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  1. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Illinois fans were less than 25%. Being that 95% of them sat together it looked like they had a better presence. Other than those 2 sections they only had a few other orange shirt spread around the arena. I liked that the RR kept them quiet most of the time. A few teams have attempted to keep us off balance by making the game as ugly as possible with playing overly aggressive defense and thus drawing a bunch of fouls. Illinois did it better than most because they were able to go 10 deep into their bench. We got a little cocky and complacent there once in each half and got too loose and sloppy to let them back in. Between allowing too many open 3's with them hitting at a good rate combined with being a little off from the line we allowed them to come ack a few times. I was happy to see the composure and discipline to end those runs and go ack out to good leads. This team started out strong and has continued to grow. Our bench is stepping up when needed and I'm excited about the future with the young guys on the bench who should be here for the next few years. Beck and Hardy are solid future starters. It's good to see RR basketball back on the rise but a long way to go to get back to national respect so the next few years will tell the story.
  2. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    While defense had problems the biggest problem was the UNLV's offense never gave the defense time to rest. Too many short or nonexistent drives. Look at times of possession. Pitiful in all but a few games.
  3. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    If the backcourt can hit some of those outside shots then UNI will need to start defending better and the inside opens up a bit for McCoy. The fact that out backcourt was almost non-existent they were able to drop off and double the inside so much. Combine that with unbelieveable inside shooting of their own and it was a poison pellet. Mooring has done one of those out of control drives into the paint before passing out and drawing a charge in most of our games so far this season, maybe 5 times now. No real big busts here just part of the process. This is what the OOC is supposed to be about. A young team needing game time experience and pressure. The outcome of last night's game wasn't all that important. What is important is what they learn from it and how they respond. We have 1 more month to get ready to play. It's all about conference play and the tournaments baby.
  4. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Youth in 1st away game vs experience at home. It went about as expected. We played into their game from the get go. Officiating at home is about as expected. You need to take these games because they won't be handed to you. Well good experience and reality check for this team in the future. Something the staff also needs to learn from. They fell short all of the way around. On to a very motivated Arizona team. We'll see what ....
  5. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    OT will be the same, any excuse to. call a foul and give the home team an advantage.
  6. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Can't count on getting calls. Need to play smart and score. Pass the ball, side to side 5-6 passes every time. Enough of the RR 2015 offense.
  7. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Reb's getting tired and lazy.
  8. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Defense up another notch...
  9. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Either take control or kiss it goodbye. RR won't get the calls tonight so need to take it out of the ref's hands.
  10. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Koch's legs starting to go.
  11. Cal Bears Begged UNLV To Play In New Stadium

    It will come down to ticket prices. Keep em low and people will come out. Jack em up a bunch and it will be the dead zone.
  12. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    I know but I don't agree.
  13. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Make no mistake, this is a tough team, especially on their home floor. They have already been tested in a few tough games last week and are coming home with confidence. The Rebels will see a tough and disciplined team that is ready for battle. We probably should be a 5-7pt dog. It will be a very good win if we we can pull it off. I don't see this as any kind of a marker if we lose, just good experience either way.
  14. Southern Utah at UNLV

    Well, wasn't that special. Trap game is right. Plenty to learn about themselves and what the season will really be like. Early and easy success is a trap unto itself. They tried to phone it in tonight and it almost backfired. Attitude is everything when it comes to having a special season. If they develop the proper attitude it could come together in a big way for this group. If they can't tune out to the noises from the outside world though they could also be a victim of their own early success. Next week will tell a big part of that story. We all see... On another note, good crowd at the T&M tonight.
  15. UNLV at Nevada

    Gotta love our zone defense.