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  1. Condemn everyone that has on this board, right now. Do you agree with any of these people? Do you associate with people who have made these claims? What is your stance on people that do?
  2. They should bring back Norm Macdonald for it. He was the best I've seen at it.
  3. I wouldn't call you big brother. Maybe older brother. We're the younger bigger better looking brother that just caught up into too much partying and drugs. We're basically in rehab right now. We'll be back tho little big bro.
  4. 5 years ago UNLV and SDSU were carrying this conference both in top 15. We've sold out a few since, but this was one of the better atmospheres in recent years. Along with the 2013 SDSU game: Then the win against #3 Arizona was sold out a little more than 2 years ago.
  5. No hes not. Why would he clean house? I can see guys like Poyser and Clyburn bouncing, but Mooring and the freshmen need to stay. Dwayne Morgan healthy and Johnson eligible. Anthony Smith should contribute right away. Bring in Lamine Diane and McCoy and you have a pretty damn solid least a middle of the pack MWC team. You don't just keep hitting the reset button every year. You rally around the pieces you do have and then go from there. He's barely 10 months on the job. Hitting reset once again would set the program right back to where it was last offseason unless he lands some huge transfers and remaining recruits.
  6. That's on Reno's scheduling more than the MWC being bad. The past is the past. Last year was fairly evident of that and everyone was looking at this year as being even worse..which we were right. Never rely on the MWC scheduling. Even in a good year. You want respect? You have to earn it in OOC. You do that by scheduling big boys. Maybe Rice will bring the one good mentality he had while at UNLV. Aggressive scheduling. (UNLV has played more Top 50 teams in THIS season than Reno has in the last 5 seasons combined.) Outside of St Marys...Reno has played a bunch of average mid majors or bottom dwelling P5 teams.
  7. CBS Sports stream isn't working. Probably a good thing and a sign that I should be doing other things. I'll check the score later.
  8. The skill level difference is ridiculous. UNLV brick/airball city. Can't create a shot. Can't make a shot even if they do. Reno can just put the ball in the basket. UUUUUgly. I'm mad I didn't double up my bet from last time to this game.
  9. ????
  10. I've never seen such terrible players who can't create space going to the rim. These dudes literally just loft the ball up against bigger players without creating zero separation. The IQ level of this team is atoricious.
  11. Not sure what that has to do with what I said, but alright.
  12. Good thing you're on the internet and don't handle any of the real justices.
  13. That's not the whole reason at all. Protests are for awareness. Not stopping daily operations and peoples everyday lives. You have the right to stand on the sidewalk and scream and yell about a cause to the public. You do not have the right to block and disrupt lives because of something you feel passionate about. Protests effectiveness by blocking freeways have no bearing on the situation. Effective? sure. It's illegal. Just like I think the effectiveness of stopping these protestors from blocking the freeway...a semi driving through the middle of them. Effective? Most definitely. It's illegal.
  14. Jessup and TKM have been here 2 years.... To think they are all to blame is being naive. Football is Football. Hauck had three 2 win seasons in a row and then took the team to 7 wins and a bowl game. Then went back to 2 win seasons. Sanchez has 3 wins year 1 and 4 wins year 2. Football is where it's at..with a little bit more enthusiasm. Basketball is basketball. We held on to Rice too long. He was hanging by a thread and then started the MWC 0-3. People were done. Hope was dead. Admin shoulda just let him finish out, but didn't. Cronin played them. Beard really played them. Both would have been great hires. Both didn't work out. Cupboard was bare regardless and the complete rebuild has started. Football facilities coming in. Sanchez and team improving and finishing games they can win will make a difference. Basketball will get there. It's impossible not to. Might take a few years to get established, but Menzies will at least get this back to an NCAA tournament program. It's rock bottom and a lot of yelling going on. We need hope that the new AD will be a good one. However, Sanchez and Menzies have to stay in place. Another move on both sides would really devastate the program. A lot worse than it even is now.
  15. My life is about me. Your life is about you. I stay the +++++ outta your way... Stay the +++++ outta mine. America.