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  1. MWC Predictions

    I had to change my vote.....somebody had to.
  2. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    I give thumbs-up to Argentina.... please don't mention it again
  3. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    Probably very few.....just like "late term" abortions.
  4. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    What a freaking pussy. Wants to know "what can I do?" How about examining your racist beliefs you phucking moron?!
  5. MWC Predictions

    Wolf Pack!!!!
  6. KUDO's Baltimore...

    I don't know how to copy and paste on my phone but I love that last night, Baltimore guickly and rather quietly removed all of their statues and monuments honoring Confederate traitors and losers. #meltthemdown
  7. When did roscoog get banned? What thread? I must be working too much.
  8. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    OK, I get the flame thrower but what's going on with the old guy to the right?
  9. Does Hugh "like" all of his own posts?
  10. World Cup Coming to Vegas?

    Now, a World Cup game might give me reason to visit Vegas.
  11. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    Hey guys, how things going? Has anyone's mind been changed, pro life / pro choice?
  12. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Are you really asking us to play nice on n-sports board? FIRE MUGTANG!!!!!!!
  13. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    To the British.....absolutely!
  14. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    No, they're not.
  15. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Just as all of West Point graduates today, he had pledged allegiance to the United States of America not the State of Virginia. He was a phucking traitor....and a loser to boot. Who erects statues to losers?