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  1. I went to a friend's daughter's graduation in 1998; just a spectacular sight. A little tidbit: what you can't see in the short video is that all the little brothers and sisters of the cadets are assembled around the goal line. The caps come off, the Blue Angels soar overhead and the children make a mad dash to pick up a hat; the cadets have place money inside the hat band. Better than any Easter egg hunt I've ever seen.
  2. Seriously, is "funeral" attire the appropriate choice when meeting with his Excellency?
  3. Guns are dangerous when used improperly. Doesn't context and/or intent matter? Is Jack wrong to consider "race" as an aid in diagnosis?
  4. Is there another word that you would prefer Jack use when discussing diagnostic methods among different groups? "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"
  5. Goddammit, @smltwnrckr @happycamper @youngrebelfan40 , are you guys disputing what Jack is pointing out or are you just arguing semantics regarding his description of groups as "race". If it's the latter, who the phuck cares? We use language in order to effectively communicate; everyone on this board knows what Jack is saying regarding physiological traits that are more prevalent in certain groups. Is it "racist" for him to use this info in order to effectively treat his patients?
  6. Hey, when it's 120*'s called priorities.
  7. SA, I don't even know what USNWR is or how it has any affect on an incoming freshman's decision to attend a particular school. It really seems like just another stupid data mined stat for "bragging rights". My oldest was accepted everywhere he applied, including UCLA and UC Davis, this metric had absolutely nothing to do with where he applied or his decision.
  8. They couldn't afford to settle another lawsuit.
  9. I don't believe he'll receive immunity. I think there's a chance that he goes down. Maybe then he'll give up some info.
  10. You'd probably get your ass kicked. Now answer my question. How is that relevant to what happened in this incident?
  11. Sometimes...
  12. You should know.
  13. Come on rosey, you know that's not how these things work. Remember "Whitewater"? That was supposed to be about nefarious financial dealings but ended up being about the President getting hummers in the Oval Office. Remember Benghazi? I said many times that investigation would amount to nothing, no indictments, and yet it went on for 4 years. Hang on, we're just getting started down this rabbit hole. Who know where it might lead?