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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Everyone loves this holiday, not so commercialized, with good food!
  2. UNLV at Nevada

    FYI, Chris Ault talked to the entire Pack squad yesterday. Wonder what he said?
  3. Davidson @ Nevada

    that's awesome. Has javale been back on campus since he left? last night I ended up staying at work until 6:35 to reboot a server after everyone left. But saw the game on at 'The Stick' sports-bar downtown. They have 25 cent wings on Tuesday nights. and $3 Icky.
  4. Davidson @ Nevada

    I was able to watch it. (Work issues or I would have Gone..)?..Davidson was flat in the 2nd half. Altitude?
  5. UNLV at Nevada

  6. UNLV at Nevada

    vv Coach Sanchez bounced into the Truckee. vvvv !!!
  7. Davidson @ Nevada

    thx mug. Apparently someone here at work can't go. Bingo. I Appreciate!!.
  8. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Imagine being that bitter? Northern Nevada definitely lives rent free deep inside his cranium.
  9. Davidson @ Nevada

    I should go! don't currently have a ticket. I bet they'll get 8.000. Students mostly away on T-day break.
  10. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    the game is on Saturday. Apparently you've been drinking early? Better pace yourself.
  11. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    oooh sweet Jesus Carumba! https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/nv/north-las-vegas/crime " Safer than 17% of U.S. Cities "
  12. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    They are often very insecure. but not all. Yeah Las Vegas has better and bigger resort casinos. Gets boring after a while.
  13. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    yeah I saw it there too. this year.
  14. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Nevada is in the school name. for the 1,456,328th time.
  15. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Las Vegas is a dusty, ugly, sub-division-ed, place where you can literally fry an egg on the sidewalks for 4 months of the year. Its nobody up north's fault that the Las Vegas valley was a mule water and piss stop back when the state was established. Also sucks that the school that began in 1874 got first dibs on state name vs. the other school that the 1874 school BEGAT in 1957, ooh and all that anger. At least Las Vegas has a fake New York, a fake Paris, a fake Venice, a fake Egypt, and a fake Tuscany. Why the need for all those fake places? Are you ashamed of being in Southern Nevada? Same shit, different year.