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  1. Oregon

    Tedford is too old. Harsin is too Harsin. Both are staying put.
  2. Meet the new bosses, same as the old bosses.

    I'm a Fresno State fan, and even I am not convinced we are "back." Year 1, especially coming off 3-9 and 1-11, everyone is paying attention. Everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid in gallons. Year 2, coming off a lot of success, there is a chance guys aren't as fully engaged as they were. Plenty of game film for teams to watch, tendencies to track...teams are all gunning for you as Division champ. It's going to take a couple years for Tedford to recruit all the guys he needs. We will be respectable...but I anticipate there will be an adjustment. 6-6, 7-5 maybe.
  3. FRESNO FANS - mini helmet bet

    Some thinks this is “art” too....
  4. FRESNO FANS - mini helmet bet

    Thanks, but I already have enough ashtrays.
  5. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    He is edicated.
  6. Oh man, y'all are harsh! Leave Coach Dirty alone! He's just tryin' to get his cheese on!
  7. Reno Battle Born Football Helmets

    In tribute to so many of their co-eds, UNLV will be unveiling commemorative "Battle Porn" helmets. #WorkingMyWayThroughSchool
  8. #MyCauseMyCleats

    Post em here if dudes from your schools have them...pics, tweets, what evs
  9. Ruh Roh...

    Projected high of 47, low of 32. Guessing about 44 at kickoff, 38 by the end of the game, plus rain. Frozen field, while it can happen, won't this Saturday. The shaded parts of War Memorial were like an ice skating rink when we played there. The ball also won't be rock hard as it was in Laramie...Boise is also 5,000 feet lower. Weather won't be a factor in this game for either squad...it's all about coaching decisions, execution and taking care of the football. The team that does the best job with those 3 will win the game. If the Broncos "shock and awe," us to victory, I will tip my cap to them. But I don't think that's going to happen.
  10. SDSU's Tariq Thompson is MWC DPOW

    And against a team that doesn't throw a lot! Nice!
  11. Ruh Roh...

    We survived Laramie, and the footing won't be as tenuous because half the field won't be frozen. It will affect both teams. This game will come down to coaching decisions and turnovers (or lack thereof). Should be a fun one.
  12. Ruh Roh...

    As long as 97 and 90 are healthy, we should be good to go. 93 Jasad Haynes has also shown he's good enough to start...depending on the package we can kick 97 out to Madsen's spot with no drop off. Losing Madsen hurts no doubt, but he's really only the 2nd serious injury we've had all year. Showers predicted Saturday evening...could be a low scoring affair.
  13. Ruh Roh...

    Mattison got popped by Forrester helmet to helmet...wasn't intentional, but he came out after that play. He looked a little loopy on the sideline.
  14. Ruh Roh...

    From walking boot to possibly playing in 1 week?