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  1. Trump will sign whatever congress sends him and he will like it. He will then declare victory because that is his only choice.
  2. That doesn't mean that a percentage at least 20% of our voters would vote for policies that would lead to a "socialist paradise", and call themselves progressives doing it
  3. The Dorgan amendment is a classic poison pill: designed to kill, not improve, the bill. Its passage makes resurrection of immigration reform all the more difficult. Decisive votes by DeMint and Obama were not appreciated by the bipartisan group that had crafted the bargain intended to secure America's borders while permitting an orderly flow of temporary workers.
  4. The issue was decided prior to the vote moron. This is obviously way to difficult for you to understand. The amendments Obama voted for along with the hard line anti immigration republicans sank the bill. Kennedy was pissed at Obama who went back on his immigration promise for the first of innumerable times.
  5. The base has no vote in congress and Rush does not represent the base. Rush is an entertainer you dolt.
  6. It is the facts and like all Democratic party morons you won't face them. When it comes to immigration the democratic party is the problem. Republicans have lots of problems but the democrats in this case own it no matter what idiots like you and the media say. Republicans also tried immigration reform in 2004.
  7. He went against kennedy's wishes and put a poisen pill in the bill voting with the hardest line republicans to sink it. Are you like 12 or something everyone knows this. In 2007, an immigration deal backed by both Republican President George W. Bush and Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy was making its way through the Senate. Publicly, then-Sen. Obama was all for it. Backstage, however, he supported labor-backed poison-pill amendments designed to sink it. In a story at the time on what was going on, Politico described it this way: “The biggest threats to an immigration bill spearheaded by Massachusetts Sen. Edward M. Kennedy have come from within: Twice this week, senators from his own Democratic Party were poised to back amendments that could have killed the fragile compromise.” No one takes their directions from Rush. He has no PAC giving out money, he has nothing, he is an entertainer idiot.
  8. He has nothing to do with the republican wing moron. He is an entertainer trying to create ratings.
  9. You have a short memory. This is the bill Obama destroyed.
  10. Sure the history is different and the countries are different that is why America isn't a socialist paradise yet. The policies the progressives (really socialists with a cooler name) want. Namely federal control of education, healthcare, the media, control of banking and the heavy regulation if not out right government control of major industries is what U.S. progressives want. Along with a large and generous welfare state and top down security apparatus that protects the people(i.e. removes all individual rights). So to say the progressives don't want to be like Venezuela is not accurate, they are prevented from that by the other factions in America.. Which is the difference between the two countries. America has a slow moving government that makes it difficult to have vast change quickly and inhibits someone from becoming a Chavez. Obama was exactly the same guy as Chavez he was just constrained by our political system.
  11. Democrats had filibuster proof congress yet you blamed republicans. You through tantrum after tantrum.
  12. Republicans have tried to pass immigration reform twice. They want reform they want legal labor. Democrats have stopped them. Again though the media brainwashing of morons like you just never ends. Facts never matter.
  13. You are calling Rush Limbaugh an expert? HA! HA! HA! HA!~ HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
  14. Ryan won't stand up to Trump. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! No one including Ryan cares about Trump moron. Trump will sign whatever he gets and like it. People who vote for Trump can't write, so you talking about some articles is just a joke. They have nothing to do with the voters Trump attracts. You are so far left wing anyway you should just move to your Venezuelan paradise.
  15. You are so out of touch with reality it is hilarious.' Democrats have never done anything but stop immigration reform. The Unions are a Democrats key constituency who gives them massive amounts of money and they won't let them do immigration reform. Trump and Rush Limbaugh have no say in Senate rules, they basically have no say in anything. Trump is an idiot, the process of legislation and the government agenda is being ran by real politicians in congress. Rush limbaugh has been spouting opinions for 30 years and no one has listened to him once.