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  1. im taking one big shit on the mwc.loco moco lau lau gravy all ovah.
  2. hawaii and long beach in the volleyball finals.big west time.
  3. then the current mwc platform will cause teams to go indy.its about to happen.
  4. you already know cuz.
  5. hawaii sweeps byu in volleyball.you already know cuz.
  6. what espn pays umass for the week zero game will clear a lot of things up about going indy.i cant wait.
  7. this game against wyoming is going to be a rout.hawaii should be favored by about 10 pts.
  8. boise is adding baseball in anticipation of going indy in football,and joining the big west along with sdsu.
  9. are you ron jeremy cuz?
  10. i just tested my dna.im part monkey,gorilla,and orangutan.
  11. i hope a prison guard took a pic and it shows up on the internet.
  12. i can do it for you right now for free.you are a haole.
  13. monkeys don't belong in cages.they belong in the jungle.