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  1. That would be the worst thing that could happen to this country. That would insure we would never have a market based approach to health care.
  2. Obama never compromised not once. He played one game of golf and reneged on agreements he made with Boehner several times. Keep up your lies comrade.
  3. At least I don't have to lie. You have said several times you want price controls on drugs. Not going to even bother with linking them, as everyone knows who has paid attention.
  4. Get well soon!
  5. We have all the drugs to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol all for less then $4 a month. How do you think communism will beat that?
  6. If I am Ryan I am creating a behind the scene group to write something that can pass. You get 5 people from both ends and the middle and have them write something they can all vote for. They will do it out of the media spotlight and in secrecy. They have no choice to not pass something that would be political suicide to fail.
  7. You are right government can't do it. The private sector did it fine though before government and they can do it again if allowed.
  8. Just because it didn't pass today doesn't mean there won't be repeal and reform. I suspect in 3 months we will here about another approach. In 5 months you will see a bill and maybe by the new year it will pass. In plenty of time to have kept promises and looked thoughtful while doing it.
  9. So why do you keep promoting solutions that increase costs?
  10. You are a complete moron.
  11. Where did the republicans ever promise to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something just as bad? Why don't you provide us that link? They still have almost 18 months before the next election to keep any of their promises. At least unlike Obama they actually tried a bill right away. Obama served 8 years and never closed Guantanamo or seriously tried to do immigration reform just to mention a couple obvious examples.
  12. You are for something worse, price controls and authoritarian top down economic control of services. You are for government deciding what treatments people may have and what may be charged. Single Payer is a better and less onerous system then the one you propose. Again though you have no understanding of economics so it is not surprising you don't understand your own proposals.
  13. Actually there were quite a few moderates that kept the bill from passing too. Communists like you and Bernie are all in the democratic party.
  14. I think it is funny you trust the government and think this is over. I would be in shock if Trump and all of his and Clinton's people were not unders surveillance by Obama. I would also be in shock if you could find an order or paper trail. These things can be done without ever having to explain them in our government since oversight has disappeared by congress and the judicial branch who have both over the last 100 years become not much more then sycophants to the executive.
  15. You and I have no motivation to agree. The republicans have no choice but to replace Obamacare, it isn't whether it will happen or not, it is just a matter of when. If this bill comes up next march it would pass with no problem because of the immediacy of the election cycle. Plus republican generally don't include communists, so they are not as far apart in their disagreements as you and I. If obamacare lite had passed today I think republicans would suffer for it in the election. Democrats could tout success in that their plan was still in place just fixed a little. Now republicans are going to struggle and squirm for a few months and everyone will see them work hard and when they do pass a bill it will at least obviously have required some work and thought. They will pass a bill they have no choice.