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  1. Perhaps Wyoming could increase marketing efforts & use state funds to reduce out of state tuition? A few years ago the Nevada Director of Admissions discovered we had students from every state in the union, except Vermont. So he ran a tongue in cheek ad in their newspapers & offered a free trip for 4 qualified Vermont HS students to visit. I thought the ad was funny but when they interviewed the Vermont Director of Admissions she was pretty snarky about it. Never heard how it all worked out.
  2. Yea, with M/W tennis & golf & probably soccer we give up 15 points to the Rebs every year. Not much chance that will change for many years.
  3. NCAA tried to get a change of venue, when they couldn't they didn't think they'd get a fair jury trial in LV so they paid up. Go figure..
  4. ??? 1 winning season (his 2nd) in 6 years? 1-9 his last year & 28-42 overall? But you're right, the 1st couple of years did increase attendance.
  5. That was Polian. I'm still PO'd losing the UCLA game but he wanted to visit his friends at TxA&M & ND where he had coached. Actually not a bed tradeoff but the trip to Buffalo to visit friends & family was one straw too many.
  6. That's a great story. Every school has their own traditions. Too bad the 70's students burned down the original campus building. Fortunately, Nevada still has theirs.
  7. That's what happens when 2/3 of the population & 10 of 13 regents are in the South. Also, traditionally Nevada received more funds per student because of older buildings that have to be heated in the winter. Not anymore, the South didn't think that was fair.
  8. I hope you're right. I've looked at a lot of resumes over the years. I started to notice again & again that many folks change jobs after 18 mos to 2 years. It happened so often I started to believe there must be some psychological reason. Like it's new, they get on top of it & then they get bored? She's had like what 8-10 jobs in 25 years? I'm sure a lot of that was upward which is positive but still that's a lot of movement in a career.
  9. Exactly!
  10. It's a silly question because it would never happen. I think the underlying message is that Hawaii could go independent. And they should, please. You've made it clear that you're embarrassed to be in the same conference with Nevada & Wyoming & probably SJSU. You pay subsidies but it's still a long flight for the guys & an expensive trip for fans. MWC fans can't watch the games. We don't need you for a championship game anymore. After BYU & Nevada Hawaii is the best attendance for UNLV so there's that. Administrators of Mid West schools would love to go to Hawaii in the dead of winter so you could find late season games. You wouldn't have to pay subsidies but it's expected to pay visiting teams so that's a push. As an independent you couldn't win a conference championship but you're not now so that doesn't matter. Nevada was the first mainland school to travel to Hawaii to play a game so there's a long history with MWC schools. There would still be games with MWC schools to fill your schedule but all in all, I don't think you'd be missed.
  11. Was watching a dacu on penguins. A penguin would walk a long ways to get a stone & return to build a nest. Every time he left another one some 10' away would walk over & steal a rock & then turn his back & peek over his shoulder for another opportunity. I guess some folks & even some animals are just wired that way.
  12. Was hoping when players started getting a stipend that would stop this stuff.
  13. He should have gotten some 4-5* cuz they're not doing that well on the courts.
  14. The AD means everything to a program. At Nevada we've seen both sides of the coin. After the season didn't Krebs give him a vote of confidence? Which means he didn't have a clue what was going on with the program.