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  1. How many Las Vegas Rebs does it take to change a light bulb.....
  2. Weak. C- work at best.
  3. Correct. Remember, however, jizz only has 23 chromosomes, so she's not getting the full compliment of valuable VP97 seed.
  4. I'm not hiding shit, I'm just saying I don't want my genetic sequence out there for other nations to weaponize, clone and/or otherwise exploit for free.
  5. I'm fairly certain that you have no future in finance or accounting. Stick to welfare.
  6. This is actually a fascinating question. I think it might work with monkeys and other sub-humans. Someone grab a sample from Dre's mom so we can see what kind of inbred chimp sired his ugly ass.
  7. Soooo, you just want to give your DNA to a database that is almost certainly compromised by several intelligence agencies? All kidding aside, I really liked the idea, then I thought of the privacy aspects.
  8. Does not add up to 100%. Sure you aren't from Boise?
  9. How are the number of TV sets in a 100 mile radius even relevant anymore? TV markets are a fukking dead metric. Dead. As in "this parrot is no more" dead. Soon, we'll only be talking about how many people streamed games and Idaho, believe it or not, was # 3 in the SBC and would be middle of the pack in the MWC. The most important things should be the game itself and peer institutions. This board, for all of its positive aspects, is +++++ing retardedly obsessed with TV markets when the only team with any significant market penetration (huh, huh) is SDSU. But by all means, continue stroking it to Wichita State, UNT and UTSA as the future golden geese. The only argument there is against Idaho is that our administration vastly undervalues athletics. We've got the money, just not the support. The present administration is the worst imaginable. Don't speak ill of the the dead, man. We have enough to worry about.
  10. I'm not sure that phrase means what you think it means.
  11. I'm guessing it's penis envy re: flagship status.
  12. If you look at it that way, but that isn't really a rational way to look at it.
  13. He's right Dre. Get your shit together.
  14. Interesting. Out of curiosity, with a school as big as yours, with no competition in a large and convenient media market, a well-funded athletic program, in a recruiting hotbed and obviously gracious posters, how is it possible that you aren't in the PAC12 or another P5 school?