  15. Always happens against us lol. Pack getting sloppy the last 5 minutes