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  1. Comcast fanboys, rejoice!

    1776 will commence again once they start charging extra or throttling porn
  2. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    Whelp there's a reason we were picked 9th. I'm excited for this squad next year, but there's just no interior game right now. Aggies have been completely owning us in the paint
  3. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    Well we had a good start, but that faded. Omaha is doing a good job slowing the game which doesn't really suit us. Lobos only up 1 at the break
  4. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    Just as I post that 7-0 run for Omaha
  5. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    Lobos up 19-9 early, looking good so far
  6. I could just as easily say if you're fans can't stay up a little late than you should stick to intramurals. A lot of programs can't just throw a million per year away like that
  7. The Nevada Idaho game was just the jumbotron, you could even see the make some noise graphics on screen
  8. A concern of mine would be how much investment goes into a broadcast that's likely not going to make money. Basketball games on the MWC Network are just the jumbotron with the local radio guys dubbed in. That's fine for the lesser games on your schedule, but that would get a tad annoying to do for every game.
  9. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    Oh if we do that against an actual NCAA School, then I'll immediately be starting a thread about how we're going to murder all of you guys in league play
  10. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    We'll do our best not to screw up tonight guys
  11. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    Our first game since missing out happened today, and a US team who's average age was less than 23, drew Portugal 1-1. The kids looked good, they were the far better team, they should have scored a couple of more goals, and Portugal's lone goal came off one of the worst goalkeeping errors I've seen in some time The pieces are there for us, the 16-20 age group is better and deeper than it's ever been. A tiny silver lining of missing Russia, is we now have 2 years of meaningless games to get them fully integrated. It's sucks we have to wait so long, but there's things to look forward to.
  12. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    Could start learning a bit about teams this week. Wolfpack have a massive test against a Rhode Island who should be in the top 25, following up with back to back road games is nothing to sneeze at either, even if both teams are meh. The Azetcs go to Tempe to take on what should at least be an NIT Caliber team. Wyoming gets a bad Pac 12 team on the road, but still a Pac 12 team. I think it's weird that CSU is playing a non tournament games in Jamaica, but whatever. FSU is expected to be right on the bubble this year, so that's a nice neutral site get. Tulane is meh, but that's not the worst game in the world either. Fresno goes away to an Arkansas team that's in Lunardi's First Four Out. I'm interested to see how Boise does in Myrtle Beach, they could get some decent games later in the bracket if they can beat UTEP. UNM goes away to Las Cruces, which is always a decent barometer game early in the year. I also imagine Aggie fans will be a little extra pumped this year, with the Weir thing. Utah State and SJSU both have really big teams this week, though I doubt either will be competitive. I don't know how the hell The Spartans managed to get a top 25 team to come to their place, but kudos for it.
  13. Better slate of games this week. All times are mountain Monday, November 13th: Montana State @ Utah State 7 PM Mountain West Network Cal State Northridge @ Fresno State 8 PM Mountain West Network Wyoming @ Oregon State 9 PM Pac 12 Networks Rhode Island @ Nevada 9:30 PM ESPNU Tuesday, November 14th: Canisius @ Air Force 5 PM Mountain West Network Omaha @ New Mexico 7 PM Mountain West Network San Diego State @ Arizona State 7 PM Pac 12 Networks Winthrop @ Colorado State 7 PM Mountain West Network Wednesday, November 15th: Mississippi Valley State @ Utah State 7 PM Mountain West Network Prairie View A&M @ UNLV 8 PM Mountain West Network Nevada @ Santa Clara 8 PM TheW.tv Thursday, November 16th: Boise State vs. UTEP (Puerto Rico Tip Off) Noon ESPNU San Jose State @ Southern Utah 6:30 PM Pluto TV Friday November 17th: Boise State vs. South Carolina or Illinois State 8:30 AM (if they lose opener) or 11 AM (if they win opener) ESPNU (if they lose opener) or ESPN2 (if they win opener) Colorado State vs. Tulane (Montego Bay, Jamaica) Noon CBS Sports Network Fresno State @ Arkansas 6 PM SEC Network Plus (I think that means WatchESPN, but you have to be an SEC Network subscriber to get it) New Mexico @ New Mexico State 7 PM ESPN3 Eastern Washington @ UNLV 8 PM Mountain West Network McNeese State @ San Diego State 8:30 Fox Sports San Diego Saturday, November 18th: Utah State @ #18 Gonzaga 8 PM ESPN3 Nevada @ Pacific 8 PM TheW.tv Sunday, November 19th: Boise State vs Iowa State/Appalachian State/Tulsa/Western Michigan (Puerto Rico Tip Off) 9:30 AM (7th Place), Noon (5th Place), 3 PM (3rd Place), or 5:30 PM (Championship) ESPN3 (7th Place), ESPNU (5th and 3rd Place), or ESPN2 (Championship) Colorado State vs. Florida State (Montego Bay, Jamaica) 3 PM CBS Sports Network #22 St. Mary's @ San Jose State 6 PM Mountain West Network
  14. Hey Mug?

    You weren't clicking on those ads on adult websites were you? They're not real
  15. At least we're not going to elect him president.