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  1. Me too...but Cal would have to beat a HC-less UCLA team on-the-road to become bowl eligible.
  2. To big of an inestment just to watch CSU-San José. If we were playing wyo/USAFA/El Juco I'd consider it. Thx!
  3. I believe Android doesn't run the Stadium app ¿No?
  4. Gear Update - BSU Baseball

    ¿Where's the lid?
  5. UH finds white powder

    I drove over Donner Pass yesterday & nothing but rain.
  6. I haven't had much luck streaming games on a flat screen via the HuluPlus app & my iPh. I've tried the following w/out any luck:#1 - When I connect my iPh w/an Apple Lighting-to-USB adapter & HDMI-to-HDMI cable using HuluPlus, video & audio will play for 5-10 seconds, then I get audio only w/a black screen #2 - I've tried logging on to the CBS College Sports Live app on my iPh using both my HuluPlus & TWC/Spectrum logins w/ZERO success. ¿Has anyone had any luck streaming CBS Sports Net f'ball games via HuluPlus & your iPh? Thx in advance for any assistance anyone can provide! GO STATE!!!
  7. P6???

    Swap wyo for Tulsa...
  8. Broncos ranked #25

    They were ranked b4 they lost to CSU-Fresno & El Juco.
  9. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    Ditto. I've never been to the coast, but I saw ZERO baseball in Bogota & Manizales. Soccer/fútbol was #1 by far. In Manizales cycling, basketball, tennis & in-line skating were popular...but WAY behind fútbol.
  10. WE WANT YOU, AF!!!

    Zeke Elliott beats woman...yet Goodell is the A-Hole???
  11. The same reason CSU-San Jose's fans don't complain about night games...
  12. Lammies, lose the belt

    Do you send 'em home with a R Long autographed h2o-color painting of the new stadium?
  13. Lammies, lose the belt

    Congratulations. Let's see your water-colors...
  14. CBS Sports

    The Lighting-to-HDML adapter I bought straight from Apple The HDML-to-HDML cable I bought on sale at Fry's I'm traveling a ton for wrk this time-of-yr, so it's going to be a different hotel TV a large majority of the time.
  15. CBS Sports

    I got the Hulu Live pkg. I even went out & bought the $49 Apple Lightening-to-HDMI adapter & the 2-ended HDMI cable. The game would stream from my iPh6 to the flatscreen for 12-20 seconds then go dark w/audio only. (a) Has anybody else had this same problem? (b) Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? GO STATE!!!