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  1. Congrats. This is a huge get for Menzies and company. Really want to see Rebel basketball back to competitiveness again. Last season was brutal to watch.
  2. I wonder if the MVC would be interested in a killer deal to add a slightly used San Jose St. athletic department.
  3. Wasn't able to make it, but watched the golobos highlights. The Achilles heal for this team has been the ability to generate edge pressure and defensive backs getting over-powered in the vertical passing game. UNM looks to be much more physical at DE and much quicker and more athletic in the secondary. If those two areas are squared away, this team will contend for the SEC Mountain Division championship. Tulsa is going to be the litmus test game imo.
  4. Former Lobo Tony Snell leads the Bucks in scoring with 19, but Milwaukee falls to Toronto 87-76.
  5. Probably the biggest recruiting job for Paul Weir so far. Jefferson, Logwood, Kuiper, MacDougell, Hunter, Aguak, Furstinger, Mathis are returning. Harris still on the fence. If Weir can coach them up a bit, UNM might be surprisingly competitive next year. Not the 7 win cluster+++++ we were headed for under Neal next year. I'm cautiously optimistic. DJ is going to break out.
  6. Kid looks like a stud. Super quick twitchy and can jump out of the building. Decent shooter as well. Apparently he moved, had eligibility problems, and didnt play ball his senior year in HS so he went the JUCO route.
  7. He's doing well with the Bucks after falling out of the rotation with the Bulls. I don't watch NBA games, but I follow his stat-lines and highlights. Bucks took game one. Snell is a starter and finished with 11 points 4 boards and 3 assists.
  8. I think he was priced out of the Tiara Tae or Marilyn Rose price point of truckstop prostitute.
  10. It was "Curvy Quinn" wasn't it? No wonder your abs are sore.
  11. Need a name and a profile, or it didn't happen. You can start an Internet thread bragging about losing your virginity to a whore, but the moral code kicks in when it comes to posting her profile in said thread Internet thread? Lame. This thread is about as exciting as the past 25 years of UNLV basketball.
  12. I think they'll give Bopp a pay raise and be done with it. If Ryan Miller has any sort of success there, he's CSU's coach in 2 or 3 years.
  13. Trying to get a decent Coastie worthy HOF thread going here and you're not helping at all. I'm betting on 2 minutes of missionary and a little dribble money shot. C'mon if you're going to troll, troll big. I need a name.
  14. Despite having overall desirable location(s), recruiting potential, program $$$, and pedigree, the collective Pac-12's heart pumps Kool-Aid. Definitely the softest of all the power conferences in football and basketball.
  15. We need the name and Internet profile of said prostitute for public examination and possible ridicule.