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  1. I guess, but do Pepperdine fans travel well? The Pac 12, MWC, WCC, and WAC all play their league tournaments in Vegas, so I have to wonder how many fans are going to make the trip twice within a couple of weeks. I'm going to be honest, unless this tournament coincided with a trip to Vegas I already had planned I would not go if the Lobos were playing in it. In a way, the Vegas 16 model of just bringing a bunch of teams to one place limiting travel and time kind of makes sense but getting excitement around a tournament that a Kentucky Sports Firm just pulled out of their asses is going to be hard. It's a similar issues many of the newly formed bowl games are facing, but even with those the football following from most FBS schools dwarfs the basketball following of many of the schools who would actually participate in it. For shits and giggles here's the western most 7 teams who participated in last years CBI and let's say they elected to go to the Vegas 16 instead. I'll also throw in Grand Canyon who went to the CIT. Here's your 8 team field Nevada Eastern Washington Idaho Montana Houston Baptist Seattle Pepperdine Grand Canyon Now maybe Nevada pulls a few hundred, but outside of that I'm not sure a single game breaks 300 fans
  2. Is the Vegas 16 profitable? It doesn't even look like the players families showed up
  3. There's enough empty arena games in March as is, playing in a league town is smart and what's a better place for a weekend in the league than Vegas for most people? If UNLV could win the tournament once in awhile, I would complain about unfair advantage but it hasn't been an issue. Granted the Utah night life is fun and SJSU's rabid fan base would pack an arena in San Francisco but still
  4. I do love this video though
  5. I don't see why fans would oppose it? Less than 20% of the 351 D1 teams make the dance, and expanding the NIT would still only mean a little over a third of teams make a non pay to play tourney altogether. There's plenty of decent 18-20 win teams in smaller leagues who get shut out, and I'd have no problem with them going to the consolation tournament. That said I just question what's in it for the NIT
  6. How does the revenue distribution work for the NIT? Does the NIT get a cut of the ticket revenue? Or is it just TV money for them? Because as is many NIT games are already relegated to ESPN3, this would mean 25 or so extra games relegated to there too which wouldn't really bring them TV money
  7. I know Kenpom rankings aren't the end all be all, but hypothetically speaking looking at the Kenpom rankings and saying the top 68 are your tourney teams and 69-132 are your NIT teams (I know this isn't perfect) your 8-9 seed NIT matchups would be Boise/NC State, Richmond/Akron, Loyola-Chicago/Stanford, and Ohio/UNC-Asheville That's not cherry picking either, those kind of games would be the mean. I personally wouldn't oppose this, but those aren't exactly buzz worthy games. I'm not sure what the incentive for the NIT to expand would be.
  8. Eh the Maher interview was pretty softball, though the overtime segment with the panel was interesting where he got called out numerous times. The guy just seems like a comedian troll who doesn't really have anything of substance to say. The most annoying thing about him and his "movement" is he's a shock value guy who's whole schtick seems to be going after overly sensitive Liberal "snowflakes", yet this movement has hitched themselves to Trump, one of the biggest snowflakes in America who unlike the people providing safe spaces on college campuses, is actually in a position of importance.
  9. Rugby is one of those sports that I don't really understand, but I enjoy watching regardless. The Sevens tour is fun in particular, I try to watch it when it comes to Vegas every year, and I thought it was cool that they brought it to Rio this past summer. I wish it was on more though
  10. Quality is meh, but here's a stream
  11. I have to agree here, I'm pretty sure this idea has been brought up to the powers that be. It's not as if there going to stumble across this post and think "you know what, that would be a good idea"
  12. I don't really see the issue. Make the game safer for kids and then when they get to high school when the game starts to pick up they can learn to tackle. The kids are still getting physical activity and learning a game without the tackling part. Unless kids who play sports like basketball, baseball, and soccer are pussies too
  13. Looking like another February collapse that'll lead to a .500ish finish. Could still be an annoying team in Vegas if Tim is healthy but damn, I really don't see how you can give Noodles another year. There's still 6 games left so I won't bust out the pitch fork yet, but I'm sharpening it
  14. Well good win Spartans, you've always been my second favorite MWC team. Though to be honest I kinda cheered for you in a cute underdog kind of way, I'm pretty pissed to be losing to you at The Pit.
  15. Nah even he's managed that before, this is a new low