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  1. LOL, pretty much the definition of "a slow white guy"!
  2. Hello, are you new here? This here is a classic @BSUTOP25 poll; it's his thing.
  3. Try having a baby.
  4.'re phucked. When you shit yourself, they'll just look around like "who is this guy, is he with you?".
  5. I want to see a video....put up or shut up!
  6. Bullshit....someday your kids might have to change your diaper.
  7. Maybe he still has some northern Nevada connections....Christian Chamberlain from Reno High is headed up there in September. From RGJ earlier this year: "Chamberlain leads or is near the top in almost all statistical categories in the Northern 4A. Through four weeks, the left-handed Chamberlain had 55 strikeouts, in 23 2/3 innings, tops in the league. He has a 2.07 earned run average.On offense, he has driven in 14 runs, and drawn 12 walks. He leads the league in stolen bases with eight and in home runs with six. He is second in slugging percentage at 1.206 and third in batting average at .529."
  8. Phuck him, Raiders suck!!!
  9. NV, have you played at Bandon Dunes? Incredible! No motorized carts there but the greens are so "bullet proof", the pro shop tells players to go ahead and take the hand carts right on the green.
  10. Is Mexico required to pay for the transmission lines also?
  11. Why the hell aren't there more restrictions on what folks can buy? And why aren't any of the GOP pols talking about this? (I call out the GOP because it would be way toooooo much to ask of a Dem). As for the GOP, I think one of the main problems is this very strong anti-government sentiment. I wonder if a GOP congressman introduced this type of legislation, would they be attacked from the "right" for introducing new government regulations?
  12. Yes. Do you have any suggestion about how to fix this problem? Michele Obama was endlessly ridiculed for trying to do something positive.
  13. What say you MWC fans, does Cam Oliver's name get called? If so, when and by who? Are there any other MWC players with any chance?
  14. After we've elected Donald Trump??????
  15. Let me help: Lies, damned lies, and statistics found out it's not really a Twain quote.