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  1. Turd of the Week!

    UNM has played the worst three game stretch of any non-SJSU MWC team. I went Lobos. We're truly awful.
  2. OT: Still More Layoffs @ ESPN

    This. Burn the whole thing down.
  3. OT: Still More Layoffs @ ESPN

    Yep. ESPN is going to be the equivalent of Kodak in 5 years.
  4. I was there. I love Weir's system and philosophy. Talk about night and day difference from Noodle. Fun game. Crowd was small, but loud. Press, press, and press some more. Even BYU's experienced team was bothered by it. In the end, BYU's size, depth and experience was just too much. We might surprise some people this year. I think we might end up better than 9th. But next year when Weir gets some studs in this system, look out.
  5. San Diego state at Air Force

    Penny is going to need 30 carries if SDSU is going to win this one. Weather is shit.
  6. New Mexico at Tulsa

    Great victory, but if we protect the football it's 30-13.
  7. New Mexico at Tulsa

    Sanders is going to kick on Sundays.
  8. New Mexico at Boise State

    To be fair, UNM's played with a 3rd team QB for the majority of the game. Overall, was unimpressed with Boise. Expected them to roll. Penny is going to rape face that defense.
  9. New Mexico at Boise State

    Yep, we really missed Lamar Jordan's ability to take 18 yard sacks instead of making easy throws to open receivers down the seam for touchdowns. It's depressing that our 3rd string QB (ASU's former 5th string RB) can come into a game cold and throw a better ball than our senior starting QB. Our upperclassmen RB's have sucked this year too and Davie is too stubborn to play the young backs. Hopefully we'll see more Jay Griffin IV, more Tevaka at QB, and Moran and Vigilant at RB. Our receivers are legit. Maybe even spread the ball out and throw a bit. But Davie, gonna Davie, so I doubt that happens.
  10. New Mexico at Boise State

    Davie has been awful at managing the game tonight. Our 2nd string freshmen is the future QB and flashed against NMSU. Too bad he's out. What it really comes down to is that UNM doesn't have any RB's that can hit a crease and go.
  11. New Mexico at Boise State

    Boise rolls by 31. UNM's squad has really been disappointing so far. We lack gamebreakers and quickness at rb. Oline is also a mess.
  12. New Mexico State @ New Mexico 09/09/2017

    I think UNM wins, but I like NMSU to cover. They have big, physical receviers which has been UNM's kryptonite for years.