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  1. Not any use posting facts you are too stupid to understand them.
  2. You should consider a break from the kool aide.
  3. @mugtang watching a rerun of the 2010 UNR vs BSU game.
  4. Vandal alumni at a BSU game.
  5. @VandalPride97 when asked why he didn't go to BSU the flagship Idaho University.
  6. The next time will be the first time. You are a joke and everyone is laughing at you.
  7. @DesVandalthe last time he heard Boise State mentioned on ESPN.
  8. @bluerules009 talking to himself.
  9. The only Alabama facility you will ever have is a wide stance. DUI has the ultimate holster for everyone to put their dick in.
  10. You are a fucking joke.
  11. You watch too much TV.
  12. Trump when speaking off the cuff is horrid, I agree. I just don't care for the snobbish style of the left. I lose respect for every pundit who like Colbert attacks the messenger and his delivery while ignoring the ideas and policy. Anyone can make fun of someone and make them look foolish. I am a complete idiot yet I can make fun of tapeworm, the girlfriend, and others on this board until some are afraid to post. Colbert and Obama always act so cool and think they are so smart. Any comedian with a saturday night live show could make either of them look like Palin or Trump looks if they wanted to. So that kind or leftist superior act does not impress me like it seems to impress about 80% of this country, little kids in schoolyards are just as good at it as Colbert or Obama. You all remember Dan Quayle, considered the stupidest man in the country if you watched late night TV. The guy has run one of the most successful investment fund on Wall street over the last decade. Obviously not stupid. George Bush made fun of for being stupid. Called a criminal and traitor to the country. Blamed for all kinds of corruption. Yet there are no investigations or even hints of investigations after almost a decade that he did even anything that smelled the least bit illegal. He had many successes as president and of course many mistakes. He will come off as a far better president then Obama despite not being black. Because black is all Obama has. Sarah Palin the hack job done on her was orchestrated and dishonest. Its dishonesty was repeated on network news shows as fact. Yet you should love her because she was one of the most eloquent republican politicians of the last 20 years. Very good in front of reporters and very good one on one. Plus she was smart enough to tell politics to +++++ off and went and cashed in on all that liberal hate making her familiy generationally rich. My understanding is she has went from middle class to $12-20 million dollars in wealth. Very intelligent woman. Not that I agree with many of her positions or beliefs.
  13. You are clueless. At least 80% of the doctors working in rural Nevada are from other countries. That is all we can get. Americans aren't stupid enough to get into medicine to make shit money and work your ass off.
  14. You have proven you don't even understand what you post. You are not worth the time, every claim you have made has been shown to be false or misleading.
  15. You are a dishonest person.