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  1. Maybe, but they aren't going to step on their own dicks to reach out. Someone needs to reach out to them and there would have to be compromise; something that they can take back to their constituents. What could the Republicans offer that would sweeten the pot enough to garner a few Democratic votes? I can't think of anything that wouldn't at the same time lose more to the "right".
  2. Ouch!
  3. Why would any team "mind". 2 for 1's are always a good thing.
  4. Oh I agree. In this case however, @Akkula crowing aside, it isn't really partisanship that's torpedoing the "repeal/replace" effort.
  5. Why couldn't we have done that for the last 8 years?
  6. I love you Stunner, thank you for being the straight man on this one. Had to look up Musselman's "resume". Other than his two NBA stints, he's had winning records at every single head coaching stop; not just overall winning records but winning records every single year. That's amazing, don't you agree?
  7. Maybe that works for Duke and Kentucky. See ph, I have no problem admitting that Nevada isn't Duke or Kentucky, never was, probably never will be; doesn't diminish my enjoyment of the program one bit. You on the other hand wish to live in the past; a past of which you have absolutely no recognition or personal recollection. Sorry to break it to you but reality is that UNLV basketball now has more in common with Nevada than with Duke or Kentucky.
  8. We've signed two good/great freshmen in each of Musselman's first two years; Oliver/Drew and Hall/Ramsey. One or two freshmen, one or two transfers sounds like a good plan going forward in today's college basketball environment.
  9. Has anyone watched the new Chapelle shows? Took a good hit and
  10. @fbpack, see this is how it's done. Damn, 4FUNLV is really upping her game!
  11. Dammit! Back to "trolling 101" for you.
  12. Awesome, but doesn't this belong in the ph thread?
  13. ???????????????? pissed of at their orthodontist?
  14. Dave Rice is going to have him wearing the Battle Born blues.