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  1. Alright guys, you've won
  2. Hahaha so you're basically going with "I know you are but am I " defense. See @Joe from WY you could learn from this, way more effective
  3. Solid troll game
  4. I've clearly made that point word for word
  5. You keep fighting the good fight bud, it's definitley not sexist if you keep claiming it isnt
  6. My damn radical and bigoted equality agenda
  7. Ah yes finding the idea of stripping voting rights from women stupid and disgusting is just being overly PC.
  8. The quality of life was so much better in the 20s
  9. Yeah because I'm the one who wants to strip voting rights from half the country
  10. See you can't really be ironic when you shown yourself to be a 1920s intellectual
  11. Really another who doesn't want women to vote?
  12. No that'd be +++++ing stupid, only women are inferior
  13. What about black people and latinos? They tend to vote for the party you dislike? The poor too. Maybe only wealthy, land owning white men should get to vote
  14. So they shouldn't be able to vote because they're not capable of making decision that protect freedom? Who gives a +++++ about their freedoms though right?
  15. No that was pretty clearly the gist of it. Come on Tools, you're backtracking when I've always known you to double down on the stupid