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  1. Obama is a good man, father and husband. He and his family were classy people. They represented the United States well as the first family.
  2. I'm just an asshole.
  3. I was thinking this..
  4. Bill Clinton checking out Ivanka
  5. The best part is when she looks up to see if people are watching her.
  6. I have to admit this is pretty funny.
  7. Melania is probably thinking "becoming FLOTUS wasn't part of the mail order bride brochure".
  8. Oh now he has a flag pin.
  9. One of the first things I noticed this morning.
  10. Oh there are going to be riots tomorrow. I said over the summer that if Clinton wins republicans will go to work the next day. If Trump wins there will be riots. Looks like I'm going to be proven right!
  11. MWCBoarding, you?
  12. We will be fine. I haven't seen this much irrational fear about a Presidential Inauguration since January 20, 2009.
  13. Ah yes that's what I meant.
  14. I just see a lot of dysfunction. It's always frustrated me. I don't feel like Washington works for us. As @Jwherb pointed out now the lobbyists are working directly in Washington. Maybe this is good. Maybe it's bad. I think we will know soon.
  15. Stop questioning my talking points