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  1. Have you checked lately? Jet Blue keeps adding flights. Direct to Denver, Austin, NY, Boston, Ft Lauderdale plus almost every Western city.
  2. Some areas like Manhattan Bch, Ca have banned them altogether.
  3. Bad joke & about 100 years too late.
  4. It was a great rivalry for some 25 years. In 96' we dropped 66 on the Broncs. 97' 56, 98 52. We were 13-14, then the dam broke. In 99' Boise dropped 52 on us & we never recovered & they never looked back. We've had some good games since then but the only Pack win since was 2010. They were #4 & headed to the Rose Bowl so that was a big 1. Not sure if it makes up for all our losses but they probably would've traded some of those wins for that game.
  5. Must have killed you when Ault was voted into the College Hall of Fame. But the worst was yet to come. You must have really been depressed when his Pistol Offense was used by high schools, J.C.s, colleges & pro teams all across the country. I believe even BSU used it for a time.
  6. The guys were distracted trying to listen in on Polian chewing out the refs.
  7. Is it better to be well liked or well respected for a FB coach? The guys loved Polian.
  8. There was a lot of mutual respect back in those days. Boise fans used to be the greatest.
  9. I read through it pretty fast but interesting that he doesn't mention Title IX. Did he? Wonder how many times Title IX was used as an excuse to save money? When Ault dropped track he blamed Title IX but I wonder if cost didn't enter into it? SJSU did it the right way. They stared with a men's cross country & now are expending it into a full men's track team.
  10. The first couple of years SDSU, NM & CSU dominated but they don't anymore = parity. Not gonna look it up but for all you know losses to Fsu & Wyo cost them titles.
  11. It all comes down to men's track. Counts for 3 sports on that list. Indoor, outdoor & cross country.
  12. Looks like we're starting to see some parity. 2016-2017 titles 1. UNLV 5 2. BSU 4 3. CSU 3 4. SDSU 3 5. NM 2 6. NEV 2 7. SJSU 2 8. USU 2 9. AFA 1 10. FSU 0 11. WYO 0
  13. Can't really argue with Nevada's position on the bottom but beating FSU, UNLV & USU last year it's surprising to see them rated above us. Just getting rid of that bozo coach should give us some points. As a true homer I believe we'll surprise some folks. We added a 4* QB & now have a coach that actually believes in the weight room.
  14. But for the last 40 years you've been pouring tons of money, which we don't have, into UNLV to try & catch up.
  15. It's always good to beat a Pac12 team but Nevada beat Wa & OreSt last year & it didn't help the rpi at all.