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  1. teamdevilcomminist

    Sorry for the delay. We had a long drive from Atlanta-to-Philly yesterday. FWIW...not a groupie. I'm on the crew.
  2. teamdevilcomminist

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk:
  3. Colombia has changed drastically for the better in the last-15-yrs.
  4. I'm not a big fan of Bogotá. It's too BIG 'n' expensive. It's also cold & rainy. Enjoy your trip. I hope you get to enjoy more of Colombia outside of Bogotá.
  5. I see. I'm on tour w/a gangster rapper at the moment. Does that count for the "....rock and roll..." part?
  6. @4UNLV: That lasted a lil' less-than-two-yrs. We broke-up back in Oct 2016. It look quite likely that I will be spending most, if not all of Nov-Dec in the Coffee Growing Region of Colombia. @Joe from WY: ¿What do you have going on down in el Sur de America? GO STATE!!!
  7. teamdevilcomminist

    https://goo.gl/images/X41w4X @CV147 you're up...
  8. teamdevilcomminist

    Going w/my Dad's Alma Mater: https://www.google.com/search?q=404-+593-3234&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari ¡¡¡GO GOLDEN BEARS!!! ============== @mugtang @Wyovanian
  9. teamdevilcomminist

    Duke Univ: Up: @CV147 On Deck: @DestinFlPackfan In-the-hole: @tdmonkeys
  10. There's something we have in common...
  11. teamdevilcomminist

    I'm going FLAGSHIP baby: Univ of New México The Wrap-Around Up: @mugtang On Deck: @Wyovanian (2x) In-the-Hole: @mugtang
  12. teamdevilcomminist

    Up: @CV147 On Deck: Me In-the-Hole: @mugtang
  13. Not sure where you came up w/"bashing." I used the term "belittle."
  14. Not sure why you think a real person is fake. Almost made it to Niagara last month. I drove through Buffalo on my way to Toronto for wrk in June.
  15. Not gay. No fake GF. However, I am offended when you feel the need to belittle gay ppl here.