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  1. Golden Knights inaugural home opener storylines

    Really wish I could be there tonight.
  2. Degenerate Gamblers Thread

    Teasers, props and parlays is where the fun is. I always seem to split my 4 straight up bets, but have hit a few "first player to score TD" props. 3 weeks ago I had a $5 8 teamer that would have paid out $2995. Redskins rams went down to wire. I needed redskins to kick a fc1. They score a TD and extra point in closing seconds and the total went over by 1... smh. Here's my best from this past weekend.
  3. NRA

    Sure, but I'd bet on the Earth catching on fire before that though. Plus you can remove the amendment all you want. Removing 350+ million unregistered guns and 50 Billion rounds of ammunition out of this country isn't being realistic. Then add in the factor of a huge black market and the ease of making a firearm/ammo with todays technology. Maybe mental illness is a realistic way to help this problem. However, so far in Sunday's case...it is seemingly impossible to prevent what happened. Humans suck sometimes. We are a scary, violent species.
  4. NHL - VGK opening night

    Vegas wins. That 2nd goal was a beauty.
  5. NRA

    Everything else is feel good solutions with no real change. 2A removal will never happen though. At least in our lifetime.
  6. NRA

    I always laugh at this notion that the NRA has politicians held at the balls and Hundreds of millions of dollars are being fed to politicians to force their agenda... NRA is strong because of it's membership and the millions of non members who support their cause. They don't even throw real money at politicians. It's bread crumbs compared to the rest out there. NRA isn't in the top 450 of contributions to politicians. NRA gave $839,215 to politicians in 2016. A little over 3 million in lobbying for same year. (Not even ranked in top 150) The attempt to shit on the NRA by some, yet are the same ones who won't complain when the unions have the dems by the balls is pretty comical. (like 10 of them in top 50 political contributions) Then add in the fact that these same people want to dehumanize gun owners or 2nd amendment advocates like they are inhuman and have no feelings or compassion for the things that have happened is like icing on the cake of retardation. I get the wanting of answers, but people seriously do go full retard after these events. It's insane. The only people I can have real respect for are those who want an all out gun removal. At least they have a spine and an idea that in theory, could actually reduce something. I mean it would never happen and I would never support it, but at least the theory at least makes sense. All of this other shit is fantasy land play by the rules shit.
  7. Gun control is so the advocates for the cause can sleep a little better at night and thinking they're making a difference. It does nothing to deter evil people. Also, most the people who talk about gun control have no real knowledge on the shit they are talking about: Go ahead and ban suppressors and bump fire stocks. That nightly sleep will feel great. Meanwhile crazy Joe Schmoe easily makes a bump fire stock in his garage...or simply doesn't use one. (Terrible aim. Jams gun easier.) Also, +++++ paying thousands of dollars for a suppressor and stamp. 1. Too much money. 2. Gets too hot 3. Can make one with a $10 oil filter illegally.
  8. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    SWAT already smoked the sack of shit. The other lady is just person of interest. His roomate.
  9. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    I'm thinking its more like this.
  10. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    . I thought the same when I saw this video The off speed. Hand crank or bump fire...Bump fires sound just like that when you aren't putting enough pressure into the shoulders.
  11. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    It's speculative tho. The distance he/they were shooting from was far which is why you hear the double clack from the ricochets which make it even more dangerous. Could have been automatic or just a bump fire. Prob a 7.62 round. A crowd like that the dude/s are just flinging heavy rounds at the large crowd. The number is always usually exaggerated at first. One man with multiple high capacity magazines can do more damage than people seem to be aware of.
  12. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    That was from officers outside UMC. I'd still take it with a grain of salt just because it's ongoing and info does get lost, but I trust the dudes judgement. There's a "casualty" corner setup on strip as well. So who really knows.
  13. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    More than 20 dead confirmed.
  14. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    Lots of info being flowed around from every direction. Expect the worst and hope for the best.