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  1. How do TV revenue splits work in other leagues that have basketball only members? Do they get a full share? Part of a share? That's the major question
  2. I do worry about that, but in fairness we were 1 over on scholarships next season even with EB leaving. Someone else had to go, and Mathis was a strong candidate considering his complete lack of playing time. I hope no one else leaves
  3. Grammer said he can't go within the league.
  4. Was always expected, but he makes it official
  6. Alright, the weekend redeemed itself
  7. I aspire to be half the man you are one day Stunner
  8. Well there's been some more upsets in the 2nd round. Michigan knocks off Louisville, maybe The Big Ten isn't as down as we thought it was?
  9. There were rumors that Boeheim was going to call it quits this season, and Mike Hopkins was the coach in waiting. That's fairly surprising.
  10. Looks like they're grabbing Louisville's assistant
  11. I was having that issue yesterday too, my success rate was about 50/50
  12. phuck you
  13. Shook off a slow start nicely. That press is going to be an issue for us though, we don't really play fast and can't do a lot when we break it
  14. Best of luck Falcons, I wish there were more teams out west
  15. Lots and lots of chalk today. UCLA about to tip off, absolutely zero chance of an upset there. No way an Alford coached team drops a 3-14 game