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  1. Definitely gone: Adams Brown Probably gone: Harris - This may have not been Neal related, he just had a baby and rumors are swirling that he just wants to be closer to home. No word yet though Definitely back: Logwood Probably back: Mathis - Said he wants to come back and I think he will, just have too make sure Weir actually wants him Furstinger - Same as Mathis Jefferson - He never actually said he was transferring to my knowledge but he left some damn cryptic Tweets just before Neal got canned. There's also our 2 walkons that said they're going, I don't anyone really cares there though
  2. Eh, I'm just happy and surprised we were able to can Neal
  3. Really not a lousy get this late in the cycle. Also he did quite well getting talent at NMSU, and one would think he would do even better over here. His 3 assistants this year are looking to be Harriman who Neal brought in but we can't afford to fire, a guy from NMSU, and then a fellow Canadian from St. Bonaventure.
  4. Troy Simons who had committed originally to Pitt before what I understand were academics got in the way, signed with UNM today. There's some slight concern he might have issues getting eligible here right away but we'll see. He lead all of JuCo this year with 26.3 points per game, while shooting 41% from 3. Really nice get for us IMO.
  5. +++++, I was annoyed with the lame troll job, but I read all 7 pages of it
  6. So what's your favorite conference to follow outside of The MWC?
  7. It's a risk but I don't hate it
  8. Yeah, but you don't always want to be the ones to pop their cherry. Or in Weir's case, only give him his second year
  9. Very startling comparisons. Former Alford assistant, took over an NM school after the head coach bolted for a bigger team, had one really good year after inheriting a really good team... Neal doesn't prove every assistant can't succeed, but it makes me nervous
  10. He's a guy I pointed to the night Craig was canned, but what is he, like our 8th choice?
  11. I kinda love it but it's risky as hell. Just one year of coaching experience
  12. Bahahahaha, I don't give a shit anymore, I'll check back with The Lobo Lair in a week, or maybe a month
  13. He's done decent with recruiting and his two years at one of the best JuCo programs in America could be valuable. He's also done well at ETSU but he's only been there for 2 years. My question is if his team doesn't win an extremely close game in SoCon title game last year, is he being considered for bigger jobs?
  14. I don't think he's interested in working for free