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  1. Trial and error. Like shooting a basketball or hitting a golf ball into the wind. Or for those experienced with guns...shooting with sights out of alignment. Plus the initial shots are the warning shots. They aren't trying to hit anyone. As for the pirates disregarding shots and still heading towards the boat? The closer they get the more on target you become.
  2. Trial and error I'd suppose. Kinda like adjusting a golf shot into the wind. Shooting that far out is basically an attempt to deter the pirates from coming closer. The closer they get. The closer the shots.
  3. Stick to the vagina hats, Lena Dunham. Afraid? Not at all. Only time I pack going to the mail box is when some liberals are trying to steal my amazon prime packages.
  4. Of course it did to you. Because you have no idea what the +++++ you're talking about.
  5. That'll still be fine to these people though. Their argument is that this doesn't hurt free speech. That it's so little that you're a bigot for being against something that won't affect most people. Some people don't get it. Baby steps...even the tiniest of steps....are not okay on infringing the basic of rights. When that line gets pushed once it is bound to get pushed again. Thank god some people still believe in the no pushing of the all.
  6. team lavender springtime blossom

    @Billings 16 more hours left to pick.
  7. Remittances are Mexico's primary source of income. More than oil income which was the former leader. Those remittances are a huge force in the Mexican economy. "We must assure the free flow of remittances," President Enrique Pena Nieto said Monday. Remittances are "an invaluable contribution to national development and indispensable for millions of Mexican families." "The average remittance from Mexico is about $300. Essentially, Mexico's most lucrative natural resource are the people who leave home. (Wonder why they could give a +++++ about border security? It's free money into their economy.) Remittances help drive Mexico's economy, from paying for new home construction to schools, especially in low-income areas. The cash transfers from the U.S. have also been growing faster than wages and inflation." What does it have to do with it coming from US citizens? It still hurts Mexico moron. No shit they will try to find other methods. At the end of the day though a lot of people will say +++++ it...and take the hit. Even if 66% of those people looked to other much more complicated and time consuming means of sending money to bypass the tax you're still looking at about a Billion dollars a year from those 33% that just eat the tax. That's being generous in your arguments favor too. It's all hypothetical anyway. Likely not to even happen because it will only drive more of the families across the border because the Mexico economy would take a fat ass hit and suffer more than it already does. But acting like Mexico has any bargaining in this is laughable. We could +++++ them in many different ways to "make them pay for it." Doesn't mean we will. In fact the likelihood that the wall is even built is pretty slim to zero chance...unless the moronic Dems like yourself throw another bag of dried up leather as a candidate and give Trump another 4 years in office.
  8. team lavender springtime blossom

    @Desert Wolf Ohio State @sactowndog Washington @Joe from WY USC @babigos No Pick @Jeffkills Boise State I select Alabama. @masterfrog is on the clock.... @Billings after that....
  9. team lavender springtime blossom

    Can someone clean this shit up?
  10. LMAO. Damn you are stupid as +++++. Think it's time for the PH treatment for you where it's not even worth responding. When did I say it will happen? I gave a way it can happen and Mexico pay for it. That doesn't mean I think it will happen. Holy +++++ you really are mentally ill. That is Mexico paying for the wall you dumb +++++. What do you not understand? Las Vegas hotel room tax. Visitors staying in hotel rooms are charged. Tax Money enters government. Government pays for stadium. = Hotel room visitors are paying for the stadium. 10% Remittance tax. Money that is sent to Mexico's economy is 10% less than usual. That 10% is sent to US government. US Government pays for wall with money that would otherwise be in Mexico. = Mexico money paying for the wall. Good last joke. Straight out of a 5th grader playbook. You get that from TH3J3ST3r? L U L
  11. Call your local politicians and endorse it so you don't have to pay for it.
  12. If true, that Professor Jordan Peterson guy better get the hell outta Canada ASAP. Life in prison.
  13. Where you been dude? This is front page headline size 48 bold font worthy. Rumor is that the Russians do this regularly.... Russians drive on greens. Trump drives on greens. Must play a lot of golf in Russia. Meets with Russians in golf clubs. Collusion with Russians. TH3J3ST3R tweets: "We got him boys, Russia confirmed" JackMoron retweets and favorites. Drools on keyboard and posts new thread.