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  1. Funny thing. It's almost like Muss was destined to coach at Nevada. In 2004, we lost Trent Johnson to Stanford because their coach left to the Warriors after they find some guy named Eric Musselman.
  2. He also coached the Kings once as well.....
  3. I would assume a large buyout is attached.
  4. His contract will likely end up between $1.1 & $1.2
  5. Your check is in the damn mail.
  6. Cal was described as a dream job for Muss. The process really turned him off to it though.
  7. The penalty was stupid. It wasn't really enforceable and was so much less than the cost of coverage. Plus, many of the coverage options were terrible. 12k in premiums plus 12k in deductible or a $2,500 penalty. Which would you choose?
  8. I like PH. Seems like a decent dude with little social skills though.
  9. You had even more faith than me
  10. I'll take it. If he's able to parlay that into a job at a blue chip school, more power to him.
  11. Ugh. Ok. Let me see what else I can come up with.
  12. And that should be scalable too. But you're not required to purchase cable.
  13. @pokebball @NorthWestCowboy @son of a gun @Joe from WY @happycamper I think I know the issue but I'm not 100% sure how to fix it. I had this problem when I set up the G5Board (before it became the AAC board) and I was accessing it from my work computer. It has something to do with JavaScript I believe. I ended up having to go into Firefox and deleting the saved settings for the site.