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  1. It's really not that rare for major schools to only play a true road game or two in the non con, some don't play any at all As a Notre Dame fan, we pretty much only play a road non conference game once every 2 years, when it's our turn to go on the road in The ACC/Big Ten Challenge (though we're actually playing a rare home and home this year). Outside of that we play in one of those OOC tournaments, one of Indiana,Purdue/,or Butler in Indy, and then depending on the year maybe one more neutral site game. The rest is filler to meet home game allotments and that's fairly standard for many big schools. Outside of watching your team, early season college basketball is garbage until the new year and that's coming from someone who generally prefers CBB to CFB
  2. Fresno @ Bama Game Thread

    That was fast
  3. Fresno @ Bama Game Thread

    No thread yet? Come on Bulldogs, make the first half interesting so I have something to watch while I wait on Notre Dame - Georgia
  4. MSN Sports picks SJSU to beat Texas

    I love it when sports media completely overrates a team, and then immediately starts underrating them because they didn't hit their insane expectations. The Longhorns might be P5 mediocre, but they're still a 7 or 8 win team that's going to make a bowl. Spartans will be lucky to keep it within 20 (I hope I'm wrong)
  5. Isn't this the school who's founder blamed hurricanes on the gays, teaches creationism, bans sex and drinking, and has mandatory church service 3 times a week? Part of me wants nothing to do with them, but on the other hand they'd make up for that hole that BYU left, without the strong athletics of course
  6. New Mexico vs Abilene Christian Game Thread

    Awesome on UNM's part.
  7. New Mexico vs Abilene Christian Game Thread

    I mean the game next week is being streamed on Facebook. That would have been fine today
  8. New Mexico vs Abilene Christian Game Thread

    sebasour would think that an online stream would be available in a day where many high school games are streamed
  9. Everybody pumped to dust off their AM clock radio's for this one? Shameful that this game isn't being streamed in 2017
  10. Troy @ Boise State: GAMETHREAD

    Had trap game written all over it. Nice job Broncos, I stand by my pick of you winning the league
  11. CSU removed from NYD Bowl Race

    I took Boise to cover but I'm nervous about it
  12. USU @ Wisconsin game thread

    There you go!
  13. USU @ Wisconsin game thread

    I was very confident in my Wisconsin to cover pick, but I hope I'm wrong. Best of luck Ags
  14. CSU removed from NYD Bowl Race

    Wyoming is going to struggle tomorrow too. I actually like the Broncos this season and their my pick to win it all but that Troy game is pretty scary too. Could be an ugly week 1 for the league
  15. Boise signs home and home with Grand Canyon

    Careful, they're a real pain in the ass in Phoenix