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  1. Good game Dawgs. You went wire to wire never gave up the lead.
  2. As a Reno guy it's tempting to respond but I have family in Fresno & have spent a bit of time there. Aside from the Tule fog & crime rate it's not a bad place to visit.
  3. Seems like a fair trade off. UNLV gets the fame & Nevada gets the wins so everybody is happy.
  4. Yea, I get what he's saying now.
  5. On his Twitter page Auston says he's committed to Nevada. Has the right colors & sports wolf & everything. So who's confused?
  6. Any time you have a new coach & staff they need something to legitimize themselves. This is a big pickup that made some news that helps in that area. Even if he doesn't work out I don't see the downside.
  7. From NFL's media Ian Rapoport said on Twitter that the Raiders are going to file relocation papers to the NFL to seek a vote from the other owners. Sounds like a done deal. The article said that Oakland has been unable to come up with a viable plan for a stadium.
  8. When Norvell was at Oklahoma he said Leach came in & installed the air raid but then they landed some great RBs so they modified it. They are still using the same passing offense though. I suspect with Butler they'll do the same at Nevada.
  9. Actually it's Matt Mumme the OC. His new Twitter handle is @NV_CoachMumme
  10. Geeez, I've got things running around in my fridge? Are they eatable?
  11. Wait a minute. How come my ice cubes shrink after awhile in the fridge?
  12. Didn't see this guy but some SC fans had a 7' effigy of Paterno & they were giving kids a stick to hit it with. PSU fans just walked by with their heads down. Didn't take the cops long to confiscate it to avoid a riot though. Back to the game, I get it when the QB doesn't see a LB crossing over but McSorley's last passes were down field. He couldn't have missed the SC S floating over. The S dropped an interception but then they threw the same pass to the same area again only this time the SC S caught it & returned it a long ways. Game over. Hard to figure what McSorley was thinking. Don't care who's playing I'll always go to the Rose Bowl when I can.
  13. Nevada is well known for not traveling but we got 25,000 to the Kraft Bowl. We also traveled well to Cal games so a San Fran bowl would be great. However, attendance is not what they care about. Marketers want TV viewers & even average P5 schools provide that better then MWC schools.
  14. It was like joining the mob. Volunteer to join but all hell breaks out if you change your mind & try to leave. Interesting to contemplate 2 separate countries & where it would have gone from there. The war devastated the South but 150 years later I think they'd agree it's better the way it turned out in the long run..