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  1. UNLV recruiting

    If staff wants him and the kid wants to be here I wouldn't hate on it. Taking in a kid like that would speak volumes on Menzies confidence at running a program and doing it the right way.
  2. Mountain West Basketball Week 6: December 11th - 17th

    They are about to start 0-13 but have a good shot at winning 20+ games this year. They'll sweep through that conference.
  3. Mountain West Basketball Week 6: December 11th - 17th

    Yup that team can ball. Held their own against UNLV for 30 mins.
  4. BSU Starting to Get a Little Love in MBB Polls

    When Reno is at the top of this conference you know shit has gone south.
  5. Mountain West Basketball Week 5: 12/4 -12/10

    12/10/4 over 50% fg and played alongside another 10 and 10 player in roscoe Smith. Not all AAs go to NBA or are successful in college. Birch was damn good in college and his play and stats back that up. Webb was a freak and under recruited. Has nothing to do with quality of Birch. You bring up national relevance and other vrwp but fail to acknowledge who our coach was. Rice was handed an elite 8 caliber team and did nothing with it. Then he landed a monster recruiting class and some more seniors and did nothing again. I am failing to see how McCoy and Menzies is comparable to Rice and Bennett? Its just not a logical argument. Whole different program.
  6. Mountain West Basketball Week 5: 12/4 -12/10

    Everyone of them were some of the best players in the entire conference during their time here. Birch dominated boards and has been the best shot blocker this conference has seen in a decade. Vaughn...18ppg 5rpg and shooting over 38% from 3 is a damn good season for a freshman. Sure you can hate on the success as a team with those AA's..but individually they were worthy of their rankings. Sadly we had Dave Rice. In Menzies I trust. Not only is McCoy smashing everyone he plays offensively...this team is looking damn good around him and that's credit to the coaching staff. Y'all need to stop biting PHs bait because some of the responses just get out of hand.
  7. UNLV recruiting

    Yeah I know that. Just don't remember if he was putting up those big numbers as a freshman there. Sad story about him though. He's handling it damn well.
  8. Mountain West Basketball Week 5: 12/4 -12/10

    It amazes me how many people PH still triggers. You ever encounter the panhandlers that have a sob story to tell you, but instead of listening you're thinking about how you're gonna say no? That's the approach you guys need. Avoid at all costs and if stuck just carry on with the thread.
  9. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Purdue has a shot. Its a down league, but I still bet they have 12 of 14 teams in top 100 by end of year. 5 or 6 bids. Not a great win, but a necessary one for us.
  10. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    They're looking for a sponsor. MWCBoard.com @mugtang ???
  11. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    I dunno, I sat on both sides and had a pretty good assessment. My UNLV season ticket package had me upstairs opposite of them. Then I moved opposite side nearby them. Illini fans were bunched in 2 sections. UNLV fans were spread apart in the other 10+ the upper deck. When they were loud. They were loud. When we were loud. We were louder. Bunch all the UNLV fans into sections and we fill at least 4 sections IMO. I thought Illinois played well, but we needed this win. They won't finish top half of that conference, but that conference gets 7 NCAA bids and almost the whole conference finishes in the top 100. Hopefully they bring that scrappy play and take down some teams and make a run. I think Menzies doesn't want him to play stout defense. I mean not play defense at all, but we cant get McCoy into foul trouble. He's too valuable offensively to be losing to these tacky soft ass refs.
  12. Police Shooting of Daniel Shaver

    Actually this rarely happens. We're a country of 300+ million people. You don't think these exact situations occur thousands of times daily across the nation? Because they do. It's tragic and voices should be heard and the public should demand better, but don't buy into the sensationalism that this is some kind of plague hitting the country. That's the type of rhetoric that helped establish the thin blue line culture in the first place.
  13. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Haven't read this thread yet. Was at game. Strong showing from both teams. about 66/33 Rebel fans. Illini always have traveled strong here. But Illinois came in with a plan and executed it pretty damn well. ZERO MOMENTUM. +++++ing fouls left and right. Illinois tactically used up all their shit and UNLV could never get a flow offensively. Also struggled to make their FTs. It was amazing they only fouled out like 2 guys. Seemed like their whole team had 4 fouls. Between fouling, zoning and denying the post we were lost a lot of the time on offense and were like 2/9 from 3 with about 5 mins left in the game or something. That stat sheet seems like it was lopsided for fouls, but Illinois was out on a mission. McCoy should be getting 30 points a game. We need to try to get him a touch in the post every time down. Hes unstoppable. Big bench play from Beck and Hardy. Juice got in foul trouble again and it always takes him out his element and +++++s with the rotation a bit. Mooring = Solid. JJ...Needs to get his shot back, but solid job atttacking. Illinois played some good D. Hit 11 3's and took UNLV off its game. Somehow we scored 89. Overall a good grind out win and pull through at the end. Good test for future games. 8-2 baby. Lets keep runnin
  14. Cal at SDSU

    Thats a bad loss to a horrible team. Aztecs Dutcher experiment on short leash gotta think.