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    San Jose st fans
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    Fresno St vs San Diego St
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    Fresno St to the MWC.
  4. Jeff Tedford

  5. Game Thread - Fresno State at SJSU

    The bigger focus of the index was growth, in both jobs and per-capita GDP. Macau was just ahead of San Francisco at 11th in GDP per-capita, but the former Portuguese colony on China s coast led the global list of fastest-growing metropolitan economies last year. The fastest-growing list was dominated by cities in China and Turkey. America s best performer last year was Austin, Tex., at 38th on the growth list. California s best economic performer last year was 49th-place Fresno, as the Fresno Bee was quick to note. San Jose was 72nd, and San Francisco-Oakland 125th.
  6. Game Thread - Fresno State at SJSU

    A new report based on city financial reports nationwide ranks Fresno second among the 50 largest U.S. cities for financial health, in terms of unfunded taxpayer burdens for entitlement liabilities. Truth in Accounting, a government finance watchdog organization based in Chicago, said its analysis of Fresno’s annual comprehensive financial report shows that the city is one of seven with a surplus of about $2,100 per taxpayer for future liabilities for retiree pensions and other obligations. “The vast majority of the cities we examined don’t have enough assets to meet all their future obligations,” Sheila Weinberg, founder/CEO of Truth in Accounting, said in a written statement announcing the rankings. “But Fresno is in great shape when compared nationally. Hopefully they will be a model for California sinkholes like Los Angeles and San Francisco. San Diego, $2,900. ▪ Sacramento, $4,800. ▪ Los Angeles, $7,400 ▪ San Jose, $9,100. ▪ San Francisco, $16,400. ▪ Oakland, $17,100.
  7. Fire Tony Sanchez

  8. Hawaii

    Wikipedia has Fresno as your #1 rival.Im not sure why Boise Is on there?I don't look a them as a rival to Hawaii.
  9. SJSU hires new mens BB coach

    The head football coach resembles someone,I can't pinpoint it.
  10. New statue at CSU stadium.

    The band rehearsing for the home opener.
  11. New statue at CSU stadium.

    I'm sure ESPN will have fun with it.
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    I thought @Dogs4Me hacked Mugs account.
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    Cal down 20 to Bakerspatch