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  1. Dre is branching out. He is now a 3-Trick-Pony: #1 - "Your Mom" #2 - King of Independence #3 - Mensa Member
  2. Okay...then who will you play in Nov?
  3. CSU's new stadium will be better.
  4. Pls explain how you figure the new CSU-San Diego Stadium is going to be better than CSU's new OCS...
  5. The one-trick-pony has a 2nd trick: #1-Mom's & #2-Independence. What 6-teams do you propose to schedule in late-Oct/Nov?
  6. 16-pgs about a team going indy that will never go indy...hahahaa
  7. It's been over-a-yr since CSU-Fresno has beat a D-1 team in f'ball...FILM AT 11.
  8. Why was Bleymaier reassigned recently at CSU-San José? What were the circumstances around his leaving El Juco?
  9. They can beat a few D-1 schools in f'ball, unlike CSU-Fresno. ¡¡¡ TWINS !!!
  10. All four of their f'ball records are better than 1-11. What's your head-to-head f'ball record vs. CSU-San José is that same time period?
  11. Hahahaha. Despite a Law School & a future Med School, your academics still blow. Explain away your "Rank Not Published" ranking by US News & World Reports. Tell us about your Endowment & Research Budgets... https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/unlv-2569/overall-rankings
  12. WATCH OUT!!! "It's reached the airwaves."
  13. ...don't forget: a high school kid in the least populious State in the Union.
  14. It was posted on this board 2-4 days ago.