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  1. There's a .01% chance of that happening. It would be better to wait until winter and burn a $100 bill than place a bet on McGregor with it, because at least you would get something for your money.
  2. Definitely a Kodi event.$99.95 for this clown show is ridiculous, but it will sell ridiculously well.
  3. Meh. He was an exciting athlete for a bit. 35% of this is political 65% of this is because he's shot. Von Miller starts kneeling he's still going to have a job. David car starts kneeling he's still going to have a job.
  4. Another thing worth mentioning is that Floyd also has a really good chin. It's rare, but he's been caught cleanly by SSM, Chop-Chop Corley, and Zab Judah. That Mosely right hand in particular was perfect. Despite Rogan and the UFC cheer-leading squad constantly talking about it, I'm not entirely sold on the idea that McGregor has this catastrophic game-changing one punch power that will translate into a boxing ring either.
  5. True. I mean Marquez is one of the most skilled Mexican fighters of all time. He was tenacious, decent power, great counter puncher, huge balls, a warrior, technically skilled, been boxing since he was 8 year-old and Floyd made him look like a drunken tough-man fighter for the entire fight. Conor's strategy should be to bull-rush Floyd in the 1st round and force him to let his hands go and hope that something truly bizarre happens.
  6. I've been watching every video I can find of Connor sparring and it's not good. I mean he's obviously in great shape and an elite fast twitch athlete, but +++++ he's bad. He does this little double hop thing with his footwork. He pulls straight back. He loads up with his power hand which telegraphs his punches and leans to the right and lunges when he throws a right cross. He also squares up in the pocket and isn't really a guy who is skilled enough to punch without having his feet set. At least not under these conditions against the best boxer in recent history. Floyd Sr., might sound like he's retarded, but Floyd's entire team are seeing all of these deficiencies x 100. It's interesting that the volume/number of bets are being placed on McGregor, but the money is on Floyd. All of the professional gamblers are placing big bets on Mayweather. All of the casual fans are dropping $20 bets hoping for a miracle.
  7. But in all fairness, he was brutalizing Cotto in the 12th round of that fight and had he sat down on a couple of more right hand leads could've ended it. And that was when Cotto was elite. I actually think Floyd's power is somewhat underrated. You're right he's not Tommy Hearns, but I think part of his inability to knock people out is because he doesn't have to and it's more about his hand issues than anything else. Lots of elite fighters tasted Floyd's power and didn't walk through it, instead deciding to back off and let him dictate pace. Most notable recent example being Canelo.
  8. Father time is undefeated in combat sports. If Floyd was fighting a highly skilled A level professional fighter in or around 147-160 pounds (Canelo again, GGG, Thurman, Spence etc.) one that could effective press him like Cotto did in spots then 40 becomes a huge factor. . Even then highly skilled defensive fighters like Hopkins. fought at an extremely high level well past their prime. And Floyd is better defensively than Hopkins. Conor doesn't even possess regional golden gloves quality footwork and movement, much less the ability to cut off the ring and press +++++ing Floyd Mayweather. Heavy hands do translate to a certain extent, but the effects are mitigated by a number of factors including the size and brand of the gloves. The bigger the glove size the more diminished the impact of heavy hands. This is boxing 101. That fight would never take place with anything other than whatever 8 oz gloves Floyd chooses, but if it did take place with smaller 4 oz boxing gloves, it would still favor Floyd because of the cumulative affects of his perfectly placed punches and the timing of counters that Conor never saw coming. Instead of just stunning Conor, the traps that he set would result in a likely knockout. Gloves do play a factor in Floyd's defense,but he's not a high-guard, nor a pick-a-boo style fighter. Floyd is absolutely a master of the philly shell defense which is as much about movement, deflecting punches with your shoulders androlling as anything and Conor does not have the skill set to force Floyd to cover up where he would need the extra glove size to defend himself. Lol at your example of Kavanagh to argue Conor's boxing prowess. He is McGregor's +++++ing trainer what is he supposed to say "well McGregor's boxing skills are basic as +++++, but we're gonna make $100 million. Here is what Conor looks like sparing in a boxing environment and here is what Freddie Roach says about Conor's ability (and he hates Mayweather). And lastly, no. There is no intrigue here. Just a naked grab for cash by Money May, Conor and the promotion teams for both fighters.
  9. Lol. Not trying to be a dick here, but you're flat out wrong and your ignorance about boxing is showing.
  10. Floyd hitting Hatton with a left hook (probably his least effective power punch) while wearing 10 oz gloves. And this was against Ricky Hatton a highly skilled world championship professional fighter. Now imagine him throwing the same punch with 4 oz gloves against a completely flat-footed Conor. A lot of what will happen depends on how Floyd views the fight. If he views this as a $300 million dollar glorified exhibition he'll clown Mcgregor, flash angles and movement that Connor won't know what to do, throw the occasional right hand lead. When Mcgregor gets too aggressive he'll throw a single counter over the top to back him off wash, rinse, repeat. Now if during the course of the shit-talking, bad blood develops, that's a different story. The glorified exhibition goes out the window and it will look a lot like this:
  11. There's a huge difference between hitting someone with 4 oz gloves vs. 8 oz vs. 10 oz gloves. It's laughable to argue that it doesn't make a difference.The smaller the gloves, the more it benefits the puncher. Also different types of gloves make a difference. For example power punchers tend to like Reyes gloves because they are soft and you feel like they are wrapped around your knuckles. If they did fight with MMA 4 oz gloves, that would also be a huge advantage for Floyd. The hardest punches to absorb are the ones that you don't see coming. If Floyd hit Conor with one pull counter while wearing 4 oz gloves he would get KTFO. And most likely Floyd would break his hand.
  12. Look for the hammer to be dropped on some mid-level MAC school for a food voucher violation in the coming weeks.
  13. Not gonna lie. I'm jealous as +++++ about everything connected to the new stadium. Look forward to making the roadie.
  14. Floyd might get brutal with him (See the Arturo Gatti fight). In which case the wear your Tapout shirt to Hooters fans' tears will be delicious. The most likely outcome is Floyd clowning him for 12 rounds in what will amount to a glorified sparring session. This is especially true given Floyd's hand issues. The entire thing is a farce. Skill wise this is basically akin to having a really good all-state HS wrestler trying to grapple with Helio Grace.
  15. Jefferson is a big loss. Hunter not so much. Definitely a transitional year for UNM. The caliber of transfers that Weir is going after is impressive. But yeah, next year looks to be rough.