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  1. Nazi gets knocked the f out

    I watched a video somewhere of a gorrilla ripping a man's arm off which was the only thing that kept the gorrilla from ripping his leg off. I think 39 of us die while I run as fast as an old man can back to the car. They have different tendon attachments and it gives them crazy strength. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=6b4_1261127225 The fan base that didn't believe in bringing a gun.
  2. BSU's GoFundMe page to fill the stands

    That's what people do when they see all you DUI grads and BSU season ticket holders dressed as elvis! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Even DUI grads would rather go to a BSU game then get a free ticket to the joke in Moscow. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
  3. BSU's GoFundMe page to fill the stands

    You prove on a daily basis there are quite a few morons who call themselves "broncos". Hard to be a bigger loser than internet tough guy though. That's an "I win"! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
  4. No thread on the Manafort wiretap?

    They are going to dig up anything to pressure him into a statement that involves Trump. I would be surprised if they would care whether or not it was a lie.
  5. No thread on the Manafort wiretap?

    "Inconclusive evidence", is another way of saying "no evidence". Saying "you plan to idict". Is probably actionable by someone in the public eye as a threat and damage to personal reputation. This is a political fight not a legal one anyway. Like the Clinton case and Obama's actions, the law and breaking it means little.
  6. BSU's GoFundMe page to fill the stands

    You are just upset it wouldn't add any attendance to DUI football, because no one would want free tickets to a game.
  7. Trump speaks to the UN

    Which is what Trump said. It is funny Trump can say the exact same thing as your hero Obama and still be in the wrong.
  8. National Anthem at Sporting events?

    Like saying the national anthem in school it is just another example of brainwashing of the masses.
  9. Do You Even Lift?

    It is entertaining in the ER.
  10. Nazi gets knocked the f out

    You are a typical fascist, accusing everyone else of your actions so you can hide. McCarthyism is exactly what you promote. You want to control thought and speech. I didn't change the subject, there is no "straw man", argument. Come on you are smarter than that. There is no state sanction of Nazi speech or NFL owners actions towards Kaepernick, in fact the state if anything promotes your fascist point of view.
  11. Nazi gets knocked the f out

    You are right as far as you go. Southerners before the civil rights act were never taking away blacks rights by assaulting them. They were just committing the crime of assault. Antifa attacking Nazi's are just committing assault they aren't violating free speech because they aren't government. The NFL owners by not employing Kaepernick are not violating any law. The problem is the government has no interest in arresting anyone for assaulting a Nazi and is putting pressure on NFL owners (at least certain politicians)to hire Kaepernick. You are fine with using assault when it suits you to suppress speech you don't like as you so eloquently preached in this thread. You are also fine with using government to suppress speech by controlling assemblies and speakers and by prosecuting whenever possible speechmakers you do not like. Which makes you no different than any brown shirt or comrade in history.
  12. Nazi gets knocked the f out

    Explain it then? Why is one just assault and the other is a violation of rights? Both are obviously a violation of individual rights, you just like one and don't like the other. Oh wait.... you can't, because it is ridiculous.
  13. Nazi gets knocked the f out

    Finally after 9 pages you get half the argument right. So when southerners assaulted blacks to keep them from voting that wasn't violating their voting rights. That was just assault right? Your logic is ridiculous.
  14. Nazi gets knocked the f out

    The owners never harmed Kaepernick, they paid him everything he was due. The Nazi was harmed, he was assaulted. You seem to have a total disfunction in that you can't even understand the basic facts. What does a consensual fight between me and my friend have anything to do with this issue? You are off in never never land now. You do seem to give a shit about Kap, to the point you think everyone else's rights should be subrogated beneath his. Left and right are the same, you , Nazi's, NVGiant, communists all hate individual rights and especially hate speech. The rhetoric you participated in, on this thread and others dispute all your above claims to the opposite.
  15. Nazi gets knocked the f out

    He has pointed out your fascism very effectively.