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  1. Nazi gets knocked the f out

    There's also such a thing as verbal assault. If the Nazi was verbally threatening the black guy then the black guy is well within his right of self defense to retaliate. If it was a coordinated attack as has been suggested then the black guy should be arrested. But, punching somebody who is in your face yelling shit at you and possibly threatening you isn't silencing free speech at all. You can't run into a movie theater and yell fire.
  2. Trump speaks to the UN

    I love these memes/gifs that have come out from his executive orders.
  3. Trump speaks to the UN

    As I've said numerous times, I did not vote for Trump. So I don't know how I can be part of his base. I've been very critical of him but have also given him credit when I felt it was due. If that makes me part of his base then so be it.
  4. MWC Attendance figures

    Lol no it's not.
  5. Trump speaks to the UN

    Did he go to the UN and say, were going to nuke you? Or did he say we will defend ourselves and our allies and attacking either will result in your destruction? Did Obama threaten NK with nuclear war here? Just curious.
  6. MWC Attendance figures

    It's a good thing. My funding is just required elsewhere for the remainder of the year. And yeah, that won't be a pretty game.
  7. Trump speaks to the UN

    As we all know, Trump could find the cure to cancer and Jack would find a way to complain about it.
  8. MWC Attendance figures

    I wish I could but I've had some issues come up that precvent any travel this year
  9. National Anthem at Sporting events?

    I'm probably in the minority here but I think there are other songs more fitting for the national anthem than the Star Spangled Banner. America the Beautiful God Bless America My Country Tis of Thee Battle Hymn of the Republic Grand Old Flag
  10. MWC Attendance figures

    I had wondered about that. Will the Denver Broncos be relocating to Fort Collins? It would make sense.
  11. MWC Attendance figures

    Sorry. I'll update my notes
  12. MWC Attendance figures

    Neutral sites don't count
  13. ESPN Bottom 10

    Oh, where you going?