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  1. Now that's rich. Your school president and AD chose to remain in the MWC, after previously announcing SDSU's departure from the conference, and did so knowing that San Jose State would become a full member in 2013. If you want to bitch to someone, knock yourself out. But you should start with your own school's administrators. Good luck with that petition.
  2. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    Included in those 11 victories were victories over MWC co-champs SDSU, on the road, BYU, Colorado State, and @ Navy. SJSU's lone OOC loss was a three point road loss to a team (Stanford) that finished as the No. 7 team in nation. Spartans more than proved they were deserving of their Top 25 ranking.
  3. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    How did dropping down to FCS work out for Santa Clara in our market? As for Brennan, I have no idea. I do know that things can change very quickly in college football. We won one game in 2010, and two seasons later we won 11, including a bowl, and finished in the Top 25. Same head coach. Your own team is a great example as to how quickly things can change.
  4. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    You've clearly got SJS fans on your mind. Scar tissue no doubt.
  5. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    And you always want to know what I'm thinking. Do you want to know what I'm wearing too?
  6. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    Seems I can't post anywhere on this site without you quoting me and responding. Sounds like someone has a crush and is trying to get noticed. I'm flattered.
  7. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    One thing SJSU is in desperate need of is a Turnover Chain. Currently -26 for the season, and counting, (avg. -2.36 per game).
  8. The Cost of Sandusky

    Reading comprehension isn't your strength. God forbid that something like this should ever happen at another school. According to your logic, we can all rest easy that it won't because people would fear having their football program receive a bowl ban, or the death penalty.
  9. The Cost of Sandusky

    To suggest that penalties against a college football program even remotely delivers any semblance of justice for crimes of such a heinous nature is ludicrous. Football programs get penalized for acts that potentially provide them with a competitive advantage. Justice for the type of crimes committed by Sandusky, and those that covered his actions up belong in the criminal justice system. Trying to exact justice by punishing the football program belittles the crimes and only punishes the innocent.
  10. OT: Washer and Dryer

    No. We've had ours for 8 years.
  11. OT: Washer and Dryer

    We have LG front load, and would never go back to top load. If you go this route, make sure you get the lower storage bases to sit them on, so that the doors are at a convenient level.
  12. Why isn't Fresno State in the Big Sky?

    Who's kidding who? MWC is the Big Sky Plus.
  13. No more Aztecs?

    Florida State and Central Michigan too.
  14. No more Aztecs?

    California? Other than Stanford, there are a dozen other notable schools that have changed their mascots, none of them were from CA. Three are from NY. Eastern Michigan Hurons Eagles Miami (Ohio) Redskins RedHawks St. John (NY) Redmen Red Storm Syracuse (NY) Orangemen Orange Dartmouth (NH) Indians Big Green UMass Redmen Minutemen Siena (NY) Indians Saints Marquette (WI) Warriors Golden Eagles Seattle (WA) Chieftains Redhawks Louisiana-Monroe Indians Warhawks Arkansas State Indians Red Wolves North Dakota Sioux tbd
  15. SJSU should join the Big Sky

    Beating SJSU this year is no great feat.