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  1. Is he truly a racist or does he just not know how to speak like a president...or a normal person? I have a hard time justifying the guy as a racist just because he said a few of the wrong words while trying to get his point across on the campaign. Not only that. Trump has no filter. The guys spits out whats on his mind whether it be in the middle of a speech or a thought while hes taking a shit and puts it on twitter. If he was a racist I feel like we have a lot more ammunition to back up that claim. I don't buy the judge thing either. It was clear on what his intent was when he said those things. He wasn't claiming the judge couldn't do the job simply because of the color of his skin. It was that he felt the judge had a bias and wasn't being impartial to his case for many reasons. Trump has said some stupid shit no doubt, but I think it's too dismissive to just label the guy things he probably isn't simply because he's a horrible speaker and lacks any potential of presidential mannerism.
  2. Im sure it is, but some people pretend like he can change their mind, but in reality want him to grab a pussy so he can be impeached.
  3. Prime example of illusory truth. Repetition instills belief. I'd bet over half the people using those words don't even know exact details on what Trump has said that makes him any of the words they describe.
  4. Jan 21, 2017 Marvin Menzies year 1 10-10 Record. 3-4 In the MWC. Final record: ??? Jan 21, 2015 Dave Rice year 4 10-9 Record. 1-5 in the MWC. Final record: 18-15. 8-10 in the MWC.
  5. 1. UNM, Reno, Boise, Fresno 2. SDSU (Closing quick) 3. CSU 4. The rest
  6. It's why UNLV fans still run this board. Most knowledgeable fan base there is on basketball and this conference. (SDSU and UNM guys up there) I'm amazed at these game threads against every team though... "Wow what happened to UNLV?" "Is it snowing in Vegas? Why only 8k?" "Why did you guys hire this guy?" Or Reno fans dropping RPI like it's still relevant to the NCAAT.
  7. This 2017. People already made up their minds. There is literally nothing Trump could do to change their minds. Today wasn't really about a message to Trump. It was a message against Trump.
  8. The great responsible role model Madonna has a message for you...
  9. Your non PC responses say right win nut job. Your username says freeloading libtard. My political party generalization boner is super confused right now.
  10. It's almost as if....we're all humans...yet people group the masses as if they fall under a single category! I'm GOP. I don't care about the march. Didn't bother me one bit. I laughed. I rolled my eyes. I cringed. I laughed again. Like some said before. Some of these people voted for Trump. Today was a great representation of our democracy. Some meant well. Some meant harm. Some didn't even know what they were doing. Some were there to disrupt. Some were there to just visualize. If anything came out of this...It's that now these people know how much support they have for each other. For if Planned Parenthood does become defunded, All each protestor would have to do is donate $2.50 each and that would cover what the government doesn't want to pay for.
  11. Im surprised at the lack of back door cuts AFA ran? Did they only get like 1? From what I remember.
  12. Yo lets keep the politics garbage on the OT board.
  13. AFA always plays us tough. It's been that zone D. Rice could never figure it out and this years team simply lacks talent to dribble penetrate or make the right pass if they do get in the paint. Mooring the exception though. That kid is light years better than he was in November.
  14. #classic