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  1. fut bol stadium.28,000.
  2. byu beat gonzaga.if gonzaga wins the dance,byu will be better than every team in the mwc.
  3. a trailer full of chickens just tipped over.
  4. sdsu deserves a 32,000 capacity soccer stadium.
  5. air force plays in a high school gym.
  6. no,i like you duct taped to my toilet naked.i enjoy your company.
  7. why did you think i was leaving you?
  8. i had a dream 9 days ago that muss and sandusky were kissing.
  9. nobody is knocking on the door for muss.nevada drama queens can relax.nobody wants him.
  10. he isn't holding out for nothing.
  11. i don't believe muff is that loyal to nevada.
  12. i saw it.she was milfy.
  13. i guarantee the new coach at cal will make more moneys than muff at nevada.
  14. to be fair, we could have lost to air force,fresno,and umass easily.
  15. west west independent mafia byu boise hawaii sdsu