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  1. Then why do you continue to post here?
  2. It was actually a year and half ago. They wouldn't have @Lobo Amor's info as he signed up in 2016. And the hack was in November 2015.
  3. It's actually a very strategic piece of land. The Baltic States are always worried Russia is going to try to reconnect the land by conquering them.
  4. I forgot Azerbaijan exists Also I do believe Lithuania does border Russia, they (Russia) have a very small piece of land on the Baltic Sea.
  5. What is (off the top of my head): North Korea China Mongolia Kazakhstan (not sure if spelled correctly) Georgia Ukraine Poland The Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) Norway Finland Belarus And I don't know if they consider Japan a border country.
  6. I didn't know they shared a border either. I knew they were close but didn't realize they had a common border.
  7. She's started quite a few threads.
  8. mean people take shit on the mwcboard serious???
  9. That's fair. But this isn't rebelnet. We're not all intune with what's happening at unlv. Especially stuff like that. And this is why we have the mwcboard.
  10. Well, you should've made that clear.
  11. How did unlv dodge a bullet?