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  1. OT: What is New Mexico State's future

    Our President should be waterboarded, castrated (assuming there's anything there) and burned at the stake. I'll never forgive UNM for choosing a president more qualified. You hear that, Lobos? You're dead to me. My fondest hope is that we get a progressive president and do well enough in FBS to merit moving back up, although that would be very far in the future. In the meantime, I'll try to make the best of a terrible situation, which is like eating a shit sandwich and pretending it's a PB&J.
  2. OT: What is New Mexico State's future

    Pissed off. Upset. Depressed. Butthurt. Take your pick...
  3. FCS Playoff Bracket

    Let's not be hasty...
  4. How Many “Idiots” Can this Guy Get?

    The eyebrows as well. Beyond that, I will not speculate.
  5. How Many “Idiots” Can this Guy Get?

    A doppelganger or separated at birth? You be the judge.
  6. FCS Playoff Bracket

    I can't stop crying...
  7. Any news on Josh Allen?

    Overrated. And it's not by a little bit.
  8. Any news on Josh Allen?

    BSU grads... buncha bastards.
  9. UH finds white powder

  10. Kustra just quit

    Can't get more BSU than that...
  11. Kustra just quit

    * for a football program.
  12. Boise vs CSU

  13. Why isn't Colorado State in the Big Ten?

    No. That's delicious.
  14. New Mexico Can Go Eat a Bag of D...

    Shut your whore mouth when the men are talking. You're just eating this up because you're a TBSUF of the worst kind, so stop pretending that you have an objective opinion.
  15. New Mexico Can Go Eat a Bag of D...

    There's plenty of blame, but Staben is the biggest problem. Previous administrations merely neglected athletics. Staben actively fukked everything up through almost unbelievable stupidity. He didn't conduct any meaningful due diligence and he had no idea what he was doing. He didn't even know that FCS money games paid half of FBS. He didn't consult with alumni. He didn't listen to boosters. You saw his pathetic slide-show. It was a fukking disgrace and should have gotten him fired on the spot. He made the decision based entirely on the assumption that he could "re-engage" the alumni. What a fukking clown.