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  1. Sorry that's how my refusing to answer your questions makes you feel.
  2. By personal policy, I refuse to answer any question you ask me. You lost that privilege when you refused to give a direct answer to one of my questions to you, despite my previously agreeing to answer one of your questions directed at me. I'm sorry that you care so much about my personal opinion on matters that it irks you that I'm not forthcoming with the answers your questions. But, you only have yourself, and your own actions, to blame for that. My advice to you is to get over it, move on, and try and be a better board member in the future.
  3. And you won't admit the source of your anger. I wonder why?
  4. Take a deep breath. Now relax. Try a little yoga to ease your anger. Everything's gonna be OK. Just keep saying to yourself "We're good enough, we're smart enough, and doggone it, people like us."
  5. Yes, let's break it down. Fresno State football records since San Jose State joined the MWC 2013: 11-2 (loss to SJSU ended their chance at a top end bowl bid, and a Top 25 final ranking) 2014: 6-8 (the slide begins) 2015: 3-9 (loss to SJSU included giving up 300 yards rushing to Tyler Ervin, an SJSU school record) 2016: 1-11 (loss to SJSU, again; failed to defeat a D1 opponent, currently has the nation's longest losing streak at 10 games, and 13 consecutive losses to FBS opponents) Why can't you just admit that this is the source of your anger with SJSU? If it's not that, then it must be due to having anger issues with San Jose State fans that frequent this site, like myself. And if that's the case, then we really are living inside your head.. Don't deny there being an anger issue. You wouldn't start threads like this if there weren't.
  6. It's certainly hasn't worked out well for Fresno State football. Hence your obsessive hatred. Word up; seek anger management therapy. You too mad, bro.
  7. Give it up already. You got battered and bruised on this thread. Just like your football team.
  8. Who didn't? Oh yeah, Sac State!
  9. If my school had the nation's longest losing streak, I'd be mad too.
  10. Man, SJSU is imbedded deep into your psyche isn't it? You should worry about your own school's 1-11 record and the nation's longest losing streak. Good thing you've got Incarnate Word scheduled. "Anytime, any place, anywhere" Eh?
  11. Will we come to fear and loath him in the Las Vegas tournament?
  12. San Jose State will hold a press conference today to announce their new Athletic Director. Word has it that two time interim AD Marie Tuite will be promoted to the position fulltime. Tuite has been at SJSU since 2010, and was interim AD after Tom Bowen became AD at Memphis, prior to Gene Bleymeier's hiring. She was recently a finalist for the AD position at Central Michigan.
  13. It's official. The Lady Spartans of San Jose State are the 2017 MWC Regular Season Conference Champions