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  1. Kustra just quit

    Maybe it's just around the eyes - but I see a bit more similarity to this guy:
  2. And by "indefinitely", they mean until this blows over and/or they need them for conference play.
  3. Kustra just quit

    I'd say Weber did a better job overall starting from a much worse position, but you never hear the term "Weber Money" so I guess Kustra wins on that front. BTW, I hear there's a guy in Moscow who's applying for the job...
  4. Residents of the North Pole call bullshit on this one.
  5. SDSU at Arizona State

    Max Montana is the artist formerly known as Max Hoetzel, the transfer from Indiana. Evidently not only did he transfer, he also entered some kind of witness protection plan.
  6. OT: Questions for the forum

    I'd argue that it's definitely a sport and we could have some of the greatest rivalries ever. Maybe even a bracketology competition. We've even got uniforms! (kinda)
  7. OT: Questions for the forum

    Not a ring and definitely no tattoos - but a nice little bar to accent on dat nipple. I'll agree that there's definitely a limit on the ratio of nipple to piercing to consider. You don't want a full weight set hanging off those twin peaks. It's kind of like spandex - wondrous on the right woman but an offense against all that is sacred on the wrong one.
  8. OT: Questions for the forum

    There's a master's thesis topic somewhere in there. Maybe even enough material for a PhD candidacy. I volunteer to participate in the required studies.
  9. OT: Questions for the forum

    I'm with ya, but I've seen some perky little tits that weren't too bad either. I especially approve of the recent trend of piercing a nice nipple. But a messed up nipple can almost ruin a nice tit. Almost.
  10. OT: Questions for the forum

    @mugtang - I'd like to nominate this right now as Topic of the Year. Also, I'd like to point out that this thread may be meaningless without pictures.
  11. OT: Questions for the forum

    I had this one girlfriend who left no question about it - nipple/breast play definitely got her aroused. And not just a little - It was amazing. (Damn, I miss her sometimes...) Now that I think about it, there were several who became aroused by a little sweater petting. I guess the analogy would be asking if the ignition is part of your car's motor. If it gets the motor going, I'd have to say yes.
  12. Nevada-Reno vs SDSU

    San Diego State -650 on the Money Line. Yeeeesh. Well, I guess it's an easy way to make about 15% on your money...
  13. Week in GIFs

    Aztec fans this weekend, just hanging out like:
  14. Why isn't Boise State in the AFC Central??

    So you're saying they're a natural for a AAA baseball team? I can see it. They do use the Mets colors...
  15. Good thing WYO doesn't have a decent QB.