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  1. How to make the Conference better

    SDSU's football stadium sits 10k and basketball sits 6k. It's located in a place called Brookings, South Dakota with a population of 22k. You think that's a viable option for the MWC, even if they had to replace 3-4 teams?
  2. How to make the Conference better

    i see your point. Much like football, i think the P5 are just going to keep most of the money to themselves. MWC/CUSA/Sun Belt/Big West/WAC will find it difficult to get multiple bids to NCAA. i think the MWC can be a 2 bid league with the right coaches, but hard to see anything more than that most years. SOS of the big boys is tough to overcome. They don't need to take chances and play at good G5 schools, and they have advantage of homecourt most games when they do schedule those schools.
  3. How to make the Conference better

    Cool, my bad on the young comment. And the ignorant one too. As far as point 4, i don't think the MWC sucks and i don't think NMSU basketball sucks. So agree to disagree. It's a solid G5 conference. Maybe that's not good enough for some people. You aren't going to be P5, not even close. That doesn't mean there isn't good basketball played at upper half.
  4. How to make the Conference better

    i am assuming you are just young as opposed to ignorant. Menzies built multiple teams capable of making NCAA tourney runs. The lost to Final Four MSU on a bogus lane violation call and missed a 3 last shot. That MSU team went to 3 consecutive Final Fours. We played them the middle year. We lost to SDSU in OT. Losing by a possession in great games goes against your argument. By the way, does beating UNLV the year they won the national championship mean anything to you as a UNLV fan? Probably not, but that team had Randy Brown and Reggie Jordan. i was actually at that game. Did UNLV lose any other games on the road that year? You might recognize Brown as he has rings from playing with the MJ Bulls. If you are going to use tournament wins as your only measuring stick, then pretty much the entire MWC sucks. Again, if you use that criteria. Talent wise, our basketball team would fit right in the MWC.
  5. How to make the Conference better

    Step 5 for sure.
  6. How to make the Conference better

    Dude you are on a roll. UNM paid Weir double. More power to them. Menzies stayed 9 years before UNLV. That's one heck of a stepping stone. Jans might stay 5-10 years, might not. i am not worried either way. And speaking of stepping stones, i would say all G5 programs fall in that category. If they are good enough, P5 pay millions more. See Washington and Boise for reference, UCLA and UNM, Wisconsin and USU, the list goes on and on. I think UNLV got a really good coach, regardless of who turned it down.
  7. How to make the Conference better

    Look at the bright side. They are part of a huge tv market. Word is that is really important.
  8. How to make the Conference better

    I don't care one bit about UNLV basketball. As far as Menzies, he was a quality coach that ran a clean program and won a ton of games. He actually stayed 9 years. The guy before him was Reggie Theus, who took an NBA head coaching job after 4 years at NMSU. And the guy before that was some guy named Lou Henson, a Hall of Fame coach who has an NMSU Final Four on his resume. He is also the all time winning coach at non only NMSU, but Illinois. Actually i will follow Menzies, so i shouldn't say i don't care about UNLV. Sort of. I think he is going to have UNLV top 3 by next year in MWC competing for NCAA bids.
  9. How to make the Conference better

    Are you implying that certain schools were invited primarily due to panic on the part of presidents and the MWC could have done better? Hmmm....
  10. How to make the Conference better

    LOL. I can't speak for UNLV, but Menzies stayed 9 years at NMSU and won a boatload of games. If you want to imply that the UNLV job was so crappy other coaches didn't want it, i wouldn't know. I am guessing other UNLV and MWC fans disagree with you.
  11. How to make the Conference better

    UTSA is in a great city. Love San Antonio and the entire area. Texas also produces boatloads of FBS athletes. In theory, they could be a great addition for MWC. I also heard the exact same arguments in favor of San Jose. Great location, state with tons of talent, huge tv market.
  12. How to make the Conference better

    Air Force, USU, SJSU, Wyoming, see ya... Hey, come to the WAC along with Idaho, Montana, Montana State. Boom, "big schools" stay together, others find a home. Anyone have Thompson on speed dial? Better yet, pick an airport. Secret invite only.
  13. How to make the Conference better

    Cool. We will agree on the last point. i think the majority of the USU NMSU record is from the old Big West days, which is irrelevant in today's world. The talent we have now cannot be compared to 30 years ago. And having a stadium of 30,000 is relevant if we get in an attractive conference with teams fans care about. We've put up 30k plenty of times, almost all for UTEP because they are 30 minutes down the road. Which brings me back to page 1 and my first response to this whole thread. How to improve MWC? Focus on regional rivalries as much as possible. So i would agree Montana makes sense as well - good football stadium and team that draws like FBS, small basketball stadium without any post season success that i am aware of. But would be good add overall, though i don't see them ever jumping.
  14. How to make the Conference better

    i was in Montana last year and went to a basketball game. The gym was tiny and the basketball very average. I forget which Big Sky they were playing. Idaho State maybe? It was winter so only saw football stadium from outside. Seemed like a nice little college town - small. NMSU would average in the 15-20k performance for MWC teams at the start would be best guess. Next year will be a good reference point. UNM and Wyoming come to Las Cruces. I bet for those 2 games we average 20k. What does SJSU average? Nevada? UNLV? Last year UNM averaged 19k and won 9 games. Not talking trash, just pointing out many of your current schools have similar stadiums and don't draw huge crowds. i glanced at stadium sizes last week. Very similar to 5 or 6 schools.
  15. How to make the Conference better

    The Sun Belt shrunk their footprint to support all sports. They went to 10 teams when it was ruled you could have a championship game and there are a lot of small schools. Frankly, being in the WAC for oly sports and Sun Belt for football was good for NMSU. The WAC has improved for basketball and our team has stayed solid, which is probably why our last 2 coaches ended up at UNLV and UNM. Did i mention we beat UNM 2 years in a row in football, including last year when they won 9 games? My guess is they will win their share of MWC games again this year, so outside of SDSU/CSU/Boise, NMSU would fit right in this year. UNM spanked Air Force just a couple weeks after we had UNM down 30-5 going into the 4th. And i am sure UNM will do just fine against Nevada,UNLV,USU,SJSU. I remember seeing the same cries when MWC added USU and SJSU. Either way it doesn't matter. If we are truly talking realignment, movement will be dictated by what happens in the P5 and the G5 conferences will be forced to adjust one way or another.