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  1. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    Lagavulin is some smoky shit. Good, but you gotta know what you're getting into.
  2. I'm stepping out

  3. I'm not sure about that. If it were in Boise, it would likely be a commuter school. Being in a college town is a great thing.
  4. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    True, true. But I hate gin.
  5. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    I’m a purist. I usually go with a vodka martini or a bourbon. If I’m having a cocktail, it’s usually an old fashioned or a Campari with soda. If I’m in the tropics, I go with a mojito or some foo-foo drink I wouldn’t be caught dead with in the states. I also make limoncello, which is damn good after a big meal. Sometimes, I'll mix it with some soda for a light summer drink.
  6. Considering they needed us for statehood, I'd say it wasn't pity or generosity; it was a necessity.
  7. Yes it was and we're not going to get into a fight about it. Now go make me a sammich.
  8. It is actually well noted above. We have and continue to have a major rift in the university as to the role of athletics. The faculty doesn't support it and now we have a surrender monkey president who doesn't endorse it. The flagship was not usurped. BSU is better than Idaho only in athletics. Idaho is unquestionably dominant in virtually every other phase of higher education.
  9. Because your context and characterizations were grossly misleading.
  10. This is an excellent job. My thinking that BSU was part of it was incorrect.
  11. I guess we spent all of our time watching UNLV build up its juggernaut football program and achieve Flagship status.
  12. This is consistent with what we both said.
  13. First, not really an objective source, but much of it is correct and there was a scandal about moving the capitol. No one cares about that anymore and it isn't a factor today. Second, this time, you are closer to the truth on why U of I is in the north. As stated in the essay you cited, Lewiston was a fairly substantial regional hub. North Idaho wanted to join Washington and the U.S. Congress even approved it; yet Grover Cleveland vetoed it. Thereafter, legislature put the land grant Flagship in north Idaho as a measure of appeasement. It was not pity and it was not "throwing a bone." At that time, bringing back the north was necessary for Idaho to achieve statehood. This is all ancient history and the only people who bring it up are BSU fans. Idaho fans don't give a shit until you guys start manufacturing drama out of it. It gets old.
  14. OK, prove it. Especially the part of the south feeling pity for the north and putting the flagship there. Feel free to add some cites.