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  1. Not now. Give Trump some time; if it turns out that he is a little crazy oil stocks should do well; if after a year or so it's business as usual, there's probably better places for your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. is that enough $ respect?
  2. Hey neophyte, don't think you can just show up and "bomb" a great thread like this. Did you put in the work? Have you read all 17 pages? Do you know who you're dealing with!?
  3. Gotta be thinkin', "hmm, now that this is over, the Donald and I need to talk".
  4. Which president? Guzman was growing poppy's and marijuana in the 60's, heavily involved in serious drug trade by the 80's and took over as the undisputed kingpin in 2003. Were all the presidents during that period "useless"?
  5. Kind of funny and sad that he doesn't wait for his wife; very classy, what a guy.
  6. Not as cool as the blood bath to see who the next "el Chapo" is going to be.
  7. Oh no, I think he'll end up in a super max, he won't be running shit. BTW...Thanks Obama!
  8. What rules?
  9. Used to play lacrosse against the damn zoomies. Getting out worked, out run in the second half was unfortunately a common occurrence. Them fit m-fers din't drink, didn't smoke, hardly seemed fair.
  10. Is a brisket a really big joint? Me too!
  11. I just think it's embarrassing.
  12. I don't know and I don't know how old you are but what's really been different in the last 30 years thru the different administrations? The economy has rose and fell and rose and fell and rose; just like it did for 30 years before. Sometimes during Republican and sometimes during Democrat administrations. It's funny, almost every day we meet here and discuss politics and generally have a good time. However, if I really think about it, I don't believe my day to day life is impacted by what happens or doesn't happen in Washington. We "fight" as if the so called changes are going to have great impact but they don't. So I ask everyone these questions: If you thought Obama sucked, how did his 8 years in office make your day to day life worse? If you think Trump is going to be the worst president ever, how will his time in office make your day to day life worse?
  13. You will pee however she tell you to pee!
  14. She definitely has hand cuffs and leather in her closet.
  15. You lose all credibility when you say nonsense like this