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  1. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    Thank god it's almost basketball season.
  2. I know I’m in the minority...

    Prior to this game, you may have had a point; however, It's very difficult to say the offense isn't the problem when we go for a short pass on 4th and long, and then take a shot at the end zone on 3rd and 7.
  3. UNLV at Air Force

    Yeah i think this game was more on Cotton; we forced 3 fumbles in the 2nd half but with Air Force's ball control, we just wore out. Although we let AFA go 2 for 2 on 4th down.
  4. UNLV at Air Force

    am I the only one who thinks if he somehow got a decent HC we have enough of an offense to go 6-6 in a year or two?
  5. UNLV at Air Force

    i mean we have experienced assistants they just hae bad experience. Cotton and Bear are former P5 coordinators but the've been generally dog shit.
  6. UNLV at Air Force

    Rodgers suck. We can't throw so we're done.
  7. UNLV at Air Force

  8. UNLV at Air Force

    and this is why we aren't going to a bowl game.
  9. UNLV at Air Force

    Time to get serious.
  10. UNLV at Air Force

    Just run the danm ball.
  11. UNLV at Air Force

    Honestly we've been pretty good so far this season all in all since the Howard game. We've done as well as we could against Ohio State and San Diego State and beat Idaho and SJSU handily, and in control thus far against Air Force. If we can finish this off, we have a good shot at a bowl.
  12. UNLV at Air Force

    so in Norman and I can't find a stream anywhere from where I am. Guess I'm down to gametracker. But we seem to be on a great start except for that long run by Cleveland on AF.
  13. UNLV at Air Force

    Says stream is not available.
  14. San Jose State at UNLV

    Stanton doing something useful for once.
  15. San Jose State at UNLV

    Can we play SJSU every week?