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  1. Pat Kelsey will likely now go to Dayton ? (ii's his home state)
  2. ex President Taft.... In the German Reichstag, socialist (SPD) deputy Fritz Kunert blames Kaiser Wilhelm and Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg for starting the war and says he’d be proud if Germany made such progress as Russia has. The US rejects Germany’s proposed protocols interpreting the 1799 and 1828 US-Prussia treaties in ways that would allow all German nationals in the US (well over a million of them) to go about their business with no restrictions in the event of a war. If war is declared, Princeton will immediately suspend all athletics. But they probably won’t shut down the whole university for the duration (or let in women).
  3. Now that the US has broken the ice, Britain, France and Italy also recognize the new Russian government. Russia will abolish the flogging and chaining of prison inmates. Headline of the Day -100:
  4. This is one of our favorite images from history. In 1917, 650 soldiers from Remount Depot 326 formed this stunning tribute to all of the horses lost in World War I. Brings a tear to your eye! This is taken at Camp Cody in Deming, New Mexico.
  5. Kelsey went to Xavier. Maybe that is why. ---------------------------------------------------- There are also legal matters in play. According to UMass AD Bamford, a buyout clause within Kelsey's stipulates the coach will owe UMass $1 million over the next two seasons, although he said it's unclear how the buyout will be resolved. "At 3:30 this afternoon, Pat Kelsey asked to be released from his employment agreement at UMass which was executed on Tuesday," Bamford said in a prepared statement at a Thursday press conference. "After speaking with Pat about his decision, I honored his request and we are now working through how this impacts our executed Memorandum of Understanding ... Again, his reasons were personal in nature. I know that the unforeseen circumstances surrounding his decision were not in our control. At this time, we will resume our search for the next leader of our program." When asked specifically about the financial aspect of the agreement, Bamford said Kelsey's MOU contained standard buyout language found in most coaching contracts, but declined to go into specifics. "This is so new and fresh that I want to make sure we have time to sit and talk about that with our university leadership and with coach Kelsey and his representatives before we make any statement that may affect that legally," he said. A Memorandum of Understanding is an agreement between two parties that typically precedes an official Employment Agreement. According to the Daily Hampshire Gazette, Kelsey accepted a five-year contract offer from UMass that would have paid $800,000 per year on average. He made $250,000 per year at Winthrop. Bamford was asked if Kelsey's buyout clause with UMass included language regarding Kelsey potentially taking a job with another school. It doesn't speak to specific jobs," Bamford said. "It just speaks to his responsibility to buy the contract out once he has executed that agreement. For the first two years of the execution, it was a $1 million buyout." Bamford was then asked if the University expects to receive some, or all, of Kelsey's buyout. "I don't know," he said. "I can't confirm. I think by legal agreement, yes, but can't confirm that we will or when." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. UCLA plays tomorrow. I can see him going to Indiana.
  7. I have no doubt the Rebels will be back in force.
  8. ok, my point about this thread is that if you look at history on a daily level.... what happened then can be seen as happening right now in our world. Only the weapons are different. People back then are like people now. Delusional, sometimes dumb, stubborn, sometimes greedy, angry, and scared. Governments use the same tactics now as back them. Only the technology is different. Back then all the people had was 2 editions of the daily newspaper to read. (if they lived in a big city). There were no radio broadcasts yet. But they were only a few years away.
  9. German U-boat sinks an American oil tanker that was destined for the Netherlands. Germany obviously doesn't give a flying sh*t anymore! Germany knows the US Army is small and sux, and it will take about a year for them to be in the trenches in force. But they think they can win by then. http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=9C0CEEDC143AE433A25750C2A9659C946696D6CF
  10. Tote Ratten und Mäuse. "Dead rats and mice" http://histomil.com/download/file.php?id=41222
  11. Russian Women's Battalion of Death http://histomil.com/download/file.php?id=41139
  12. WTF? vv http://histomil.com/download/file.php?id=40858
  14. PH = lousiest troll ever.