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  1. Fine. You may wash BSU Jesus' feet with your hair and make up some psalms about his glory.
  2. He's talking about another player on his team, of course he's going to be complimentary. I also note, for the record, that Dak Prescott is not exactly an intellectual.
  3. This TBSUF notion that BSU Jesus Kellen Moore is some sort of godlike FB genius is getting out of hand. He's a very smart QB and he's a good player, but he's not some mystical oracle over and above other smart NFL QB's. He's not kept on as an extra coach. Can anyone say, with a straight face, that he has the football IQ of Andrew Luck, Drew Brees or Tom Brady? Does he even wonderlic, bro? Also, this talk of him supplanting Dak is window-licking stupid.
  4. Minnesota? Pretty early in the morning to start huffing glue, blue. Maybe you need to take it down a notch.
  5. It's not mine.
  6. I think she's going to be a running sub-plot.
  7. Can you add a bowl game where we curb stomp the donks as we go FCS in a blaze of glory?
  8. Spoiler Alert, but scroll down for random speculation. Facts: 1. A person in a hoodie spied on Rick crossing the lake of zombies to the boat. 2. A person in a hoodie was watching Father Gabriel as he was on patrol. 3. Father Gabriel left the clue "boat," thereby leading Rick to the junkyard area where the hoodie people have nasty, unwashed conjugal relations with Dre's mom. 4. When Father Gabriel left in the car, you could see someone sit up in the passenger seat at the very last millisecond. This was likely also Dre's mom, coming up for air after a road hummer. 5. The camera spent a lot of time concentrating on the combat training at the kingdom. Chekhov's gun. 6. 2 Carol sightings. Again, Chechov's gun. 7. Rick & Michone sliced up a bunch of zombies in an area near the kingdom and took explosives. Obvious deduction, which will almost certainly turn out incorrect: Father Gabriel sought to buy an alliance with the people in the hoodies. That alliance happens. Negan will encroach on the Kingdom, probably looking for what happened to their road block and explosives. King Ezekiel has little alternative and discovering that Rick has an army, albeit crudely armed, the Kingdom will join the fray. There may more may not be a unified army. It may be 2 armies acting separately, but with the same goal. Bonus observation based on a quick glimpse: The hoodie/junkyard people have turned the walkers into weapons by putting armor on them and covering them with spikes. No longer easy to kill and much more dangerous. They'll be turned loose on in someone's camp to cause a shit storm. I'm looking forward to the next episode more than I have for a long time.
  9. Kiss my grits, you south Idaho trash... Honestly, most of this thread is essentially the Idaho/BSU mutual disgust playing out in Nevada.
  10. Not enough. Nowhere near.
  11. I think they should force every player to recite various verses and psalms on camera for the jumbotron as part of a pre-game announcements. Their pre-game hype videos should be limited to photo montages set to hymns. I mean, if you're going to bill yourself out as a holier-than-thou christian school, you gotta walk the walk...
  12. The last time there was such a huge sanction-worthy event by a P5 school, the NCAA bewilderingly hit BSU with lack of institutional control based on a few big macs, a tennis racquet and a comfy couch. Broncos, are you ready for it this time around? Brace yourselves...
  13. To me, it's all about technique. At the beginning, rugby tackling should be the go-to, with helmet contact only being incidental. Once they hit HS, a more traditional form a tackling, but still preference for rugby tackling. In college, they can play however they want, but rugby tackling should still be encouraged. NFL: they're adults and can make up their own mind. I have no idea how this would be enforced, but it seems to make sense to me. If I have a boy who wants to play football, I'd be inclined to say no unless it's a less punishing position.