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  1. $50 says he tapes it on the ceiling for his wack sessions.
  2. Andre sneezes glitter. #NTTAWWT
  3. ...said the welfare case frenchie with mommy issues...
  4. Is it too much to ask for both?
  5. Was it ever not piss?
  6. A mere legend. The boogyman. Baba Yeka, if you will. Best not to stir him from his slumber.
  7. Whoa. That's pretty impressive and I genuinely say that. Unfortunately, no, I am not Des.
  8. Sansa is supposed to become a badass. I'm with that.
  9. Totally agree. Josh Allen was still on the table.
  10. That's nice. It reminds me of an all-inclusive on the Mayan Riviera. Is there an infiniti pool and a bartender who sells weed? If so, I can see myself sunning my balls there for a week or two.
  11. What a fukking embarrassment. I hope he disowns that fool.
  12. All of this chump change talk will be moot when Josh Allen hits the NFL.
  13. Fuk yeah - looking forward to this!
  14. Seriously Dre, welfare is not a valid career path.
  15. Disappointing effort Dre. I hoped you were going to come up with something remotely witty, but alas, you're still wearing the derpa-derp helmet and drooling your way through life. I guess what really bums me out is that my taxes are used to pay your welfare check...and probably some food stamps as well.