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  1. Air Force vs Nevada

    Our QB went something like 8-10 in the 1st 1/4 & 1-10 in the 2nd leading to 2 FGs. We also ran a trick play receiver throw back to the QB. There was nobody wearing white on that side of the field plus we had 2 blockers ahead of him. The pass went over the QBs head. If we were as sharp as against CSU we might have scored 60.
  2. Both TxState & TxSA play baseball & I think they both have big upsides in the future if they get into a better conference.
  3. Air Force vs Nevada

    Aah, true homerism at it's finest. The Nevada fans only saw a great catch but AF fans only saw a push off that negated the catch.
  4. Air Force vs Nevada

    Still, not a bad 1 handed catch for a true Fr.
  5. Air Force vs Nevada

    I disagree. The end zone camera clearly showed the AF guy pulling Henley's right arm back. That's why he had to catch it with his left arm.
  6. Air Force vs Nevada

    2 trips with only FGs & the AF onside kick made the difference.
  7. AD Knuth has done a good job reconnecting with former players with his "It's still your team" campaign. Norvell always has former players talk to the team before every game & every other program is actively contacting former players to join them for events & support.
  8. The Pack looked like a well coached team. Something that was missing the 1st few games. Have to complement the coaches. After an 0-5 start they got the guys to keep the faith & stay invested. Interested to see if we can keep it up or have a relapse against Air Force.
  9. Wazzu Blowin it

    After the interview with Nevada Baldwin went home thinking he had the job & we all thought so too. Norvell came out of left field & most of us were not too happy. But Norvell did his homework. He already had contacted potential assts & laid out a plan to Knuth & the search committee. After 6 hours of interviews they were convinced he was the right guy. Of course time will tell but unlike Polian, who looked down his nose at little Nevada Norvell has embraced the past getting past players & Ault involved. He's done everything right off the field but of course winning is the bottom line.
  10. Nevada vs CSU

    Can't complain about Gangi tonight but yea, it's not the 1st time this year he's gone down short of the 1st down when he still had room. Guess he loses track of the marker? 1st down there & we might have scored.
  11. Nevada vs CSU

    Reality shows up. CSU 44 Pack 42.
  12. Nevada vs CSU

    CSU scores 42-38. Never expected a shoot out.
  13. Nevada vs CSU

    Pack scores. 42-31
  14. Nevada vs CSU

    Nevada scores, 35-28 3rd 1/4
  15. Nevada vs CSU

    Nevada 95 yrd drive to tie it up. 28-28 mid 3rd 1/4.