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  1. That's not completely fair, last year we beat Northern Iowa and gave Purdue all they can handle. This year we almost beat Dayton, Illinois State and destroyed Nevada for 38 minutes before an historic meltdown. "top tier" is way hyperbolic. The Lobos could be a pain in the ass 12 or 13 seed though, sadly I just don't trust team who shuts off 15 minutes every game to get through the tourney in Vegas.
  2. Wasn't just one. I was being a bit hyperbolic, but it can still be a tad annoying. That website can get up in arms about the most trivial things and I say that as someone who generally enjoys it
  3. Ah, The Lobo Lair. Now CSU is our new rival and we need to pack The Pit to show those bastards
  4. The bump from Joe wasn't needed and should have probably been T'd but oh well. It was a chippy game
  5. I'm kinda with you, I don't really see how he did anything wrong in that situation
  6. Not a good look for anyone
  7. Damn, generally when you get wins at Moby and Viejas early in league play you expect to be better than .500. Nice double digit win on the road, I'll take it. Doesn't change the meh feeling around the team though
  8. Up 17 with under 10 left and I'm still nervous. Last week is going to screw with me for a long time
  9. Seems like one of those seasons where the difference between a 3 and a 9 seed could be a game or 2
  10. If they want my porn they'll have to rip it from my warm, dead sticky hands
  11. I was playing pool at Fox and Hound and wasn't even paying attention late in the 2nd half. +++++ing inexcusable
  12. What the +++++
  13. All times are MT. @mugtang if you want to pin it Wednesday, January 3rd: Colorado State (1-1) @ San Jose State (0-1) 8 PM Mountain West Network Wyoming (1-1) @ Fresno State (1-1) 8 PM Mountain West Network Boise State (2-0) @ UNLV (1-1) 9 PM CBS Sports Network New Mexico (2-0) @ Utah State (0-2) 9 PM ESPNU San Diego State (0-1) @ Nevada (1-1) 9 PM ESPN2 Saturday, January 7th: Air Force (1-1) @ Colorado State (1-1) Noon ROOT Fresno State (1-1) @ San Jose State (0-1) 3 PM Mountain West Network UNLV (1-1) @ Utah State (0-2) 4 PM CBS Sports Network San Diego State (0-1) @ Boise State (2-0) 9 PM ESPNU Nevada (1-1) @ New Mexico (2-0) 9:15 PM ESPN2 Standings: (As of January 2nd) 2016-17 MW Standings TEAM CONF GB OVR Boise State 2-0 - 9-4 New Mexico 2-0 - 9-5 Nevada 1-1 1 12-3 Wyoming 1-1 1 11-4 Fresno State 1-1 1 9-5 Colorado State 1-1 1 9-6 UNLV 1-1 1 8-7 Air Force 1-1 1 8-7 San Diego State 0-1 1.5 8-5 San José State 0-1 1.5 7-5 Utah State 0-2 2 6-7
  14. We're not, but we just beat the best team in the league on the road. We're not going to the dance without winning in Vegas, but we're a contender in this league and the people saying we wouldn't go .500 were way too doom and gloom
  15. Good god and the Skins throw a pick sending my Packers to the playoffs. What a ten minutes this has been