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  1. yeah that's an awful UNLV team right now. But they'll figure it out. All I give a damn about now the tourney. And I will be at the CSU game .... but even that game is essentially BS right now.
  2. It's good for the Wolf Pack to play at the T&M so close to the tourney start.
  3. cool picture. Seems staged... A German cavalry horse being spooked by a shell burst. Early in the war?
  4. ok History buffs. Back up! Apparently the German submarine campaign was working in screwing up England. England had food issues ! (and soon the US would say F U to Germany) http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=9404E4DE123BEE3ABC4C51DFB466838C609EDE
  5. Yeah we see that on the Bay Area newscast we get here. Awful! And that water is full of nasty nasty stuff.
  6. aaah would be great to make it to Sacramento!
  7. ok thanks. I thought I posted something bad or just to many pictures too often. ::::Guilt complex ::
  8. FYI, the speed seems ok. but as of last week I cannot copy any images to posts. Maybe I was posting too many?, quota? content? its OK, I just wont anymore.
  9. Taking the focus from his nasty loss?? Impossible to believe he hasn't heard that 188,000 times before and somehow this guy 'got to" him!!?
  10. nice game.
  11. Half Bronco half dildo.
  12. BSU killing it with their 3's.
  13. is Marshall a chucker or what?
  14. People really like to beee-yatch I guess.
  15. hearty Congrats!