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  1. If they're not frisking you and making you go through a metal detector to enter...I'll bring my gun everywhere. For me to know that I have it. For you to not know I have it.
  2. Because they believe in fantasy land communism. Where everyone drives Tesla's and has the latest Iphone.
  3. LOL this +++++ing hilarious! YT comments: "Make Library quiet again."
  4. LOL. I know right.
  5. I've never heard of the dude until like 8 months ago. 1st from Jwherb because he said I just take his talking points or some shit. Then from the radical left from practically propping this guy up on a pedestal and making him more relevant than he should be. Ann Coulter saw that shit and said "Mama need a new book deal"
  6. Not sure what he does in the NBA has to do with what he did at UNLV though? How does that make UNLV bad to potential High School 5-star recruits? (which is all that matters...who cares what Reno fans think) "Hey...we're gonna make you look better than you might go Top 5 in the NBA draft, but don't spend all your money young fella." Kawhi Leonard is one of the best players in the league. You won't hear guys on TNT claiming what a great job SDSU did of molding this guy into who he is today. The point is he was able to go to SDSU and be a lottery pick. That is huge for future recruiting. Majority of these top NBA draft picks are already projected those spots out of HS. You're confusing me of claiming UNLV molded him that way...which isn't what I'm doing. Bennett showed that you can be an elite 5 star talent and still have the exposure to go #1 overall. You don't need to go Kentucky or Kansas to get there. Which is the consensus and what those programs sell. They sell exposure and title runs. Not weight room and development. Coach Cal isn't developing many players. He's building a roster and trying to mold the egos. These 5 star kids wanna go high in the draft and get to the real pros for development while making money.
  7. Las Vegas. Name a city with more HS BB tournaments. National AAU tournaments. D1 basketball tournaments. NBA summer league games. NBA scouts over a period of time. USA basketball training.
  8. “The goal I’ve set for myself is to be the Defensive Player of the Year in the conference,” McCoy said. “I want to lead the conference in rebounds and blocked shots and just play as hard as I can. I just want to be able to help us win. Defend, rebound, finish shots and play hard, that’s my goal.”
  9. I want this to be a thread where you and @Puro Pinche Aztecs do battle.
  10. You're right and I knew that. Should have said no real ties to the University. Not that he'll bolt because of that..because we seen him stay this year. I just think the possibility is much higher of Muss leaving UNR than Menzies leaving UNLV anytime soon.
  11. Thank god. I was seriously about to put you in that PH category. Muss is different in many ways. He's been all over the place. Is always trying to promote and is willing to go anywhere. He has no real ties to Reno. Him staying was huge, but comparing that to Menzies doesn't make sense. Menzies has UNLV ties as he was an assistant here. He has MWC ties. He's a west coast guy. Calls UNLV his dream job and is one of the best west coast recruiters out there. There are probably 2 schools that would scare me that would poach Menzies. Arizona...who will keep Miller forever. UCLA...who might not be an upgrade considering they expect national championships every year but have an empty arena.
  12. Serious long have you followed college basketball? You do know it's not the same as football right?
  13. Like I said. You are so out of touch and uninformed it's unfathomable that you even try to make an opinion out of this. You are truly the Reno's PH in this thread right now. Beard's family was from Texas Tech. He coached at Texas Tech for 10 years. Of course he left. Yes he will. But why leave? UNLV will fork up the money if he brings them "back." Yeah...Rice got a handful of 5 stars's not unheard of. UNLV brand is strong. Top fan support. Top facilities. Attractive destination. Center of basketball world. NBA scouts practically live here. I am telling you. You have zero clue on this issue. Just stop. Musselman is coming off 2 great years. He was only making 300k base last year. We pay Menzies $700k base now. Doubling his NMSU salary. We were paying Beard 900k base that increased to $1.4m by year 5. IF Menzies brings UNLV "back" into the mix after this season. Expect a jump to around 1.2/yr. If he continues off that I wouldn't doubt us offering up to 2 mill/yr in a few years with some amazing results.
  14. UCLA is his alma mater. I don't see him leaving UNLV for any other school. Even then..if UCLA runs Alford out of town it will make that job look risky simply because they expect a national championship every year regardless. Well that just shows how out of touch you are.
  15. LOL. No +++++ing way brodie. To where? If Menzies does some shit in the NCAA tourney expect an extension and raise.