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  1. So if it's UCLA should Cal have been changed to UCB? Why did Nevada become UNR because of UNLV?
  2. Because at a winter meeting with no Northern representatives the Southern regents decided to change the name. No biggie but for marketing purposes we went back to the original name Nevada for athletics. The only newspapers in the country that still call us UNR are in Las Vegas. A sportscaster in Las Vegas that graduated from Nevada kept calling us Nevada instead of UNR in his broadcasts so they fired him. So who's paranoid?
  3. Season Ticket Sales

    Nevada has the same problem as Fresno. Polian killed the attendance & folks are taking a wait & see attitude with the new staff before returning. With Butler leaving & low expectations right now it's a hard sell.
  4. Comedians Just Seem to Love Reno

    Odd marketing. Now the only people that show up will be there to boo him. He should have said it after his gig not before but then he wouldn't get the reaction he's seeking.
  5. Sorry to rain on CSU's parade...

    If that's the case those Cal DBs must really be slow.
  6. Reno started a minor league soccer club. Don't know what the overall attendance is compared to the minor baseball team. But the fans are crazy. Unlike any other sporting event they show up with horns & drums & flares & make a lot of noise. I've been surprised at their fanaticism over a game I find boring. I've watched a lot of games thinking I must be missing something but I guess if you never played you miss the nuances that excite people?
  7. Marc Ma's Body Found

    It's the cold water. Ma was from Hawaii & probably a very good swimmer but that cold water saps your muscles. We had a pro soccer player the other day that thought the swim would be easy but got into trouble. Fortunately he was close enough to shore people were able to pull him out unconscious and were able to revive him.
  8. Who's your breakout player?

    So WR O'Leary-Orange. Had a huge Spring game
  9. UNM's Fall Football Practice Starts Today!

    Unlike Polian who whined about the cupboard being empty & lack f facilities, etc., etc. Norvell hasn't said a negative word about the past staff except the strength & speed needed to be addressed. Of course bringing in 42 new guys, actions speak louder then words. Polian wanted to have nothing to do with the past but Norvell has brought Ault back & former players which the fans appreciate. Not sure how a 3-3-5 Def will work in a run heavy conference but time will tell. Think we'll do better then predicted but don't expect a bowl game this year.
  10. Nevada RB James Butler Leaving for Iowa

    With chasing guys away & the recruiting class & new walk ons Norvell has added 43 new players. He said he wanted to change the culture & adding that many new guys is a major step in that direction, I guess.
  11. New UNLV Athletics Logo

    The athletics dept is such a small part of the overall mission & finances of a University (or it should be) it's hard to think that would be a reason to leave.
  12. Nevada RB James Butler Leaving for Iowa

    They promised him he'd still get 24-25 touches, the same as years past but more pass receptions.
  13. Reminds me of Fullerton and Long Beach

    I thought it had something to do with ESPN & we got the Notre Dame game out of it?
  14. Airport Check-in

    Have you checked lately? Jet Blue keeps adding flights. Direct to Denver, Austin, NY, Boston, Ft Lauderdale plus almost every Western city.
  15. Weather in Phoenix

    Some areas like Manhattan Bch, Ca have banned them altogether.