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  1. Wyo @ Boise State

    For this one game...just this one game...may Josh Allen live up to being Josh Allen. Amen. Go pokes!
  2. Dearest Mall Cop-Part Dos

    A cockupine.
  3. Dearest Mall Cop-Part Dos

    Only on my corn flakes.
  4. Dearest Mall Cop-Part Dos

    I'm still trying to figure out if the Segway has a basket for transporting the aforementioned hypothetical cocks or if he would have to fasten them to his person for transport.
  5. Dearest Mall Cop-Part Dos

    Don't worry. I, unlike the Vandals, will remain FBS.
  6. Dearest Mall Cop-Part Dos

    I need to understand what's going on here, so enough with the cat and mouse. If someone steals several big black rubber cocks from Spencers, is it or is it not your responsibility to pursue said thief and recover said cocks?
  7. It doesn't matter. There won't be any punishment until the off season. Harsin needs every player to do their best so he can get off the hot seat.
  8. Not sure who to root for. On one hand, the donks are playing so that's an automatic root for SDSU. On the other hand, TSDSUF's are pretty insufferable right now. Then again, TBSUF's are pretty insufferable all the time. Alternatively, I have started to enjoy the company of some of the respectable BSU fans and some good Aztecs. Damn, what a conundrum. I'm torn. It's like trying to determine if I should cheer for Stalin or Pol Pot. I choose . . . SDSU. However, I want it to be a sloppy win with everyone questioning it's validity. Maybe a last minute win due to a 1 in a million bad call or mistake. The type of win where no one comes out feeling great about it and the only injury being pride. Meanwhile, I'm fairly certain that there's enough wailing and misery in Pullman to make the dreaded "coog'ing it" curse descend upon Moscow in search of fresh hope/dreams to crush. I think Appy State is going to nail us by 2 TD's and we'll find a way to help them out along the way.
  9. Wazzu Blowin it

    If not, last night ensures that his next girlfriend will be a fattie.
  10. Wazzu Blowin it

    Yep, any time WSU threatens to do something great, they seem to coog it.
  11. UNC 'Punishment'

    If I was an athletes only tutor and one of my students handed me something that shitty, I'd probably quit on the spot because it would be literally impossible for me to tutor a college student at that level.
  12. UNC 'Punishment'

    The only thing that paper is missing is "HA! HA! HA! HA!" at the end. It's that bad.
  13. UNC 'Punishment'

    So a free Big Mac gets BSU loss of institutional control, but designing an academic curriculum specifically to allow nearly illiterate student athletes to coast through college is OK? What a worthless pile of shit the NCAA is. Remember when the U had a booster giving out hookers, cash and blow? NCAA never lifted a finger. We might as well just disregard everything the NCAA claims is a rule. It should be anarchy up in this bitch, fellas.
  14. How to make the Conference better

    False. We would be happy to arrange a soft landing for UNLV in the . . . <sniff> . . . <sob> . . . Big Sky Conference. I'm gong to go cry in the shower for a while...
  15. How to make the Conference better

    True. My point was that having a lower tier Texas school isn't going to magically change the recruiting world.