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  1. in hawaii,norm chow is in the hall of fame along with fred von appen as the worst uh football coaches in history.
  2. i once sold epo to sagan.
  3. fresno looks like a 4 win team.
  4. what is all that grey area between the stands and the field?
  5. dirt burger.
  6. hurry up and get baseball up and running.otherwise the big west may reject boise's request to join.
  7. when the ship sails,don't get left behind cuz.
  8. the travel sub check is in the mail for sdsu.make sure you show up.
  9. taco trucks,59 el camino,and the big west.welcome home.
  10. friendly reminder sdsu and fresno fans.when you join the big west,hawaii is the big boss.act accordingly.
  11. this is going be a good media days for the mwc.i cant wait.
  12. two cowboys kissing,sitting on the tailgate of a pick up truck in laramie,is the only thing wyoming is good at.
  13. unlv is still scratching their heads about how new mexico got the best basketball coach out of new mexico st.i don't think the leaders at unlv are competent enough to even consider independence. update: left coast indy syndicate byu sdsu hawaii boise fresno
  14. left coast indy syndicate byu sdsu hawaii unlv boise sdsu, unlv, and boise olys join big west.
  15. what place is boise and wyoming in?