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  1. Bob Davie under investigation for player abuse?

    There was a "...big fracas with Mike Leach at..." Texas Tech "...a few years back and" Leach was the one that "...basically disappeared."
  2. Bob Davie under investigation for player abuse?

    "UNM spokesperson Cinnamon Blair. 'We are not going to comment on the details or the individuals involved until the investigation is complete.'" ¿How long as the New México Athletic Dept been employing current &/or former strippers?
  3. Is Boise State on the verge of a major meltdown?

    Keep in mind, for 3-yrs I've been saying 2017 is the yr CSU beats El Juco.
  4. San Diego Stadium

    Logo a the 50 looks good, but I feel they could have done a better job w/the end zones.
  5. Only 14 hours until Jalapeno is a CSU fan again

    7-day free trail of SlingTV
  6. Tulsa removed from NYD Bowl race

    Not true. Tulsa as played CSU recently
  7. No Spread Thread?

    You are...
  8. SJSU is an Embarrassment

    I thought of you back in June. I was driving in/around Brainerd, MN & saw an F-250 with a plow on the front in late-June no less. Not mad. Never driven a plow. Operated a Sno-Cat a few time with a blade on the front. Been broken-up w/la Colombiana since Oct. FWIW...Colombia is full o' 'em.
  9. Oregon State at CSU Game Thread

    That Ute guy is just a sock trying to get a rise out of us...
  10. Oregon State at CSU Game Thread

    When...the First Qtr? It was a sell-out. How can we do more than a sell-out? Are you complaining we didn't issue more SRO's??? Who's sock is this?
  11. 11-0 CSU-Fresno has no room to tlk.
  12. Rank 'em - Week zero Edition

    1. CSU (1-0) ================ 2(t). CSU-San Diego 2(t). boise jc 2(t). wyo ================ 5. The USAFA 6. New Méx ================ 7(t). The other Aggies 7(t). Southern Nevada 7(t). Northern Nevada 7(t). Hawai'i (1-0) ================ 11(t). CSU-Fresno 11(t). CSU-San José (0-1)
  13. SJSU is an Embarrassment

    CSU-Fresno's ZERO D-1a wins 2016...also "...is an EMBARASMENT..." to the conf. Glad to see you're still beating your Dead Horse. ¡GO STATE!
  14. In addition to the devises listed on their website (SmartPhones, iPads, AppleTV, Chrome, etc...), Hulu now has a Beta version that allowed me to stream Hulu TV Live/CBS Sports Net on my MacBook Air. Resolution was poor for time-to-time, but I think that was due to my connection a Hyatt in Charlotte, NC; rather than a function of Hulu Live TV. I'm guessing Hulu Live TV ($39.99/month) will be a good option for CSU & CSU-San Diego 'tec fans, given we both get selected by CBS Sports Net a bunch. ¡¡¡GO STATE!!!