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  1. I think NMSU would benefit UNM, and IIRC we actually pushed for NMSU's inclusion when USU and SJSU got invited. I can't think of a convincing argument for any of the other 11 schools to include them though.
  2. Look, I agree that with the help of a Republican Congress, Trump may technically have some plausible deniability here. But when you can see the smoke from miles away, you really can't mock the people who think it's a fire.
  3. I'll 100% take that bet. He finishes his term
  4. What's everyone been watching lately? I'm just now catching up on GoT in time for the new season this weekend. Just finished up Fargo too, which was the weakest of the 3 seasons, but still really good. Anything I should start watching?
  5. Nah I just made them, breakfast was a few hours ago. I won't be touching cereal for awhile
  6. A bowl of cereal that cost me 2.50 for the box. I just made some beef tacos though. It was about 15 to 20 bucks for everything, but I have a shit load of leftovers.
  7. It posted other which range from the 36% to 43%, which still shows a rather big drop off from the last couple decades when it was in the low 50's. Even within that pew poll (and I like Pew) shows the amount of people with guns in their household is 42 while the ones that say they grew up with one is at 48. Which seems to fly in the face of your gun ownership is skyrocketing point. Yes gun sales are going up, but mostly with people who already owned guns.
  8. Gun ownership by household is way down according to this
  9. Yeah but we sure as hell regulate the industry with some pretty simple stuff. Also I'd argue that one item is a bit more useful than the other. Before we go to far down the throwing metaphors at each other rabbit hole (which I started so I apologize) the simple point I'm making is that laws can be worth passing even if they can't completely solve an issue. Yes, Western Europe still has murders but the rates in those countries are sometimes as much half or even a third of the US and yes I know guns aren't the only reason for that, but still that's insane. If we have 9000 gun homicides a year, and I grant you that 90% would still happen (and that's being generous), that's 900 lives saved a year.
  10. I agree with you, but just because you can't 100% eradicate a problem with legislation doesn't mean it's not worth doing. That would sort of be like me saying, "you know people still die in car accidents all the time, so why do we still have speed limits, traffic lights, and drunk driving laws?"
  11. Yes, but when Fox News or other righties cherry pick a story like this to leverage how awesome guns are that's fine I agree, there's numerous factors that lead to violence. I also agree that banning guns isn't going to end every homicide and just going after guns like the AR15 because they look scary is stupid too. We're not saying it's just the guns, you guys are the ones saying it's everything BUT the guns
  12. Is disagreement unhinged? I assure you, I'm perfectly happy and am enjoying breakfast while I type this. It's just that if I were to look up one of the 10 or so gun related homicides that happened over the weekend (I don't actually know how many there were, but in this country it's a pretty safe assumption) post the article and essentially just said "check mate, gun nuts" could someone find disagreement without being a partisan nut job who's tearing this country apart? I gotta say, if not being a fan of guns make us crazy psychopaths, you really must be having a tough time over there. Also I love how the people who absolutely worship their guns aren't the crazy. Say what you will about Bill Maher, but this always makes me chuckle
  13. The f*** does that have to do with your BS claiming that we're mad every time something good happens with a gun? Also don't you live in London? Must be rough never eating meet
  14. I was replying to BSUTop25 getting angry with a poster for calling out your anecdotal BS and suggesting that we're mad at the shooter. I guess this one instance settles it huh?
  15. No it's a nice story, but don't pretend this wasn't an attempt at a political point, especially the second post