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  1. Tell us about your basketball team

    We are likely to take a step back this season. The transfer to Gonzaga of Brandon Clark really hurts. He was our "all-everything" last year. Here is what we have now. Probably use a lot of 3 and 4 Guards lineups. Center Oumar Barry-- A true Center at 6'11". Transfer in and is a Jr. Ashton Chastain-- Also a Center at 6'11" and a Sophomore. Forwards Keith Fisher III-- is a highly touted Freshman at 6"8". Ryan Welage-- Second leading scorer last year and is expected to carry that #1 load this year. 6'9" Jr. Walter Graves III-- May red shirt. 6'7". True Frosh. Ryan Singer-- 6'10" Jr. Guards Noah Baumann-- At 6'5" a Guard/Forward. May also red shirt. Nai Carlisle-- Highly touted Freshman and is 6'2" Jaycee Hillsman-- 6'6". May be used at forward. Rugged. Jalen James-- Real veteran. Team's only Sr. 6'4". Isaiah Nichols-- 6'5". Got a lot of starts last season as a true Fr. A So. Ryan Parilla-- True Frosh. 5'10". Caleb Simmons-- 6'6" True Frosh. May red shirt.
  2. You say that the CSU system will pay for the land. Is that a real commitment by the system or a "hope".
  3. Has SDSU definitively solved a new stadium's location? It seems to me that until the location issue is settled, the design cannot be finalized. Is the AD putting the cart before the horse? Stadia designs are, often, dictated by the land availability, lot size and topography of their locations.
  4. Your Top 5 Favorite Football Schools

    1. San Jose State 2. Notre Dame 3. Michigan State 4. San Diego State 5. California
  5. OT: Y.A. Tittle Dies

    Y.A. was a guest and speaker at one of our Quarterback Club dinner meetings. He had quite a few stories and a great sense of humor. Everyone at that event received an autographed copy of that iconic foto with personalized comments. Mine is framed and hanging in my office. He and, especially. his son were supporters of Spartan football.
  6. SJSU Coaches Being Sued for Discrimination

    FWIW, it is A COACH not coaches. Second, the coach was gone from SJSU prior to the lawsuit. Third, it is an allegation. Visual evidence does not support the charge.
  7. HS Football Participation Has Peaked

    Wow, that sure bucks the trend here. Wealthy Marin County (north of San Francisco) is really struggling with continuing football in its high schools. It is a numbers game. High schools in that wealthy county are finding it difficult to get their numbers up.
  8. Brent Brennan

    Probably true but it, apparently, did not impact Hill's hire. He was going to be offered the job and, apparently, would have accepted.
  9. San Jose State at UNLV

    UNLV is favored by 10 and is at home. Nevertheless this is an important predictor for San Jose State. They lose this one and a 1-12 record looks to be likely.
  10. HS Football Participation Has Peaked

    Many parents in wealthier communities are already forbidding their children to play football due to its potential health hazard. I believe we will see an evolution of football to the less privileged communities. Already we are seeing that high schools in wealthier areas are often limited to c. 25 players.
  11. Brent Brennan

    In answer to the Original post. The AD was about to offer the HC job at SJSU to Pat Hill. He is, clearly, a highly experienced coach. So, buying "on the cheap" was not the issue. The new president herself, Mary Papazian, intervened to select Brent Brennan. Apparently she liked his youth, energy and, maybe most of all, his tech focus.
  12. Brent Brennan

    Yes. A cousin.
  13. Happens all the time. It sure would be nice to have BYU back in the MWC.
  14. OT: Hell must have frozen over....

    Follow the money. If the money is there, a REVELATION will follow.
  15. Congrats San Diego St

    Ditto. Aztecs are making the MWC proud.