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  1. I would not at all be surprised if a NY times reporter paid a source. It might be an innocuous as picking up the bill for lunch or dinner for him and his family. It might be tickets to a ball game. It also might be cash. I think there are likely some pretty ambitious reporters that are willing to break the rules. Business and government people break the rules. Who doesn't think jerkmoron wouldn't tell all his secrets for $100 and a six pack? I am sure jerkmoron would tell a reporter about Trumps secret russian bank account for a $5 sandwich. I think a little money could go along ways when we are talking the ethics of government workers. $500 is probably sure Pulitzer information. I bet there has been many a Washington prostitute, (the traditional kind not democratic senators), who have been bailed out by a savvy reporter trying to get a story.
  2. Not like they have any credibility to begin with.
  3. I was wondering that too.
  4. I was just talking about I.D., photo as well as birth certificates which I also mentioned, as was obvious from what I wrote. You are on the moon with your ignorance, no one ever has any idea what racist idea or lie you will come up with next. I don't have to claim anything moron, it is in writing. I know you need I.D. for section 8 unlike you.
  5. No shit moron, I know how section 8 works better then you do. Yes I know you claim to run the program but we already have proven you are incompetent with your other responsibilities. It is obvious you are ignorant and incompetent. Which is why I called you on your lie. This is exactly what I said moron and the word photo is not in their anywhere. Caught in another obvious lie. hA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
  6. When costs were going upward because of the 65% of medical care that was under government control prior to the ACA. Upward at a slower pace then after the ACA.
  7. I said an ID is required moron. If it isn't then I want you to fill out a couple hundred section 8 forms for me I will provide you with a list of names and their landlord which of course will be a fictitious panamanian corporation that will disappear 5 minutes after we cash those checks.
  8. No moron, just like in your single payer plan the paying is done by other people. The difference is the care is not rationed out in a way that is intended reduce health care costs by not having to treat expensive patients for a long period.
  9. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! H A! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Name one example I am wrong retard. You are so stupid it is hilarious. Most of those examples it is the law that you have to provide I.D..
  10. How do you know they don't have an I.D.? I will bet if you ask them they will produce one. . To not have an I.D. you have to be willing to forgo all welfare, all banking, all driving, homeownership, social security, medicare, medicaid, you could not legally hold a job, go to school, go to a homeless shelter or food pantry. You could not go to a hospital, receive low income housing or section 8 benefits. Obviously you could not get on a plane or buy a bus ticket or stay in a hotel. You could not buy alcohol or cigarettes. Pretty rare person to not use at least some of these services. It is just another obvious example of the racism of the democratic party.
  11. Has anyone on this board ever met any adult who didn't have an I.D.? Everyone who rents one of my mini-storages has to have an I.D. and I live in the most rural place in America where it is 50+ miles to the nearest DMV. It is never an issue. Everyone that comes into our hospital has to show I.D. and other than Burners who specifically go without I.D. because they are thieves, there is never an issue.
  12. Well bears can swim so the bears on Kodiak, yellow stone Grizzlies and polar bears can all breed and are arguably a single species. I know nothing of swedish brown bears but if they can breed and overlap with polar bears I suspect they are similar to brown bears in the States. Just to make a comparison a japanese male has a much smaller average size than a Norwegian male. A Kodiak Grizzly is bigger than a yellowstone Grizzly and smaller than a polar bear but when you really think about it, the genetic differences in a little size and coloring are not anything that we don't see in humans to a greater extent. I suspect the only difference would be the comparative rate of generations. If you are selecting for existing genetics. As I stated previously the homogeneity of humans has increased exponentially with increased travel and trading the last 10,000 years. We probably have no idea how much genetic variation was lost to disease and war with the advent of continental wide trade, ocean crossings and migrations that all occurred before columbus or even the existence of the Romans and Greek states.
  13. This is a problem of the soft sciences and ignorance. Every scientist talking using the term to talk about race in Africa would divide race into several different divisions. No scientist would be satisfied with calling blacks one race, that is a stupid social construct produced by the ignorance of soft science. Wolves and bears are not isolated. The size of their range is not significant, it does not isolate populations. Plus like many other animals their populations have been reduced so much Humans have artificially transplanted them back into old habitats which tends to homogenize genetics even more. In Nevada 200 years ago you would have had bighorn sheep populations isolated on islands of habitat throughout the state. The diversity would have been significant. But because of domestic sheep and the diseases they brought in, bighorn sheep were made extinct in most of the state. A transplant program has renewed the populations on many of these island habitats but since all the individuals came from the same populations the diversity is now gone. This has happened over and over with many species. A 100 years ago poodles were one of the best hunting dog species for quail, pheasant and the like. They pointed, had great noses and were very easily trained. Within a short period of time (20 years) the breed was destroyed by selecting for dog show criteria. When you are selecting for existing genetics you can change a population fast. If humans were selected for say size, you could probably reduce the average height of a male to below 5'2" in a dozen generations. It happens fast. Of course because of the time it takes to cycle through human generations the period would probably be 12-14 times longer than in dogs. I was reading a text on a follow up investigation to the galapagos islands a few years after darwin produced Origin of Species. They were wrecked on Terra Del Fuego and did some work on the locals. Who were then completely wiped out by small pox and other diseases. It was very interesting, I will try and find a link.
  14. Since that study does not include the genetics of isolated human populations with which we have no contact it is pretty hard for them to be so definitive. If they are averaging the huge populations of billions of people that dominate the world equally agianst the small isolated populations that number in thousands I guess you could say humans are less diverse on an average. I have a hard time believing their claim anyway. It is obvious though iif there were large mammals that would be more diverse genetically it would be the great apes because there are populations isolated from each other. There are humans that weigh in excess of 800 lbs and adult humans who weigh less than 50 lbs. Dogs are a domesticated species artificially bred and isolated for specific traits no a very good comparison. We could do the same thing to humans in a short period too. There are human brains that are 5 times larger than other human brains. There are fuegians on the tip of south America are really weird with small heads, difficulty with language and only rudimentary tool use even now. There are isolated interbred populations of humans on islands in indonesia, in the Brazilian interior that we have little idea how they differ. African pygmy populations are genetically diverse and extremely divergent from all other human populations, suggesting they have an ancient indigenous lineage. Their uniparental markers represent the second-most ancient divergence right after those typically found in Khoisan peoples.[19] Recent advances in genetics shed some light on the origins of the various pygmy groups. Researchers found "an early divergence of the ancestors of Pygmy hunter–gatherers and farming populations 60,000 years ago, followed by a split of the Pygmies' ancestors into the Western and Eastern Pygmy groups 20,000 years ago."[20] New evidence suggests East and West African Pygmy children have different growth patterns. The difference between the two groups may indicate the Pygmies’ short stature did not start with their common ancestor, but instead evolved independently in adapting to similar environments, which adds support that some sets of genes related to height were advantageous in Eastern Pygmy populations, but not in Western Pygmy populations.[20][21][22] To say humans are homogenous compared to other animals though is just not true.
  15. You should have got a real education. Then you could discuss stuff with the big boys.