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  1. Lenin Statue to be removed

    Whoever gets the most statues removed wins the next presidential election...duhhhh.
  2. Statue of Catholic Saint vandalized.

    It's all fun and games until the statues fight back
  3. Trump Will Resign

    This guy has a knack for predictions.
  4. Ditching the Cops on a 4 Stroke

    Doesn't take much to ditch a cop on a bike...because they don't even bother. Usually natural selection takes its course of these dudes weaving through traffic.
  5. Mothman

  6. Charlottesville: Race and Terror

    It's amazing to me how some people can't grasp this concept.
  7. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    200 white dipshits = Nazi Germany Constitution hating neckbeards with masks and clubs = Some of the bravest men in the history of our country Sick comparisons yo.
  8. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    So screw the 1st amendment? I thought people wanted racism brought out of the shadows? These morons came out with no hoods on and are now paying for it by being personally identified.
  9. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Some obviously feel more strongly about constitutional rights than others. Which is just as fair. When it becomes okay just once to infringe on someones rights...where do we draw the line and who draws it? In reality everyone here should understand both are cancers to society and both are wrong. The argument for one being more dangerous than the other? Sure. White Supremacy is trash and much worse, but on what scale are they relevant? This weekend is overblown and sensationalized. Free speech attack has been often overlooked in very liberal environments. Often encouraged and never condemned. Is it possible for some to hold the view point that silencing free speech becoming the norm in certain environments is more dangerous than an irrelevant ideology? To think one or the other is more dangerous... isn't stupid. Nor is it racist. Nor is it uninformed. Different views from different people. Yet everyone should condemn them both.
  10. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    I brought up antifa to kill jackmoron's narrative that White supremacy and their "unite the right" had anything to do with conservative politics. " So if Antifa held a rally named "Unite the Left" it would be considered a left wing rally? Therefore making you antifa? " It wasn't to equate the problems, but you're clearly a selective reader. Both sides are dangerous though. Have you seen the videos? This wasn't nazi's raising hell on the streets of Charlottesville and innocent bystanders rebelling back. White nationalists are morons wanting attention. Many extremists on the left wanted to meet that bait and gave them that attention. Go watch the videos of morons on both sides with their anarchy shields and social justice helmets pretending like they're helping society at all. Violent morons on both sides should be condemned and not just because our spray tan president said so. In fact you had more than just Nazis and antifa. You had BLM, sovereign citizens and constitutionalists out there as well. It was a rager for the retarded.
  11. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    White supremacy and domestic terrorism is the scum of the earth. Not sure what else you're getting at. This whole forum is in agreement of this.
  12. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    explain? Saying morons should allowed to be morons because they have a constitutional right = agreement? Or condemning both the far left and far right for bringing us common folk into a debate about who is more dangerous to society. Nazis are trash. So are violent SJW. Why does this have to be who is worse? Or which party relates more to the other? Identity politics 4 lyfe yo.
  13. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    So white supremacists like pizza. I can't like pizza too? Is pizza racist?
  14. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    So if Antifa held a rally named "Unite the Left" it would be considered a left wing rally? Therefore making you antifa?