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  1. After all these years of trying to get a major professional sports franchise in Vegas we end up with 2 over a period of many years. Them times they are a changin'. With the NFL signing off on Vegas the old crap about gaming and sports being something evil is now over. It's just a matter of time before the real corrupt sports organization, the NCAA, comes a calling. Between the indoor arena and stadium we should start to see the major bowls and tournaments here in a few years. I could care less about going but they bring in money which is where it is really at.
  2. It really doesn't matter. If the team succeeds then playing in the new stadium will only make things better. If the team still flounders then it won't matter one way or the other. In the mean time I get a more comfortable seat in an air conditioned house with much better concessions. Cool beans......
  3. If you build it, they will come.
  4. Good for UNR. In this day you either get in the game or you get out. It amazes me that a higher education institute that has a School of Business doesn't have a clue on what is needed or how to invest in their own business, which is what sports is.
  5. New year....same thread
  6. Does anything about the last quarter century feel even remotely like top 100 let alone top 25. This is only a testament to how strong things were from 77 to 92.
  7. He still has the cred to pick a school with some BB prominence. UNLV is not that school and isn't even near a path to become that school. We are set for a few years of mainly 2 star and lower 3 star ranked players. MM will need to prove something before he can sell anything to higher level players. A coaching career of zero top 50 wins and 2 top 100 wins won't do it. A near empty T&M won't do it. Mendenhall is icing on a stale cake. Right now the future of this program is on hold waiting for an actual series of accomplishments.
  8. 2 years from now this could be the high water mark on our schedule. If you can't play up then you schedule down.
  9. THX
  10. I thought this was televised?
  11. Make it so!
  12. MM in his coaching career has been a mediocre coach that has had a modicum of success in lower level conferences. His record stands for itself against Top 50 teams - Zero Wins. He may find a way to increase wins over time and will probably do it the same way, by scheduling down. He still won't have much success in the MWC even though it continues to tumble. So expect a few more wins against lower level teams in the OOC and although I can't comprehend a worse conference record it won't get dramatically better either. We not only got what was leftover for a team we also got what was leftover as a coach which is a nice guy but not a coach to build a program.
  13. Tick tock.....
  14. We'll see I guess.
  15. And yet go to the broken down Oakland Coliseum and spend 30 minutes trying to decide what you want to eat because so many options look great. Hell even the MGM Grand Arena has more choices. UNLV want to control every little thing to squeeze every penny out of the concessions and they end up making even less because they won't invest in a quality product, much like their coaching decisions. Lip stick on a pig. At this point in our history there is about zero chance of anything changing because they are locked into their culture of failure where even the excuses stay the same. They still think that if they just come up with a new slogan somehow it will make a difference. Hell, they can't even sell that.