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  1. The Saudis are the worst though. They play both sides and are pretty blatant about it.
  2. You'll get no disagreement from me.
  3. Nevada and the Aces have a good relationship. They don't share a stadium but they play an annual exhibition between the two clubs which is always fun.
  4. Does that feeling have anything to do with the Saudi's funding 9/11?
  5. I won't be switching from Audi to a Cadillac.
  6. I don't speak German so can anybody translate?
  7. @NMpackalum
  8. Yep. Trump's proposed budget has spending increasing to 5.7 trillion by 2027 but people like Bernie are upset and have called it immoral because it reduces future increases in outlays. But he calls them budget cuts and makes it sound like Trump is cutting programs.
  9. They're reducing future increases in spending.
  10. It's not the responsibility of the NYT to protect secrets, that's up to the officials within the government.
  11. Don't tell him.
  12. It reduces the deficit and projects an ultimate reduction in premiums, after initial increases in 2018 & 2019. People without insurance increase but that's because people won't be purchasing a product they aren't required to.
  13. Part of the cost of protecting the president. This is a non issue. Some presidents have large families, others have families that live with them entirely. Trump happens to have a large family with multiple grown children who also have children. All those people are entitled to protection because of who they are. As for Trump tower, they have to be able to secure the building as it's a likely target.
  14. Sure. Let's quit talking about it now