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  1. GoFundMe for Hal

    Also I want to give credit to mysfit for suggesting we do this. This was all her idea.
  2. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    That’s reasonable. I got what you were trying to say. Personally I don’t care what unlv fans call us. It’s part of the rivalry. But what I do take issue with is LV media not calling our sports teams Nevada. I think that’s unprofessional.
  3. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Sorry, can you send it in smoke signals or maybe chisel it into a rock tablet? Thanks.
  4. GoFundMe for Hal

    I’ve set up a GoFundMe for @Nevada Hal to offer him some help during this difficult time. Here’s a link: https://www.gofundme.com/helping-out-a-fellow-mwcboarderp
  5. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Just a little rivalry fun
  6. Death of a partner

    This is very good advice.
  7. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

  8. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Nebraska, Washington, Indiana, etc, etc, etc
  9. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Why do you guys get so offended when we refer to ourselves as Nevada? You guys have embraced representing Las Vegas and that’s great. But why is it an issue if we embrace representing the State? We were here first and traditionally have been called Nevada. Does it diminish your standing somehow?
  10. Death of a partner

    I’m so sorry for your loss
  11. Pick 10 Results Thread

    MWCBoard bragging rights is your prize
  12. Pick 10 Results Thread

    Phuck. Next time I need to adjust the rankings so you’re not #1.