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  1. "Retreadford" getting some love from Bruce Feldman

    It was DeRuyter that was coordinating our defense year 1 when we were pretty outstanding. His most critical mistake was letting Toth run the whole show after that, and then not stepping in to put out the dumpster fire. The defense actually improved his last year under Whammy.
  2. https://www.si.com/college-football/2017/10/18/midseason-awards-best-players-teams-coaches?utm_campaign=si-ncaafb&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&xid=socialflow_twitter_si
  3. Aztecs will be ready...schematically this will be the best defense Fresno State has seen all year...not athletically, that would be Washington, however, I expect SDSU to give McMaryion all kinds of trouble with movement, and different fronts like they do every year. Deep ball won't be there all night like it was against UNM, however, based on some things I've heard from within the staff, there are a couple of matchups they are very confident about. Then again, I am sure Bob Davie thought the same thing last Friday about 7:00 PM.
  4. Rocky Long = Pat Hill No coincidence they are good friends...not just "he's my friend" but "spend time and drink beer together friends." Rocky almost became our DC after Dan Brown died, but our administration cheaped out and wouldn't pony up what he was asking.
  5. Rank em

    Not true, UNM was 3-2 going into that game. But I agree this week's contest will be a better gauge of how good we are than any of the previous 6.
  6. Rank em

    Really? Like you weren't dancing on Fresno State's grave the last two years? +++++ing hypocrite.
  7. Battle for the Oil Can

    The #17 and #21 total defense teams in the country face off Saturday in America's Finest City! Should be a nice, low-scoring affair...although I say that and watch it be 45-42...
  8. Jeff Tedford

  9. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    Using your argument, if we had better coaching, the talent/athleticism wouldn't matter? In the history of soccer in the USA, we've had one player ascend to being a regular, consistent starter (non-GK) in one of the major 5 (EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1)...Pulisic. In the last 50 years, you mean to tell me if it was just coaching, there wouldn't have been at least a couple more outliers? Pulisic was coached by his former pro dad, like thousands of others, but the difference is his balance, speed, and spatial awareness are rare. I will agree the development system is garbage...and if it were improved you would get better-developed players...but part of that improvement is to seriously reduce the cost. Until there are people willing to not charge $2500 a year to coach a kid, it's going to continue as it is. It's time for MLS, US Soccer, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Coke and all the major sponsors to put their money where their mouths are and start real academies where you don't charge parents an arm and a leg. You do that, maybe in 15-20 years, you will see it pay off.
  10. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    There are many more in England, I just named a few. You picked a couple of guys on the US squad who came from poor backgrounds...what about players like Landon Donovan, Pulisic and Bradley who all came from upper middle-class to wealthy households? The point is, if it is free to play soccer, you get more participants, and thereby increase your development pool. Iceland is an outlier...it happens...just like a soccer power like Netherlands and Chile get left home. I've never expected the US to be a world power in soccer...but a trip to the WC every 4 years is a low bar considering they play in CONCACAF. Oh yeah, and they've missed out on the last 2 Olympics as well, which is more proof the development system is garbage. http://www.goal.com/en-us/news/how-many-howards-or-dempseys-are-the-us-losing-due-to-pay-to/4c10dtk0u17c16q7nsa1g3x4y
  11. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    Best players in the world...Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Suarez, Alexis Sanchez, Sergio Aguero were all from very poor families. Look at the England national squad...Dele Alli, Harry Kane, Kyle Walker, Raheem Sterling all grew up with a single mother. Good point on the African players...Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana...if people in that county have means, they leave and go to France. Players from that country are poor...soccer is their way out. Sports are a vehicle for the poor to improve their situations...how many NFL and NBA players are the sons of doctors, lawyers or accountants? How many had both parents around? Poverty makes you hungry.
  12. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    Maybe we should start an alternative tournament like the NIT.
  13. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    Problem 1, soccer takes at best 4th place to NFL, NBA and MLB...some might even argue 5th place behind NHL. Problem 2, In the USA, it costs money to play soccer...$3000 a year is not uncommon to pay club and travel fees. In America, soccer is a sport of the affluent, in every other country is the sport of the proletariat. 90%+ of the world's best players come from the barrios of South America, the favelas of Brazil, the Council House Estate's (housing projects) of Great Britain. This greatly effects Problem 1. The American mentality is that to play soccer it's this whole process, where you need nets and a huge pitch and shin guards, etc. How about just throw a round ball of some sort onto a dirt field and kick it around? One of the most passionate, and exciting soccer matches I've ever seen was outside Sao Paolo many, many years ago between I'd guess 10 kids in total, ranging in age from 8-12, on a dirt lot, maybe 50 feet long at most, with what was barely a ball, all duct taped and oddly shaped...and you would have thought it was the WC final the way these kids were competing. Soccer is not in America's DNA like it is in other countries. However, this can change if companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. start investing in inner-city soccer programs. Instead of building basketball courts, build the hard top pitches like they have all over England, where you can play 4v4, 5v5, 7v7, whatever. Invest in getting kids to play futsal instead of soccer at an early age...it's easier to teach, takes less space and kids, and REALLY hones ball-handling skills. That's a big reason why as a whole Brazilians are the best ball handlers in the world. But all of that has little to do with the current state of the USMNT...right now, there is a serious leadership void, and that is exacerbated by the fact the team is very young or very old...there are few quality mid-career journeymen. IMHO, US Soccer needs to bite the bullet and start throwing the 19-21 year olds into the fire and take their lumps. Playing people in their 30's does nothing for development. Outside of Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey, you have zero passion and fire from the veterans. Cut Altidore, Dempsey and Bradley loose (they won't dump Bradley). They had best figure out the GK situation also, because the ranks are very thin. Ironically, their best hope is Jonathan Klinnsmann...he has a chance to be an elite keeper.
  14. Dogs vs Lobos NOT moved to ESPN 7:45 PM Kickoff

    Correction, game NOT moved. It was a misprint.
  15. Dogs vs Lobos NOT moved to ESPN 7:45 PM Kickoff

    Dogs open at -3