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  1. let's get this ball rolling.
  2. scorcho just shot me a pm.he takes byu.
  3. you are correct donkey.
  4. i'm sure your 65 year old daughter will be thrilled to change your diaper.
  5. my kids are animals.
  6. derek carr needs to pay his dad off for all the diapers he paid for.
  7. we don't pay the big west.we give them a little spending money.
  8. carr makes 25 million.how much does horse face make?
  9. this train is picking up speed.scorcho is reliable and lobo is ready to pick two.
  10. we need to update our rules.6hr time limit.
  11. make your pick cuz.
  12. toledo or kent st.?
  13. byu hawaii sdsu boise football indy syndicate
  14. espn is happy cherry picking games.cbssn will have no competition,therefore, they pay you less.
  15. it july motherfvckers.