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  1. You have 4x the population & 7,000 more students. You should always win the attendance battle.
  2. No. UNLV finished a strong 2nd & Nevada was 5th.
  3. Anyone interested can watch the replay on espn3, it has a good clear picture.
  4. New coaching staff, new systems. We never felt that Polian was coaching guys up & Norvell & staff ran measures & said there's a lot of work to do. He pushed back Spring practice to give a full 8 weeks working on weights, fitness & speed. Probably wont see the difference by Spring unless we're noticeably faster, quicker & stronger. Then again it was Polian so maybe we will see the difference.
  5. As a Nevada fan it pains me but I went with SDSU. They're hot at the right time, Fisher wins, & Nevada depends on 3 pt too much which can blow hot & cold.
  6. Very true, a huge advantage. We should probably worry more about the road games since we're known to crap out on the road.
  7. Nevada plays the other 2 teams that are in first place. You can argue they're not the best teams but the standings would say otherwise.
  8. Can you say "Title IX"?
  9. Only posting this to make you throw up. When USC hired Steve Sarkisian as HC he showed up in front of donors slurring his words & falling down drunk. Her was caught drinking at practices. Naturally they canned him. But he sued them because he claimed being an alcoholic is a disability. Nobody knows for sure but the suit disappeared so I suspect SC paid him the $10 million he wanted just to get it to go away.
  10. This thread is silly. Of course a new coaching staff has to scramble because of the short time frame. Norvell's personality & sales pitch is very different from Polian's. We only kept 2 of Polian's commits. Some we chased away but 2 3* OL's went to SDSU & 1 went to USU. Longer term staffs have a huge advantage in recruiting, a new staff only has a few weeks to establish relationships. Our coaches went back to the territories they were familiar with & I think we're very happy with the results. It's fun to brag about recruiting but only time will tell.
  11. I don't think it's usually the case so much in BB as FB. FB betters know when a team has a big emotional win they usually come out flat the next game. On the other side when a team is upset they usually come out very focused the next game. Pretty much describes the Pack this year.
  12. Not snarky at all. I think you're 100% right. Dumb turn overs, lousy shooting & completely out of sync. No energy at all but I don't mean to demean SDSU's game. At our best it could've been a contest but when the Aztec's play like that they're awful hard to beat.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me if they did but I can only speak to what I've read in the local papers. Probably afraid of offending the folks that control the legislature & hold the purse strings.
  14. Well I've never heard a Northern politician say ugly mean spirited things about the South but Southern politicians like Dina Titus & Steve Sisolak have about the North on several occasions. With all the population & most of the money it can't be a feeling of inferiority. Maybe they're trying to cover up the South's problems by blaming someone else? Or does this go back to the 50's when Reno was the big shot in the State? I really never hear anybody up here say much of anything about Las Vegas but the last time I flew down when I told the cab driver I was from Reno he wouldn't talk to me the rest of the trip. I suspect the dislike isn't one sided. Edit: Titus changed her tune when she had to come North & find votes for national office.
  15. That's because AD Garrett stonewalled them. He refused to co-operate & it pissed them off.