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  1. Visiting San Diego for work this week. One guy on the flight was sporting Aztec gear. Didn't see any gear for sale in the airport. No other MWC school representing, including me (though I will be sporting my Spartans lanyard while at work).
  2. Turd of The Week- Week 2

    Dammit. New Mexico stole our thunder. SJS can't even catch a break for Turd Of The Week.
  3. Kudos To Fresno State

    Watched some of your game yesterday. Your defense hits harder and tackles better than they have in a long time.
  4. No SJSU vs Texas Thread?

    Thank God there was no thread. Calling it Turd Of The Week right now.
  5. Liberty or San Jose St.?

    You could have used him during your visit to Spartan Stadium.
  6. 2017 NFL rosters by school

    Is that a bad thing? (Outside of Norm Chow)
  7. Locksley's son killed

    Oh, I get it. Someone makes a totally inappropriate joke around a family tragedy, and the guy that calls him out for it is the ass. There are some subjects in which making jokes is in very poor taste. People burying their children is one of them. I'll gladly be that ass that has to point the obvious out. Sorry if my decency offends you.
  8. Locksley's son killed

    Relax? Really? Admit your joke was in poor taste. Apologize and move on. Don't try and make this about me.
  9. Locksley's son killed

    I'd be very surprised to find out you actually have any children. God I hope not. To make a joke of something like that is just plain sick. WTF is wrong with you?
  10. BREAKING: David Fales signs with a New Team.

    Cut FGB4C some slack. He's excited. After all, as the new nightshift manager, Fales is his new boss. They can now discuss MWC football lore on those slow Sunday nights.
  11. Week (or "Weak") 1 MWC Gif Thread

    Fresno State vs Incarnate Word UNLV dealing out "Turd Of The Week" SJSU fan at end of Cal Poly game Josh Allen fans
  12. Monday morning odds - Week 1

    5dimes currently has San Jose State -7 1/2 vs Cal Poly
  13. MWC Student Sections

  14. Add South Alabama. SDSU needs some competition.
  15. SJSU is an Embarrassment

    That won't happen any time soon. Though, I may have to pull a FalesGoesB4Carr disappearing act should we lose to Fresno State at home this year. I'll just do like you, and claim I was camping.