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  1. I thought @Dogs4Me hacked Mugs account.
  2. Cal down 20 to Bakerspatch
  3. 03/15 8:00 PM 635 Fresno State 636 Texas Christian -10 -10 03/16 9:55 PM 729 Nevada 730 Iowa State -6½ -10 03/14 10:00 PM 561 Boise State 562 Utah -12½ -10 03/14 9:00 PM 555 College of Charleston 556 Colorado State -3½ -10
  4. 03/10 10:00 PM 585 Fresno State 586 Nevada 144½u-13 -4 -10 144½u-13 -4 -10
  5. We match up better with Nevada.
  6. It's over!
  7. We got this👍
  8. March Madness!
  9. Dogs got this!
  10. The refs need to take a timeout and asses their officiating going down the stretch.
  11. The ref who calls the last foul wins the game.
  12. Tark will be chewing on his towel looking down on the Dogs!
  13. I never said the County and City were the same form of local government. I said the the photo was taken in the the City of Fresno which is in Fresno County.Maybe one day you can crawl out of your manhole on the Capital Express Way and explore all the beauty The City of Fresno and County has to offer.
  14. The City of Fresno and the County of Fresno are two different things? This photo was taken in the city of Fresno which is in Fresno county. China Peak Ski resort is in Fresno County nothing misleading there.Im sure it's hard for you to imagine Fresno has its own Ski resort in its backyard.
  15. This photo was taken in Fresno the arm pit of ca.