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  1. Da Da Comrades!!!
  2. John M. Browning, the inventor of the M1918 BAR inspects his invention. The development of the rifle started in early 1917. It was supposed to replace the foreign machine guns that the American troops were relying on like the M1909 Benét–Mercié.
  3. Football team of the Polish Legions in 1916.
  4. n observer of the Royal Flying Corps in a reconnaissance aircraft. Aerial observation technology developed fast during the war because having an idea about the enemy defences could be the deciding factor in an attack. In the beginning pilots would use hand drawn sketches or fly different manoeuvres to communicate with the artillery. But soon aerial cameras where used to document trench networks.
  5. affy Mac Is this the planning for Vimy? Like · Reply · 2 · January 12 at 4:24am The Great War - The Online Video Series believe so, yes. Just starting to read up about it. Like · Reply · January 12 at 4:33am Daffy Mac Do you mind if I share this to my book page? Like · Reply · January 12 at 4:34am The Great War - The Online Video Series Daffy Mac The image is public domain, so by all means go ahead. Like · Reply · 2 · January 12 at 4:34am
  6. On this day 100 years ago, a coded telegram was sent by German foreign secretary Arthur Zimmermann to German Ambassador to Mexico, Heinrich von Eckardt. In this telegram, Zimmermann instructed von Eckardt to offer Mexico a military alliance and financial support against the United States should they not remain neutral. This was a possibility since Germany was about to unleash unrestricted submarine warfare. Military History Visualized German Military Intelligence was and probably will always be a joke... see also a few years ago when somebody stole the plans for the new BND office... Like · Reply · 21 · January 16 at 4:16am The Great War - The Online Video Series they also stole faucets worth a lot of money from the construction site.
  7. A really good close up shot of an Austrian made Mauser action sniper rifle with attached scope. Comment by Antoni"Steyr made them under German license. They also exported them - Chile bought their Modelo 1912s in 7x57mm Spanish.
  8. I don't have a ticket yet but I'll get one and will be there. I expect a good Saturday crowd! I expect the Pack team to be more fired up than they were last night vs. the Flyboys. https://www.yelp.com/topic/fresno-why-does-fresno-suck
  9. Nevada got lazy and were out-worked by the Flyboys in the 2nds half. I don't know why they do that....lazy? The Lawlor crowd is slowly re-learning to make more noise. We're wimps compared to the Eastern/Midwest coast home courts.
  10. this is whats going down your leg.....
  11. new Nevada baseball unis for Mondays!!!. Cool.
  12. UNLV recruiting...